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									[Digital Sweeps ]

VO: The world’s leading expert in sweepstakes     [on-screen text] The world’s leading
direct marketing is becoming the world’s          sweepstakes marketer
leading digital sweepstakes marketer.             then the word digital comes in] The world’s
                                                  leading digital sweepstakes marketer

VO: And The popularity of online sweepstakes      Use file DigitalSweeps_entry.mov to cover
is growing rapidly around the world.              this VO
Consumers and advertisers are now getting in
on the game in a big way.
“Sweepstakes/drawings” is the second most         And this VO
popular choice of Europeans for what type of
content they like to see in e-mail marketing.

Entering online competitions or sweepstakes is    File woman_on_white.jpg fades up
one of the most popular activities of adult
Internet users in Western Europe. 36% have
entered for a chance to win in the last month.

And we’ve seen what sweeps can do. Our            [on-screen text] > Finland Daily Sweeps: 14x
Finland launch of Daily Sweeps in April drove a   spike in traffic, 20% increase in conversion
14-fold spike in traffic and a 20% increase in
conversion.                                       woman_on_white.jpg stays on screen, moves
                                                  over to side, then text comes up as bullet
                                                  points on the other side

VO: Online marketing spend in Europe is $20       [on-screen text]
billion a year and consumers are increasingly     Today: Sweepstakes as a marketing tactic
buying through this channel.                      Future: Sweepstakes as a community

                                                  woman_on_white.jpg stays on screen, maybe
                                                  switches to other side, then text comes up as
                                                  bullet points on the other side

VO: Internationally, we are leaders in offline    Scan through files:
sweepstakes marketing… So it’s a natural          1. Woman Design.jpg
evolution to expand this expertise and shift      2. Survey Page.jpg
from using sweepstakes as a marketing tool,       3. Thank You.jpg
to using it to create a powerful online
sweepstakes community.

By utilizing our unique sweepstakes               Use file Sweepstakes.mov – not the whole
competencies to leverage our new global           thing, just one time through the spin/youwon
Website platform, we’ll drive multiple            cycle, please 
monetization streams to a dynamic
sweepstakes community that connects both
advertisers and hand raisers.

VO: An integrated marketing tool kit will be      [on-screen text] > Daily sweeps launching in 6
rolled out worldwide to attract qualified new     markets in November, 10 more in Q1'11
audiences and prospects for registration and
data collection through marketing support to
Daily Entry Sweeps.
VO: Mobile marketing will also drive new digital   Iphone visual from PPT deck
customer acquisition. Online traffic will be
generated by sending codes to prospects via        STILL GETTING – please leave space
SMS for online redemption. People will be
encouraged to share sweepstakes
opportunities with their friends through viral

VO: Premium SMS communications will create         [iPhone text screens]
intriguing dialogues with consumers that can
generate on-going interest in the site.            STILL GETTING – please leave space
                                                   Will probably like to animate some text onto
                                                   the screen of iphone

And we will leverage social media as well.         [on-screen text] > Launching social media
                                                   widgets for Facebook, etc.

                                                   text on one side, on the other, Facebook1.png
                                                   followed by Facebook2.png

VO: By engaging the consumer through               Use file woman winning.jpeg – can take up
sweepstakes, clever techniques can be              most of screen, if not all – text should come
introduced to collect valuable information for     up as bullet points overlaying the image
     - targeted communication with
     - - e-commerce opportunities,
     - - and products and services that
         directly appeal to the needs and
         interests of new prospects, and go
         beyond core Reader’s Digest
         magazines, books, music and video

VO: It’s also about connecting advertisers with    Woman_on_white.jpg comes up in middle,
hand raisers.                                      then …
Data Marketing and Online Marketing form a         around her pop up small stills of products from
powerful combination to drive third party          this section (facebook, spinner, iphone (TK),
revenue streams. The data we collect through       sweepstakes pages)
online sweepstakes can be monetized as a
lead generation partner for advertisers and
other marketing partners.
Other revenue sources include third-party          Woman on white graphic with products stays
sponsored communications and e-mails…              up, products can circle her, or get slowly
white label sweepstakes offers … coupons           bigger, etc…
and deals, as well as online games.
VO: Reader’s Digest Online Sweepstakes…   Go close up on DigitalSweeps_Spin.mov, and
everyone wins!                            pan across…

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