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Criminal Justice
    The Criminal JusticeTechnology curriculum
is designed to provide knowledge of criminal
justice systems and operations. Course work
includes local, state, and federal law enforcement;
judicial processes; corrections; security service;
and the criminal justice system’s role in
    Employment opportunities exist in a variety
of local, state, and federal law enforcement,
corrections, and security fields.
    Students successfully completing a Basic
Law Enforcement Training course accredited by
the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education
and Training Standards Commission and the
North Carolina Sheriffs’ Education and Training
Standards Commission will receive credit
toward the Associate in Applied Science degree
in Criminal Justice Technology. Students must
have successfully passed the Commissions’
comprehensive certification examination.
Students must have completed Basic Law
Enforcement Training since 1985.

                 Dawn Stanley

           community college          TM
     Course Schedule
     Criminal JustiCe teChnology
Fall Semester
ENG 111     Expository Writing
PSY 150     General Psychology
CJC 111     Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJC 112     Criminology
CIS 110     Introduction to Computers
ACA 111     College Student Success

Spring Semester
ENG 114    Professional Research & Reporting
MAT 115    Mathematical Models
SOC 210    Introduction to Sociology or
SOC 220    Social Problems
CJC 113    Juvenile Justice
CJC 131    Criminal Law
PSY 246    Adolescent Psychology or
PSY 241    Developmental Psychology

Fall Semester
CJC 121     Law Enforcement Operations (or COE)
POL 120     American Government
CJC 141     Corrections (or COE)
CJC 132     Court Procedure & Evidence
CJC 231     Constitutional Law

Spring Semester
PSY 281    Abnormal Psychology
SOC 230    Race & Ethnic Relations
CJC 215    Organization & Administration
CJC 212    Ethics & Community Relations
CJC 221    Investigative Principles
           Humanities Elective

             Total Credit Hours    68
    This degree program is also offered
through the Distance Education program.
Further information can be found on the
internet at

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