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Description: BACKGROUND The present Application relates to distortion of a digital image using spatial offsets from User Definable Image Reference Points and User Definable Image Reference Regions. User Definable Image Reference Points and Image Reference Regions aredescribed in U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,031,547; 6,865,300; 6,728,421; 7,602,991; and 7,602,968, the contents of which are incorporated by reference in this disclosure in their entirety. It is a well-known problem to correct color, contrast, sharpness, or other specific digital image attributes in a digital image. It is also well-known to those skilled in image-editing that it is difficult to perform multiple color, contrast,and other adjustments while maintaining a natural appearance of the digital image. At the current stage of image-editing technology, computer users can only apply relatively basic functions to images in a single action, such as increasing the saturation of all pixels of an image, removing a certain colorcast from the entireimage, or increasing the image's overall contrast. Well-known image-editing tools and techniques such as layer masks can be combined with existing image adjustment functions to apply such image changes selectively. However, current methods for imageediting are still limited to one single image adjustment at a time. More complex tools such as the Curves functions provided in image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop.RTM. provide the user with added control for changing image color, but suchtools are difficult to apply, and still very limited as they apply an image enhancement globally to the image. Additional image editing tools also exist for reading or measuring color values in the digital image. In its current release, Adobe Photoshop.RTM. offers a feature that enables the user to place and move up to four color reference points in animage. Such color reference points read properties (limited to the color values) of the image area in which they are placed. It is known