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Program Overview:
The Optional Extended Day Kindergarten (O.E.K.) program was
originally started in 2004 in a few pilot schools, funded by
Title I funds through our district. Later, in 2006 the Utah
State Legislature voted to fund a bill to supply schools state-
wide with money to fund full day O.E.K. classrooms. The funded
was extended in 2011 under the “Early Intervention” bill. For
the 2011-12 school year, Granite School District will be funding
40 sessions of O.E.K. in 25 schools.

Optional Extended Day Kindergarten is a full day Kindergarten
program targeted for “at risk” students. Students are selected
after an assessment, and placed in an O.E.K. classroom in order
to provide a more depth instruction to close the achievement gap
leading into 1st grade. The full day teacher is able to double
the amount of foundational instruction for these at risk
students, thus providing them a better opportunity to “catch up”
to their peers.

Granite School District Participating Schools

    School       O.E.K.         Principal          Phone Number
 Academy Park       1            Jean Gowans       385-646-4750
   Beehive          1        Pauline Longberg      385-646-4768
  Farnsworth        1            Judy Giles        385-646-4822
   Fremont          1           Paul McCarty       385-646-4834
   Gourley          2            David Gomez       385-646-4846
   Granger          2          Rebecca Tesch       385-646-4852
  Hillsdale         2         Yvonne Pearson       385-646-4864
    Hunter          1         Natalie Hansen       385-646-4876
   Lincoln          2          Karen Gregory       385-646-4894
  Mill Creek        1             Tina West        385-646-4912
    Monroe          2          JoAnn Crawley       385-646-4918
       Moss         2     Judith Simmons-Kissel   385-646-4930
 Oquirrh Hills      1          Shari Fraser       385-646-4948
     Orchard        1       Mary Beth Schmidt     385-646-4954
     Pioneer        2        Julie Lorentzon      385-646-4966
Pleasant Green      1        Sharon Prescott      385-646-4972
     Redwood        2         Karen Robinson      385-646-4984
     Rolling        2        Malynda Cloward      385-646-4990
    Roosevelt       2          Jennifer Reed      385-646-4996
  Silver Hills      1         Paula Sorenson      385-646-5014
  South Kearns      2            Maria Rose       385-646-5026
    Stansbury       2        Earnie Broderick     385-646-5032
   West Kearns      2           Brent Nelson      385-646-5073
 Western Hills      2        Mardel Higginson     385-646-5091
Woodrow Wilson      2            Lynda Hart       385-646-5102

District Guidelines:
  1. Registration/IGDI Assessment:

    Schools will assess students entering Kindergarten using
    the IGDI (“Get It, Got It, Go”) standardized test. You may
    also use a student’s end of year IGDI assessment from
    Granite District Preschool as a placement tool.

    Students should take the entire test, do not skip parts of
    the test.

    Do not supplement the test with other tasks (i.e. writing
    their name, cutting with scissors)

    After compiling results of the IGDI, Principals will place
    the “at risk” students in the O.E.K. classes.

    *Note: after a teacher administers the Granite School
    District Pre-Assessment, Principals have the ability to
    move students as needed to maintain the “at risk”
    percentage in the O.E.K. classrooms.

  2. Percentages:

    Granite School District recommends “75-100%” of students in
    the O.E.K. classrooms to be identified as “at risk”.
3. Class Size/Move-ins:

  It is up to the principal’s discretion as to the exact
  number of students to place in full day Kindergarten.

  When placing the students at the beginning of the year,
  fill the O.E.K. classes up entirely. Do not leave “spaces”
  open for transfer or “move-in” students. As the year
  progresses, if there arises a vacancy in an O.E.K.
  classroom, it is recommended that you only place students
  in those spots who have attended a full day Kindergarten
  prior to moving to your school.

4. Kindergarten Pre/Past Assessment and SEP Conferences:

  At the beginning of the school year, O.E.K. teachers will
  be giving the Granite School District Kindergarten
  Assessment the first 3 days of school, and begin class
  instruction on the 4th day. This allows the students in
  your full day classrooms to get additional full days of
  teaching.   At the end of the school year, O.E.K. classes
  will be giving assessments the last 3 days of the testing
  window, teaching up until the assessment.

  O.E.K. teachers will be the following the same SEP
  conference schedule as the 1st through 6th grades. Full time
  teachers (teaching 2 half day sessions) are allowed one
  full day of conferencing, and two evenings. O.E.K.
  teachers will be given only the two evenings to conference,
  thus following the same schedule as the other grades.

5. Teacher Quality/Accountability:

  As a District, our expectation is that you put your
  strongest Kindergarten teachers in these O.E.K. positions.
  Regardless of intentions, class sizes, etc. the success of
the students in our O.E.K. classrooms will depend on the
quality of instruction.

We will monitor closely DIBELS and benchmark assessments,
and expect the children in your O.E.K. classrooms to be
making great strides.

Our District O.E.K. specialist will be visiting classrooms
and giving assistance to support your full day Kindergarten
teachers. Please fill free to contact her at anytime if
you have questions or concerns.

Contact Information:
Kim Babka
Early Childhood/O.E.K. Specialist

We appreciate your efforts in making Granite School
District a model for O.E.K. programs statewide. Your
continued diligence will guarantee success for these
students, who need quality instruction, and a bright


Rob Averett
Director, Resource Development

Mary Alice Rudelich
Director, Curriculum and Instruction

Gail Howe
Director, School Accountability Services
Jane Lindsay
Director, School Accountability Services

Launa Harvey
Director, School Accountability Services

   Supplemental Information
Utah Administrative Code
“Rule: Optional Extended Day Kindergarten”              pg.1

IGDI “Get it, Got it, Go!” Frequently Asked Questions
     pg. 3

O.E.K. Longitudinal Data Study                          pg.

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