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					What Are the Best Flat Screen TV?


The best flat screen TVs - what more could a man possibly want to enjoy those sports and
movies on than that big, amazing flat screen TV? What more could a woman want than a big flat
screen that lets her indulge in her favorite TV shows? The answer is a flat screen TV! Every
modern flat-screen TV is HDTV-ready, and even when you don't subscribe to HD services or get
HD broadcast signals, you typically still get a drastically better picture than with an older tube-
television. If you do not already know, there is also a little known fact among "non-techies". The
phrase "flat-screen TV" is quite ambiguous, as even the old-model tube TVs (towards the end of
their production) had boasted "flat" screens (meaning little or no curving on the TV's corners).
Knowing this can make you sound a lot wittier about flat-PANEL TVs (as they are more
politically correct said) than sales people might have thought! Ok, now, the facts!

Searching for the best flat screen TVs does not have to be a chore. Those with a keen eye for a
good deal can also find some great bargains on highly-rated TV's! However, the "best flat screen
TVs" are basically more of personal opinions and preferences than anything. That said, brand is
also a very good indicator of the TV's quality. Since you are looking for the best, more often than
not you will want to avoid the LCD's and plasmas that are made by lesser-known companies (I
will not name names for the fear of those brand's loyalists possible offense). There are
exceptions sometimes, of course, and many times these more "bargain-basement" TVs are a real
deal. However, this article is about the best flat screen TVs, right? You want the best, you
deserve the best.

The televisions are often debated upon in stores and online forums alike. For more non-biased
opinions (or at least a wider spectrum of opinions) take a look at various websites. Make sure to
observe individual opinions, as well as opinions of the editors there. Also, there are numerous
other websites that have discussion forums on endless topics, definitely including TVs! In my
experience as a long-time associate in the retail world (in which I actually sell and market TVs) a
few brands automatically pop-up in my head as soon as the phrase "the best flat screen TVs (or
flat-panel LCD or plasma as they are more correctly referred to) are Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp,
and most Samsung models.

One more thing to mention: You are already more than likely to be thinking that the "best" is
going to cost the "most". This isn't always true. Some of the best TVs that ever were produced
can come at a significantly lower price than you think. Either through special manufacturer's
incentives, OR those TVs that have been on the market for a few years (some, nonetheless, still
being on top of their game) can you get the perfect best TV!

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