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					    2nd QUARTER
    July 2011
                                         Pontiac Meals on Wheels

                               Pontiac Meals on Wheels is located at 248 South Telegraph Road in Pontiac.
                               Telephone # (248) 738-9393
Pontiac Meals on Wheels is
  funded partially by the          Activity for the Month: Oakland County Fair
                                   or Eastern Market Tuesdays
  Federal Older Americans
  Act and the Michigan
  Office of Services to the
                                                                                                 11 am – 7 pm in Shed 2.
  Aging through the Area           The Oakland County Fair        parking; it is senior day!
  Agency on Aging 1-B.             begins on Tuesday, July
  Pontiac Meals on Wheels                                                                        Additionally, several
  complies with the terms          12 and continues               If you can’t make it to
                                                                                                 vendors at the Eastern
  and regulations of Title V       through Sunday, July 17.       the fair, consider a visit
  of the Civil Rights Act of
                                                                                                 Market accept the
                                   Visit the fair for 4-H fun     to Detroit’s Eastern
  1964 as amended and                                                                            Bridge Card. Help
                                   and other numerous             Market. In addition to
  Section 504 of the Social                                                                      support Michigan’s
  Rehabilitation Act of            activities. The fair is held   being open on the
                                                                                                 economy! Take time to
  1973 and is an EEOE              at Springfield Oaks            weekends, the Eastern
  program. Reasonable                                                                            visit the Fair or the
                                   County Park located at         Market is now open on
  accommodation will be                                                                          Eastern Market. Both
  provided upon                    12451 Andersonville            Tuesdays through
                                                                                                 help support our local
  notification or request.         Road in Davisburg,             September 27.
                                                                                                 farmers and businesses.
                                   48350. All seniors who         Local goods will be
                                   attend on Friday, July         available for sale from
                                   15th will receive ½ off

                                   Tips to Better Health: Goodbye Food Pyramid
                                   Hello My Plate!                vegetables. The                In addition to the types
                                   The USDA has replaced          remaining half should          of foods and portion
                                   the Food Guide                 be split with one              sizes, the USDA
                                   Pyramid with a simpler         quarter of grains (half        recommends that
                                   image on healthy eating        of those each day being        people drink more
                                   tips from the USDA.            whole grain) and the           water and reduce
                                   The new icon is a plate        other quarter should be        sweetened beverages.
                                   which shows what and           a source of protein. In        Low fat milk is also a
                                   how much of each food          addition to what is on         good choice and
                                   group should make up           the plate, there is an         important to include in
                                   each meal.                     additional spot for a          a well-balanced diet.
                                                                  type of low fat dairy.         Here’s to a healthier
                                   The new                        With the release of this       population!
                                   recommendations are            new icon, the USDA
                                   that one half of your          hopes that people will
                                   plate should be made           eat less and be aware
                                   up of fruits and               of portion sizes.
                                   Pontiac Meals on Wheels                                         Page 2 of 4
During the summer months, when temperatures rise, serious health risks can result. Though rare, the most
serious heat related illness is heat stroke. It most often affects very young people as, well as, the elderly.
While the body perspires to keep cool, sometimes it may not cool properly or enough; resulting in heat-
related illness. Early stages of heat illness include cramps, severe headach, nausea and vomiting. A person
will also begin to feel severe weakness which could ultimately lead to lack of consciousness. To avoid heat-
related illness, experts offer the following advice:
       Avoid the outdoors, or prolonged exposure during the hottest hours of the day, 11 am – 4 pm. If you
        are outside, wear light-colored & light-weight clothing. You should also wear a hat. Avoid wearing
        materials that are 100% cotton which holds sweat, making your body’s cooling process more difficult.
       Do not wait until you are thirsty as a sign. Stay hydrated at all times.
       It is best to avoid caffeine and alcohol; both cause dehydration and irritability.
                             BE SURE TO STAY COOL & HYDRATED THIS SUMMER!

Senior Center Happenings:
The Pontiac Meals on Wheels annual senior appreciation picnic will be sponsored again this year by AARP. It
will take place at the Bowen Senior Center located at 52 Bagley in Pontiac on Tuesday, July 26, 2011. AARP
State Director Jacqueline Morrison will speak on the Protect Our Senior Campaign; which covers Social
Security and Medicare. A picnic lunch will follow along with Bingo! Bingo prizes are courtesy of AARP. We
hope you can make it!

                                 Special Notes from Pontiac Meals on Wheels
 HOMEBOUND CLIENTS:               State & County health       If you will not be home        Get to know your
  To all of our pet lovers        guidelines prevent us       for a meal delivery,           delivery person by
   that receive meals on          from leaving your home      please call us to cancel       name! This helps our
 wheels; please keep your         delivered meal on your      your delivery for the          office staff track down
   pet restrained during          front porch. The only       day you will be away.          your delivery in the
   delivery hours. If our         exception is if you         We appreciate a 24-            event that your driver is
  driver’s approach your          provide an insulated        hour advance notice.           running late or you
house and notice you have         container that is animal                                   have other delivery
                                                              After three consecutive
      a pet that is not           proof and retains the                                      issues/comments.
                                                              missed deliveries;
 restrained, they will not        meal temperature.           Pontiac Meals on               Thank you for your
     stop for your meal           Please do not ask your      Wheels may                     consideration.
delivery. Please keep your        driver to leave the meal    temporarily suspend
 pet leashed or restrained        on the front porch.         your meal delivery.
    until after your meal
  delivery. Thank you for
    your understanding!
                                          FUNDING CUTS
 Pontiac Meals on Wheels has faced drastic cuts in the State and Federal funds distributed by the Area Agency
    Proper Handling of Your Meals
 on Aging 1-B. This funding is less than the actual cost to keep the program going. Your donations are
 important to us, no matter the size; and help us to continue your service. Please send what you can to help
 ensure that we’re able to continue this valuable service to all of our Pontiac Meals on Wheels clients.
 Remember, we ask for a donation of $2.50 per meal. This includes the food and delivery. If this amount
 creates hardship, we will gladly provide the meal at no charge.

 Pontiac Meals on Wheels will be hosting two fundraising events during the month of August to help with
 the shortfall. Please call 248-738-9393 for more information.

                     Featured Recipe: Fresh Broccoli Salad
   2 heads fresh broccoli
   1 red onion
   1/2 pound bacon (USE TURKEY BACON TO CUT FAT & CALORIES)
   3/4 cup raisins
   3/4 cup sliced almonds
   1 cup mayonnaise
   1/2 cup white sugar (USE SPLENDA TO CUT CALORIES)
   2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

    1. Place bacon in a deep skillet and cook over medium high heat until evenly
       brown. Cool and crumble.

    2. Cut the broccoli into bite-size pieces and cut the onion into thin bite-size
       slices. Combine with the bacon, raisins, and almonds.

    3. To prepare the dressing, mix the mayonnaise, sugar and vinegar together until
       smooth. Stir into the salad, let chill and serve.
   Proper Handling of Your Meal
   Proper handling (storing and reheating) of your meal is important to your health and well-being. Please don’t allow
   your meal to sit out on a countertop or table. Additionally, be sure the driver hands you your meal or brings it in for
   you---leaving a meal on the porch is unsafe. When you receive your meal, if you do not plan to eat it right away,
   put it in your refrigerator. When you choose to reheat it- refer to the instructions on the label.
   Always follow these tips:
       1) Heat leftovers and precooked food to at least 165°F. Food should be hot to the touch and steaming.
       2) Cover foods to hold in moisture and provide even heating.
       3) Serve reheated foods immediately.
       4) Reheat foods as rapidly as possible.
       5) Rotate or stir foods once or twice during cooking.
       6) Never reheat food more than once.
       7) Reheat your meal by placing it in a preheated oven (350°F) for 15-20 minutes or by microwaving on
          medium-high for 4-5 minutes. Be sure it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F!

        Liquid Meals Are Available
       Pontiac Meals on Wheels now has Ensure and Ensure Plus liquid meals available. A doctor’s prescription
       is required. Meals on Wheels clients or those 60 years and older can pick up the product at our facility
       or have it delivered to their home.

       Case prices are: Ensure (pick up) $10.00/case; Ensure Plus (pick up) $12.00/case. A delivery fee may
       apply. Contact Meals on Wheels for more information at 248-738-9393.

   Pontiac Meals on                About Our Organization
                                   Pontiac Meals on Wheels serves the Pontiac, Keego Harbor and Sylvan Lake
 248 South Telegraph Road          areas. We are happy to provide this service to the community and hope to do so
        Pontiac, MI
                                   for many more years to come.
                                   Pontiac Meals on Wheels is partially funded by funds from federal and state
         PHONE:                    agencies. These funds are distributed by the Area Agency on Aging 1-B in
      (248) 738-9393               Southfield.

           FAX:                    Our primary goal is to serve the nutritional needs of the homebound and
      (248) 738-9531               congregate elderly in our service area. Unfortunately, less than a third of senior
                                   citizens eat properly. A nutritious diet is important to lengthen and improve the
                                   quality of life. Senior citizens that are 60 years or older, homebound and living
   We’re on the Web!               in our service area qualify for the program.
       See us at:                  If you know someone that would benefit from this program, call us today.
                                   Phone: 248-738-9393

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