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									                                          Southern University at New Orleans
                                      College of Business and Public Administration

                             THE BONUS

    Inside This Issue
     Inside This Issue:           SUNO – BUSINESS
CBA New Building Update        V o l u m e      4 ,   I s s u e   3                                      J u l y - O c t o b e r      2 0 1 0

                                                Message from the Dean
Dr. Mo Sarhan Visit

AACSB Update
                                                       The labor market continues to be tough for those seeking employment, including new
CBA Fall Assembly                                      college graduates. In fact, many regions of the country have been experiencing high rates
                                                       of unemployment and its attendant financial challenges. Louisiana has been more fortu-
PADM Guest Speaker                                     nate than many other states in the area of unemployment. However, recent events, includ-
                                                       ing the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, have threatened the core economic engines of
SBDMI Update                                           the state. Unemployment in Louisiana has inched up in the past few months. This is not
                                                       the time to take chances when it comes to developing or enhancing skills needed to get or
Office of Student Services                             keep a job. It is extremely important for those who are currently in school to learn all there
                                                       is to learn. Each learner must focus on the needs of the labor market, not just what they
                             Dr. Igwe E. Udeh, Dean    ―feel‖ like learning. Education is like any other investment. Education is only as valuable
Publications                                           as what the consumers (employers) are willing to pay. If no employer needs the type or
                                                       quality of education you purchase during your college years, chances are you will either
Announcements                                          be unemployed or underemployed. There is no better time than now to take an inventory
                                                       of your career goals and processes for getting there. If you want to get full price (pay) for
NEWS                                                   the education you purchased at SUNO, then take time to do it right. Invest in skills that
                                                       employers will always need to pay for, no matter the condition of the economy.
CBA Vision , Mission,
Values, and Goals

Edward & Sarah Jones
Scholarship                   Spotlight on Business Student
                                                                                   Mr. Jeff Mickens
                                                                         Business Entrepreneur and Graduating Senior

                                                                    Mr. Jeff Mickens is a senior in the Department of Business En-
                                                                    trepreneurship and is already part of a Fortune 500 company.
                                                                    This young entrepreneur is looking forward to making his for-
                                                                    tune in the cleaning business. He is among the growing under
                                                                    thirty young entrepreneurs who are reshaping the New Orleans
                                                                    economy. Mr. Mickens purchased a Jani King Franchise 2 years
                                                                    ago and has already successfully contracted several grocery
                                                                    stores and bingo halls. Mr. Mickens owes his success to his
                                                                    mother, Ms. Terri Robertson Williams, for her motivation to get
                                              in the business, and also, Dr. Frank Martin,
                                              Chairperson for Department of Business En-
                                              trepreneurship for his mentorship. Mr. Mick-
                                              ens is a strong believer in family values. Mr.
                                              Mickens’ advice to up-and-coming young
                                              entrepreneurs is to have confidence, self con-
                                              trol, perseverance, and humility. Mr. Mickens
                                              future plans include owning ATM and vend-
                                              ing machines and opening a cleaning supply
                                              store. Jeff is set to graduate with a BS in Busi-
                                              ness Entrepreneurship the Spring of 2011.
                                              CBA applauds this young entrepreneur!
                               New CBA Building Construction Progress Report

Structural work is ongoing for the new College of Business & Public Administration Building at SUNO’s Lake Cam-
pus. As of October 2010, most the external and internal wall framings have been completed. Plumbing, electrical, and
bricklaying work continues. The building was designed by Hewitt-Washington & Associates Architect-Planners
(APC)/John T. Campo & Associates, Inc., New Orleans-based architectural firms. The contract for the building was
awarded to Stallings Construction Co on February 4, 2010, at a cost of $3,365,400. Ground was broken on March 24,
2010. The building is to be completed by summer 2011. Classes should be held in the new building by Fall 2011. For
a tour of the construction site, please contact the Office of the Dean at 504-286-5331/5141.

         July 9, 2010           August 20, 2010           September 3, 2010              October 1, 2010


                              CBA Visited by Its AACSB Mentor, Dr. Mo Sarhan
                         CBA hosted its AACSB Mentor, Dr. Mo Sarhan, Dean, College
                         of Business Administration, Savannah State University, Savan-
                         nah, GA from September 15-17, 2010. The meeting was an op-
                         portunity for the mentor to review the progress CBA has made
                         since its last Progress Report (January 2010) and to advise the
                         Dean, Department Chairs, faculty, staff, and university admini-
                         stration on strategies for achieving outstanding goals. Dean
                         Sarhan was particularly impressed by the speed at which the
                         CBA Building was progressing, as well as the achievements of
                         the faculty in professional development, especially peer-
                         reviewed journal publication. He also complimented the work of
CBA’s Office of Student Services. Dr. Sarhan pointed out a few areas that need more attention as CBA moves for-
ward with its quest for AACSB accreditation, including:

    Completion of at least one Assurance of Learning Review Cycle prior to AACSB site visit.
    Securing more autonomous and college-controlled funding sources for faculty development and student support.
    Paying greater attention to student advisement and enforcement of prerequisite.
    Recruitment of additional qualified faculty.
    Addressing the issue of faculty salary inversion.
    Identifying and publicizing major achievements by graduates and current students.

Dean Sarhan expressed confidence in CBA’s ability to meet the January 15, 2011 Annual
Progress Report submission deadline and in the college’s ability to ultimately achieve
AACSB accreditation.
                                                Student Assembly: Fall 2010

                              The College of Business & Public Administration (CBA) hosted
                              the Fall 2010 Student Assembly on the 28 th of September 2010.
                              As with previous years, two sessions of the assembly were held:
                              one at 11:00 am for day students, and the other at 6:00 pm for
                              evening students. The session which is presided over by Dean
                              Igwe E. Udeh provides the CBA administration, faculty, and
                              staff with an exclusive opportunity to listen to student concerns,
                              preferences, and testimonials. It is also used by the Dean and
                              unit heads to share with the students issues that are pertinent to
                              student success and the college’s advancement. In addition to
                              unit and Department Chairs from CBA, the Fall 2010 Student Assembly featured speakers
                              from the Office of Enrollment Management, represented by Ms. Chandra Richardson
                              (Counselor), who offered valuable information on retention; the Office of Student Financial
                              Aid, represented by Ms. Kathy Woods (Director), who shared information and responded to
                              student inquiry on student loan application/documentation issues; and the Office of E-
                              Learning represented by Ms. Sheila Wood (Director), who offered advice on how to success-
                              fully navigate online classes. The participants were then given a status report by Dean Udeh
                              on CBA’s quest for AACSB accreditation, especially the part that students will play in the
                              Assurance of Learning process. The dean then led the participants through a formal review of
                              SUNO’s QEP topic: E-FOCUS – Enhancing Student Learning in Online Courses by Improv-
ing Institutional Readiness. In addition to explanations of what QEP stood for, participants were given a formal review of
SUNO’s QEP goals and objectives, as well as the SACS reaffirmation process. There were 205 students in the day and eve-
ning sessions.
                                            Coca-Cola Executive Visits SUNO’s
                                      College of Business and Public Administration

                             SUNO’s College of Business and Public Administration re-
                             ceived a visit and presentation Thursday, October 14, 2010
                             from a Coca-Cola Executive. Ms. Adrienne B. Johnson, Brand
                             Manager of Multicultural Marketing in Atlanta, Georgia, vis-
                             ited with the college of Business and Public Administration.
                             Ms. Johnson visited with Dr. Pittman’s Introduction to Public
                             Administration class along with Mrs. Gloria Moultrie, Vice
                             Chancellor for Community Outreach, and Dr. Igwe E. Udeh,
                             Dean of College. Ms. Johnson spoke to the class on Education Preparedness and becoming a
productive citizen in a Global Society. She received a warm and exciting welcome from the students of Dr. Pittman’s class.
                                  Kelly Aceto, U-CONN CIBER Director, Visits SUNO

                                      In its effort to expand learning opportunities to its students, the Dean of the College of Business & Public Admini-
                                      stration, Dr. Igwe E. Udeh, and Dr. Adrine Harrell-Carter, Assistant Professor of Business Entrepreneurship at-
                                      tended the HBCU Globalization Business Schools Conference on May 23-24, 2010 at the University of Memphis.
                                      The purpose of the conference was to get more HBCU’s involved in expanding economic opportunities for Ameri-
                                      can businesses in the international arena through their education and community outreach activities. In addition to
                                      the valuable information gained by the two SUNO participants to the conference, they were also introduced to Mrs.
                                      Kelly Aceto, who has served as the Associate Director of the University of Connecticut at Hartford CIBER since
                                      1999. Kelly accepted to assist CBA at SUNO in developing a Business and International Education Program
                                      (BIE) grant. The BIE grant is aimed at increasing and promoting America’s capacity for international understanding
and economic enterprise through the provision of suitable international education and training for business personnel in various stages of professional
development. Kelly has extensive experience in these areas because she is responsible for developing relationships with local international organizations;
distributing research funds; and planning and implementing major conferences both domestically and abroad, among many other tasks. Kelly also serves
as reviewer for the Title VI B (BIE) Grant Applications for the U.S. Department of Education. Mrs. Aceto is well traveled, having visited China, India,
Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Western Europe (except Finland, and Portugal), The Czech Republic, and Hungary. She also speaks French, Spanish, and
Dutch, and has a conversational knowledge of German and Italian. Kelly was at SUNO from October 18-21 to discuss SUNO’s progress towards a BIE
                            Small Business Development & Management Institute
                             Southern University at New Orleans Small Business Development
                             and Management Institute (SBDMI) held a ―Grant Writing Work-
                             shop‖ on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 8:30am – 5:00p.m. It was
                             an outstanding workshop with 20 participants in attendance. The
                             workshop was conducted by Dr. William Belisle, Owner and Chief
                             Science Officer of Orleans Resource Center. This all-day workshop
                             instructed participants in basic grant-writing skills, how to find avail-
                             able funding, and how to apply for grants from government agencies
or foundations. The morning focus was grant-writing from A – Z. The afternoon session included hands-on practice; with time
to ask questions and get feedback on the participants current proposals in development and/or proposal to be developed. Also,
the participants’ were instructed on how to fill out a grant application. This is one of many workshops that the SBDMI will spon-
sor focusing on business development for entrepreneurs.

                                             The Office of Student Services

                               New Student Orientation: New CBA Majors are Welcomed

                               The Office of Student Services hosted the Fall 2010 orientation
                               program on September 15, 2010 for new students admitted to
                               the College of Business and Public Administration (CBA).
                               Forty-five students were empowered with information from the
                               following offices: Office of Registrar, Student Financial Aid,
                               Comptroller’s, Student Development, the University Library,
                               and the Center for Comprehensive Communication. Students
                               received pertinent information on the registration process, drop-
ping/adding courses, the grading process, and transcript requests from the University Registrar,
Ms. Gilda Davis; the financial aid process, the need to adhere to deadlines for applying for aid,
and the verification process was covered by the Director for Student Financial Aid, Ms. Kathy Woods; the new ―SUNO re-
fund card,‖ fee payment, and tuition deferment process, was explained by Ms. Shawn Gulley Charles, University Comptrol-
ler; Mr. Austin Badon, Coordinator of Community Services discussed the services available to students through Student
Development, such as health services (a full-time Registered Nurse and part-time University Physician are on duty), health insur-
ance coverage, the availability of certified personal and substance abuse counselors, and FREE scantrons; Ms Jackie Keeler, Ref-
erence Librarian, shared with students the many ways in which the University Library could benefit students in their research
and course studies, including e-brary services; and finally Ms. Mona Lisa Anderson urged students to take advantage of the math,
                              reading, and writing tutoring services available (to students struggling in those areas are encouraged
                              to visit the center).
                              Then, the CBA family took over the program with the Dean, Dr. Igwe Udeh sharing valuable infor-
                              mation with majors on the state of affairs in CBA, including what the Association to Advance Col-
                              legiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) accreditation means and where CBA is in the
                              process; the status of new CBA building being erected on the Park campus and the target ―move-in‖
                              date. He was followed by the CBA department heads, Dr. Frank Martin, Business Entrepreneur-
                              ship, Dr. Adnan Omar, Management Information Systems, and Dr. James Pittman, Public Admini-
                              stration who informed majors of the opportunities within their chosen major. Attendees were then
                              introduced to several of their upper-class classmates (Ellis Brent, Tommanisha Dean, and Jamal
                              Greenberry) who invited them to join the various clubs and organizations available through CBA.
                              It was a great afternoon, very informative, and students were given the opportunity to get many of
                              their questions answered by campus experts. Each student was given a backpack with the inscrip-
tion ―I Chose CBA at SUNO‖ as a welcome gift and in appreciation of their choice of SUNO and a CBA major.

                                    Cheering for the Class of 2011

The Office of Student Services recently processed 102 applications for candidates for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 graduation
which will nearly triple the number of students graduating with a CBA major, last year. Several of the students graduating are
members of the 2006 and 2007 cohorts (students who began their college career at SUNO as new freshmen during the Fall se-
mester ) who were able to complete their coursework within the six year period which determines graduation rate. We also ex-
pect to have several students finishing with Latin and University honors. Go class of 2011!
Journal Articles
Abdul Waheed & Adnan Omar, ―Liquefied Natural Gas Imports to the United States: Role and Trends, The Global Journal of Fi-
nance and Economics”, Volume 7, No. 1 (2010).

Refereed Proceedings
Mancuso, Louis C., Alijani, Ghasem S., and Kwun, Obyung, “The Effects of the BP Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina on Businesses
in South Louisiana”, Allied Academies, Las Vegas, NV, October 13-16, 2010

Alijani, Ghasem S., Mancuso, Louis C., Kwun, Obyung, Omar, Adnan. “Effectiveness of Online Advertisement Factors in Recall-
ing a Product”, Allied Academies International Conference, July 31, 2009. {Published in Proceedings and won the Distinguished
Research Award from the Academy of Marketing.} Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, Volume 14, Number 1, 2010, pp. 1-
Mancuso, Louis C., Alijani, Ghasem S., Kwun, Obyung, Smith, Larry D. “Successful Outcomes of Teaching Minority Under-
graduate Students Entrepreneurial Business Planning concepts Using Andragogy and Service Learning,‖ Allied Academies Inter-
national Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 8-10, 2009. {Published in Proceedings and won the Distinguished Research
Award. Published in the Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, Volume 13, 2010, pp. 37-44.

Conference Attendance
Muhammad Miah and Adnan Omar attended the GIS seminar "Increase Productivity with ArcGIS 10" at Baton Rouge on October
05, 2010 given by ESRI. This one-day informational session focused on providing an overview of the new, powerful tools and im-
proved workflows in ArcGIS 10. The seminar provided practical applications and demonstrations of the complete ArcGIS system
and demonstrated how this system offers enhanced analysis and usability, improved access to imagery, advanced capabilities in the
field, and additional ways to leverage the Web. Additional training resources and recommendations were referenced, including step-
by-step handouts, online training seminars, instructor-led training, and more.

Conferences Attendance/Presentation
2010 Allied Academies International Conference, New Orleans, LA , October 21-24, 2010
    Muhammad Miah, ―Designing a Product to Maximize Visibility‖
    Frank Marin & Marjorie Fox, ―Is It a Recession Yet‖
    Adnan Omar & Daff Kalulu, ―Enhanced Instruction: The Future of E-Learning‖
    Dayanand Thangada, ―Analysis of Small Business Impact in the State of Louisiana after Katrina‖
    Igwe Udeh , ―Wills & Succession Planning Myths: Perceptions of an African American Group‖
    Amaresh Das & Abdul Waheed, ―Optimization of a Financial Portfolio-TL One Stock, One Bond Case”
    Simeon Okpechi, ―The Effect of Disasters on Annual Budgetary Allocations In Louisiana: Evidence from The Department of
    Social Services‖
    David Alijani, J. Steven Welsh, Obyung Kwun, & Jennelle Spurlock, ―Design and Implementation of a Simple Tax Process for
    Small Businesses‖
    Muhammad Miah, ―Selecting a Good Conference Location Based on Participants’ Interests”, to appear in Information Sys-
    tems Educators Conference (ISECON) 2010, October 28-31, 2010.
    James E. Pittman, Southwestern Business Administration Teaching Conference 2010, on October 21-23, 2010, to present a
    paper, ―Transformation of the New America”.

Session Chairs/Discussants
    David Alijani, Frank Martin, Muhammad Miah, Simeon Okpechi, Adnan Omar , and J. Steven Welsh will be chairing one of the
sessions and will be the discussant during the International Academy of Business and Public Administrative Disciplines Fall Con-
ference, New Orleans, LA , October 21-24, 2010.
     Abdul Mian & Adnan Omar served as discussants during the upcoming International Academy of Business and Public Admin-
istrative Disciplines Fall Conference, New Orleans, LA, October 21-24, 2010.

Upcoming Events
   James E. Pittman, will attend The Academy of Business Discipline Conference in Fort Myers Beach, Florida on November 11-
   13, 2010, to present a paper The Pursuit of Education: “Why First Year at Historical Black Institutions Dropped Out of Col-
   lege Their Second Semester After Attending Their First Semester”.
    Amaresh Das, will attend the Eastern Economic Association Conference in New York, NY ON February 25-27, 2010 to pre-
   sent a paper ―Unpredictability of Stock Prices, Is it Because of Lack of Data?”
   Louis C. Mancuso will be taking a group of CBA majors to Los Angeles, CA on a fieldtrip designed to visit the May Company,
   US Bank, NBC, CA Market Center, and Farmers Market on November 3-7, 2010.
                                                SIGMA BETA DELTA

        Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society will conduct its Annual Induction Ceremony on Saturday, March 19, 2011. CBA Students with
        a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, who are juniors, seniors or in graduate school are eligible to apply. For more information,
        contact: Dr. Frank Martin (ext. 5028) or Mrs. Vera Autry (5139).
                                               BEEP Comes To SUNO

              The Annual Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) will be held March 30, 31, and April 1, 2011 on SUNO’s Park
            Campus. The program brings to SUNO high level executives from various organizations to share their stories and assist
            those seeking to excel in their careers after graduation. For more information contact: Dr. Louis C. Mancuso, (ext5161), Mrs.
             Vera Autry, (5139), or visit us in the New Science Building, 2nd Floor.

                                                  PADM Black-Tie Gala

Second Annual ―PADM‖ BLACK TIE GALA on Saturday, April 16, 2011 New Orleans, LA 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Attire: Semi-Formal. Tickets are $35.00 per person. For more information contact: Dr. James E. Pittman (Ext. 5333), Dr. Biruk Ale-
mayehu, (Ext. 5336) Ms. Amelia B. Dawsey (Ext. 5141), or visit us in the New Science Building, 2nd Floor, Room 211.
PADM is planning a fieldtrip to Washington, D.C., February 23-25, 2011. For more information, please see Dr. Pittman, Dr. Alemayehu
or Mrs. Dawsey in the NSC Building, Room 211.
                                   SUNO Chapter of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)

          The newly formed SUNO Chapter of Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) will be participating as observers in the SIFE Re-
          gional Competition in Orlando, Florida, March 23, 2009. For more information, please contact Dr. Louis C. Mancuso, Advisor
at 504-286-5161. SIFE is open to all SUNO students who want to impact their community through education on the benefit of the market
                      Join SUNO National Black MBA Association Collegiate Chapter (NBMBAA)

The National Black MBA Association, Inc. (NBMBAA) is a non-profit organization of minority MBAs, business professionals, entrepre-
neurs and MBA students. With thousands of members world-wide working in both private and public sectors, we share a commitment to
education and business—the two principal keys to the economic development of the Black community. Students that are interested in
joining the SUNO Chapter of The NBMBAA, please contact:
                 Terry Jefferson, Chapter President email address: tjefferson8891@yahoo.com
                 Ellis Brent, Chapter Vice-President Email address: Ebrent1@gmail.com
                 Dr. Adrine J. Harrell, Faculty Advisor, Email address: aharrell@suno.edu
                                                            Join SUNO MGIS Computer Club

            Management Information Systems Computer Club will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at
            11:30a.m. in Room # 208. The MGIS Computer Science Club welcomes everyone who is interested in being part of learning
            about how exciting computer careers can be! For more information contact Dr. Muhammad Miah at ext. 5144 or come to the
            NSC Building, 2nd Floor, Room 210.

                                     The Head of the Black Executive Exchange Program Visits
                                       SUNO’s College of Business & Public Administration

Tracy Boleware, Head of the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP) in New York, and William Dawson, Assistant Manager of
BEEP New York, visited SUNO’s College of Business & Public Administration on September 14, 2010 to review the program and dis-
cuss future plans for the organization.

Dean Igwe Udeh and Dr. Frank Martin made presentations to the BEEP officials concerning the past and future plans of the College of
Business. Dr. Louis C. Mancuso, Ms. Vera Autry, and myself, SUNO BEEP Committee members, discussed the BEEP Program at
SUNO and Ms. Jessica Conner and Ms. Tommanisha Dean, student officers of the SUNO BEEP organization discussed the 2011 BEEP
program at SUNO.
          List of College of Business and Public Administration proposal submitted to the LA Board of Regents Enhancement Program October 25, 2010

           Principal Investigator (s)                                             Proposal Title                                              Amount Requested

Muhammed Miah and Adnan Omar                     Enhancement of Undergraduate MIS Program via Student and Faculty Research            $104,911
                                                 using GIS
Biruk Alemayehu and James Pittman                Policy Initiatives and Public Housing in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area: Pre-     $39,032
                                                 and Post-Hurricane Katrina
Abdul Waheed, Fouad Moussa, Amaresh Das, and     Student Preparation for Entrepreneurship and Workforce in Crime and Terrorism        $92,882
Ronald Pedro (Criminal Justice Department)       Prevention

Martin, Frank                                    Project to Equip CBA Lecture Hall at SUNO                                            $88,807

Timotea Bailey and Igwe Udeh                     Access, Retention, and Graduation Rate Enhancements                                  $150,000

Martin, Frank                                    Project to Implement Smart Classrooms in CBA at SUNO                                 $172,789

Obyung Kwun, David Alijani, and Louis Mancuso    Study of Student Attitude toward Online Courses and Their Behavior in Histori-       $33,750
                                                 cally Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

                                                            College of Business and Public Administration
                                                               Dr. Igwe Udeh, Dean & Professor
                      Department of Business Entrepreneurship                                                                     Ext. 5331
                      Dr. Frank Martin, Chairperson & Professor                     fmartin@suno.edu                              Ext. 5028
                      Dr. Louis C. Mancuso, Professor                               lman454574@aol.com                            Ext. 5136
                      Mr. Abdul Mian, Associate Professor                           amian@suno.edu                                Ext. 5319
                      Dr. Simeon Okpechi, Associate Professor                       sokpechi@suno.edu                             Ext. 5305
                      Dr. Amaresh Das, Associate Professor                          adas@suno.edu                                 Ext. 5143
                      Mr. Donald Sarrat, Assistant Professor                        sarrat@suno.edu                               Ext. 5339
                      Mrs. Vera Autry, Instructor, Accounting Tutor                 vautry@suno.edu                               Ext. 5139
                      Dr. Adrine Harrell, Assistant Professor                       aharrell@suno.edu                             Ext. 5339
                      Mr. Fouad K. Moussa, Assistant Professor                      fmoussa@suno.edu                              Ext. 5143
                      Dr. Marjorie Fox,                                             mfox@suno.edu                                 Ext. 5172
                      Mrs. Camille Alexander, Administrative Assistant              calexander@suno.edu                           Ext. 5331
                      Department of Management Information Systems                                                                Ext. 5462
                      Dr. Adnan Omar, Chairperson & Professor                       aomar@suno.edu                                Ext. 5142
                      Dr. J. Steven Welsh, Professor                                swelsh75@yahoo.com                            Ext. 5137
                      Dr. David Alijani, Professor                                  dalijani@suno.edu                             Ext. 5423
                      Mr. Samuel Eweni, Assistant Professor                         seweni@suno.edu                               Ext. 5462
                      Dr. Obyung Kwun, Assistant Professor                          okwun@suno.edu                                Ext. 5462
                      Mr. Dan Thangada, Assistant Professor                         dthang@suno.edu                               Ext. 5140
                      Dr. Muhammad Miah                                             mmiah@suno.edu                                Ext. 5144
                      Department of Public Administration                                                                         Ext. 5141
                      Dr. James E. Pittman, Chairperson & Asst. Professor           jpittman@suno.edu                             Ext. 5333
                      Dr. Biruk Alemayehu, Assistant Professor                      balemayehu@suno.edu                           Ext. 5336
                      Ms. Amelia B. Dawsey, Administrative Assistant                adawsey@suno.edu                              Ext. 5141
                      CBA Support Staff                                                                                           Ext. 5331
                      Mrs. Timotea S. Bailey, Director of Student Services         tbailey@suno.edu                               Ext. 5193
                      Mrs. Cynthia Beaulieu, Director, SBDM Institute              cbeaulie@suno.edu                              Ext. 5032
                      Ms. Kathryn E. Tousant, Small Business Advisor               ktousant@suno.edu                              Ext. 5512
                              College of Business and Public Administration (CBA)

                                                        CBA VISION
The vision of CBA at SUNO is to develop innovative thinkers and business/public leaders who impact their communities as conventional,
corporate, or social entrepreneurs.

                                                            CBA MISSION
The College of Business and Public Administration at SUNO provides education and degrees in Business Entrepreneurship, Management Infor-
mation Systems, and Public Administration that equip a predominantly urban student body, especially those from the New Orleans Metropoli-
tan Area, with knowledge and skills essential for careers in business and government, or for further studies.

                                      CBA GUIDING PRINCIPLES OR CORE VALUES
Core Value #1: Commitment (tenacity, dedication, perseverance)
Core Value #2: Excellence (quality instruction, scholarship, service)
Core Value #3: Innovation (curiosity, creativity, adaptability)
Core Value #4: Ethics (honesty, fairness, confidentiality)
Core Value #5: Teamwork (cooperation, communication, collaboration, diversity)
Core Value #6: Leadership (visionary, competitive, motivated)
Core Value #7: Caring (student-centered, nurturing, understanding, sensitive, respectful)

                                          UNDERGRADUATE LEARNING GOALS
CBA expects graduates of its undergraduate programs to:
   Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics and its application in the decision-making process.
     Be able to apply effective communication skills in a professional environment.
     Be able to analyze and solve problems in an organizational setting.
     Understand the importance of technology in organizations.

                                             GRADUATE LEARNING GOALS
CBA expects graduates of its graduate program to be able to:
    Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics and its application in the decision-making process.
     Be able to apply effective communication skills in a professional environment.
     Be able to demonstrate analytical skills and problem solving capabilities both in individual and team setting.
     Be able to address growing needs for information technology and leadership.

                                              2011-2012 EDWARD H. AND SARAH R. JONES
                                               COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STUDENTS ONLY

          MAJOR: *Accounting *Business Administration *Computer Information Systems *Business Entrepreneurship
                               *Public Administration              * Management Information Systems
          CLASSIFICATION: Sophomore; Junior; Senior AWARD AMOUNT: $500.00 per recipient GPA: 2.5 or higher
          REQUIREMENTS:                                                           MAILING ADDRESS:
          Completed Application Form                                              College of Business and Public Administration
          Complete university transcripts                                         New Science Building, Room 213
          Essay (250-300 words) justifying your need for the funds                6400 Press Drive
          Current Resume                                                          New Orleans, LA 70126
          List of community service accomplishments                               504-286-5331
          Letters of recommendation (3)
          DEADLINE: March 15, 2011

                                                                                                          For additional copies of the Bonus or to share
                                                                                                                       news items, contact
                                                                                                                   Amelia B. Dawsey, Editor
                                                                                                               College of Business & Public Adm.
                                                                                                                  6400 Press Drive, NSC Bldg.
                                                                                                                     New Orleans, LA 70126
                                                                                                              (504) 286-5141 / adawsey@suno.edu

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