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Flat Screen TV For the Bedroom


									Flat Screen TV For the Bedroom


If you're looking for a great TV for the bedroom, there's nothing as good as a 32 inch flat screen
TV. The size is just perfect for relaxed television viewing. You don't need a 42 inch monster set
in your bedroom; save that for the living room.

The 32 inch flat screen TV is the industry standard for the bedroom, lounge or family room. Ask
any TV salesperson and they'll tell you that this size is the most preferred. The flat screen is also
a big plus. It's easy to mount, and doesn't have to take up half of your room. You can choose a
bench stand or mount it on the wall for maximum space efficiency.

Choosing The Right 32 Inch Flat Screen TV

Your first consideration is to think about what features you'd like. First, think about how you'll
be using your 32 inch flat screen TV. If you're into gaming, you'll want something with higher
quality. If you watch Blu-ray movies, you'll want something that's compatible and made with
Blu-ray in mind.

Flat screen TV's can be either plasma or LCD. Plasma is a huge step up from regular TVs,
offering higher quality, more even colors and great widescreen aspect ratio. LCD sets offer even
better quality and durability, but usually come with a higher price tag. The best way to choose is
to head down to your local dealer and have a look yourself. Both types are compatible with PCs.

Brand is another consideration. It's always best to go with a brand name that you know and trust.
Brands like Hitachi, Samsung and Philips are considered top-of-the-line. Sometimes generic
brands can make outstanding TVs as well, and going generic can save you big bucks.

Where To Shop And How To Buy

Start with your local TV dealer or electronics shop. With a 32 inch flat screen TV, you've got to
see the goods to know what you want. Have a look at a number of different brands and models,
and then tell the salesperson, "Thanks," and take your credit card home.

Why not buy? Because you can almost always find better deals online. Even paying for shipping,
you can usually save some money by buying online. Buying online has an added risk, so be
careful. Buy from a recognized dealer with a solid return and refund policy. eBay and Amazon
have quality control standards, but if you buy from a smaller website, check with the Better
Business Bureau to make sure they're legit.

If you'd rather buy from a local dealer, you've got a few options on saving money. One is to buy
used, which again carries a little risk. Another is to wait until TVs come on sale. You can often
get a bargain when a new model comes out, and last year's model's price is reduced to get them
off the shelf. If you've got a little patience and time to wait, you can take advantage of some
great deals.
The 32 inch flat screen TV is the perfect set for your bedroom or family room. It's big, but the
flat screen makes it space efficient. This is the latest thing in television technology, and you'll be
glad you tried one out.

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