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					                                                                                                                                                                             4/14/11 KFLatham
Museum Studies Relationship between Courses and New Workshops
EXPLANATION OF TABLE: Table is meant as a map to help in designing the museum studies courses and workshops. Since all museum studies courses are 100% online, workshops are
intentionally built to provide a hands-on, face-to-face component. Museum studies lends itself to the physical and social and therefore it is important to provide opportunities to offer
students this sort of work. Some workshops (far right column) are either not directly linked to a course, overlap with a course, or are online.
      Items in red are being submitted to the CC this round.
      Items in blue have already been approved and are on the books.
      Workshops in black font are in planning/creation phase (many are placeholders until ideas & adjuncts can be worked out).
      Courses in parentheses are in development; workshops in black.

                                        WORKSHOPS LINKED TO SPECIFIC COURSES                                                                     WORKSHOPS UNLINKED or
 Course #          Course                     Fall F2F Workshops            Spring F2F Workshops                                                       ONLINE
60700         Foundations of               Behind-the-Scenes: NE Ohio Museums                                                                   Physical vs. Digital (Latham; not nec.
                                           (Paschen/Serkownek)                                                                                  Museum studies only)
              Museum Studies               Behind-the-Scenes: Columbus Museums                                                                  Convergence: Libraries, Archives,
                                           (Latham/Dean/O’Neal)                                                                                 Museum (Latham)
                                           Museum Controversies (Latham)
60701         Museum                                                                         Handling & Labeling Artifacts (Serkownek)          Museum Law (Simmons) [online]
                                                                                             Developing a museum collections storage plan       Museum Informatics (adjunct)
              Collections                                                                    (Tunstall?)
                                                                                             Disaster Planning for Museums (Serkownek)          Museum Archives (Baumann)
                                                                                             How to Read an Object (Druesedow) (Columbus
                                                                                             version? Dean)                                     Museum Collection Information
                                                                                                                                                Management (Fenn) [overlap w/ 60701]
                                                                                             Packing & Crating Museum Objects (Rock)

60702         Museum                       Museum Object Preparation Methods (Williams)                                                         Designing Virtual Museum Exhibits
                                                                                                                                                (adjunct) [online]
                                           Writing Great Exhibit Labels (Shearer)                                                               Social Media for Museums (adjunct)
                                           Developing Memorable Museum Tours
                                           Exhibit Script Writing (adjunct/ Paschen?)

60703         Museum Users                                                                   Museum Evaluation 101 (Heimlich, Columbus)
                                                                                             Museum Programs for Children
                                                                                             Making a Travelling Kit
                                                                                             Diversity in the Museum
(60704)       (The Museum                                                                    Developing a Strategic Plan for your Museum
              System)                                                                        Creating a Strong Vision & Mission for your

(60705)       (MuseumOrigins)                                                                [summer] Florence Tours (Byerly)
         I’m not sure yet what will be offered in summer so I have not included that match here.
                                                                                                                           4/14/11 KFLatham

Instructor Listed for Workshops:
John Simmons, Consultant, Museologica (former dir. of KU Museum Studies Program, KS; 30+ yrs in museums, specializes in collections)
Edith Serkownek, Fashion/Special Collections Librarian, Assistant Professor, Kent State University Libraries
Steve Paschen, University Archivist, Associate Professor, Kent State University Libraries
Arnold Tunstall, Collection Manager, Akron Art Museum
Andy Rock. Consultant, Packing & Crating specialist, 30 years fine art handling
Joanne Fenn, Collection Manager, The Kent State University Museum
Jim Williams, Exhibition Designer/Preparator, The Kent State University Museum
Jean Druesedow, Director, The Kent State University Museum
Christine Shearer, Principal Fowler Art Services, (former director of Massillon Museum, OH)
Joe Heimlich, Institute for Learning Innovation; Extension at The Ohio State University (too much background to list)
Sharon Dean, Director of Museums and Libraries, OHS
Angela O’Neal, Director of Collections Services, OHS
Art Wolf, Principal, Wolf Consulting (30+ yrs museum experience; specializes in administrative)
Greg Byerly, you know him
Roland Baumann, you know him
Kiersten Latham, you know her

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