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					Broadband: DSL And Beyond
Mark Peden
DSL Forum (DSLF) Ambassador

Where for art thou broadband? This one day technical seminar will take a brief look at the
history and current state of broadband technologies, with an emphasis on DSL. During this
informative session, we will review market drivers, the emergence of standards, the current
state of deployment, technical challenges to deployment, home networking and a look into the
future of broadband. While the focus will be on the U.S. market, international activity will be
touched on as well. The course assumes some working knowledge of telecommunications and
data networking.
Broadband Overview
    Market drivers for broadband
    An introduction to DSL
    The history of broadband deployment

Current Broadband Issues and Work Items
    Standards update
    Technical challenges facing deployment
    The role of different standards and forums
    Regulatory challenges

Broadband Competition
    Alternatives in broadband
    Residential and Business Approaches to Broadband

Bringing It Home
     In-home networking
     Emerging content and applications
     The future of broadband

Mark Peden has rich background in data networking and telecommunications. Most recently,
Mark served as the VP of Technology Marketing for Simpler Networks in Montreal, Quebec
where Mark was responsible for business development, technology marketing, and the
company's regulatory efforts. Prior to Simpler, he was Director of Technology, and later acting
CTO, for NorthPoint Communications in San Francisco. Prior to launching NorthPoint, marked
spearheaded Intel's Broadband Initiative within Intel Architecture Labs (IAL) in Hillsboro,

Mark currently serves as a DSL Forum (DSLF) Ambassador and a member of their Board of
Directors. Mark was the Program Manager for the DSLF Interoperability Showcase at
SUPERCOMM 1999 and 2000 -- the first public demonstrations of industry-wide DSL
interoperability. Mark was also instrumental in the launch of CableLabs, the acting standards
body for cable modem access. Mark completed his undergraduate degree, with honors, from
Portland State University (with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) in 1992.

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