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					                                                                                                    THE UNIVERSITY   9

                                             The University


      THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA                          University, East Carolina University, Elizabeth City
                                                                State University, Fayetteville State University, North
In North Carolina, all the public educational                   Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University,
institutions that grant baccalaureate degrees are part          North Carolina Central University, the North Carolina
of the University of North Carolina (UNC). The multi-           School of the Arts (now the University of North
campus state university encompasses 16 such                     Carolina School of the Arts), Pembroke State
institutions, as well as the NC School of Science and           University (now the University of North Carolina at
Mathematics, the nation’s first public residential              Pembroke), Western Carolina University, and
high school for gifted students. Chartered by the               Winston-Salem State University. In 1985, the NC
North Carolina General Assembly in 1789, the                    School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) was
University of North Carolina was the first public               declared an affiliated school of the University; in July
university in the United States to open its doors and           2007, NCSSM by legislative action became a
the only one to graduate students in the eighteenth             constituent institution of the University of North
century. The first class was admitted in Chapel Hill            Carolina. All the schools and universities welcome
in 1795. For the next 136 years, the only campus of             students of both sexes and all races.
the University of North Carolina was at Chapel Hill.
                                                                The UNC Board of Governors is the policy-making
Additional institutions of higher education, diverse in         body legally charged with "the general determination,
origin and purpose, began to win sponsorship from               control, supervision, management, and governance of
the General Assembly beginning as early as 1877.                all affairs of the constituent institutions." It elects
Five were historically black institutions, and another          the president, who administers the University. The
was founded to educate American Indians. Some                   32 voting members of the Board of Governors are
began as high schools. Several were created to                  elected by the General Assembly for four-year terms.
prepare teachers for the public schools. Others had             Former board chairmen and board members who are
a technological emphasis. One is a training school              former governors of North Carolina may continue to
for performing artists.                                         serve for limited periods as non-voting members
                                                                emeriti. The president of the UNC Association of
The 1931 session of the General Assembly redefined              Student Governments or that student's designee is
the University of North Carolina to include three               also a non-voting member.
state-supported institutions: the campus at Chapel
Hill (now the University of North Carolina at Chapel            Each of the UNC campuses is headed by a
Hill), North Carolina State College (now North                  chancellor who is chosen by the Board of Governors
Carolina State University at Raleigh), and Woman's              on the president's nomination and is responsible to
College (now the University of North Carolina at                the president.     Each university has a board of
Greensboro).     The new multi-campus University                trustees consisting of eight members elected by the
operated with one board of trustees and one                     Board of Governors, four appointed by the governor,
president. By 1969, three additional campuses had               and the president of the student body, who serves ex
joined the University through legislative action: the           officio. (The UNC School of the Arts has two
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the                  additional ex officio members; and the NC School of
University of North Carolina at Asheville, and the              Science and Mathematics has a 27-member board as
University of North Carolina at Wilmington.                     required by law.) Each board of trustees holds
                                                                extensive powers over academic and other operations
In 1971, legislation was passed bringing into the               of its campus on delegation from the Board of
University of North Carolina the state's ten remaining          Governors.
public senior institutions, each of which had until
then been legally separate:        Appalachian State

                                    UNC CHARLOTTE UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG   2011-2012

In addition to its teaching role, the University of             Three years later, the North Carolina legislature
North Carolina has a long-standing commitment to                approved bills making Charlotte College a four-year,
public service.     The UNC Center for Public                   state-supported college. The next year, 1965, the
Television, the UNC Health Care System, the                     legislature approved bills creating the University of
cooperative extension and research services, nine               North Carolina at Charlotte, the fourth campus of the
area health education centers, and myriad other                 statewide university system. In 1969, the university
University programs and facilities reap social and              began offering programs leading to master’s degrees.
economic benefits for the state and its people.                 In 1992, it was authorized to offer programs leading
                                                                to doctoral degrees.

              THE UNIVERSITY OF                                 Today, with an enrollment ranking it fourth among
         NORTH CAROLINA AT CHARLOTTE                            the 17 schools in the UNC system, it is the largest
                                                                public university in the greater Charlotte metropolitan
UNC Charlotte is one of a generation of universities            region. A doctoral institution, UNC Charlotte serves
founded in metropolitan areas of the United States              the region through applied research, knowledge
immediately after World War II in response to rising            transfer and engaged community service.
education demands generated by the war and its
technology.                                                     More than 900 full-time teaching faculty comprise
                                                                the University’s academic departments, and the
To serve returning veterans, North Carolina opened              2010 fall enrollment exceeded 25,000 students,
14 evening college centers in communities across                including 5,300 graduate students.
the state. The Charlotte Center opened Sept. 23,
1946, offering evening classes to 278 freshmen and
sophomore students in the facilities of Charlotte’s                   MISSION STATEMENT OF UNC CHARLOTTE
Central High School. After three years, the state                   Approved by the Board of Governors on November 20, 2009.
closed the centers, declaring that on-campus
facilities were sufficient to meet the needs of                 UNC Charlotte is North Carolina’s urban research
returning veterans and recent high school graduates.            university. It leverages its location in the state’s
                                                                largest city to offer internationally competitive
Charlotte’s education and business leaders, long                programs of research and creative activity, exemplary
aware of the area’s unmet needs for higher                      undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs,
education, moved to                                             and a focused set of community engagement
have the Charlotte                                              initiatives. UNC Charlotte maintains a particular
Center taken over by                                            commitment to addressing the cultural, economic,
the     city    school                                          educational, environmental, health, and social needs
district           and                                          of the greater Charlotte region.
operated            as
Charlotte    College,                                           In fulfilling this mission, we value:
offering the first two
years of college                                                •    Accessible and affordable quality education that
courses. Later the                                                   equips     students    with   intellectual  and
same leaders asked                                                   professional skills, ethical principles, and an
Charlotte voters to                                                  international perspective.
approve a two-cent
tax to support that                                             •    A strong foundation in liberal arts and
college.                                                             opportunities for experiential education to
                                                                     enhance students’ personal and professional
Charlotte College drew students from the city,                       growth.
Mecklenburg County and from a dozen surrounding
counties. The two-cent tax was later extended to all            •    A robust intellectual environment that values
of Mecklenburg County. Ultimately financial support                  social and cultural diversity, free expression,
for the college became a responsibility of the State of              collegiality, integrity, and mutual respect.
North Carolina.
                                                                •    A safe, diverse, team-oriented, ethically
As soon as Charlotte College was firmly established,                 responsible,     and      respectful workplace
efforts were launched to give it a campus of its own.                environment that develops the professional
With the backing of Charlotte business leaders and                   capacities of our faculty and staff.
legislators from Mecklenburg and surrounding
counties, land was acquired on the northern fringe of           To achieve a leadership position in higher education,
the city and bonds were passed to finance new                   we will:
facilities. In 1961, Charlotte College moved its
growing student body into two new buildings on what             •    Implement our Academic Plan and related
was to become a 1,000-acre campus 10 miles from                      administrative plans.
downtown Charlotte.

                                    UNC CHARLOTTE UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG    2011-2012
                                                                                                THE UNIVERSITY   11

•   Rigorously assess our progress using benchmarks             Departments of Counseling; Educational Leadership;
    appropriate to the goals articulated by our                 Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education; Reading
    programs and in our plans.                                  and Elementary Education; and Special Education
                                                                and Child Development.
•   Serve as faithful stewards of the public and
    private resources entrusted to us and provide               THE WILLIAM STATES LEE COLLEGE OF
    effective and efficient administrative services             ENGINEERING
    that exceed the expectations of our diverse                 Includes the Departments of Civil and Environmental
    constituencies.                                             Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering,
                                                                Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science,
•   Create     meaningful    collaborations    among            and Engineering Technology, as well as a program in
    university, business, and community leaders to              Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.
    address issues and opportunities of the region.             From the bachelor’s to the doctoral level, College of
                                                                Engineering students participate in experiential,
•   Develop an infrastructure that makes learning               hands-on projects; learning to visualize, design,
    accessible to those on campus and in our                    create, build, and apply.
    community and supports the scholarly activities
    of the faculty.                                             COLLEGE OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES
                                                                home to bachelor’s degrees in Athletic Training,
•   Pursue opportunities to enhance personal                    Exercise Science, Nursing, Public Health Sciences,
    wellness through artistic, athletic, or recreational        and Social Work, as well as several master’s degree
    activities.                                                 programs and a doctoral program in Health Services
•   Operate      an     attractive,    environmentally
    responsible and sustainable campus integrated               COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES
    with the retail and residential neighborhoods that          The oldest and largest college within the University.
    surround us.                                                It serves half the undergraduate majors with a host of
                                                                programs in the humanities, physical sciences, and
                                                                social sciences.

UNC Charlotte’s largest academic units are its                                UNIVERSITY STRUCTURE
colleges. Each consists of smaller units called
schools, departments, or programs.                              UNC Charlotte is organized into four administrative
                                                                divisions:    Academic Affairs, Business Affairs,
COLLEGE OF ARTS + ARCHITECTURE                                  Student Affairs, and University Advancement. These
Includes the School of Architecture and the                     divisions, as well as Athletics, Legal Affairs, and
Departments of Art and Art History, Dance, Music,               Internal Audit, all report to the Chancellor.
and Theatre. The College also offers a variety of
master’s programs.                                              ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
                                                                The Division of Academic Affairs includes Academic
THE BELK COLLEGE OF BUSINESS                                    Services; Enrollment Management; Information and
Offers business education programs in a variety of              Technology Services; International Programs; Library;
disciplines in one of the country’s fastest-growing             Metropolitan Studies and Extended Academic
cities and one of the most exciting financial services          Programs; Research and Federal Relations; The
centers in the world.      With more than 2500                  Graduate School; University College; and seven
undergraduate students and 500 graduate students,               discipline-based colleges: the Colleges of Arts +
the Belk College is one of the largest business                 Architecture, Business, Computing and Informatics,
programs in the Carolinas.                                      Education, Engineering, Health and Human Services,
                                                                and Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Provides academic programs in Computer Science,                 BUSINESS AFFAIRS
Software and Information Systems, Information                   The Division of Business Affairs includes Business
Technology, and Bioinformatics. It is also the home             Services; Environmental Health and Safety Office,
to leading research centers and institutes, including           Facilities Management; Financial Services; Human
the Cyber Defense and Network Assurability                      Resources; Policy and Public Safety; Risk
(CyberDNA) Center, the Bioinformatics Research                  Management, Safety, and Security; and Systems
Center, the Charlotte Visualization Center, the                 Development.
Diversity in Information Technology Institute, the
eBusiness Technology Institute, and the Software                STUDENT AFFAIRS
Solutions Lab.                                                  The Division of Student Affairs includes departments
                                                                and services which assist students through every
COLLEGE OF EDUCATION                                            aspect of their education, as well as providing social
It has almost 3,000 undergraduate and graduate                  opportunities. Included are offices and services such
students. Its academic departments include the                  as the Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Housing

                                    UNC CHARLOTTE UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG   2011-2012

and Residence Life, Recreational Services, Student              of disabled workers, veterans (including veterans of
Activities, Student Health Center, and the Student              the Vietnam Era), individuals who qualify and wish to
Union.                                                          benefit from the Affirmative Action Plan are invited
                                                                and encouraged to identify themselves.           This
UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT                                          information is provided voluntarily, and refusal of
The Division of University Advancement includes                 employees to identify themselves as veterans or
Broadcast Communications, Public Relations, and                 disabled persons will not subject them to discharge
Marketing, which serve as UNC Charlotte's primary               or disciplinary action. Unless otherwise required by
contact with members of the news media and                      law, the information obtained will be kept
external audiences.     They are responsible for                confidential in the manner required by law, except
communicating information that promotes the                     that supervisors and managers may be informed
people, programs, news, and events of UNC                       about restrictions on the work or duties of disabled
Charlotte.   Marketing is also responsible for                  persons and about necessary accommodations.
implementing an integrated communications and
marketing plan for the University, including the                DISCRIMINATORY PERSONAL CONDUCT
University website.     Additionally, this division             The University seeks to promote a fair, humane, and
includes the Offices of Alumni Affairs, Community               respectful environment for its faculty, staff, and
Affairs, Constituent Relations, and University                  students. To that end, University policy explicitly
Development. Today, UNC Charlotte boasts more                   prohibits sexual harassment, racial harassment, and
than 80,000 living alumni and adds 4,500 to 5,000               all other personal conduct which inappropriately
new alumni each year.                                           asserts that sex, race, color, ethnicity, sexual
                                                                orientation, religion, veteran status, disability, age, or
                                                                ancestry are relevant to consideration of individual
               EQUAL OPPORTUNITY                                worth or individual performance. The same policies
             AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION                             provide procedures for the informal or formal
                                                                resolution of instances where such behavior is
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte                   suspected or alleged. The policies have received
recognizes a moral, economic, and legal                         wide distribution and are available for inspection in
responsibility   to    ensure    equal    employment            all administrative offices on campus as well as online
opportunity for all persons, regardless of race, color,         at
                                                                   HU                                         UH

religion, gender (except when gender is a bona fide
occupational qualification), sexual orientation, age,
national origin, physical or mental disability (except                             ACCREDITATION
when making accommodations for physical or mental
disabilities would impose undue hardship on the                 • UNC Charlotte is accredited by the Commission
conduct of University business), or veteran status.                on Colleges of the Southern Association of
This policy is a fundamental necessity for the                     Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate,
continued growth and development of this University.               master’s, and doctorate degrees. Contact the
Nondiscriminatory consideration shall be afforded                  Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane,
applicants and employees in all employment actions                 Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-
including recruiting, hiring, training, promotion,                 4500 for questions about the accreditation of
placement, transfer, layoff, leave of absence, and                 UNC Charlotte.      The Commission is to be
termination. All personnel actions pertaining to                   contacted only if there is evidence that appears
either academic or nonacademic positions to include                to support an institution’s significant non-
such matters as compensation, benefits, transfers,                 compliance with a requirement or standard.
layoffs, return from layoffs, University-sponsored
training, education, tuition assistance, and social             • The Bachelor of Architecture and Master of
and recreational programs shall be administered                    Architecture are accredited professional degree
according to the same principles of equal                          programs as recognized by the National
opportunity. Promotion and advancement decisions                   Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).
shall be made in accordance with the principles of
equal opportunity, and the University shall, as a               • The Department of Chemistry is on the approval
general policy, attempt to fill existing position                  list of the American Chemical Society.
vacancies from qualified persons already employed
by the University. Outside applicants may be                    • The Master of Public Administration program is
considered concurrently at the discretion of the                   accredited by the National Association of
selecting official. The University has established                 Schools of Public Affairs and Administration
reporting and monitoring systems to ensure                         (NASPAA).
adherence to this policy of nondiscrimination.
                                                                • The Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION                                                 Work programs are accredited by the Council on
Our philosophy concerning equal employment                         Social Work Education (CSWE).
opportunity is affirmed and promoted in the
University's Affirmative Action Plan. To facilitate             • The programs in business and accounting are
UNC Charlotte's affirmative action efforts on behalf               accredited by AACSB International - The

                                    UNC CHARLOTTE UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG   2011-2012
                                                                                                THE UNIVERSITY   13

    Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of               off WT Harris Boulevard on NC 49 near its
    Business.                                                  intersection with US 29,
                                                               and only eight miles from
• The University’s professional education programs             the        interchange        of
   for    BK-12      teachers,   counselors,   and             Interstates 85 and 77.
   administrators are approved by the North                    Campus         facilities    are
   Carolina Department of Public Instruction                   comprised of contemporary
   (NCDPI) and accredited by the National Council              buildings, including many
   for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).             constructed in the past ten
                                                               years and more on the way.
• Counseling programs in Counselor Education are               In addition to classrooms
   accredited by the Council for Accreditation of              and              well-equipped
   Counseling and Related Educational Programs                 laboratories, the University
   (CACREP).                                                   offers arts and athletic
                                                               facilities, dining facilities,
• The civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical              and                    residence
   engineering programs are accredited by the                  accommodations. The campus is designed for the
   Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET;               pedestrian, and facilities are generally accessible to
   and the civil, electrical, and mechanical                   students with disabilities.
   engineering technology programs are accredited
   by the Technology Accreditation Commission of               CENTER CITY
   ABET, 111 Market Place, Suite 1050,                         The University also has a substantial presence in
   Baltimore, MD 21202-4012; telephone: (410)                  Charlotte Center City, as it offers select upper-
   347-7700.                                                   division undergraduate and graduate courses and a
                                                               variety of continuing personal and professional
• The Nursing programs are accredited by the                   development programs at its UNC Charlotte Uptown
   Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education                  location. Classes are scheduled for the convenience
   (CCNE) and the BSN program is approved by the               of persons employed in or living near the central
   North Carolina Board of Nursing. The Nursing                business core of the city.
   Anesthesia program is accredited by the Council
   on    Accreditation   of   Nurse     Anesthesia             Beginning in the fall of 2011, students in UNC
   Educational Programs (COA).                                 Charlotte’s MBA program and other graduate
                                                                                              programs      will   be
• The Bachelor of Athletic Training program is                                                attending classes in an
   accredited by the Commission on Accreditation                                              iconic         12-story
   of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) through                                             addition to downtown
   October 2018. Both the Bachelor of Science in                                              Charlotte’s skyline. A
   Exercise Science program and the Master of                                                 major new Center City
   Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology are                                                Classroom Building in
   accredited by the Commission on Accreditation                                              Uptown Charlotte was
   of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)                                               constructed on the
   through January 2014.                                                                      corner of Brevard and
                                                                                              Ninth streets, in the
• The Master of Health Administration program is                                              heart of Charlotte’s
   accredited by the Commission on Accreditation                                              bustling       financial
   of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).                 district, where students and faculty members will be
   The Public Health Programs (BSPH and MSPH)                  able     to   mingle    with    bankers,    architects,
   in the Department of Public Health Sciences are             technologists, and other professionals. The facility
   accredited by the Council on Education for                  will have 143,000 total square feet for offices and
   Public Health (CEPH) through June 2014.                     academic programs in graduate, professional, and
                                                               continuing education.        It will increase UNC
• The University is a member of the Council of                 Charlotte’s presence in Center City by 10 times its
   Graduate Schools, the Conference of Southern                current space. The undertaking is the first major
   Graduate Schools, and The North Carolina                    urban facility in the University of North Carolina
   Conference of Graduate Schools.                             system.

                   THE CAMPUS                                                        THE 49ERS

MAIN CAMPUS                                                    The nickname, the 49ers, was chosen in recognition
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the           of the importance of the year 1949 in the history of
largest institution of higher education in the                 the University. UNC Charlotte, which began as an
Charlotte region and is a genuine urban university.            off-campus center of the University of North Carolina
The main campus is in University City, one of the              at Chapel Hill, would have died in 1949 had Bonnie
fastest growing areas of the Charlotte region, located         Cone and her supporters not convinced the N.C.
                                                               Legislature that Charlotte needed a permanent

                                   UNC CHARLOTTE UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG   2011-2012

college. Charlotte College was established that year.           James H. Woodward approved the composition as the
Additionally, the campus is located on N.C. Highway             University's Alma Mater in April 1992. It was sung
49, and Charlotte has a rich gold mining history --             for the first time at the following May
the                     term "49ers" symbolizes gold            Commencement and has been performed at every
                               mining.    A bronze              Commencement since.
                               statue of the 49ers
                               Gold Miner sits in
                              front of the Reese
                               building on campus.
The statue recalls the region's history as a gold
mining center and symbolizes the pioneering spirit
and determination that has led to UNC Charlotte's
dramatic growth.

                   UNIVERSITY LOGO

UNC Charlotte's logo has become one of the
Charlotte region's most distinctive insignia. The logo
is suggestive of a "crown," reminiscent of Queen
Charlotte of England, for whom
the city of Charlotte is named.
The crown emphasizes UNC
Charlotte’s relationship with the
Queen City, alludes to academics
with shapes that resemble an
open     book,     and     exudes
excellence with a torch–like shape at the top, which
can also be interpreted as the top of a graduation

                     ALMA MATER

UNC Charlotte's Alma Mater has deep roots in the
institution's history. It was part of an "Academic
Festival March" composed for UNC Charlotte by
James Helme Sutcliffe, a Charlotte composer and
music critic who lived in Germany at the time. Dr.
Loy Witherspoon, professor of religious studies,
                       commissioned the March in
                                  1965 when he
                                   learned        that
                                   Charlotte College
                                   would become a
                                   campus of The
                                   University        of
                               North Carolina. The
March was first performed in 1967 at the installation
of Dean W. Colvard as UNC Charlotte's first
chancellor. Afterwards, it was performed as a
recessional at every Commencement during Dean W.
Colvard's tenure as chancellor. When UNC Charlotte
founder Bonnie Cone heard the March, she said, "I
can hear an alma mater in it," referring to a hymn-
like refrain. Dr. Robert Rieke, a professor of history,
also heard an alma mater in it.

On a 1990 trip to Germany, Rieke visited Sutcliffe,
picked up a recording of the March, and began
writing words to fit the final refrain. On Christmas
Eve 1991, he sent Bonnie Cone the words and music
as a Christmas present to her and to the University,
from which he had retired a year earlier. Chancellor

                                    UNC CHARLOTTE UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG   2011-2012

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