Who Should You Notify When You Move

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					Who Should You Notify When You Move
There are many details to consider when you move. Which mover should you hire? Should you pay for a
packing service? What are the schools like in the new area? The questions you need to ask yourself go on
and on. Usually, most of these details are covered within the first few weeks that you know you are going to
move and then it's all about getting everything done in time.

What many people forget, though, is that when you move, there are many people and companies that need to
be notified of your change of address. Neglecting to notify certain people or companies could result in extra
fees or loss of contact, neither of which are attractive outcomes. For that reason, use the list here to ensure
that everyone you need to notify of your move gets the memo.

• Your accountant or tax preparer and attorneys need to know where to find you when tax time comes
around or if you are in need of legal assistance.

• Your babysitter or daycare provider, since you may or may not be utilizing their services when you are in
your new location. It is only courteous to let them know you will be moving as soon as you know because
they may need to find new clients to take your child's place.

• Banks, especially those that administer your car and other loans, but you should also notify credit card
companies, mortgage companies and other financial institutions.

• Medical providers, especially if you do not intend to use their services after you move. This includes
doctors, dentists, chiropractors and clinics.

• The Department of Motor Vehicles. You will have to register your car in your new area if it is out of the
county where you lived previously.

• Your house of worship, since you may not be attending the same facility once you move. Even if you will,
you can use their help and support during this stressful time.

• All insurance providers, including auto, health, life, and property. Some insurance rates are calculated
partially on where you live, so your rates could change.

• Magazine subscriptions. The phone number to call is usually located on the index of each issue.|

• Schools, both in your old area and your new area. You will also need to arrange to have your child's
records transferred from one school to the other.

• Veterinarian. If you are changing vets, be sure to have your pet's records either transferred to your new vet
or given to you to give to your new vet when you find one. You should also get a referral from your old
veterinarian as well.

• Be sure to order new return address labels and business cards well in advance of your move so you have
them when you need them.

• Friends and family! Don't forget the people closest to you since you don't want to lose contact with them.

Description: Moving house is never a cheap exercise. Once you've made the decision to move the inevitable cavalcade of fees begin to accumulate. Solicitor fees, estate agent fees, property searches, the list of fees can seem pretty daunting. But when it comes to the actual move there are a few ways to save a little