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					                            Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda
                                      Thursday January 20th, 2011
                                         Call to Order: 6:30 pm
I.         Roll Call:

II.        Approval of Minutes: 1/13/11

III.       Approval of Agenda: 1/20/11

IV.        Officer Reports:
       Vice President of Community Service and Philanthropy, VACANT
      (012) 345-6789

       Vice President of Risk Management, Mr. Michael Paul:
                                 michael.paul-1 (651) 252-4384
              Roundtable

       Vice President of Conduct Review, Mr. Steven Yetter:
                        (612) 306-6933
              Behave & Stay out of Trouble
              Email your conduct review Delegate name by next Thursday

       Vice President of Academic Affairs and Membership Development, Mr. Matthew Lexcen:
                        (763) 226-7871
              Scholarship Chairs
              New Member Educators- have chapter NM educators email me
              Community Grades
       Vice President of Recruitment, Mr. Erik Heller
                        (651) 246-0642
            Roundtables Thursday 7pm in Nickerson send a proxy if your recruitment chair cannot make it
            Fraternity Social – Feb 1st 8pm-10pm
            Greek 101
       Vice President of Public Relations, Mr. Shane Maki
            Chapter Event Calendars
       Vice President of Council Management, Mr. Jeremy Simmons:
                        (507) 382-9246
              Budget Proposal
              Vacant Position
              April 21st meeting will be in CSU 203, not Nickerson

       President, Mr. Cody (507)766-0295
            Next All-Greek is Jan. 25th @9:30 in Ostrander
            Please Respond to Email and coordinate a time to meet.

       Greek Graduate Assistant, Ms. Ashley Portra
      Off-Campus Housing Fair January 26th

      Dance Marathon update – we are close to our $2000 dollar goal! So Sign up and encourage members to do
       the same. Turn in your banners tomorrow

      Register for DM at

       Greek Advisor, Mr. John Bulcock:
                           (507) 389-6076
        Atmosphere Concert Feb 22—Sold Out

        Kudos on Grade Reports—First time I can find record of Greek Men’s GPA Exceeding All Men’s GPA!

        RSO Fair Registration at

        AFLV Trip Feb 10-13

        Greek Awards process-newly added award- process is online

         Old Business:

         New Business:

1.Whereas: Matt Lexcen fell below the 2.5 cumulative GPA that is required to serve on the IFC Council
Whereas: Matt Lexcen has filed a grade appeal with the University and is taking the necessary steps to bring his
cumulative GPA back above 2.5 via Grade Appeal
Be It Resolved: The Council Delegates allow Mr. Lexcen to continue to serve the council until the grade appeal is
granted or denied
Be It Further Resolved: If the grade appeal is, in fact, denied, Mr. Lexcen is more than willing to step down from his
position as IFC Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Membership Development
(motion passes 7-0-0)

2. I move to open nominations for the vacant IFC position: Vice President of Community and Philanthropy
I nominate Eugene Vazemiller from Phi Delta Theta
I nominate Vinson Williams of Phi Delta Theta

I move to close nominations- Motion Passes7-0-0

3. I move to pass the budget proposed by Jeremy Simmons
Greg – I move to amend the budget to allocate the 120 dollars from budgeted for shirts and give them to the
Fraternity Social. Cherney – Second

        Greg retract my amendment

        Can we get deadlines by the 3rd of February for how the funds will be used

        Greg- Move to table the budget until next meeting
        Motion Passes 7-0-0

Cherney-I Move to open a discussion on D2L. We need this. Greg-Second

        Greg- I agree this would be a easy medium to utilize

        Move to close discussion –Discussion Closed

Cherney - I move to open a discussion on a Toppers Pizza Designated Drivers rewards programs.

        Greg- There is no reason not to
        I move to close discussion- Motion Passes
    V.      Announcements:
                TKE house tours next week: Wild Wild West Theme
                Come to Sigma Nu after this for the house tour and potluck

Meeting Adjourned at: 7:45pm

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