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The list of leading Link Popularity Services Firms from for August 2006

   Plymouth, IN - – has published its list of the best Link Popularity Services firms,
consultants and services for August 2006. In the past few years, has earned a reputation for its accurate and
reliable ranking services. The list aims at expediting the process of researching and selecting Link Popularity Services firms.

Since its beginnings in 2002 by e-ventures, the website has shown commitment towards achieving its main objective;
becoming the single source for researching internet marketing vendors that the search engine marketing industry and
companies can refer to. During this period has taken up the task providing a platform for internet marketing
and service providers to showcase their services.

As the name suggests, Link Popularity Services works on the popularity of a link on another site. The logical assumption is
that a site listed on other sites must be of superior quality. Keeping this logic in mind, search engines will rank sites
according to how popular it is on other sites. Link Popularity Service is essentially a technique used to evaluate the quality
and/or quantity of sites that link to any given website.

Popular search engines like Google give high Page Rank, which is a way of ranking the popularity of a site that featured on
another site. Undoubtedly number of links of a site is important, but more importance is afforded to the quality and relevance
of the links. A good way to deal with this is to have lots of sites that are of high quality. The ranking of a site on major search
engine will depend on the quality and relevance of the links on the page.
Here’s a list of the top 5 Link Popularity Services firms that have been selected for August 2006:
1.Intrapromote LLC – Ohio
2.We Build Pages – New York
3.Ad Maiora - Italy
4.Patrick Gavin Inc. – USA – Arizona

The reputation of the research conducted by speaks for its reliability. The top 5 candidates are chosen on the
basis of a rigorous selection process. The selection of the candidates is based on the following criterions:

•Competitive advantage
•Superior services and pricing
•Customer and technical support
•Response to client problems
•Innovations that set it apart from the competition
•Overall efficiency
•Overall performance

Firms that specialize in Link Popularity Services and wish to be considered for the rankings can complete an
application by registering as a service vendor and applying for rankings at:,com_register/task,providerRegister/

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Description: Link Popularity a term that appears in the before and after 1998, the background is represented by google search engine developed a new search engine ranking algorithm is not only concerned about some elements within the site, a site will be the number of links to other sites as a the main ranking factors, because the search engine that links to quality web sites tend, therefore, is equivalent to a link to the site cast a vote for the site. See that increasing the breadth of the important role of the link is that you can increase your site's ranking in search engine advantage (of course site itself also has some links to websites promoting value).