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									Status of Women agenda/minutes
September 20

   1. Welcome and introductions
      In attendance: Berent, Cutler, Mori, Urban, Cherry, Heck, Hoyt, Mense, Smith, Gregg, Palmer

       We discussed the schedule and agreed to change two dates for the year (*) because the original
       Dec date was very late and the Jan date was the first day of classes. Future meetings will be at
       noon in room 159 of the library on:

       Oct 18 2011
       Nov 15 2011
       Dec 13 2011*
       Jan 24 2012*
       Feb 21 2012
       April 17 2012
       May 15 2012
       June 19 2012

       Leslie Palmer suggested posting the minutes on the website and we thought this was a good
       The GPC representative is unknown (LB contacted Linda Kaufman on Wed and she has not
       received the list from GPC – LK will update website and email list when she knows)
       LB requested that someone else take over as faculty co-chair due to her increased
       administrative duties. Mike Urban seemed like the logical choice since he has been on the
       committee for 4 years and has two years left. We decided to hold an internet vote (LB sent out
       a ballot via email and he was approved unanimously on Thursday)

   2. Women’s Health Gathering
        a. Chairperson – Jordan Hoyt agreed to chair this committee. Other volunteers include:
           Amelia Smith, Bonnie Gregg, Linda Berent and Ellen McLain
        b. Is March 20 a good date? – yes and the room is reserved

   3. Tribute to Women – Date to be determined. Volunteers include: Cathy Cutler, Michelle Heck
      and Mike Urban. (LB contacted last year’s chair, Wendy Sims, who couldn’t make it on Tues,
      and she agreed to help with the Tribute so that someone else can learn to be the chair for next
      year but she does not want to be chair this year. She suggested one of the volunteers be a co-
      chair with her)

   4. Alumnae Anniversary Dinner Monday, October 3 – Ellen McLain is attending to represent our

   5. Mission/Committees
      We had a good general discussion on the purpose and history of the SWC for the new members.
      I informed them of the potential review of our committee/mission from above due to a
      perceived overlap between family friendly and diversity committees.
        We agreed to continue the sub-group format with the following groups – please volunteer if
        anyone has an interest in any of these:
        1) Women’s health and wellness gathering – Jordan Hoyt
        2) Tribute to MU Women –
        3) Mission review – headed by Mike Urban
        4) Media relations – Michelle Heck and Cheri Cherry
        5) Equity in hiring and salary – lots of interest in this topic – need to find a focus and leader…

        6) Violence against woman – Jordan Hoyt – liaison to campus committee for updates
        7) Campus harassment/discrimination – Noel English – not active group – just if need arises

        Respectfully submitted 9/22/11 LB

Members: http://committees.missouri.edu/status-women/members.php

Faculty                               Journalism                              International Studies
Linda Berent                          Michelle Heck
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs    Coordinator for Admissions and          Graduate Professional Council (GPC)
College of Veterinary Medicine        Recruiting                              vacant
                                      School of Law                           Graduate Student
Cathy Cutler                                                                  @mizzou.edu
Research Professor                    Jordan Hoyt                             Term expires: 08-31-2012
Research Reactor                      Admissions Evaluator
                                      Admissions                              Ex Officio
Alisa Hayes
                                                                              Heather Eastman-Mueller
Assistant Professor                   Ellen McLain                            Health Promotion Professional
Emergency Medicine                    Senior Director of Development          Student Health Services
Anatole Mori                          Development
Associate Professor                                                           Noel English
Classical Studies                     Gena Scott                              Director of MU Equity
                                      Director                                Chancellor's Diversity Initiative
Juanita Simmons                       Development
Assistant Professor
Education Leadership & Policy         Meredith Shaw                           Bonnie Gregg
Analysis                              Assistant Director of Career Services   Manager
                                      Engineering                             Human Resource Services
Wendy Sims
Professor                             Missouri Students Association (MSA)     Laura Hacquard
School of Music and Dept. of          Caitlin Hanson                          Sr. Coordinator, Women's Center
Learning, Teaching & Curriculum       Student                                 Student Life
Michael Urban                                                                 Leslie Palmer
                                      Emilia Mense                            Faculty Retiree
Associate Professor                   Student
Geography                             Sociology                               Support
Staff                                                                         Michael Middleton
                                      Amelia Smith
Cheri Cherry                                                                  Deputy Chancellor
Coordinator                                                                   101 Jesse Hall

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