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					The Teachers College Columbia University In-          3) Prepare graduates to effectively provide nu-    Program Components and Facilities
ternship is offered through the Program in Nutri-        trition education and counseling to individu-
                                                                                                         The Teachers College, Columbia University
tion which has, since it’s founding in 1909, been        als and groups.
                                                                                                         Dietetic Internship requires eleven months to
a leader in promoting health through dietary
                                                                                                         complete and students begin the Internship in
change by its education, research, and service        Admission Requirements & Selection
                                                                                                         the fall semester. The 1220 hours of practical
activities. The DI program is based on the            Criteria
                                                                                                         experiences include four experientially based
Standards of Education of the American Dietetic
                                                      Applicants must meet the following require-        modules, accompanied by didactic experiences.
Association (ADA). The DI program has a con-
                                                      ments to be admitted to the Teachers College,
centration in Nutrition Education while meeting                                                                            Practice hours     Instruction
                                                      Columbia University Dietetic Internship.
all competencies and learning objectives for an                                                          Clinical            420 hours         60 hours
internship program.                                   1. Concurrent or prior acceptance into the Mas-    Community           420 hours         60 hours
                                                         ter of Science (Public Health Nutrition, or     Food Service/
                                                         Applied Physiology & Nutrition, or Nutrition                         200 hours         28 hours
Program Mission and Philosophy                                                                           Management
                                                         Education). Students must also be               Elective /
The mission of the Teachers College, Columbia                                                                                 180 hours         28 hours
                                                         matriculants in the MS Program and must         Research
University Dietetic Internship (DI) Program is to
                                                         take HBSV 5013 Strategies for Nutrition Ed-
provide students with a high quality educational
                                                         ucation and Behavior Change; HBSV               The Internship has practice facilities throughout
and supervised practice experience that will
                                                         5033/5034 Nutrition Care Process and Medi-      the tri-state area.
prepare them as competent and effective dietetic
                                                         cal Nutrition Therapy I & II; & HBSV 5036
practitioners for entry-level positions in dietet-                                                       TUITION AND FEES (SUBJECT TO
                                                         Nutrition Counseling, prior to or concurrent-
ics. The philosophy of the DI program is to inte-                                                        CHANGE)
                                                         ly with beginning the Internship.
grate knowledge and critical thinking skills with
                                                      2. Verification of completion of ADA Didactic      Completion of the Teachers College, Columbia
service. The focus on service affords the DI
                                                         Program in Dietetics requirements.              University Dietetic Internship in full equals 10
Program an opportunity to emphasize profes-
                                                      3. Completion of DI application through            credit hours. In addition to the 10 credits of tui-
sional practice that facilitates modification of
                                                         DICAS.                                          tion (see TC Catalog), the following fees should
personal food choices, food access and food sys-
                                                      4. Completion of a computer-matching applica-      be anticipated:
tems. The Program in Nutrition encourages in-
                                                         tion through D&D Digital Systems.
terns to obtain the M.S. degree concurrently                                                             Teachers College application fee:            $65
with the DI. The combination of the Registered        The selection criteria used to rank prospective
                                                                                                         College fee ($388 per semester)
Dietitian (RD) credential and the M.S. integrates     students includes:
                                                                                                             fall, spring, summer:                 $1164
knowledge and service and enhances opportuni-         1. Quality of the personal statement
ties for graduates to practice in a variety of set-   2. GPAs for general, nutrition and prerequisite    Expected Competence
tings.                                                   sciences                                        Students satisfactorily completing the Internship
                                                      3. GRE scores (general)                            should be able to demonstrate the full range of
Program Goals                                         4. Recommendations                                 knowledge, skills and competencies in accord-
The goals of the Teachers College, Columbia           5. Honors, awards, activities and previous ex-     ance with ADA’s Standards of Education.
University DI Program are to:                            perience
                                                      6. Availability of positions
1) Prepare interns for entry-level positions in
   general dietetics.
2) Prepare interns to identify and understand
   the many roles of the RD within clinical,
   community, food service and research set-
For Further Information
                                                     Teachers College, Columbia University
Information on the DI can be found on our website,          Teachers College, Columbia University is one
                                                     of the nation’s leading graduate schools training
                                                                                                          Teachers College,
If you need further information, contact:
Dietetic Internship Program
                                                     educators, psychologists, and health service pro-
                                                     fessionals.                                         Columbia University
Program in Nutrition
                                                     The college is located on the Upper West Side
Teachers College, Columbia University                of Manhattan and is close to many cultural, en-
525 West 120th Street, Box 137                       tertainment, and dining opportunities available
New York, NY 10027         Tel: (212) 678-3950       in New York as well as the many playing fields
E-mail:                    and running trails of Riverside Park.

Application Procedures                               Housing
Computer Matching                                    The Residence Halls Office has housing to meet
All applicants to this Dietetic Internship Pro-      the needs of graduate students. The residence
gram must participate in the computer matching
program. Applicants should visit for complete information
                                                     halls, located near the classrooms, library, and
                                                     cafeteria are convenient to transportation. For
                                                     more information, contact the Office of Resi-
and to complete the online application. There is     dential Services at Teachers College. Early ap-
a fee for computer matching due with the appli-      plication is advisable.
cant’s priority ranking choices.

MS Degree                                            Accreditation Status
To apply to the MS program, please visit             The Dietetic Internship at Teachers College, The applica-         Columbia University is currently granted De-
tion system is exclusively online. The MS ap-        velopmental Accreditation by the Commission
plication will include:                              on Accreditation/Approval for Dietetics Educa-
     application form & fee                         tion of the American Dietetic Association, 120
     personal statement                             South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL
     resume                                         60606-6995. (317) 899-4876, (800) 877-1600
     official transcript(s)                         ex.4764. Website:
     2 letters of recommendation
     GRE scores                                     Success of Our Graduates
Dietetic Internship                                  The Teachers College, Columbia University
To apply to the DI program, please visit             Dietetic Internship has consistently achieved an The application dead-      extremely high pass rate on the Registration Ex-
line is February 15th. For more information on       amination. Graduates work in a variety of clini-
DICAS, email                    cal, community, public health nutrition, food
                                                     service and food advocacy settings.                           Program in Nutrition
                                                                                                         Department of Health and Behavior Studies

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