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					January 8, 2006

Present:   Jim Lewis, Julie Perry, Dave Goodwin, Jimmy Saunders, Jimmy Vance, Bill
           Simmons, Danny Kessler, Dorse Cross, Kevin Pennington, Terry Marshall,
           Mike Goodwin, Tara Hammock, Gina Bowen and Tim Feazelle
Absent:    Tara Willis

Guest:     John Caudill, Tommy Carr

   1. Project Committee Report:
         a. Danny Kessler announced the League successfully secured funding
              assistance from the Kanawha County Commission toward building a new
              concession stand at Kirk Stadium. The County Commission granted
              $20,000 toward the total project, estimated to cost $46,000. The local
              league and private investors will make up the balance. Danny presented a
              conceptual sketch and floor plan for the two-story structure. The 20 x 30’
              building will be constructed toward left-center field at the rear of the
              batting cage. The old concession area will be renovated into a team locker
         b. John Caudill (County) explained how the County money must be
              dispersed. Bids over $4999 must be advertised in the newspaper while
              bids under $5000 require three telephone bids.
         c. Special thanks to Mayor Jones, former Mayor Milam and John Caudill for
              supporting this project.
         d. SALL Project Committee: Danny Kessler (chairman), Dave Goodwin,
              Kevin Pennington and Jim Lewis.

   2. Kristina Saddler read the minutes from the last board meeting on December 4.
      Kevin Pennington made motion to accept minutes. Dave Goodwin 2nd. Motion

   3. Treasurer Report:
         a. Danny Kessler submitted the December financial report (attached).
                  i. Previous Balance: $15820.35
                 ii. December Expenditures:
                         1. $78.41       Utilities Kirk
                         2. $132.86      Utilities Billy Dunn
                         3. $3.00        Monthly bank fees.
                iii. December Deposits: $270.00 Fall Ball Sponsor and Concession
                iv. December Balance: $15,876.08
         b. Three-month income vs. spending report attached.
         c. Kevin Pennington made motion to accept treasurer reports. Kristina
             Saddler 2nd. Motion passed.
4. Manager Approval: Tara Hammock submitted the following names for Board
   approval. Voting was by secret ballot.
      a. Roger Blankenship – H&H; Approved
      b. David Humphreys – Panucci; Approved
      c. John Hebb – Loop; Approved
5. Manager Representative Approval: Tara Hammock submitted Jay Bonham for
   Softball Manager Rep.
      a. Motion by Tara Hammock to accept Jay Bonham for Softball Manager
      b. Kevin Pennington 2nd.
      c. Motion approved.
6. Registration:
      a. Jim announced Roger Thomas resigned as Registration Chairman.
      b. Registration notice was review. First Registration day is Saturday,
          January 14 from 10AM to 2PM.
      c. All managers must notify returning players to pre-register.
      d. Danny update website to include all dates.
      e. Kristina to print registration station signs and setup tables.
      f. Stations Identified:
                i. Cashier
               ii. LL Baseball
              iii. Jr/Sr Baseball
              iv. Softball
               v. Minor/Jr. Minor/T-Ball
      g. Danny to provide $100 for the cashier and develop means of tracking
          registered applicants.
      h. Kevin to provide receipt book.

7. Pitching L-Screen needed at Belvil: Danny Kessler made the motion to spend
   $170 to purchase an L-Screen for use at Belvil.
       a. Tara Hammock 2nd the motion.
       b. Motion approved

8. District Seminar February 11: Kevin Pennington made the motion that SALL will
   reimburse a $15 fee for any Board member, Coach or Manager of Charter level
   team, that attends the District 3 Clinic at Saint Albans High School.

9. Concession Stand Project Committee: Jim Lewis appointed Danny Kessler
   Chairman for this project. Jim Lewis and Dave Goodwin were requested to also
   be on this committee.

10. Manager Meetings – All Levels:
      a. LL Baseball tryouts are February 18 at the SAHS gym.
      b. Player Agents must have Teams’ returning points and practice scheduling
          completed for manager review prior to tryouts.
      c. Personnel to assist during tryouts need to be identified.
       d. Three persons, 18 years or older per team are allowed to grade for a
          particular team.

11. New Business:
      a. Kevin Pennington informed the Board that Little League will mandate
         break-away bases by 2008.
      b. Terry Marshall requested an update on the netting between the Jr/Sr
         Baseball field and the Softball field. Kevin indicated the City intends to
         raise the netting when they replace the backstop.
      c. Terry Marshall requested funding three signs @$100 each to be mounted
         on the concession at Coleman Field to honor the recent success of the girls
         softball teams.
              i. Mike Goodwin made the motion to fund the signs @$100 each.
             ii. Kristina Saddler 2nd.
            iii. Motion was approved.
      d. Jim Lewis advised to review the League Bylaws for discussion at the next
         board meeting.
      e. Mike Goodwin researched a national “hit, catch, and run” contest
         sponsored by Pepsi. Mike explained that District area teams submit one
         player each and compete at the local league level. Local champions then
         compete at the District level at Appalachian Power Park. Mike contends
         that opening day would be a good time for our local competition.

12. Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 11 at 2PM.
13. Meeting adjourned @ 8:10PM.

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