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									                              Masters of Business Administration
The MBA is an internationally recognised and much sought after qualification. This course is designed to
equip you, the graduate, with the skills, knowledge and competence needs for a career in senior
management. It is highly relevant for graduates from a wide range of academic disciplines with little or no
relevant work experience.

You will acquire the practical knowledge and understanding of management activities in a global context.
This organisational based learning allows you to expand your knowledge and real life experience.

Using the cornerstone subjects of business – Marketing, Finance, People & Organisational Behaviour and
Strategic Management – this course will help you to become agents of change and genuine leaders.

The MBA is designed for UK and International markets and embodies the ethos of learning thorough
different cultures.

Course content and structure
The course has been designed so that you are first introduced to the key principles and processes of
management before moving onto consider some of the wider implications of how contemporary businesses
strategies are influenced and implemented. Alongside this you will undertake an intensive Personal
Development and Professional Skills programme designed to promote individual and leadership
development in addition to the professional skills needed to succeed in a global environment.

A key feature of the MBA is its international dimension. We attract students from across the world, including
China, India, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

External context
In keeping with market trends our current MBA program has been accredited via a number of additional
awards by the Chartered Management Institute allowing our graduates to gain up to three additional
qualifications namely:

          Level 7 Diploma Strategic Management & Leadership
          Level 8 Certificate Strategic Direction and Leadership Diploma in Management Consultancy
           (Consultancy Project Module)

Core Modules
We have introduced a three phase MBA:
       Phase one - Certificate in Business Administration
       Phase two - Diploma in Business Administration
       Phase three - MBA

Phase one - Certificate in Business Administration (60 credits) will consist of modules:
    Contemporary Marketing (20 credits)
    Organising and Managing Performance (20 credits)
    Accounting and Finance for Decision Making (20 credits)

Phase two - Diploma in Business Administration (60 credits) will consist of modules:
    Strategic Marketing Management (20 credits)
    Two option modules of your choice (20 credits each)

        The provision of a range of Option modules is designed to enable participants to customise the
        programme to their own particular career needs and aspirations.

                                                                                    Updated 20th October 2010
Phase three - MBA (60 credits) will consist of:
    Personal Effectiveness (10 credits)
    Research and Professional Skills (10 credits)
    Project (40 credits)

The structure and content of the core MBA course has been influenced by QAA Benchmarks Generalist
Business and Management as well as by contemporary generic models of management and leadership.

Option Modules
Option choices have been included to enable participants to customise the programme to their own
individual career needs and aspirations. In drawing up a list of options the Course Development team had
the unique opportunity of selecting from a wide and growing range of potentially suitable modules from
within the Postgraduate Scheme as well as the wider University. A small number of options have been
developed specifically for the MBA. In selecting options for the MBA, the objective has been to achieve a
balance between offering an appropriate range of options with the provision of worthwhile learning
experiences to participants.

The proposed option modules follow but, please be aware that the list of options will be reviewed regularly
as more Postgraduate Routes are linked to the Scheme:

                International Marketing
                Strategic Marketing Management

Human Resource Management
         Management Development
         Cross-cultural Human Resource Management

                International Corporate Finance
                Financial Decision Analysis

Business Development
           e-Commerce Strategy
           Entrepreneurship
           Supply Chain Operations Management
           Business Ethics

                Doing Business in Europe
                Global Trends in Public and Not for Profit Management

You will have the opportunity to undertake an in-company case study and to present your findings to the
organisation as well as completing an independent piece of written work. The project offers you the
opportunity to explore further, in a live setting an aspect or area of your studies that has attracted special

Students will be encouraged to form groups for the Project and to select one company from among the
group of sponsors. The Projects coordinator will seek to achieve a balance between private sector and not
for profit organisations, as reflected in the cohort profile.

Teaching / Learning
The programme is delivered by a highly skilled course team of expert professorial staff and business
practitioners who will challenge you to grasp new ideas and perspectives that will challenge the way you do
business. Our workshops are designed to enable you to develop insight and to enhance your leadership

                                                                                      Updated 20th October 2010
The programme's assessment strategy provides you with the opportunity to be assessed across a wide
range of methods, including assignments, presentations, group works and examinations. The greater part
of this will work will directly relate to real business scenarios and, where possible, will be applied to

Entry Requirements
Applicants should have an Honours Degree or equivalent but with less than two years or no business work
experience. If you have more than two years relevant work experience you should apply for the Executive
MBA course.

Language Proficiency
Candidates seeking admission to the MBA are expected to be able to communicate effectively in the
English Language. As necessary, candidates may be required to evidence this by appropriate Certificate at
a minimum of IELTS 6.0 with no individual skill below 5.0 or TOEFL at the equivalent level. UK students
are required to have GCSE English Language at grade C, or equivalent.

Exemptions and Accredited Prior Learning
Any applicant with prior experiential learning will be interviewed by the Course Leader or MBA Director.
The amount and level of credit, which may be general or specific against named modules, will be
determined in individual cases but will not normally be more than 90-120 credits of the award. No student
may be exempted from the Personal Effectiveness, Research and Professional Skills and Consultancy
Project modules of the full award. Where credit values are awarded the MBA Team reserves the right to
specify which taught module(s) they are credited against, if any, and which taught modules the student
must then take to complete the award. Students accredited in this way will normally be required to
undertake the compulsory modules.

The APL which students offer must enable them to fulfil the overall objectives of the programme. Each
individual’s qualifications will be looked at separately within the Leeds Metropolitan University policy on

If you would like to discuss the possibility of other exemptions from this course please contact course
leader Maria Jemicz at M.Jemicz@leedsmet.ac.uk or on 0113 812 6556.

Career Opportunities
The programme is ideal for those aspiring to run their own business or for those wishing to work in a board
support role to SMEs.

Don't forget, during your time at Leeds Met you'll have access to the Leeds Met Careers Service and
Placement Office . Our team of qualified and experienced careers advisors will be happy to advise you
about any aspect of your future career. Our team can help you to plan ahead, make the right career
choices, prepare the perfect CV and find the latest job vacancies.

Our team offers:
daily drop-in service for advice or a quick CV check
one-to-one in-depth guidance
one-to-one career coaching
interactive careers workshops
careers advice by e-mail.

Find out more at www.leedsmet.ac.uk/careers

Mode of Study/Course Length
Full time over one year (currently teaching is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). This course is
proposed to have September and January intakes.

Course fees for the first year of the course in 2011/12 (unconfirmed):
Full-time:   £13,500

Please see information below regarding ELQ as this could affect your fees

                                                                                     Updated 20th October 2010
Equivalent or Lower Qualifications (ELQ)
From 2008/09, the government no longer provides funding to support Universities teaching
United Kingdom and European Union students who are studying for an award which is of an
equal or lower level than their existing qualifications. For example, an applicant wishing to
study a degree who already has a degree is regarded as studying for an ELQ and the
University would not receive funding for this student. As a result we have introduced a new set of fees for
students registering from 2010-11 who are studying for an ELQ.

For more information please go to http://www.leedsmet.ac.uk/study/ELQ_FAQ_v3.pdf on our website.

If you have a query regarding the level of your previous qualifications please contact our Central
Admissions team on 0113 812 3159.

If you believe you will be applying for a course that is equal or lower than a previous qualification and would
like to find out the fees for this course please contact our Fees team on 0113 812 4935.

Programme Director
Dr Maria Jemicz
Email: M.Jemicz@leedsmet.ac.uk
Tel: 0113 812 6556

Further information available from:

How To Apply:
Please contact Student Recruitment & Admissions Team for an Application form

Student Recruitment & Admissions
Faculty of Business & Law
Leeds Metropolitan University
Old School Board
Calverley Street

Tel: 0113 812 6127
Email: mba@leedsmet.ac.uk

                                                                                     Updated 20th October 2010

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