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Tech in Ed fall08


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									                      Teaching and Learning With Technology
                                EDU 514 B – 3 s.h.

Fall, 2009
Instructor: Ellory Stroh
6:45-9:45 p.m. Thursdays
Glidden RM 115
Office: Education Department
e-mail: ellory.stroh@usiouxfalls.edu
Class Homepage:

Course Description:
Designed as an introductory computer applications course for teachers,
this class provides experience in technology programs for K-12 classrooms.
This course includes hands-on experience with telecommunications,
multimedia, hypermedia, and K-12 software programs.
                                 Required Text:
                                 Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools
                                 for Classrooms –
                                 Will Richardson
                                 Instructional Methods:
                                 Lecture, Discussions, Hands-on Projects
                                 Online Resources -
                                 Class Wiki: http://techinedsp09.wikispaces.com/

                                Knowledge Base
                                Within the model of the teacher as developing
                                professional, this class
                                will fulfill the requirements of specialty knowledge and
knowledge in the area of integrating technology into school curriculums.
The teacher as a cognitive mediator, communicator, researcher, and
evaluator will be considered in the content of this course. As cognitive mediator, the
developing professional
will be able to help students become independent learners who construct meaning by
combining new
information with their own background knowledge. As communicator, the developing
professional is skilled
in modes of communication that will enable effective communication and collaboration
with other educators,
parents, and families. As researcher, the developing professional will be able to improve
educational practices
within the school setting, using an inquiry approach to serve students more effectively.
As evaluator, the
developing professional will be able to maximize students’ learning by using a full range
of formal and
informal information-gathering processes in order to respond appropriately to student
individual differences.

Professional Education Requirements
This class was designed to show alignment with the USF School of Education’s
“Teacher as Developing
Professional” Curriculum Model, the South Dakota Professional Education
Requirements -SDPER24:16:08:36 -
K-12 Educational Technology, INTASC Standards and ISTE Standards.

South Dakota K-12 Educational Technology Standards:
   1. Demonstrating knowledge of basic computer technologies and networking
   concepts, terminology
   tools and applications;
   2. Developing skills with current productivity and multi media tools for education; and
   3. Demonstrating competencies with integrating educational technology to support
   teaching and
INTASCS Standards:
   04.1.3      The teacher knows how to enhance learning through the use of a wide
               variety of materials
               as well as human and technological resources.
   06.1.4      The teacher knows about and can use effective verbal, nonverbal, and
                media communication techniques.
ISTE Standards:
       I. Teachers demonstrate a sound understanding of technology operations and
       III. Teachers implement curriculum plans that include methods and strategies
       for applying technology to maximize student learning.
       IV. Teachers use technology to enhance their productivity and professional
       VI. Teachers understand the social, ethical, legal, and human issues surrounding
       the use of
       technology in PK-12 schools and apply those principles in practice.


   1. Students will demonstrate competencies in using technology by creating
      technology products for a unit of study that follows the South Dakota State
      Curriculum Standards in their area of teaching.

   2. Students will demonstrate competencies in using multimedia hardware and
      software in educational environments. (digital cameras, scanners, Photoshop
      Elements, PowerPoint, Smart Boards, iPods, Podcasting, Blogging, Wikis, and
      online multimedia)
   3. Students will demonstrate competencies in evaluating sites and using the World
      Wide Web for K-12 educational resources.

   4. Students will demonstrate competencies in developing an online student
      teaching portfolio web site.

   5. Students will identify how technology is being used in K-12 education

Attendance Policy: Attending class is very important! After two absences,
you will be asked to drop the class. Being late more than five minutes to class will
count as an absence.

Course Requirements:

1. Completion of assignments as assigned in class
2. Attendance and participation in class discussions
3. Completion of a SD Standards unit of study project
4. Completion of textbook assignments
5. Complete of a technology presentation
6. Completion of a Web page


The University of Sioux Falls is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for
students with physical, learning, and/or other types of disabilities. Accommodations for
students with disabilities are made only in consultation with the Director of Career &
Disability Services. If you believe you have a disability requiring accommodation in this
or any academic course, please contact Mark Patterson, Director of Career and
Disability Services. Mark will work with you to secure proper documentation and to help
arrange appropriate accommodations with your instructors. Mark’s office is on the main
floor of Pierce Hall. His phone number is 331-6740.
University Policy on Academic Misconduct:
USF holds firmly to the conviction that personal and intellectual integrity should be
fundamental at a Christian university. Full information about USF’s policy on academic
misconduct can be found at:


USF Academic Success Center
To assist students in enriching their intellectual lives and pursuing academic success,
USF provides a variety of services through the Academic Success Center (ASC). The
ASC coordinates with the USF Math Center, the USF Writing Center, and other
campus programs to aid students seeking to master course content or to develop study
skills (e.g., time management, note taking, test taking, reading strategies) necessary to
become effective, life-long learners. The services of the USF Academic Success
Center—located in the McDonald University Center—are free. For additional
information, including the schedule of available services, please visit the ASC web
page at http://www.usiouxfalls.edu/asc, or contact Dr. Greg Dyer
(greg.dyer@usiouxfalls.edu), Director of the Academic Success Center.

USF Writing Center
An excellent avenue for receiving thoughtful feedback on your writing is the USF
Writing Center, located in the lower level of Mears Library. The services of the USF
Writing Center are free, and they are available to you either by appointment or on a
drop-in basis. For additional information about the USF Writing Center, including the
hours of operation and the services they offer, please check the website at

                        TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION

Unit of Study Web Topics

Microsoft Word
       15 pts. one-page Newsletter - topic on your state standard topic

      60 pts. PowerPoint - 20 slide presentation on your standards topic

Microsoft Publisher
       15 pts. Brochure – “Welcome to My World”
       15 pts. one-page Newsletter - topic on your state standard topic

Digital Pictures
        Camera - 1 picture of yourself - put on web page
        20 pts. Microsoft Photo Album (PowerPoint) – 10 pictures
        20 pts. PhotoStory 3 slide show – 15 pictures

Scavenger Hunts
      35 pts. Internet Update 2009 Scavenger Hunt - Awesome Sites review
      25 pts. Internet Update 2009 Scavenger Hunt – Teacher, Math, So Studies,
            Science, Language Arts Sites Review
      15 pts. Scavenger Hunt on State Standards topic - 3-5 sites,
              15 questions - typed in Word and link it to your web page
Google Site Web Page Development
      250 pts. Student Teacher Portfolio Web Page

Web 2.0 Tools
      15 pts. Wordle
      25 pts. Glogster
      15 pts. Issuu

Online Teacher Tools
       10 pts. Crossword Puzzle – 10 word entries
       10 pts. Easy Test Maker – 10 question test
       5 pts. Rubric Maker – unit rubric
       15 pts. Jeopardy Game – created on state standards topic

      75 pts. 45- minute, PowerPoint presentation on assigned topic

      120 pts. each Chapter Summaries (8) 400-500 words each


1. Chapter Blog Summaries                                                    120 points
2. Unit of Study assignments                                                 315 points
3. Group Presentation                                                         75 points
4. Web Page                                                                  250 points
5. Class Attendance/Participation                                            240 points
                      TOTAL                                                  1000 points


A       =               950-1000               points
A-      =               900-949                points
B+      =               870-899                points
B       =               840-869                points
B-      =               800-839                points
C+      =               770-799                points
C       =               740-769                points
C-      =               700-739                points
D+      =               670-699                points
D       =               640-669                points
D-      =               600-639                points
F       =                0-599                 points


                                 CLASS SCHEDULE

   EDU 514A Teaching and Learning with Technology
This course focuses on the integration of technology into the school
curriculum. It explores educational and management software, productivity
tools, emerging technologies, instructional strategies, trouble shooting, and
key issues and trends related to technology in the teaching and learning
environment. (3 s.h.)
Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate program or permission from the
Director of Graduate Programs in Education.

Instructor: Ellory Stroh Location: Glidden 115, Computer Lab
Meeting Times: 6:45-9:45 PM Days: Thursdays, 1st session September 17

Textbook: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms
                               - Will Richardson


                           NCLB SD
                         Standards for         South Dakota
                           Students           State Standards
                           Strands &
        NETS 2008 for Teachers                Technology Standards for Students
           Lessons and Units                       21st Century Skills Diagram

** All assignments are due one week after they are assigned, unless otherwise told.
Assignments need to be put in a folder and turned in. No late work will be accepted
unless you contact the instructor before the assignment is due.
After two unexcused absences, you will be asked to drop the class. Leaving early from
class will result in an absence from class that night.

WEEK         1 -SEPT. 17 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

Medieval     “Did       Take       Introduction CLASS         State

  Help      You September       to Blogging    WIKI        Standards
  Desk     Know   online         Blogging                    unit of        Create
            V” – Survey           Journal                    study     Standards
           video                 Critiques                assignment      Web
                                Blooger.com                 Web of     for Unit of
                                  CLASS                      topics      Study
                                   BLOG                    Standards


                   MICROSOFT OFFICE 2007
           Microsoft Office 2007 Tips and Tricks
              Microsoft Office 2007 Tutorials
**As a student, you can get a free Microsoft Office 7.0 program from IT at

-Webcasts and Podcasts
-2007 Templates
*More Microsoft Training Sites

Microsoft 2007 Word       -Create a 1-page
                          newsletter on your              Home: Styles
Microsoft Word Commands   Standards Topic.                Insert: Smart Art, Word
*Up to Speed with Word    SD Standards Newsletter-        Art, Equation, Symbol
2007                      example                         Page Layout:
*Word 2007 Demos          Due: Sept. 24                   Watermark
                          See checklist for               Review: Comment
*Top Tips for Word 2007   requirements.

                          -Create a PowerPoint Photo      Insert: Photo Album,
                          Album with at least 10          Movie
Microsoft 2007
                          pictures (digital or Internet   Design: Themes,
                          pics)                           Background Styles
*PowerPoint Help          Due: Sept. 24                   Animation: Custom
*PowerPoint 2007          See checklist for               animation, Transitions,
Demos                     requirements.                   Advanced Slide
*PowerPoint 2007 Tips
                                                          Slideshow: Setup Slide
                          Create a 20-slide               Show
                        PowerPoint on your          View: Presentation
                        Standards Topic Due:        Views
                        Oct. 1 (2 weeks)

                        See checklist for
                        -Create a 3- panel
                        brochure -Welcome to
                        My World - create a
                        brochure to introduce
                        yourself to your students
Microsoft 2007          Due: Sept. 24               Page Options
Publisher                                           Color Schemes
*Publisher 2007 Demos See checklist for             Font Schemes
*Publisher 2007 Help                                Newsletter Options
                      -Create a 1 page
                      Newsletter on your
                      Standards Topic Due:
                      Sept. 24
                        See checklist for

ASSIGNMENTS: Read Chapter 1. Write a summary and reactions to
Chapter 1 on the class Blog. Also be ready to discuss Chapter 1 in the
chat room next week. - See checklist for requirements.

WEEK 2 - SEPT. 24 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

  Chat using
  myUSF over       A Vision of K-                          SearchCube
                                     a site with many
   Chapter 1        12 Students                             Search Me
"The Read/Write    Today"- video                          Microsoft Bing
                                    PowerPoint Palooza

                      MICROSOFT OFFICE

     Microsoft 2007 One Note
      *OneNote 2007 Demo                         -no assignment
      *One Note 2007 Help

      Microsoft 2007 Outlook
       *Outlook 2007 Demo                        -no assignment
        *Outlook 2007 Help


                            WEB PAGES
                                                          Creating Sites
                   Google Sites
*Google Sites                                Tour          With Google

Google Sites -                           Google Sites     How to Embed
 Quick Facts                             Help Center       Documents

                    Web Page             Documents -
                   Requirements          upload your

ASSIGNMENTS: Create an online Student Teacher Portfolio using
Google Sites - Due Dec. 10
Read Chapter 2. Write a summary and reactions to Chapter 2 on the
class Blog. Also be ready to discuss Chapter 2 in the chat room next
week. See checklist for requirements.

WEEK 3 - Oct. 1 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

   Chat over          Blogging           Google Tips       Thinkfinity
   Chapter 2 -        Activities          and Tricks       Overview
   "Weblogs:         complete the          *Google        *Thinkfinity

 Pedagogy and           activities         Desktop         *Online classes
   Practice"                               *Google        *Literacy Network
                                           Desktop           *Calculation
                                           Gadgets          Nation - Math


                                                         Awesome Sites
                                                      Choose 35 Awesome
                          Internet Update 2009
   Scavenger Hunts                                    sites to preview and
                             Scavenger Hunt
                                                       write one sentence
                                                       about each site on
                                                     worksheet - DUE Oct. 8


                                                      Peterson Home Page
 Create a Portaportal                                 Use to find sites for

                               TeachersFirst             2009 New Sites
   The Connected             Use to find sites for     Use to find sites for
     Classroom                   Portaportal               Portaportal

ASSIGNMENT: Read Chapter 3. Write a summary and reactions to
Chapter 3 on the class Blog. Also be ready to discuss Chapter 3 in the
chat room next week. See checklist for requirements.

Sign up today for a presentation topic with 1 other person on the class

Portaportal - DUE: Dec. 10

Work on Presentations and Class Assignments

WEEK 4 - OCT. 8 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

                           INTERESTING SITES
 Chat over Chapter 3                                2009 Scavenger Hunt –
   "Weblogs: Get          Edutopia Videos           Teacher/Content Sites
                          Virtual Learning
                          Goes to the Next           Teacher and Content
Music Teachers' Blog            Step                Assignment Sheet

                                          Today's Front
   Time Tube        Search Cube                              Class Notes

     Scribd             Bing               All My Favs        Wolfram

                                            ***VIrtual      *Virtual World
Best of History     Second Life*
                                            Worlds**             Sites
               CogDogRoo                                    "The Art of
 Newsmap       50 Ways to                      SparkNotes
                               MathWorld                    Teaching"
               Tell a Story


                    GAMING IN EDUCATION

   Games in                                                  Video Games
                   "No-Gamer-Left-         Grading with
  Education -                                                     as
                      Behind"                Games
    video                                                   Teaching Tools
   The Game                                Video Games
                       Gaming                                 Toon Town
    School                                 play 3 of the

ASSIGNMENTS: Read Chapter 4. Write a summary and reactions to
Chapter 4 on the class Blog. Also be ready to discuss Chapter 4 in the
chat room next week. See checklist for requirements.

Complete 2009 Scavenger Hunt - Teacher and Content Sites - preview
and write one sentence about each site on worksheet. DUE Oct. 15

Work on Presentations and Class Assignments

WEEK 5 - OCT.15 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

Chat over Chapter
        4                                           Set up a Wiki for your
                                        More Wiki
  "Wikis: Easy       WIKI Activities                     classroom
  Collaboration                                       Wikispaces.com
     for All"


                               Web 2.0
                       Evolution of Web 1.0,        Ordering Pizza in the
Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0
                        Web 2.0 to Web 3.0                 Future

  Web 1.0 is a retronym (a word introduced because an
existing term has become inadequate) which refers to the
  state of the World Wide Web, and any website design
style used before the advent of the Web 2.0 ... Wikipedia
Web 2.0 = Web 2.0 websites allow users to do more than
just retrieve information. They can build on the interactive
  facilities of "Web 1.0" to provide "Network as platform"
  computing, allowing users to run software-applications
            entirely through a browser. - Wikipedia
     Web 3.0 = Some Internet experts believe the next
  generation of the Web -- Web 3.0 -- will make tasks like
your search for movies and food faster and easier. Instead
 of multiple searches, you might type a complex sentence
 or two in your Web 3.0 browser, and the Web will do the
rest. In our example, you could type "I want to see a funny
 movie and then eat at a good Mexican restaurant. What
 are my options?" The Web 3.0 browser will analyze your
response, search the Internet for all possible answers, and
            then organize the results for you.

That's not all. Many of these experts believe that the Web
    3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant. As you
      search the Web, the browser learns what you are
 interested in. The more you use the Web, the more your
browser learns about you and the less specific you'll need
to be with your questions. Eventually you might be able to
 ask your browser open questions like "where should I go
for lunch?" Your browser would consult its records of what
you like and dislike, take into account your current location
 and then suggest a list of restaurants. - How Stuff Works

                               Weaving Web
World Wide
             Shedding Light      2.0 into        Internet4Classrooms
Web In Plain
               on Web 2.0       Classroom               Web 2.0

                Web 2.0
 *Web 2.0                        Web 2.0              Why the Net?
                Web 2.0
  Tools                       Applications for   An Interactive Tool for
              Resources for
 *Web 2.0                       Educators            the Classroom


                          WEB 2.0 TOOLS

                                       Top 10 Web Tools For Young
         Top 100 Tools


                               Create a Wordle on an Education
                               Topic (Due: Oct .22)
        Wordle.com                  a. Click on Create.
                                    b. In the top textbox, type your words.
     creates "word cloud"
                                                        *Note* The more a word
                                        is repeated in this textbox, the larger it
                                        will be in the word cloud. For instance,
                                        I would type Smith 3 times so that it
                                        stands out from the other names.
                                    c. Click Go.
                                    d. Click Randomize to create different
        Wordle Ideas                e. You can also customize the look of
                                        your word cloud using the toolbar at
                                        the top of your screen.


                                    Create a Glogster about Yourself
                                         (Due: Oct .29-2 weeks)
          Glogster                  1. Go to Glogster to create a
                                       unique, interactive poster for
                                       your wiki.
                                         a. Click on Register Virtual
                                       Class and follow the steps to
                                         b. Add pictures, text and
        Tutorial Video
                                         c. When you are finished,
                                       click on “Save”


                      PHOTO STORY 3
                                               Create a 10-slide show
                                                 on your family or a
   Photo Story 3      Photo Story 3 Tutorial    topic you will teach
                                                  (Due: Oct .29 - 2


                               Download a PDF File and Convert it to
                                             an Issuu File
                                Click on Issuu to convert - embed it
                                             on your Wiki
                                            (Due: Oct .22)
           ISSUU                 a. Click Sign up now and follow the
                                    steps to create an ISSUU
                                 b. Search Issuu for a topic that is
                                    interesting to you
                                    (i.e., Math)
                                 c. Find a publication that you want
                                    for your wiki and click on the
                                 d. Click the Embed icon at the top
                                    of your page.
                                 e. Copy the embed code (Ctrl c).

  Click to Watch This Video       2. Return to your wiki.
                                  a. Click Edit.
                                  b. Click the Embed Widget icon.
                                  c.  Click Other Html and paste the
                                     embed code from Issuu into the
                                     text box.
                                  d. Click Save.

ASSIGNMENT: Read Chapter 5. Write a summary and reactions to
Chapter 5 on the class Blog. Also be ready to discuss Chapter 5 in the
chat room next week. See checklist for requirements.

Work on Presentations and Class Assignments


WEEK 6 - OCT. 22 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

                                                             Find 10
                                 Find 10 Teacher
    Chat over                                          Professional Sites
                   Set up an RSS       Sites
    Chapter 5                                                  and
                        Feed           and
 "RSS: The New                                          10 Technology
                   using Google 10 Student Sites
   Killer App                                                 Sites
                       Reader     to put on your
 for Educators"                                          to put on your


                                                          Twitters from
                                                         Washington, DC

                        Twitter                        *Missouri Senator
Twitter in Plain                         Twitter for
                     A Beginner's                      Claire McGaskill
   English                               Teachers      *Senator Chuck
                                                       Grassley - Iowa
                                                       *Al Gore
                                                       *Sarah Palin
                   25 Ways to Teach
                      With Twitter
  TeqSmart on                         *Famous People      *50 Popular
    Twitter          9 Reasons to        on Twitter         People
                       Twitter in

                              WEB 2.0 SITES
Preview some of the sites on the left side - add sites to your Portaportal
                           that you can use


Make a Difference - video

            Technology for Diverse Populations

                                   Ellen - Using
  Assistive Technology -                                The Sound of
    Enabling Dreams                                       Learning
          Video                                            Video
                                                     Blogging in Special
  Internet4Classrooms -
                                 Closing the Gap     Education Classes
      Special Needs
                                                       Learning to Use
                                Rhonda - Assistive       Technology
Teacher Vision Resources
                                   Technology          for Persons with
                                                      Visual Disabilities
                                 NASET - Special
  Special Ed Resources                                    *Assistive
                                Education Teachers
                                     Tools for
                                                      Raising the Bar -
 Differentiated Instruction       Differentiated
         Definition                 Instruction
                                 Using Technology

ASSIGNMENT: Read Chapter 6. Write a summary and reactions to
Chapter 6 on the class Blog. Also be ready to discuss Chapter 6 in the
chat room on Oct. 29. See checklist for requirements.

Online Student Teacher Portfolio - DUE: Dec. 10
Portaportal - DUE: Dec. 10

Work on Presentations and Class Assignments

WEEK 7 - Oct. 29 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

                     Find 10
                    Favorite                   Create a
                    Sites put                     15-
                    on your                    question
                   PortaPorta                 Scavenge
Chat over                        Scavenger                    15-
                        l                       r Hunt
Chapter 6                          Hunts                   questions
            Chec                               using at
  "The                                                     Scavenger
             k      Find 5                       least
 Social                                                    Hunt - DUE
            your video sites                     three
  Web:                              Previewin            Nov. 12 - See
            RSS      and                       sites for
Learning                          g Online                checklist for
            Feed       5                      your state
Together                         Scavenger               requirements
                 Slideshare                   standards
    "                              Hunts                        .
                   sites to                      topic
                   put on                     Scavenge
                     your                       r Hunt
                 Portaporta                      Form


                         SOCIAL BOOKMARKING

     Social        *Web Slides   Diigo                Diigo
 Bookmarking        WebSlide     Diigo            Bookmarks on
in Plain English     Show of     Video              Education


                           INTERNET VIDEOS

YouTube Converters

Convert      YouTube      Convert                             Kick
                                           Vixy    Zamzar             Code
 Tube       Downloader    YouTube                           YouTube

ASSIGNMENT: Convert a YouTube video using
Zamzar. Attach it to your Wiki.
                          ONLINE VIDEOS
                  30+ Alternatives to YouTube
ASSIGNMENT: Preview video sites and embed three
videos into your Wiki
  You Tube                                             Video
YouTube/Smart                                           Sites
   Channel                                           *Internet
                     Tube    Math-                             Teachers'
YouTube Video                            VideoJug        TV
                    *School A-Tube                              Domain
   Tutorial                                          Stations
Choosing how to                                     *Old Time
 embed video                                          Movies

 100 Best
YouTube         Futures         Google
                                              Online           Hulu
Videos for      Channel         Videos

             Kideo Player!      Kid Info
 In Plain
                preK-2           Online
 English                                    Kids Know It   Math Videos
               YouTube         Videos for
                Videos          Learning

Old Time                       Online Art      Online
             Teacher Tube:                                 SchoolWAXTV
 Movies                         Lessons        Videos
             Sing the States

                                          Studio 4
 Science        Sling        History                   Studio 4 Kids

Studio 4
            LearnOutLoud   Teachers.tv    edublogs     WatchKnow

Mathtrain    Annenberg                                 Math Videos
                             NeoK12      Algebasics
   TV        Workshops                                   Online

 Priory       WGBH                         BBC
 Woods       Sandbox -                    Science       edublogs
 Videos       videos                       Clips

 Studies     Library of                  Math Videos
                           The History                 GodTube now
 Videos      Congress                        and
                            Channel                     Tangle.com
 *Digital    WebCasts                    Animations

ASSIGNMENTS: Read Chapter 8. Be ready to discuss Chapter 8 in the
chat room next week. You do not need to write a Chapter summary.
Work on Presentations and Class Assignments

WEEK 8 - NOV. 5 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

 Chat over Chapter 8 "Podcasting and Screencasting"

SmartBoard PPT

  SmartBoard Toolbar          Essentials for
                                                   Lesson Activities 2.0
        Menus                Educators List

        Internet Sites
                                                    Create one 5-slide
 Find 10 SmartBoard        Response Systems
                                                   SmartBoard Activity
 sites for your area of        (clickers)
                                                   on a Standards topic
 teaching and put on
   your PortaPortal.

ASSIGNMENTS: Read Chapter 9 . Be ready to discuss it in the chat room
on Nov. 12. You do not need to write a Chapter summary.

Create a five-slide interactive SmartBoard Activity. DUE: Nov. 19 (2

Work on Presentations and Class Assignments

WEEK 9 - NOV. 12 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

Internet sites PPT

                    Online Teacher
                  Online Crossword
Chat over Chapter                      Easy Test Maker – 15 questions
                    Puzzle Maker -
        9                                   for unit of study topic;
                  15 + words for your
   "What It All                          print out with answer sheet
                  unit of study topic;
     Means"                                      Due: Nov. 19
                     print out with
                     answer sheet
                     Due: Nov. 19
                     My Webspiration
                     Create a web on a
                      state standards
                       Due: Nov. 19
                       1.  Go to Webspiration
                            and click Sign-Up
     What is a                                     Print out a rubric you have
                            Now. Follow the
    WebQuest?                                                  created
                           directions to create
Find 5 WebQuests                                  **********************************
                           your own account.
  for your unit of                                     More Teacher Tools
                          a. Click Launch
 study topic and                                      *Free Online Surveys
    put on your                                              *Yacapaca
                        c. Use the toolbar at
    PortaPortal.                                     quizzes, surveys, tests
                              the top of your
                                                              Drop Box
                              screen and the
                             tools at the left-
                            hand side of your
                            screen to make a


                       Online Teacher Tools
     Preview several sites to find tools you can use
                       Online               My
    Game                                                 Free Tools Rubrics for
                     Interactive         Newsletter
  Templates                                             for Teacher Teachers
                        Tools              Maker

MyWebspiratio           Tools for      My Album     Interactivit
     n                  Educators       Maker         y Tools
  Classroom                                         Readability
                       Exploratree     That Quiz                Flashcards
    Timers                                          Calculator
                                        World of    *xTimeline
                          Word-                                      Class
                                        Teaching     *Google
      tiCalc          Autosummariz                                  Marker
                                       PowerPoint     News
                            e                                      quiz maker
                                           s         Timeline
                                       JCSchools                     Free
 Trading Card                                       4Teachers
                       Picture Cube     Teacher                     Teacher
    Maker                                             Tools
                                         Tools                       Tools
                                                     101 Free
                                        Learning                   Internet
   Timelines          Template Links                 Learning
                                         Tools                     Teacher
Interactive Graphic      Literacy
                                       K-12 Sites   Tools for
    Organizers          Strategies

Work on Presentations and Class Assignments

WEEK 10 - NOV. 19 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

                              Presentation Rubric

     Google Earth       . iTunes, Stanford on   Screencasting -
Download/Google Earth     iTunes, Berkley on  Screencasting Video
   5.0/Google Earth   iTunes, Yale on iTunes,   Tutorials, Jing,
  Community/Google     Podcasting, Education CamStudio, Screen

Sky/**Ancient Rome in          Podcasts on                    Castle
      3D**/Flight           iTunes,PodOmatic
Simulator/Google Earth
Street View/ Google in



                        Digital Odessy - video

 Creating a Jeopardy       Virtual Field Trips
        Game              Space Shuttle Tour           Big Eye in the Sky
   on your Standard           White House                 Panoramas
        Topic              US Capitol Building          The Big Picture
  Jeopardy Template      Virtual Field Trip Sites

ASSIGNMENTS: Create a Jeopardy Game on a State
Standard Topic - DUE: Dec. 3
Work on Presentations and Class Assignments


                       Presentation Rubric
WEEK 11 - Dec 3 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

 50 Ways to Tell a         Digital Tools:              Teacher Creations:
Story, Digital Story      Windows Movie             ,**VoiceThread**,Voice
Links, Memories on       Maker, **Windows                   Thread
the Web, Slide Story,       Movie Maker –          Example,Storytelling
     280 Slides          video**,**Windows         Using Voice Thread,
                        Movie Maker**,**Movie        YackPack,Voki
                         Maker - YouTube**,
                          **Windows Movie

Work on Class Assignments

WEEK12 - Dec. 10 - 6:45 - 9:45 p.m.

                        Presentation Rubric
                                   PRESENTATION 8
                                     Google Docs         Take Dec. 2009
  Digital Photography:
                                 Google Docs in Plain       Survey
  Animoto,Animoto for
  Trail**, Picnik, Adobe
                                     Dabbleboard        Final Questions
  Photoshop Express,
                                  Imagination Cubed

DUE: Portaportal
DUE: Online Student Teacher Portfolio

Created by Arlys Peterson


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