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					                                            Glenn L. Austin
                                          22828 SE 270th Street
                                   Maple Valley, Washington 98038
                                home: (425) 433-8645 cell: (425) 463-5974

Visionary, results-oriented engineer with over 20 years of shrink-wrap software and firmware experience
in both the Macintosh and Windows marketplaces and over 2 years of experience developing and
releasing software in the Apple iTunes AppStore for IOS devices. Excels in communicating highly
technical concepts using non-technical terms. Effective problem solver and process designer with
leadership experience. Expert in object-oriented design and programming.

 Expert-level engineer on IOS, Macintosh, Windows, Linux, and UNIX.
 Has multiple IOS applications published on the Apple iTunes AppStore.
 Led the conversion of Mac OS X products from Carbon to Cocoa technologies.

AUSTIN-SOFT, Maple Valley, Washington                                                            2001-present
Lead Software Design Consulting Engineer
Designed and developed Day-n-Night iPhone/iPad application for Austin-Soft to display a realistic map
of the daytime, twilight and nighttime areas of the Earth. Day-n-Night uses a heavily threaded design to
update a very high resolution image in parts, since the entire set of images do not fit in available memory.
Designed and developed PAXitis iPhone application for Austin-Soft as a specialized driver time tracking
system during autosports competitions. Adapted the code for PAXitis into the simpler version PAXitis lite
for the iPhone, to provide a product that is geared towards a lower-end user, and provides the ability for
the user to later upgrade functionality to match the functionality of the full version of PAXitis.
Designed and developed AXAnalyst for Austin-Soft. AXAnalyst is a multi-platform, software-based
autocross driving coach which utilizes the data from supported data acquisition systems, retrieving the
data, analyzing that data, and providing virtually-instant feedback to the driver. It uses artificial
intelligence routines to automatically determine the beginning and ending of significant data and
intermediate segment times. It uses advanced artificial intelligence routines to determine where the driver
needs to improve on their next run. Determined serial communication protocol when working with some
data acquisition and recording systems, and wrote a multi-platform system to communicate and control
those data acquisition systems.
Software development engineer for Microsoft working on Microsoft Office 2011 for Macintosh using
both native and cross-platform toolsets. Developed hybrid Carbon/Cocoa frameworks to facilitate re-
designing user interface elements such that products can determine at runtime whether to use Carbon or
Cocoa user interface implementations.
Software development engineer for Microsoft working on Microsoft Office 2008 for Macintosh using
both native and cross-platform toolsets. Re-designed pre-existing toolbar implementation to work in an
embedded format within document windows. Designed and implemented view-based system to facilitate
new drag and drop functionality without affecting the existing window-based drag and drop
implementation. Designed and implemented an advanced memory management system to prevent
application crashes due to address space exhaustion when working with extremely large data sets.
Engineer on InFocus cross-platform client/server-based asset-management, tracking, command, and
control system, written primarily on Windows and using the TrollTech Qt libraries. The system maintains
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network communications with network-enabled video projectors to monitor and change video settings, as
well as acting as a security system for tracking disconnections of the equipment. I designed a system to
permit not only localization, but also complete modification of the user interface for branding and sub-
licensing purposes. Lead engineer on client application.
Senior developer on version 3.0 of eMusic download client, developed using Carbon. Developed updated
download architecture permitting interrupted downloads to be resumed, and to accurately predict
download period and completion time.
Senior developer on an SQL database-based, multi-threaded, multiple-user web application for Adobe
Systems, developed using Java, JavaScript, JSP, WebObjects, and Perl. Instructed other team members in
use of Java, JDBC, and SQL on Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL. Developed classes to dynamically
generate SQL implementation-specific code to communicate with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
databases. Senior developer on dynamic JSP and SQL-based, high-availability web portal to provide end-
user access to software downloads and updates.
Lead development of an Apache mod_perl-based CGI to handle incoming requests for multiple
language web pages on the Adobe Systems customer support web site. The CGI is designed and
implemented to support thousands of queries per second and dynamically redirect the queries to the
proper language- and product-specific web page.
Lead development of a multi-platform network bandwidth throttling library, saving Adobe Systems
almost $2,000,000 in acquisition costs and $500,000 per year maintenance costs for a third-party product.
Developed the Windows version and co-developed the POSIX/Mac OS X version of that library. Lead
development of a new Windows version of a multi-threaded, pluggable shell using template-based C++
classes to provide a consistent user experience and the ability to suspend and resume operation of lengthy
Developer of redesigned, cross-platform FileMaker plug-in for Sitecraft to provide StuffIt and zip
compression and decompression, and MacBinary and BinHex encoding and decoding from within

APPLE COMPUTER, Vancouver, Washington                                                          1999-2001
Software Engineer
Senior developer on the Windows version of AppleWorks in the conversion to native Win32 APIs, using
Microsoft MFC and ATL. Engineered new features on AppleWorks for Macintosh, Mac OS X and
Windows. Created new Mail Merge function to permit creation of single-file or multiple-file document
output in addition to output directly to printer. Implemented internal changes to paint objects for
compatibility with Windows and Mac OS X. Engineered revisions to AppleWorks that worked in both
single- and multi-byte languages. Engineered changes to low-level data blocking and unblocking code to
maintain compatibility with existing file formats while fixing known file-corruption problems.

ALADDIN SYSTEMS, Watsonville, California                                                          1996-1999
Senior Development Engineer/Senior Design Engineer
Led the StuffIt InstallerMaker team to develop the built-in Electronic Commerce technology, which can
automatically add electronic commerce technology to existing applications. The technology permits
developers using StuffIt InstallerMaker to simply check off those applications they wish to protect, and
StuffIt InstallerMaker will automatically create a protected version of those applications for installation.
Led the StuffIt Deluxe team in designing the StuffIt Deluxe 5 multiple-platform, multi-language archive
format and compression. The archive format directly supports Macintosh, UNIX, and Windows file data
and metadata and automatically converts the appropriate metadata to the destination platform.
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Re-engineered StuffIt Browser to use documented interfaces and the latest Macintosh technology, leading
to StuffIt 4.5 winning the "Best Use of New Apple Technology" Award, since the StuffIt Browser was the
only portion of the product with visible updates to new Apple technologies.

SYMANTEC CORPORATION, Eugene, Oregon                                                     1994-1996
Senior Engineer
Designed high-performance, thread-safe memory allocation library. Designed 680x0 compiler plug-ins
for C, C++, Pascal, and Assembly for Symantec’s PowerPC-based integrated development environment.
Instructed team members and customers requesting high-end support in the use of C, C++, and Java

LA CIE LIMITED, Beaverton, Oregon                                                           1992-1994
Senior Software Engineer
Developed boot-time loader to automatically determine machine functionality in order to automatically
select between booting either Mac OS 6 or Mac OS 7. Consolidated multiple, discrete-functionality SCSI
drivers into a single SCSI driver while maintaining all functionality of the individual drivers while
maintaining overall driver size

TOTAL SYSTEMS, Eugene, Oregon                                                               1991-1992
Director of Engineering
Managed engineers and technical staff in hardware engineering, software engineering, quality assurance,
technical support, production, and repair departments. Coordinated hardware, software, testing,
production, and marketing of new hardware products. Wrote demonstration scripts of new products for
trade shows. Negotiated joint ventures with other hardware manufacturers.
Designed and implemented new software development system to increase development productivity by
400% and increase common code to nearly 90% of all code written. We reduced new product lead times
from 18 months to under 5 months, and also permitted multiple products to be developed simultaneously.

Computer Science, Washington State University
Computer Programming, Gonzaga University


Programming Languages                                  Class Libraries
 C/C++                                                 Apple Cocoa Touch
 Objective C/C++                                       Apple Cocoa
 Java                                                  Microsoft MFC
 JavaScript/ECMAScript
 HTML                                                 Operating System Development
 SQL                                                   IOS
 XML                                                   Mac OS X
 Python                                                Linux
 PHP                                                   UNIX
 PERL                                                  Windows

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