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Transferring to Central Connecticut State University

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					                              Transferring to Central Connecticut State University

                                    Steps for the potential social work major

Once you have determined that CCSU Department of Social Work is the program for you:

Apply to CCSU

1st Early in the fall or spring semester (the semester prior to attending CCSU) while you are still at the
community college—apply to CCSU. Make sure any and all transcripts are sent to CCSU. Do not send any
transcripts to the social work program.

The most common error students make when transferring to CCSU is waiting too long to apply. Delays result in
(1) closed sections of courses needed by students (2) being placed on waiting list (3) delays in financial aid.

2nd After receiving your acceptance letter/information, the student must contact Chair of Social Work
Department at or 860 (832-3016) to make an advising appointment.

DO NOT WALK IN -- you will be disappointed when in all likelihood no one may be able to assist at that time.
You will only end up having to make an appointment for a later date.

Get Advised

3rd Bring the Transfer Credit Evaluation form sent to you with the acceptance letter and a list of current
courses if you are enrolled in any (an unofficial transcript is acceptable as well). Without this information,
students cannot be adequately advised.

If you do not receive your Transfer Credit Evaluation in the packet of information sent to you from Admissions,
student must contact Admissions for a copy of it PRIOR to the meeting with the Chair. Without the Transfer
Credit Evaluation, you will have to reschedule advising appointment. Faculty will not advise without it.

At the advising session, student will be provided with a list of courses to register for, and their Personal
Identification Number (PIN) which will allow them to access registration at their specified time.


4th Register for courses. All registration is online. Students must activate their Pipeline account to access it.
Information is available on line regarding how to utilize Pipeline and Registration.

Transfer students who applied early and was accepted in a timely fashion can register during the
Priority/Early Registration Period (for Spring 2011 courses Nov 7-Nov 18 ,2011 , it opens again in Dec; for fall
2012 semester April 9 –April 20, it opens again May) this ensures that students get the courses they want at
the times they like.

More and more transfer students are waiting until the summer (last minute) to apply, get accepted, and
advised. As a result, they have experienced many difficulties. Faculty are only available on a very limited basis
(they are not summer employees—and have other obligations), resulting in limited opportunities for
advisement. Adding to student frustration is that classes are closed and not available.
The Social Work Program at CCSU has a selective admissions policy. The policy is based on the need to
maintain a program of excellence in the classroom and to assure availability of quality field education

Acceptance to the Social Work Program is based upon successful completion of specific courses (see below),
successful volunteer experience, potential for professional competence, and demonstrated competence in
writing skills. In addition, students must have (and maintain) a GPA of 2.5 in all required prerequisites and
major courses, and 2.0 overall. Please consult The Student Handbook available on line (CCSU Social Work) for
detailed information. Students apply when they are in their 2nd 200 level social work (SW) course.

Meeting the minimum standards for admission does not guarantee acceptance to the Social Work Program.
The Program reserves the right to admit a limited number of students each year.

Courses Required for Admission to the Social Work Program, each with a grade of ‘C’ or better.

BIO 111 Introductory Biology          or     BMS 111 Cells and the Human Body

PS 110 American Government            or     PS 230 State and Local Government

SOC 110 Introductory Sociology        or     ANTH 140 Introduction to Anthropology

SOC 111 Social Problems               or     SW 100 Exploration in Social Work

Soc 233 The Family

ECON 200 Principles of
Economics I

SW 226 Social Welfare Policy and Services I (prerequisites: SOC 110 or ANTH 140 AND SOC 111 or SW 100) Fall only

SW 227 Human Behavior and Social Environment I (prerequisites: SOC 233 AND BIO 111 or BMS 111) Spring only

                                           Consider Course Abroad for Credit

The Social Work Program offers 2 course abroad /volunteer programs.

Building a Multiracial, Multiethnic Society, Cape Town, South Africa   Winter (6 credits)

Resiliency and Citizen Participation: Experiential Learning in Villa El Salvador, Peru Summer (3 credits)

See CCSU Center on International Education web site for more information on
these programs, and other study abroad opportunities.

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