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   Steps To A Glamorous Updo ................................................................................................................ 5
   Must Try Beauty Trends for Fall ........................................................................................................... 7
   5 Tips on How to Speed Up Hair Growth ..........................................................................................10
   Best Hairstyles For Work Settings ..................................................................................................... 13
   How To Drink Stressed Skin & Hair Away ........................................................................................16
   How To Blow Out Your Hair ................................................................................................................18
   How Much Biotin For Hair Growth ..................................................................................................... 20
   Best Home Hair Color Brand? ............................................................................................................22
   PH Shampoo Experiment ....................................................................................................................23
   Evaluating Hair Dryers .........................................................................................................................25
   Hair Loss Treatment .............................................................................................................................27

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Secret Celebrity Hair Tool

Yes, you can. Well, to get that “I just paid my stylist $800” look on an average person’s budget,
then you need to use the hair equipment that will give you the same look that is worn so well by
some of the hottest women in Hollywood, fashionistas like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

What is this hair styling tool? It is the Ionic Ceramic Professional Sedu Flat Iron. This is the
same extraordinary flat iron used by stylists on the set of the hit television show,Gossip Girls,
and on blockbuster motion pictures. Since 2004, Sedu has been creating styling tools which are
of high quality and design. To create their superior goods, Sedu works with technicians and
stylists to craft products that exceed their customer’s expectations in lifting, polishing, and
shaping hair.

Like all Sedu flat irons, the Ionic Ceramic Professional model guarantees hair that is smooth and
straight. The results it produces are long-lasting and can be obtained without painful hair
snagging and pulling. With its extremely, velvety ceramic plates, the Sedu Ionic is an attractive
instrument aside from its pioneering technology which cuts straightening time by half even for
almost all types of hair.

Sedu is the only flat iron manufacturer to offer exclusive, tourmaline/ceramic patented plates and
the much sought after infra-red, ionic technology. Unlike other flat irons that dry out your hair,
Sedu breathes moisture back into the hair as it flattens it out. Now you know why the celebrities
always have that beautiful, glossy hair.

When you use the Sedu Iconic Ceramic Professional, the most elaborate looking hairstyles
become ever so simple to do. Whether you’re going to the office, to the park, to a disco, or even
to a formal affair, the Sedu Iconic can help you achieve a look that your friends won’t know you
created yourself.

Best of all, when you purchase any one of the items with the Sedu brand, you are buying a
product that is built to last. Many Sedu owners have used their same flat iron for well over six

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years. The iron will more than pay for itself after just a few uses, especially when you compare
your personal usage to spending time and money in a salon.

When you are ready to get a celebrity hairstyle, you don’t need a hair stylist on hand. What are
you waiting for? Get your Sedu Iconic Ceramic Professional Flat Iron today; it is time to reveal a
new top model.

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                                                                        Steps To A
                                                                        Glamorous Updo
                                                                        by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                                        It is time for you to stop looking at
                                                                        those commercials and Facebook
                                                                        pictures and wondering why you
                                                                        cannot look as glamorous as
                                                                        celebrities. You feel that even if
                                                                        you tried, you can’t look like the
                                                                        beautiful Carrie Underwood, the
striking Eva Longoria, or the stunning Taylor Swift.

Oh, if only you could make an updo that even comes close to resembling the ones that these
women wear so stylishly on the red carpet, you would feel like a very grateful Cinderella. Well,
somebody better grab those horses and a carriage, because you are about to get ready for the ball
in less than ten minutes.

While your favorite stars may look as though they have been with their stylists for hours, you
will be surprised to learn that many of them actually create their own elegant updos. Seriously, it
is really just that easy to create this gorgeous look. Look at the directions below, and you will see
the ease with which you can have that red carpet hair.

Step 1) Needless to say, you should begin by getting your hair all nice and clean. Then you can
get rid of any tangles that might be around with a high quality flat iron, like one of the Sedu flat

Step 2) Grab your hair in your hands and pull it back (leave enough for a short bang in the front
if you like) either into a bun or ponytail. At this time, you should decide if you want to use all of
the hair or leave some of it hanging down.

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Once that decision has been made, make sure that you have a gorgeous clip or headband to hold
the ponytail or bun in place. If you are not partial to either a bun or ponytail, you can also create
an updo using braids. Your level of hair skill will be a big factor in this decision.

Step 3) Use bobby pins to comfortably secure the hair in place.

Step 4) The bangs and any other loose hairs you may have can be curled or left hanging to give
your updo a carelessly chic appearance.

Believe it, you should now have the simple but beautifully stylish updo of which you have
always dreamed. All you need now is the dress and the slippers. You will find Prince Charming
when you get to the ball.

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Must Try Beauty Trends for Fall

Fall is once again here and we all need to update our looks and try the new beauty trends that has
been set by make up artists. It might be hard for some to keep up with the trends because it
changes every season. Just remember that this season, the focus is to look fresh and natural. The
colors are very earthy and glam and glitter is taking a step back this season. From eyebrows. lip
colors to hair, here are the fall beauty trends you should try now:

Full Natural Eyebrows
Forget those perfectly trimmed and thin eyebrows for now because full eyebrows are back. So,
no painful tweezing and eyebrow threading for now but you still have to make sure you are not
growing a unibrow. Keep it clean but not thin, clean and thick is in season!

Metallic Smoky Eyes
Metallics are not only a popular beauty trend but also a popular fashion trend. It was all over the
Fall 2011 runways and people are really going for it. A little bit of shimmer goes a long way, just
do not over do it. Try gold eyeliner, silvery blue shadow, gunmetal gray shadow or white shadow
and eyeliner. Remember that it is important to just work on one part of the face. Meaning, if you
have shimmery eyes, do not use a red lipstick and vice versa. Keep the focus on one part only.

All about the lashes
Long lush eyelashes is a must for this season. It is either you choose a lengthening mascara to
give that illusion of length or just put on fake lashes if you know how to. The trick here is not to
go overboard with mascara because thick and lumpy lashes do not look good. If you are one of
those who are born with thin and short eyelashes, there are products already that can be applied
to lengthen and thicken your lashes.

Red Lips
Do not throw out your favorite red lipstick just yet because it is here to stay. Although there are a
lot of shades that are more in season now than your favorite bloody red lipstick. Try different
shades like neon red ( looks chic, day or night), burnt red (a bit on the orange sight, a little less

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dramatic), scarlet red (very glamorous!), red velvet ( a little bit punk or goth but looks good),
cherry red (looks very juicy especially if a little shimmer is added) and ruby red (matte finish
looks best).

Nude Lips
This looks is a little bit more conservative than wearing red lips, but it definitely is a statement.
Some women do not like wearing nude lips because they feel like they look too pale and washed
out. This lip color works perfectly with those who are tanned and have olive skin. It also looks
better if you have fierce eye make up. Nude lips soften your entire look.

Yes, they are back and there are a lot of varieties for it! Messy and low ponytails is a big trend
because a lot of the models rocked this look on the runway. Those with long hair can play with
this trend by putting fixing it up by looping it at the end. Sleek and pulled back pony tails look
better for formal evenings while the messy look should definitely stay during day time.
Remember though that a scrunchy will never be accepted (this is not the eighties!) so use nice
clips, ponytails and hair rings to hold it up.

I think this is the cutest hair trend this season. Braids are very feminine and I love that there are a
lot of ways to do it. You can have a braided bun that goes up on top of your head, loose long
braids or one sided braids. It is very chic and it is something new you can try just to look
different. It may be hard to do by yourself but it is really good exercise for the arms! Trust me.
Once you have mastered doing the braids yourself, you wont feel it anymore.

Bright Beauty
Bubblegum pink lips, yellow nail polish, aqua eyes, blue eyeliner and orange blush. All the
bright colors are in season now. If you are the adventurous type, experiment with colors and see
what looks good on you. Start with using bright nail polish colors first and if you are used to it,
go with the bright lips then bright cheeks and then bright eyes. Of course you do not use bright
colors all at the same time or else you will end up looking like a clown. Try one trend at a time.

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Nail Polish
Earthy colors are still in trend along with the bright colors and sparkly nails. Must have colors
this season are autumn shades of blue, taupe, orange (matte), nude, and ombre.

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                                                       5 Tips on How to Speed Up
                                                       Hair Growth
                                                       by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                       We have all been through a time where we
                                                       impulsively cut our hair just because (insert reason
                                                       here). For more women, they drastically change
                                                       their look, get a hair cut, color their hair, after a
                                                       break up or once she has moved on from the break
                                                       up. It feels like you are changing your look
                                                       because there is a new (and single) you. Some
                                                       women cut their hair just because they feel like it,
                                                       they are bored with their hairstyle or they want to
                                                       copy that new hair trend that her favorite celebrity
is sporting (like the Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams bob). Since some
women cut their hair impulsively, they end up hating it and missing their long luscious hair after
a day or two while others suffer from that awkward stage where the hair is either too short or too
long and you just do not know what to do with it. Are you guilty of this? You do not have to
worry about this anymore because science (although not proven yet) has discovered ways for
hair to grow faster. Of course there are natural ways to do it too.

First, make sure that you take care of your hair too. Make sure that you get a trim every 7 weeks
to eliminate the split ends and you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This helps you grow
hair faster and also healthier. When you drink more water, your hair becomes healthier because a
big percentage of the hair is made of water.

Also, brushing your hair will greatly help with hair growth because brushing stimulates and
massages the scalp. The scalp produces natural oil and when it is stimulated often, more natural
oils come out from it and it nourishes the hair naturally. Those big brushes with soft bristles are
recommended but whatever you have at home will be good too. Just make sure you brush gently
and focus on brushing the scalp instead of the tips of the hair. Remember not to put your hair in

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tight buns or ponytails because this suffocates the hair too. Let your hair flow freely without
clips and headbands to help it grow faster.

Second, watch what you eat. Diet also helps with hair growth and this is the best natural way to
grow it faster. Eat food that are rich in protein like soy products, eggs, beans, mil, cheese, nuts,
and whole grain bread and biscuits. Eat a lot of vegetables too, green vegetables in particular like
lettuce, broccoli, spinach etc. This will help make the hair fuller and thicker. Taking vitamins
also help make hair grow faster. This is the B Vitamins like B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. Food that
are rich with vitamin B are bananas, tuna, potatoes, oats and avocados.

Third, stop using heat on your hair like hair dryers, curling and flat irons. This can damage the
hair greatly and it will definitely slow down the grown process. Stick to the traditional hair
drying techniques like air drying or fan drying. If you are going out and need to style your hair,
flip over your hair and dry it in front of an electric fan to give it a little bit of body.

Fourth, watch what you put on your hair. Shampoos and hair products have a lot of chemicals in
it and it can greatly affect your hair growth. Read the label before purchasing shampoos and as
much as possible, use ones that are organic and natural. Do not shampoo hair too often and keep
it moisturized. Moisture is the key to hair growth so if your hair is a little bit dry, put on a little
bit of conditioner on the end of the hair and not on the scalp. You can also make homemade hair
masks to moisturize and fasten the growth of your hair. Honey and egg yolk is a popular home
made mask. You apply it on the scalp, massage it and leave it for half an hour Rinse hair with
lukewarm water and do it at least once a week.

Fifth, if you just do not have the patience to wait it out, the easiest (and probably expensive)
alternative for you is to just put on extensions. At least with this, you can choose the length, the
style and the color. You can also change it according to your mood or just when you get sick of
it. You can also rock a wig just for fun and to look completely different.

These tips may or may not help your hair grow faster and it is still best to consult a hair specialist
so that your hair will be taken cared of. Just remember that before cutting your hair drastically,

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think a million times or visit a website that makes you try out different hairstyles virtually, so
that you will see what you will look like with a certain haircut you like.

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                                                                  Best Hairstyles For
                                                                  Work Settings
                                                                  by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                                  Choosing a hairstyle for work can be a
                                                                  much more complicated task than
                                                                  originally perceived. Pretty, wavy
                                                                  ringlets and long, sleek hair look
                                                                  gorgeous but aren’t extremely
                                                                  convenient for constant movement and
                                                                  work! Aside from looking pulled-
                                                                  together and sweet, work hairstyles
                                                                  should also be functional!

Depending on the length of your hair, your options will either be broadened or more limited!
Obviously, if your hair reaches your shoulders or past, your options are numerous! If your hair
doesn’t quite reach your shoulders, you still have a handful of options. If your hair is extremely
short- you have options, but you just have to be more creative!

One Sided Braid
If you already know how to braid, this hairstyle should be a breeze for you. If you aren’t braid
savvy, have no fear! Braiding is actually a very easy skill to learn.

1) Part your hair on the left side to have the braid sweep leftward, part on the right side of your
scalp to have the braid sweeping rightward. On whichever side you choose, part your hair
directly above the center of your eyebrow.
2) Separate your hair into segments. Grab a medium/ small chunk of hair and begin braiding.
3) Remember to braid at an angle, and braid loosely. As you braid, hold the hair towards the
back of your head, braiding towards the direction of the back of your head.
4) As you work your way to towards the back of your head, incorporate pieces along your part. *
The best way to do this hairstyle is by watching yourself in the mirror.

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Half –Updo
The updo is a fantastic work choice because it keeps hair out of your face, and looks totally
professional and pretty!

1) Comb through your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots.
2) Cinch the outer layer of your hair (lining your face) back into a snug hair band.
3) Spray hairspray or rub some light gel into your hair to ward off fly-aways and keep your
style looking neat.

Easy Waves:
Wearing waves to the office can be a bit tricky, since surfer chic and professional
businesswoman aren’t exactly one in the same. By making a few minor tweaks to your wavy
style, you can easily rock the surfer waves in the work atmosphere. There are several ways to
achieve beachy waves. This method is very simple and can be done with damp hair:

1) Flip your head upside down and work some volumizing spray or mousse into your hair. Be
sure to thoroughly coat your strands with a light film, paying special attention to the ends of your
2) Turn your hairdryer on low and hold a few inches from hair. Slightly move the dryer as you
dry your hair.
3) Begin to scrunch your hair. In other words, just reach into your hair and start messing it up.
Grab clumps of your hair and just squeeze them together. Remember to grab from the bottom up,
starting at the tips of your hair and scrunching towards your scalp.
4) Next, part your hair (down the middle or side) and pat down flyaways using hairspray or
5) Finally, secure hair on either side with 1-2 bobby pins. Crisscross the pins forming an X on
either side of your head. This design will not only look pulled together, but also keep those wavy
strands out of your eyes!

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Wearing a barrette sounds simple enough, but often times if the hair -pin isn’t positioned
correctly, the entire look can be thrown off. Barrettes are wonderful pieces because they can be
worn on hair of any length! When choosing a barrette keep these tips in mind:

1) Choose a barrette that you would feel comfortable wearing. It’s common to impulsively buy
a pretty hair -piece and really never think about how it will look on. Consider the size, color, and
structure of the pin.
2) Think about how you will position the barrette. Will you wear it on the side? On the back?
Underneath your hair? Check the clamp or underside of the barrette to be sure it will stay in your
hair and not slide right out!
3) Practice, practice, practice. Try positioning the barrette in different areas in your hair. Decide
on which one you like best!

Sleek Pony
Finally, a sleek ponytail is an easy, modern look for the office.

1) Brush through hair and remove all tangles and knots. Using detangler spray or a pea -sized
amount of conditioner and water, comb hair until it slips right through your fingers with a silky
2) Take a brush and stroke your hair back into a tight ponytail.
3) Wrap a hair band around your pony. Using a neutral color or a color that is identical to your
hair color gives a very professional and seamless look.
4) Finish by lightly stroking your hair with finishing polish to give it a glossy look.

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                                                     How To Drink Stressed Skin
                                                     & Hair Away
                                                     by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                     Who’s with me? Who wants to drink their stress
                                                     away? NO, it’s not what you think!

                                                     Stress is undoubtedly one of the most common
                                                     problems that women go through.Unfortunately,
                                                     this can leave you looking haggard. Keep reading to
find out what to do about this sometimes unavoidable beauty killer.

There are two kinds of stress- acute and chronic. Acute Stress is short-term, avoidable, and has a
resolution. Examples of this are stress related to a visit to the gynecologist, when reporting to the
management, or even delivering a speech. This kind of stress prompts the body to release
chemicals for that fight or flight response. Chronic stress, however, is almost always combined
with negative thoughts that linger in your head. To cope with this, the body releases adrenaline
and cortisol. These chemicals are known to increase blood pressure. Debt, for example, stresses
you out by constantly pestering your mind about how you will pay the bills, buy groceries, and
so on.

The effects of stress can clearly be seen in a person physically. Apart from weight loss and a
sudden change in behavior and attitude, it is apparent on a person’s skin. Stress can worsen
breakouts due to the increase in production of cortisol. It can also exacerbate psoriasis and
rosacea as well as cause hives, rashes, and fever blisters. Hair also suffers from stress, becoming
dull and possibly even falling out.

The good news is that there are ways to calm your skin during the worst of times. Studies show
that going green is one way to do it. No, this does not necessarily mean you have to be an
environmentalist. Going green, in this sense, means communing with nature through teas. Here
are some that will surely bring your skin back to life.

Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.                        16

Camellia Sinensis
Camellia Sinensis is the plant used for green tea. Green tea fights free radicals, neutralizes UV
light, prevents skin cancer, rejuvenates skin cells, fights inflammation, improves psoriasis and
dandruff, soothes acne and lightens skin.

Roman Chamomile
Roman Chamomile decreases stress-induced skin eruptions caused by chronic skin conditions.

Dandelions enhance the immune system and provides antioxidant protection.

Echincea helps reduce acne outbreaks and inflammation. It is also used by some people for
wounds and other skin problems.

Since stress is a part of life, remember to keep yours at manageable levels. Being stressed is one
thing, but looking fresh and carefree despite the stress is the way to do it. Luckily, teas will
always be available to relieve our skin from the effects of stress.

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                                                          How To Blow Out Your Hair
                                                          by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                          Mmmm, I just love how my hair looks after I
                                                          cut my hair at the salon and they blow it out
                                                          perfectly. My hair never looks as good as when
                                                          it’s been done by a professional.

                                                          But even they had to start somewhere, and the
truth is, with enough practice, you could do blowouts as good as the pros if you wanted to learn.
I know I’m going to be perfecting my technique with these, the best hair blowout tips from
around the net.

Tip #1: You want to start with hair that’s been washed clean, conditioned, and gently towel
dried. Be gentle with your hair when you towel dry it to avoid breakage.

Tip #2: Choose the correct styling products for your hair type. In no circumstances should you
use gel (gel + hairdryer=flakes). Use this for smoothing and conditioning or this thickener for
volumizing depending on the look you’re going for.

Tip #3: Use the right hair dryer. A bad quality dryer is going to give you bad results. You think
they use crap dryers at the salon? NO. They pick tools that’s going to make their customers hair
look good so they can get repeat business. Take this tip from the pros. Invest in a good
blowdryer (it’s usually cheaper than you think).

Tip #4: Work on one section at a time. Most women can split their hair into 4 sections. You
know, right back, left back, right side/top, left side/top – but those with really thick hair will need
to create more “sections”. Clip up each section except the one you’re starting with (start on the

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Tip #5: Pull your hair! Yikes, I know that sounds bad, but you do need to hold your hair taught,
pulling away from your head so you get good volume and get rid of all the hiding places in each
hair’s shaft where water can hide and cause frizziness. Pull hair gently away from your scalp
using just your fingers, and aim the air down towards your crown.

Tip #6: After your roots have dried on the section you’re working on, you need to use a round
brush. Pull the brush through sections of your hair, holding hair very taught to make it as smooth
as possible. Follow the movements of your brush with your hairdryer. Try to blow the air
downwards, so that the cuticles of your hair lay flat. This makes for a shinier look.

Tip #7: End with the cool button on each section as soon as you’re done blowing it dry. You still
need to hold your hair taut for a nice, smooth look.

Tip #8: Only use shine serum or frizz reducing serum if you need it. Don’t even think about it if
you tend to have hair that’s limp or oily, except for the very ends.

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                                                                How Much Biotin For
                                                                Hair Growth
                                                                by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                                Before we get into how much biotin to
                                                                take for hair growth, let’s first discuss
                                                                what biotin actually does for your hair.

                                                                Biotin is one of the B-complex vitamins.
                                                                Sometimes people also refer to it as
                                                                Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H (vitamin H?
                                                                WTF?). Anyway, there’s been a lot of talk
about using Biotin when your hair starts thinning or taking it to grow new hair and make your
hair grow faster than it already does. You’re also going to notice is does the same thing with
your nails so be prepared for more cutting and filing!

But, how much do you take? You want to be sure you’re getting only safe levels and not going
overboard as too much of anything is NOT a good thing. You also want to ensure you’re getting
enough to actually give you some results otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

One thing to make note of right now is that when taking Biotin in supplement form, everything is
in mcg (micrograms) and not milligrams as is commonly seen with many other supplements.

4000 – 5000 mcg seems to be the most common dosage for people taking it for their hair. Most
brands will sell it in capsule or tablet form, with each tablet having 5000 mcg. This means you
only need to take one a day in order to get the most common dosage.

Stick to that dosage or do even less. People are having good results with it and taking any more
on a daily basis probably won’t do anything good for your body. Also remember to talk to your
doc about this (yeah, boring stuff, I know – but it’s necessary to bring up).

Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.                              20

Now, most people don’t have a deficiency (unless you’re an alcoholic because alcohol depletes
B vitamins and many other nutrients). This vitamin can come from a variety of food sources
you’re probably already eating.

Biotin is found in:
     egg yolk
     chicken breasts

So, for those of you who prefer an even more natural approach, stick to eating more of the above
foods instead.

How much biotin for hair growth you take depends largely on what source you plan to get this
vitamin from and how aggresive you are with supplement usage. Whatever you do, remember
not to go crazy and overdose because it can harm you and f@$% up your hair even more!

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                                                                    Best Home Hair Color
                                                                    by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                                    Okay, I know this is going to weird a
                                                                    lot of you out, but I have NEVER
                                                                    colored my hair before. I’ve been
                                                                    looking at this same hair color (and I’m
                                                                    not even going to lie, pretty much the
                                                                    same hairstyle too) for my whole,
                                                                    entire, frickin’ life!

It’s time for a change and I’m looking for advice on the best home hair color brand. I don’t have
the time nor money to get my hair colored professionally.

For reference, I’m thinking about dying my hair a highlighted looking honey brown. Can’t think
of any other way to describe it lol.

Tell me girls, what’s the best home hair color brand for a newbie?

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                                       PH Shampoo Experiment
                                       by JAYNA DAVIS

                                       I’ve long been aware that our skin (including our scalp) is
                                       supposed to be slightly acidic. Just very slightly. I’ve also heard
                                       before that using a very watery vinegar rinse after shampooing
                                       will restore hair to the PH it’s supposed to be, making it shiny
                                       and soft. So, I wondered about using a PH balanced soap as

I had previously tried the baking soda in water hair washing method which should be followed
with rinsing hair in a water & vinegar mixture. Like I mentioned earlier, the acidic vinegar will
help with your hair’s health. After doing vinegar rinses I noticed it did make my hair softer and
smoother, but I really hated the smell (it’s sooooo unpleasant) and it seemed like kind of a
hassle. Hey what can I say, sometimes I’m lazy

I seen acidic PH soap (it’s actually a cleansing bar but it’s in bar soap form so I tend to call it
soap) meant for skin and looked for information about also using it as shampoo but couldn’t
really find any testimonials or personal experiences. Just people advising that it should be okay
(without actually having tried it themselves).

So, I decided to be gutsy and try out a little experiment for myself. I went ahead and purchased
some PH balanced soap and started using it on my skin at first. So far, so good. It left me clean
and not too dried out.

I then tried it on my hair. It lathered surprisingly well and didn’t give me that “grippy” feeling
that I had previously experienced when I had to wash my hair with a bar of regular old Irish
Spring soap/detergent (BTW regular soap like that makes your hair ugly as f*ck if you don’t
already know). I was relieved that there was no harsh “grippy” feeling.

Copyright@2011 All rights reserved.                            23

So, during the washing process it felt a lot like regular shampoo. During rinsing it felt a lot like
regular shampoo. And during the drying process it felt a lot like I had washed my hair with
regular shampoo!

There was a slight difference when it dried, however. I think it made my hair a tiny bit softer
than it usually is. Yay!

I’m happy with using low PH soap on my hair for a number of reasons:

1. It takes up less room in the shower
2. I think it makes my hair a little healthier and softer to the touch
3. It’s easier to travel with being that I’m using a bar PH soap/cleansing bar
4. I’m happy that I’ve found such an effective 2-in-1 product. Effective and 2-in-1 product don’t
usually come together in the same sentence!
For those of you who are wondering, I’m using Nature’s Plus – Natural Beauty Cleansing Bar, 3
oz boxes which is a great bar “soap” but there are also liquid soaps and cleansers available.

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                                                          Evaluating Hair Dryers
                                                          by JAYNA DAVIS

                                                          If you are in the market for a new hair dryer,
                                                          you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number
                                                          of hair dryers that you have to choose from.
                                                          Fortunately, there are some general guidelines
                                                          that you can follow when evaluating hair dryer
                                                          options, so that you can choose the one that will
work best for you.

Although there are some hair dryers that have more features than most people will ever need,
there are also some basic features that most people do look for. These include the ability to set
the hair dryer at multiple speeds and heat settings, in addition to a setting designed to blow cool
air that can help your hair hold its style after it’s been dried. Most people find that they prefer a
hair dryer that has at least 1,800 watts of power, as anything under that is often inadequate for
most people’s needs. Although many people never use most of the attachments that come with
hair dryers, a nozzle attachment for concentrating the drying power to a smaller area of hair is
often a handy feature to have. If your hair happens to be curly, or if you have permed hair,
another attachment that will come in handy is a diffuser.

Although most people don’t need the most expensive and full-featured hair dryers that are on the
market, you also don’t want to choose an exceptionally inexpensive one. Just as with anything
else you buy, you get what you pay for when you purchase a cheap hair dryer. Low-end hair
dryers often have only one or two heat settings, and are generally too hot to be good for your
hair, and as a result, you could scorch or damage your hair. Very cheap hair dryers also have a
nasty habit of not having adequate protection for the fan, and so you risk getting your hair pulled
into the fan, which will also damage it. Even if you have extremely short hair, and only use a hair
dryer for a short period of time, it’s often best to get a better model

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Most people will find an adequate array of features if they look at medium-priced hair dryers.
These of course are not as full-featured as the professional models, but they have a good array of
settings that will satisfy the everyday needs of most people. Most will contain multiple heat and
speed settings, along with the ability to blow cool air to set the hair. A lot of medium-priced hair
dryers even have a lot of the features that are included in the higher-priced professional models
as well.

If you have fragile or damaged hair, or if you straighten your hair on a regular basis, you might
actually consider spending the extra money on a professional hair dryer. These hair dryers often
use special technology to not only drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to dry your hair,
but also use techniques that minimize the damage to the hair cuticle. They are certainly more
expensive, but many people feel that they are worth it.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning hair or the loss of hair is part of a cycle but usually hair regrowth makes sure the crown
stays around. There are many reasons that this cycle will hiccup or even completely fail to come
full circle. During the hair loss days, people tend to need to look for hair loss treatment. And hair
loss isn’t only applicable to men, they also occur in women.

Causes For Hair Loss
Strangely enough for most people, childbirth causes thinning hair in women. After a woman
gives birth to a child, their hair goes into the part of the cycle that preempts hair shedding.
Around three or two months after giving birth, women tend to lose a lot of hair.

Significant stresses to the body such as immense changes in lifestyle or sickness such as a
massive infection, massive surgery or even a really high fever can stifle hair regrowth. Thyroid
issues, while not stressful, can also cause hair loss, though it’s easily reversible.

Even medications for other conditions can cause hair loss. Blood thinners and gout treatment
medications in particular can cause a lot of trouble for people who want to keep their crowns.

Hair Loss Treatment
It is due to this increase in demand that hair loss treatment methods have grown. Luckily, if the
cause is merely conditional, as with pregnancy, things will go back to normal in time. If it’s due
to a sickness or a fairly severe infection, some antibiotics should solve the problem. However, if
your hair loss is progressive or permanent, you may have to look deeper for successful hair

Thinning hair or complete baldness can be handled one of three ways – hair replacement systems
such as hairpieces, surgery and, of course, topical applications.

Hair loss treatment through hair replacement is the most common and possibly the least risky
option around. While surgeries and topical agents can carry odd aftereffects, hair systems are a

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matter of proper use. This option has two variants: stock and custom. Customized items
obviously fit better and look better, while stock items are usually used for costumes rather than
actually hair loss treatment.

Surgery is expensive and you need to find a great surgeon, but it’s a more permanent solution
and one that doesn’t require you to do something specific every single morning. It does,
however, require some hair to still be on your head to make you a candidate. Topical hair
regrowth options are also available – Rogaine and Propecia are the two options approved by the
FDA. The only problem here is that it only works as long as you keep using it. This is fine if you
have the money, but otherwise, a con.

Hair is the Problem
Looks are important; they’re the cover of our inner self, and covers can make the whole package
a lot more attractive. Fillet Mignon sold by a hobo tends to not sell well, while one sold by
Jessica Biel will hit record sales. It’s why celebrities get paid to endorse products that, if they
loved that much, wouldn’t need to be paid for. Thinning hair is something that people want to
deal with – hair regrowth options are there for people who want to do just that.

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