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					                        FELLS COVE HOMEOWNERS ASSOC.
              at the Narcoosee Community School, 2700 N. Narcoossee Road
                                  St. Cloud, FL. 34771
                          Monday, July 11th, 2011 at 7:00 P.M.

                                            Meeting Minutes

I.       Call to Order: Bob Borg 7:01 pm

II.      Statement of Quorum –

         Bob Borg – President
         Vincent Jackson – Vice President
         Bob Simmons - Treasurer
         Natalie Holborn - Secretary
         Dan Hector – Director
         Bruce Mcmorris – Director
         Ken Browne – Director

III.     Approval of Meeting Minutes – May 9th, 2011. Bob moved Ken. 2nd and all in favor with
         correction to spelling of mulch and contractor’s last name spelled Cray in two areas.

IV.      Treasurer’s Report: May 2011 Financials – Office supplies 339.09. Discrepancy he will e-mail
         Nancy tomorrow

V.       ARC Report: Total of 4 ARC Applications Received – Bob states we had 3 arcs and he has one to
         give to Rosalie.

VI.      Violation/Fining Committee Report – Bob States the non-compliance committee has made a 3rd non-
         compliance letter to meet with the Fining committee (Sandy Hemer). Dan motioned to send final
         notice to meet with fining committee. Natalie 2nd and all in favor. Rosalie to get with Lawrence,
         Rich Carpenter’s, and Sandy Hemer.

VII.     Collections Committee Report – Dan states he does not have much to report. He and Bob Simmons
         were to meet with attorney but have not. Bob Simmons has been out of town and Dan will be more

VIII.    Old Business:
         1. Mulch – was held off
         2. Canal – Has been done. Back of property cleaned out. Dan advised. Hopefully won’t have to
            clean out for another 5 years.

V1111.     New Business:

          1. Pond Barriers – Bob states we need to install 2 barriers in the back pond. Dan motioned to
             approve purchase of barriers. Natalie 2nd and all in favor
          2. Front Entrance Landscaping - E-mail Taleb, to put sod front entrance. Still have dead sod.
             They owe $800-$900 in sod and didn’t replace from last year. And still has not replace the dug
             up parts with sod.
          3. Change Management Company – Natalie motioned, Dan 2nd, and all favor.

X.    Date of Next of Next Meeting: - September 12, 2011

X1.   Adjournment – Bob adjourned at 8:35 pm

           Natalie motioned. Bob states Jorge Arroyo, John Eberbauch and Natalie Holborn effective
            August 1, 2011 to be awarded end of month a $25.00 Lowe’s or Home Depot. Jorge will speak
            to home Depot and see if they can help or sponsor a sign “yard of the month.” A nice small
            wooden sign. Get about 3 of them since they might get stolen.

           Front entrance landscaping: Bob states Dan has 2 more bids coming in and Bob Borg has 2
            coming in. 1st priority will be the landscaping and the sign at front entrance than eventually
            irrigation if we can use some of the existing plants with some flowers. Dan states the front
            entrance is an area we don’t want to skimp on.

           Janine states Taleb’s employees killed her plants in her back yard located at palm trees. Board
            asks the landscaper to replace her plants.

           Bob will get with Eric and Taleb with US Lawns on reference to Palm trees.

           Dan moved to we have next meeting and all future meetings at Richard Carpenters office at 9161
            Narcoosee Road, Orlando, FL. 32807, next door to Tijuana Flats.

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