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               P e n i n s u l a P r op e rt y O w n e r s A s s o c i at i on , i n c .

                                              w w w. my p p o a . o rg
                                                                                               Sp r i ng             2009

      Catawba Avenue Entrance                                                               Board Members

      To Get Attention Soon!                                                                Jim Duke
                                                                                            President ................. 704.895.7765

W     e hope soon to be able to re-landscape the
      main entrance to the Peninsula. Over the last
year the entrance has of necessity been neglected
                                                                                            Hank Keppler
                                                                                            Vice President .......... 704.987.5183
due to construction of the new left turn lane and                                           Mary Deininger
the installation of sidewalks. Once the work is                                             Secretary ................. 704.892.2613
accomplished, our landscape contractor will clean up                                                
the monument area, trim bushes and trees, and install new                                   Mike Joseph
shrubbery and flowers.                                                                      Treasurer ...............704.896.8654
The median area that has been redesigned to allow a left turn lane will also be re-         Joyce Fox ............... 704.894.9642
landscaped. After the planting is complete, the lighting repaired, and the irrigation       
reinstalled, this area should look better than ever. It should be noted that all of the     Celia Bensman ....... 704.895.0391
work to bring this area back to its original condition, will be paid for with county road    
funds and at no cost to the PPOA.                                                           Krista Pruitt ............ 704.892.8236
Our thanks go to the Cornelius town staff and to Project Coordinator Doug Barrick           Pat Thiel ................. 704.896.0758
for working with us on minimizing the damage to this important location. Doug has      
gone out of his way to keep us all informed through regular progress reports.               Jack Ziegler ............ 704.987.1590

                                                                                            Committee Chairs
                                                                                            Pat Thiel ................704.896-0758
                    Town to Step-Up Sidewalk                                                Architectural Change
                                                                                            Jim Duke ...............704.895.7765
                      and Curbing Repair                                                    Communications
                                                                                            Celia Bensman .......704.895.0391
Town officials have agreed to immediately inspect our sidewalks and curbs and take          Landscape
action to repair those areas where these walkways represent a hazard to pedestrian          Hank Keppler.........704.987.5183
safety. To get them started, the PPOA provided City Manager Anthony Roberts with            Government & Safety
a long list of problem areas. If you have a sidewalk or curb area that needs attention,     Mike Joseph ..........704.896.8654
contact Hank Keppler or Mary Deininger who will pass this information to the Town.
                                                                                            Joyce Fox...............704.894.9642
     The President’s Message...

      First, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to vote and fill out the Projects Survey.
      Over 260 homeowners responded to our request for your opinions. This together with the vote
      is the largest response yet to an annual ballot in recent memory. In addition, there have been
      nothing but positive comments from property owners about the successful annual meeting
      and the results of the survey. Details regarding the survey are included in the color insert to this
      newsletter. I will just say that your views as expressed in the survey were both thoughtful and
      enlightening. These survey results will guide the board as we move forward into 2009.

      I would be remiss if I did not thank Dave Alexander for his exceptional service to the Association.
      Dave served on the board in prior years as the President and Chair of the Landscape Committee.
      When we had a vacancy due to the departure of a board member, Dave stepped up to fill the
      position. All you have to do is to look around to see the real progress that has been made in the
      landscaping, much of it due to Dave’s dedication. Dave has agreed to stay with the Landscape
      Committee for a few more months to see projects through and to help transition a new chair.
      Thanks, Dave, for a job well done!

      You will notice that we have added email information to our newsletter in order to facilitate
      communications with board members. Together with our e-blast system, this will hopefully
      improve the distribution of alerts and information about important news on a timely basis.

      New to this newsletter are two sections that I hope will assist with communications. The Young
      Entrepreneurs section will provide residents with up-to-date information about resident teens
      who wish to work as baby sitters, house sitters, dog walkers, or mother’s helpers. The list will be
      kept current each quarter, so if you have a teen who would like a little advertising, email his or
      her name to me. The other new section is “Community Spotlight” This section will be used to
      announce neighborhood events and noteworthy accomplishments of our residents. College
      acceptances, scholarships, promotions, and other recognitions will be posted. I hope this will
      make our newsletter a little more personal and informative.

      I would like to welcome Krista Pruitt to the PPOA Board. Krista will bring the unique perspective
      of young families to the board. This bright and energetic mother of two young boys will be a
      valuable asset to the community. She will be working with Joyce Fox and the Neighborhood
      Captains on the Social Committee. Celia Bensman, who returned to the Board to fill a vacancy,
      was elected for a three-year term. Celia will be chairing the Landscape Committee. Oh, and I am
      back too!

      Well, Spring is finally here, enjoy!
      Jim Duke

2   T h e   P e n i n s u l a    N e w s
                                 And the Survey Said!
                            The community survey prepared by the
                                                                                      Street Paving Needs
                            Capital Projects Committee provided                    Presented to Town Officials
                            the board with new insights not only
                                                                                 Last month Hank Keppler, Mary Deininger, and
                           as to what needs to be done within our                Jim Duke met with Mayor Tarte and Town Manager
                         community, but also what you, the property              Anthony Robert to present a list of problems and
                     owners, feel are the most urgently needed                   issues that town official could assist the PPOA with
capital improvements. Our color insert shows the detail and overall              resolving. The group asked the Town to update its
results. Written comments were especially useful. Over 40 of the                 road paving inspection and consider the establishment
nearly 300 respondents took the time to share their comments.                    of a planned paving schedule for the Peninsula. Many
                                                                                 of our roadways are showing their age and are in need
Of most interest in the survey were the answers to the question                  of more than just patching. Last year, the Town paved
regarding the top five priority projects. These five top ranked projects         the entire length of Captains Watch, but it is only a
are shown below with the percentage of property owners who rated                 small piece of the need. Upwards of 50 percent of
each of them as the #1 priority.                                                 our roadways are so deteriorated that pot holes are
                                                                                 beginning to multiply. To its credit, Cornelius has been
                                                                                 quick to repair damage when it is reported. But what
    1.   Install Street Lights on Jetton Road [26%]                              we need now is a comprehensive paving program to
    2.   Replant and Upgrade Landscaping [15%]                                   resurface many of our roads.
    3.   Plan for Bike and Walking Trails [14%]
    4.   Improve Irrigation System [13%]                                         As one would suspect, the road paving funds are
    5.   Rehabilitate Mailboxes [9%]                                             limited and there are important needs outside of the
                                                                                 Peninsula. However, we have been informed by Town
On the question of the turf transition to Bermuda from Fescue, 67%               officials that our concerns have been heard and that
of those who responded said we should continue the effort.                       paving work could begin as early as April.

                                              PPOA Standing Committees
     Architectural Change (ACC) Pat Thiel – Chair                       Landscape.......................... Celia Bensman - Chair
                                Joyce Fox                                                                   Dave Alexander
                                Hank Keppler                                                                Mary Deininger
                                                                                                            Pelham Edmunds
     Communications ................ Jim Duke - Chair                                                       Sue Glass
                                     Hank Keppler                                                           Sheila Cothran
                                     Mike Joseph                                                            Jitka Stahala
                                     Jack Ziegler
                                     Lisa Lippiner                      Social      .......................... Joyce Fox - Chair
                                                                                                               Krista Pruitt
     Finance    ...........................Mike Joseph - Chair                                                 Carolyn Duke
                                           Jim Duke                                                            Area Captains (See last section)
                                           Jack Ziegler
     Government & Safety .......... Hank Keppler - Chair
                                    Mary Deininger
                                    Bill Loughnane

                     If you would like to serve on a PPOA Committee, please contact the appropriate committee chair.
                                                                                       T h e      P e n i n s u l a             N e w s
                        Report It!
                 Lights, Carts, Sidewalks,                                                  We See Spots
                   Streets, Safety Issues                                There are many hydraulic fluid spots trailing down the streets
                                                                         of The Peninsula. The spots are concentrated in front of our
                                                                         driveways mainly caused by trucks leaking hydraulic fluid while
We always need your help in staying ahead of the routine                 picking up trash and debris in front our homes. There are long
problems that emerge on a regular basis. Our Board                       trails of these drips running through The Peninsula. When it
members and property manager regularly inspect the                       rains, the hydraulic fluid, if it hasn’t been absorbed into the
property, but can’t be everywhere. If you spot a problem,                street, is washed into the storm drains. The storm water leads
please contact us:                                                       to the lake through these storm drains dumping the hydraulic
                                                                         fluid into Lake Norman causing water pollution.
Landscape & Irrigation Problems – Dave Alexander
                                                                         The hydraulic fluid not only causes an unsightly mess in the
Roads, Signs, Street Lights, & Safety – Hank Keppler                     fronts of our homes, but also pollutes Lake Norman. It is in
Landscape Lighting – Jim Duke                                            our best interest as well as the interests of the surrounding lake
Construction Debris & Signs – Pat Thiel                                  communities to put an end to trucks dropping hydraulic fluid
Oil Spills on Road – Michael Burkhard | 980-727-5779                     onto our streets.
Private Golf Cart Use – Cornelius Police | 704 892-1363
All Problems – Hawthorne Management | 704 377-0114                       If you see any truck leaking fluids of any type onto Peninsula
                                                                         streets, please call Mecklenburg County’s Environment
New or Changed email addresses*                    Enforcement Officer Michael Burkhard immediately with the
                                                                         trucks license plate number, the location of the truck and the
*The PPOA regularly sends out advisories to residents. If you            name of the owner if known. His number is 980 727-5779.
wish to be included in these advisories, you can simply send in
your email address. Your email address will not be shared with           If caught in the act, the truck company owners will be cited and
outside organizations.                                                   face stiff fines.

                                                   For Your Information
       Recycling helps our environment and decreases the amount of tax money spent on disposal of solid waste. A five
                           percent increase in our recycling effort would save nearly $ 180,000.00!

             As of this printing, The Town has not made a final decision on the status of speed limits on Jetton Road.

           If you spot a vehicle dropping oil or fluids on the roads, you can call Charlotte Mecklenburg Environmental
            Services. Michael Burkhard will come out immediately to investigate and will issue citations on the spot.
                                             Mike’s mobile number is 980-727-5779.

                                                       Ladies Night Out
      Ladies Night Out is scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. LNO is a great way to meet your neighbors and hear
     about activities in The Peninsula. Each month, a different neighbor graciously volunteers to host the event with neighborhood ladies
      bringing food and drinks. The LNO Couples Holiday Party at the home of Liz Bechdol was a huge success with record attendance.

                                  For more information and/or to be placed on the email notification list,
               please contact Susan Tillis at 704-892-9504, by email at or your Neighborhood Captain.

                                    April 13th        Nayfee Krugler – 19322 Peninsula Shores Drive
                                    May 11th          Margaret Boggs – 17119 Players Ridge Drive
4      T h e     P e n i n s u l a        N e w s
          Let’s Hear About                                            Recycling Is Important –
        Our Best and Brightest                                         Please Do Your Part!
At this time, the Peninsula Property Owner’s Association      Not all homeowners take advantage of recycling
(PPOA) would like to present a program honoring the           collection services offered by Waste Management. We
children and young adults of the Peninsula. This is a         encourage you to join our campaign to improve our
program for all PPOA members to nominate a young              recycling effort. Here are some important facts you
person living in the Peninsula that has gone above and        need to consider:
beyond expectations, showing outstanding character in
our community (including school accolades, volunteering,      What You Can Recycle.
good deeds, exemplary character and entrepreneur              Paper & Cardboard – these include
skills). Anyone can write a short summary about a child       newspaper, magazines, telephone
or young person that lives within the Peninsula and it does   books, catalogs, junk mail [possibly its
not necessarily need to be your own child. The person         only good use], gift wrap [no bows].
needs to be between the school ages of kindergarten           Cardboard should be cut into 3x3
and college. Simply, fill out the nomination form and         foot sections and stacked. Newspapers & Magazines may
turn it into your Neighborhood Captain. Then watch for        be placed under the bin.
this new column in the PPOA monthly news letter titled
                                                              Plastic, Glass, & Cans – #1 and #2 Plastics only some examples
“Community Spotlight”
                                                              include milk jugs, liquid detergent bottles, & water bottles.
                                                              Glass such as spaghetti jars [rinsed please]. Cans – Aluminum
     We hope that this column will serve as a                 & spiral paper cans.
     forum for positive role models and their
               efforts to be heard!                           NOT MANDATORY, but nice when you can: Cans/plastics may
                                                              be crushed. If you have 2 recycle bins, you can help the drivers
Examples of areas where a child has gone above and beyond     by separating Paper & Cardboard from Plastic, Glass & Cans.
   •	 Respect & Citizenship – calling 911 in an emergency     What You Shouldn’t Put in Recycle Bins.
   •	 Honesty, Justice & Fairness – finding a wallet at a     Wax coated products, pizza boxes (because of food
      store and turning it in                                 contamination), old clothing, small appliance, household
   •	 School Honor System                                     garbage, Styrofoam or Styrofoam products, plastic bags
                                                              (unless clear & used to contain items).
   •	 Young Business People – students creating a
      business or raising money for a cause
   •	 Courage & Perseverance – doing well in school in        Contact and Other Information:
      spite of an illness or family tragedy                   For locations to drop off hazardous items such as computers
                                                              or batteries visit: or
   •	 Caring & Volunteering – working with the needy on
                                                              Want a recycle bin or two? Call Waste Management at 704
      a regular basis
While we may not be able to publish all nominations, we
                                                              Special thanks to Janet Wirostek for this information.
look forward to citing those in our community whose acts
are something above and beyond the norm. Contact Krista
Pruitt for a nomination form.

                                                                           T h e      P e n i n s u l a        N e w s
                                           Community Activities
Caring Hearts Foundation                                              The Peninsula Community Foundation
The Caring Hearts Foundation will hold its Fifth Annual            The Peninsula Community Foundation’s Fall Pledge Drive yielded
Circle of Friends Benefit Dinner with a silent auction and         over $ 65,000.00 in 3-year pledges and gifts. The Foundation
entertainment on Friday, April 18, 2009, beginning at 7:00         expresses its sincere thanks to those generous souls who have
pm at the Peninsula Club, Cornelius, North Carolina. All           committed to assist those in need within our community. A
proceeds, contributions and purchases benefit the supported        significant portion of these funds will be distributed soon to a
agencies that assist those most in need within our community.      community that is much in need. Thank you!

Caring Hearts Foundation membership consists of giving and         The Annual Gala will be held at the Peninsula Club on
caring women residing in Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville         September 19th. The decision to return the gala to the fall was
and adjacent areas. Members and non-members are
                                                                   made to allow more time between fundraisers. This year the
encouraged to participate in this worthwhile event. It is the
                                                                   Pledge Drive will be held in conjunction with the September
primary fundraiser for the year!! Caring Hearts is seeking
sponsors for the event and auction items. You may read about       Gala. Gala Coordinators Roxanne Blake and Meredith Fite
the supported organizations on the Caring Hearts Foundation        will be sending out Save The Date Cards in early summer.
website at:
                                                                   The Foundation is offering to sell two 12-day vacations in
This year the dinner is open to couples and is priced at $75 per   Tuscany donated for the Spring Gala that was postponed.
person. Reservations are due by April 10, 2009 with payment        Accommodations for 4 will be offered for $ 4,500.00. Details
to Caring Hearts Foundation, Post Office Box 1153, Cornelius,      are available from Gip Bonar at 704 895-1503 or by email at
NC 28031. For further Caring Hearts Foundation information
and to make reservations, please contact Carolyn Duke at
704-895-7765, or email                      The Foundation supports several start up charities and
                                                                   volunteer based organizations such as the Lake Norman Free
Peninsula Book Club                                                Clinic in Huntersville, Habitat for Humanity, Lydia’s Loft,
The Book Club meets the 2nd Monday of each month from              Loaves & Fishes, the Ada Jenkins Mobile Dental Bus, Hospice
September through June at noon for lunch and discussion.           of Lake Norman, Dove House, First Tee, Hope House, and
Newcomers are always welcome. If you have questions,               scholarships for local high school graduates. All money raised
contact Phyllis Wilson at 704.987.8040.                            by the Foundation stays in the Lake Norman area.

                  Future Meetings and Books:                       Residents wishing to support the Foundation or who need
                                                                   information may contact Foundation President Mr. David
                  April 13, 2009     The Commoner
                                     by Burnham Schwartz           L. Powell at 704 965-3891 or by email at davidlpowell@
                  May 11, 2009       The Glass Castle    
                                     by Jeannette Walls

6      T h e     P e n i n s u l a       N e w s
                 Community Contacts Listing                                                    Notes For Neighborhood Captains
            The Peninsula Neighborhood Captains
                                                                                              Neighborhood Captains will be meeting on April
                       (as of 4/1/2009)                                                       1st with the PPOA Board to develop goals for the
                                                                                              coming year and review proposals for improving
The list below represents the volunteers who make up our Neighborhood or Area Captains.
 They can help you with questions about living in The Peninsula or with questions about our
      Association. If you have an issues, please let your Neighborhood Captain know.
                                                                                              Items of interest to the Captains will be the
Balmore Pines                                                                                 possible enhancement of the Association
    Jean Burke ...................892-7509                    Website, improvements to the quarterly
East Shore                                                                                    newsletter, and a review of the community survey.
    Lauren Polek ................655-9333
    Holly Onachilla ............892-3860
Flying Jib Road
    Anne Genske ...............607-5230                                           Community
Harbor Light Blvd
    Kathy Day ...................987-1653                                         Contacts Listing
    Diane Arledge ..............896-2546
    Sandie Durboraw ..........987-1699                                  Important Telephone Numbers
Heron Pointe                                                                                  Cornelius Police/Fire/Ambulance ....... 704-892-1363
    Angela Standish ............892-2927
    Angela Blair .................896-7451                      Emergency................................................. 911
Mainsail Pointe                                                                               Lake Norman Boat Patrol ...................704-896-2185
    Sheryl Chapman ...........895-8844 
                                                                                              Duke Power (Street Lights) .............. 704-594-6200
Meta Road                                                                                     Waste Management ......................... 800-927-8362
    Kim Green ..................896-3504
    Lillian Noffsinger ..........894-9858                    Piedmont Gas ................................ 800-356-2593
North Shore                                                                                   Hawthorne Management Company ...... 704-377-0114
    Jill Glenn ....................655-9809                      Mailbox Repairs (Hank Norwood) ........ 704-541-2122
Peninsula Cove                                                                                Mailbox Letters (Signs Here)............704-483-6454
    Della Stafford ..............892-1975
                                                                                              Mailbox Parts (Pete Glas Co.) ....... 704-372-3026
Peninsula Pointe                                                                              Lift Station Service
    Diane Hamilton ............896-2003
                                                                                              (McCall Brothers)............................704-399-1506
Peninsula Shores
    Leslie Pitt ...................655-7430
    Janet Wirostek ..............896-3119
Players Ridge
    Betty Maddux ..............892-7594
    Susan Rutz ..................892-4157                                                                Lake Norman
Sail Point                                                                                                                        Garden Club
    Sue Cherrington ...........987-0366
    Cheri McCarney ...........897-9912 
    Diane Powell ...............896-6655                                                     The South Lake
Stableford                                                                                                                Norman Garden
    Diane Mason ...............896-1868                                                 Club meets on the
Town Harbour                                                                                                              3rd Monday of each
    Susan Miller ................892-4862                                                      month at 9:30 am.
    Liza Grainda ................892-5946
                                                                                                                          Those interested
Yawl Road
    Lindsey Long ...............655-0048                  in participating should contact Liz Bechdol,
    Laurie Helgeson ...........896-0709                       President, at 704.892.8689 or by email at
 The PPOA welcomes Angela Standish and Angela Blair as New Captains for
 Heron Point and Lillian Noffsinger to Meta Road and Diane Powell for Sail
 Point. Thaks Rita O’Malley who served us for Heron Point. We’ll miss you!
                                                                                               T h e        P e n i n s u l a               N e w s
                                                                                                                    PRSTD STD
                                                                                                                   US POSTAGE
       Peninsul a Property                                                                                            PAID
       o w n e r s a s s o c i at i on , i n c .                                                                  PERMIT NO. 48
                                                                                                                  CORNELIUS, NC
       c/o Hawthorne Management Company
       P.O. Box 11906
       Charlotte, NC 28220-1906
       (704) 377-0114

                       Young Entrepreneurs
Name                   Age     Phone              BS      HS DW MH RCC                    Community
Michelle Bertou
Gabriela Brossette
                               704 894-9585
                               704 894-9585
Liana Fabbricatore      12     704 987-9344        X             X      X      X
Nicolas Fabbricatore     11    704 987-9344                X     X                        Skylar Green, son of James and
Nathan Fabbricatore      11    704 897-9344                X     X                      Kim Green has been selected for an
Holly Miller            13     704 892-4883        X       X     X      X      X       internship in the West Point Cultural
Ashley Martel           12     704 892-8288        X       X     X      X      X         Immersion Program in the Horn of
Brooke Martel            11    704 892-8288        X       X     X      X              Africa this summer. He will be doing
                                                                                         humanitarian aid work in Dijbouti,
These young people have been approved by their parents to perform the services                  Kenya, and Tanzania.
                                                                                              Congratulations, Skylar!
indicated. Initial calls to these Young Entrepreneurs should be made through                          –––––––
their parents. Ask parents for information regarding references and certification.      Jack Wilson, son of Jim and Phyllis
                                                                                     Wilson has been accepted to Governor’s
Want your young entrepreneur on the list? E-mail your child’s name, age, contact        School. Jack will be participating in
number, and area of interest to                                   a six-week summer program for the
                                                                                      intellectually gifted at Salem College.
         [Codes: Baby Sitting- BS; House Sitting-HS; Dog Walking/Sitting-DW;
                   Mother’s Helper-MH; Certified Training- RCC]

8      T h e     P e n i n s u l a        N e w s

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