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									11IPT                                                                Social Issues related to organising

Social Issues
Read pages 99-101 of your text.

Current Trends
    1. The very first web pages were text only. Describe the original web browser. Go online and find a
       screenshot of this type of browser.
    2. What has changed between now and then with the Web and web browsers? Has this altered who
       is able to use them and how commonly they are used? Explain how and why this has occurred.
    3. What is hypermedia?
    4. How has the web changed software applications?

The purpose of organising data is to prepare it for other information processes to use. Data that has been
poorly organised or that have been unnecessarily altered during the organising process will affect those

Examples – using databases and entering dates
    5. What is redundant data? How can it affect the use of a database in an information system?
    6. Outline the confusion caused by cultural and business practices differences, such as using
       different date formats. List two problems with organising date data.

INFOBOX activity (page 102-3)
Read the article and answer the 2 questions at the end of this activity

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