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					                        Tomorrow begins when violence ends today

                                           PRESS RELEASE
“It is our world to craft, give us the tools and we will change it,” a Chicago youth leader.

In 2012, Project SAVE, a non-profit 501c (3) organization, will host its first annual virtual conference.
Understanding that violence is a global public health problem, especially among young people ages 14 –
25 (World Health Organization); Project SAVE is striving to help create one global voice against youth
violence. The mission of Project SAVE is to Stop All Violence with Education (SAVE) and to sponsor a
highly visible campaign to help make the world a safer place for youth.

Chilling statistics of homicides, suicides, sexual and physical abuse, school and cyberspace bullying, and a
myriad of other violent acts are pervasive around the globe. Yet, global forums for youth to share in
violence prevention dialogue and training are slow to organize. Making a peaceful world for next
generations requires reaching out globally.

Past recommendations for prevention include social development, programs for youth, parent training
and support programs, strengthening responses for victims of violence, promoting to the law and
international treaties, and improving data collection on violence. As experts continue to discuss possible
solutions to violence, the need to engage those who are most victimized in the world’s cities and
communities is immediate. In 2001 the US Surgeon General reported that some of the most successful
youth violence prevention programs included strategies that build individual skills and competencies.
To this end, Project SAVE is designed to offer highly qualified and effective interactive youth workshops
and presentations via a virtual global youth violence prevention conference, as well as training

In preparation for the first annual conference, an estimated fifty youth from at least 12 target countries
will be selected to serve as Project SAVE Youth Ambassadors and train as youth conference facilitators
beginning in January 2012. These trained ambassadors will help to assess youth needs in their countries,
conceive strategies for global outreach and project sustainability, and host the global virtual conference.
The goal of the virtual conference is to engage a large number of young people in proactive global
discussions, development and implementation of training and education programs to significantly
reduce the incidences of deadly and disabling violence among the world’s youth.

CONTACT PERSON: Cynthia Simmons 510.872.8410

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