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					Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008
Marketing’s New Imperative For Success:
April 8–9, 2008 • Hyatt Regency Century Plaza • Los Angeles, Calif.

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    April 8–9, 2008
    Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
    Los Angeles, Calif.

                                  Forrester’s Marketing
                                  Forum 2008
                                  Marketing’s New Imperative For Success:
                                  Dear colleague,

                                  It’s never been tougher to be a marketer. Media options pop up so fast that it’s hard
                                  to keep track of them all, never mind figuring out how to make them work together
                                  Is it any wonder that your customers can have a disjointed experience that erodes
                                  your brand when they interact with your company across multiple touchpoints — like
                                  your TV ads, Web site, physical locations, and call center? And what happens when
                                  disaffected customers take out their frustrations in touchpoints that you don’t con-
                                  trol, like word of mouth, blogs, and customer ratings?
                                  Unfortunately, even though marketers didn’t create these problems, all too often it’s
                                  marketers who take the blame.
                                  But, there is a solution. Some companies attract and retain the attention of their cus-
                                  tomers — across channels and over time — by focusing on the four elements of
                                  engagement: involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence. As a result, they see
                                  increases in metrics like site visits, user contributed content, sentiment tracking, Net
                                  Promoter scores, positive posts on high-profile blogs, and, yes, even sales.
                                  Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008 will bring together marketing leaders from top com-
                                  panies that have used engagement as a strategy for success. These executives come
                                  from a variety of industries, but they share common goals like generating sales and
                                  leads, acquiring new customers, extending the life of current customers, and building
                                  influence among prospects. You’ll come away from their sessions with both a vision for
                                  the future and a plan for how to implement engagement at your company today.
                                  In addition to our outstanding industry guests, we’ll deliver a combination of analyst
                                  presentations, in-depth case studies, analyst one-on-ones, and peer networking that
                                  will give you the actionable insights needed to lead your organization as it adopts
                                  marketing’s new imperative for success: engagement.
                                  We hope to see you in April!

                                                  Christine Spivey Overby                       Harley Manning
                                                  Vice President,                               Vice President,
                                                  Research Director                             Research Director
Forrester’s Marketing Forum            Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008
2008 will examine the challenges
facing your role and present
                                       Marketing’s New Imperative For Success:
pragmatic insights and strategies      Engagement
based on data-driven research,
                                       Today’s marketers face a tough reality — the classic “marketing
surveys, and case studies.
                                       funnel” is broken. Only 13% of consumers say they buy prod-
As an attendee, you’ll learn           ucts because of ads. As the power of traditional marketing
how to:                                fades, companies must develop a new approach: engagement.
• Design engaging Web experiences
• Evaluate and establish a loyal
  audience of advocates
                                       Your Role, Your Priorities, Your Success!
• Grow your firm’s interactive         At Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008, industry executives and
  marketing maturity                   Forrester analysts will present strategies and specific tactics for
• Launch word-of-mouth marketing       increasing engagement through keynote speeches and dedicated
  to boost sales                       tracks designed for the following roles:
• Successfully engage customers        • Marketing Leadership professional
  with online video                    • Customer Experience professional
• Adapt Social Computing practices     • Direct Marketing and Market Research professional
  to B2B marketing                     • eBusiness, Channel & Product Management professional
• Use personas to increase customer    • Interactive Marketing professional
                                       • B2B Marketing professional
• Incorporate customers’ emotional
  responses into the design process
                                       Whether you’re looking for advice on marketing programs,
• Avoid common email marketing
                                       organizational structures, customer-centered design, or measure-
                                       ment tool kits, Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008 will provide insights
• Find desirable online ad inventory   on how B2B and B2C marketers can get the most out of emerging
  at an effective price
                                       marketing practices.
• Develop an enterprise contact
                                       • How can marketers turn customers into brand evangelists?
                                       • Which social technologies help marketers better understand
• Add online communities to your
                                         customer feelings, affinity, and sentiment?
  market research tool kit
                                       • How can you measure involvement, interaction, intimacy, and
• Use multichannel ad campaigns to
  build engagement
                                       • How do B2B and B2C engagement tactics compare?
                                       • How must marketing budgets change as a result of the focus on
                                         customer engagement?

                                       Don’t miss this must-attend event for marketing
                                       professionals. Last year’s Marketing Forum was a
                                       sell-out success, so register early!

    Powerful Content.
    Exceptional Industry Speakers.

    Keynote Sessions
                  Engagement: A New Approach To                                                  Designing For Engagement
                  Understanding Your Customers                                                   Kerry Bodine, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
                  Brian Haven, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

    • What is engagement and why is it broader than you think?                     • Why do so many customer experience efforts fall flat?
    • Why is your current approach to measurement and customer                     • What are “desirable” customer experiences — and why do
      insight all wrong?                                                             they matter to marketers?
    • How can you better understand and interact with engaged                      • How can firms start to focus on desirability?
                                                                                                 Company-Wide Initiatives For Engaging
                  Tapping Agencies’ Evolving Marketing                                           Customers
                  Capabilities                                                                   Mark J. Colombo, Senior Vice President, Digital
                  Casey C. Jones, Vice President, Global Marketing, Dell                         Access Marketing, FedEx Services

    • How will WPP’s new 1,000+ person agency help Dell engage                     • How does FedEx identify the most important “moments of
      with customers across all channels?                                            truth” for customers?
    • What did Dell look for in its marketing agency search? And                   • What programs has FedEx put in place to stay at the fore-
      why was analytics the No. 1 priority?                                          front of innovation while never sacrificing the customer
    • Are traditional multi-agency models dead?
                                                                                   • How does FedEx build companywide support for its
                  Moving Beyond Marketing To Engagement                              customer-centric programs?
                  Gary Skidmore, Corporate Officer, Executive Vice
                  President, Harte-Hanks                                                         LeapFrog Gets Connected
                                                                                                 Nancy MacIntyre, Executive Vice President, Product,
                                                                                                 Innovation, and Marketing, LeapFrog Enterprises
    • How do marketers learn how to create more opportunities to
      engage customers across all touchpoints?
    • How do marketers build an organizational model that better                   • How is LeapFrog leveraging new media to create greater
      aligns disparate marketing and customer-facing organizations                   brand loyalty?
      for effective customer engagement?                                           • How is LeapFrog creating integrated branding in the age of
    • How do both B2B and B2C marketers use this model to                            mass customization?
      impact business results?                                                     • How does LeapFrog mobilize its customer evangelists?

                  The Four Pleasures: A Framework For
                  Customer Engagement
                  Patrick W. Jordon, Author, How To Make Brilliant
                  Stuff People Love

    • Why is it important for companies to provide pleasurable
      experiences for customers?
    • How can marketers connect with customers’ psychological,
      physical, social, and ideological motivations?
    • How have the world’s biggest brands used the four pleasures
      framework to build their business and create hugely success-
      ful products and services?

    * All speakers are accurate as of the date of this publication. We are constantly evolving our speaker list.
    View the full agenda and updated speakers at:

Marketing Forum 2008
Marketing’s New Imperative For Success:
April 8–9, 2008 • Hyatt Regency Century Plaza • Los Angeles, Calif.

                                                                                         * Event schedule is confirmed as of the date of this publication.
Event Agenda                                                                       View the detailed agenda at

                                                                                                       All track themes and sessions are subject to change.
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
7:30 – 8:30 a.m.        Event Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 – 8:50 a.m.        Opening Remarks
                        Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
8:50 – 9:35 a.m.        Engagement: A New Approach To Understanding Your Customers
                        Brian Haven, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
9:35 – 10:20 a.m.       Tapping Agencies’ Evolving Marketing Capabilities
                        Casey C. Jones, Vice President, Global Marketing, Dell
10:20 – 11:05 a.m.      Networking Break in the Technology Showcase
11:05 – 11:45 a.m.      Moving Beyond Marketing To Engagement
                        Gary Skidmore, Corporate Officer and President, Harte-Hanks
11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Industry Keynote
12:30 – 1:45 p.m.       Lunch in the Technology Showcase
1:45 – 2:30 p.m.        Track Sessions
                         Track A                 Track B                 Track C                     Track D                    Track E

2:30 – 2:45 p.m.         Intermission
2:45 – 3:15 p.m.         Guest Executive Forums
                         [x+1]                         Aprimo                           Organic                          Responsys

3:15 – 4:00 p.m.         Networking Break in the Technology Showcase
4:00 – 4:45 p.m.         Track Sessions
                         Track A                 Track B                 Track C                     Track D                    Track E

4:45 – 5:00 p.m.         Intermission
5:00 – 5:45 p.m.         The Four Pleasures: A Framework For Customer Engagement
                         Patrick W. Jordan, Author, How To Make Brilliant Stuff People Love
5:45 – 6:00 p.m.         Day 1 Closing Remarks
                         Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
6:00 – 7:00 p.m.         Networking Reception in the Technology Showcase
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.         Special Event sponsored by Acxiom

Wednesday, April 9, 2008
7:30 – 8:20 a.m.        Breakfast Presentation by Unica
7:45 – 8:30 a.m.        Event Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 – 8:40 a.m.        Day 2 Opening Remarks
                        Harley Manning, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
8:40 – 9:25 a.m.        Designing For Engagement
                        Kerry Bodine, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
9:25 – 10:10 a.m.       Companywide Initiatives For Engaging Customers
                        Mark Colombo, Senior Vice President, Digital Access Marketing, FedEx Services
10:10 – 10:55 a.m.      Networking Break in the Technology Showcase
10:55 – 11:45 a.m.      LeapFrog Gets Connected
                        Nancy MacIntyre, Executive Vice President, Product, Innovation, and Marketing, LeapFrog Enterprises
11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Industry Keynote
12:30 – 1:45 p.m.       Lunch in the Technology Showcase
1:45 – 2:30 p.m.        Track Sessions
                         Track A                 Track B                 Track C                     Track D                    Track E

2:30 – 2:45 p.m.         Intermission
2:45 – 3:30 p.m.         Track Sessions
                         Track A                 Track B                 Track C                     Track D                    Track E
3:30 p.m.                Event Ends

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    Your Role, Your Priorities,
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    their choice, depending on availability.

              Kerry Bodine: Kiosks, Web Site                      Brian Haven: Podcasting,              Laura Ramos: Search Marketing,
              Design, Interactive Marketing,                      Immersive Video Game Marketing,       Brand & Product Web Sites,
              Design & Usability Processes                        Digital Content, Digital Asset        Marketing Measurement,
                                                                  Management, Electronic                Manufacturing, Financial Services,
              Brad Bortner: Marketing &                           Signatures, Encryption, & Rights      Media & Entertainment, Healthcare
              Advertising, Market Researcher Case                 Management, User-Generated            & Life Sciences, Lead Management,
              Studies, Market Researcher Personal                 Content                               Customer Retention & Lifetime
              Development, Consumer Packaged                      Carrie Johnson: Business-To-          Value Strategies, Social Marketing,
              Goods, Market Researcher Tools &                    Consumer eCommerce, Retail            Telemarketing & Telesales, High-
              Best Practices, Market Researcher                                                         Tech, Insurance, Energy & Utilities,
              Data Techniques, Market Researcher                                                        Healthcare & Life Sciences
              Sources Catalogs, Market                            Julie M. Katz: Marketing &            Marketing, Professional Services,
              Researcher Best Practices,                          Advertising, Direct Marketing         B2B Marketing
              Professional Services, Market                       Measurement, Email Marketing &        Ron Rogowski: Brand & Product
              Researcher Segmentation                             RSS, Consumer Online Activities       Web Sites, Consumer Retail & CPG,
              Lisa Bradner: Direct Marketing,                     Mary Beth Kemp: Marketing &           Globalization & Localization, Expert
              Brand Management, In-Store                          Advertising, Marketing                Reviews, Centers of Expertise,
              Marketing, Loyalty Marketing,                       Measurement, Direct Marketing,        Consumer Financial Services,
              Branding                                            Consumer Packaged Goods, High-        Customer Experience
                                                                  Tech, Travel, Financial Services,     Management, Automotive
              Eric G. Brown: Technology Industry                                                        Customer Experience, Competitive
              Marketing, Vendor Strategy,                         Professional Services
                                                                                                        Analysis, Consumer Electronics/
              Healthcare Information Systems,                     Peter Kim: Marketing Organization     PCs, Retail Customer Experience,
              Clinical Information Exchange                       Structure, Marketing & Advertising,   Rich Internet Applications, Travel
                                                                  Brand Monitoring, Social Marketing,   Customer Experience, Best of the
              Megan Burns: Cross-Channel                          Consumer Packaged Goods,
              Design Strategies, Usability Testing,                                                     Web, Scenario Design, Customer
                                                                  Advertising Agencies, Word-Of-        Experience
              Web Analytics                                       Mouth Marketing, Marketing Talent
                                                                  & Skills, Financial Services,         Shar VanBoskirk: Search
              Peter Burris: IT Social Networks &                  Professional Services, Retail         Marketing, Marketing & Advertising,
              Online Communities, Technology                                                            Interactive Marketing Organization,
              Marketing, Web 2.0, Social                          Vidya Lakshmipathy: Mobile            Media & Entertainment, Online
              Networking Platforms, Search                        Device Management                     Advertising
              Technology, B2B Marketing                                                                 Suresh Vittal: Marketing &
              Jaap Favier: Social Computing &                     Charlene Li: Search Marketing,        Advertising, Database Marketing,
              Web 2.0                                             Marketing & Advertising, Web Site     Enterprise Marketing Platforms, EA
                                                                  Design, Consumer Blogs, Widgets,      Communication & Training
                                                                  Social Computing & Web 2.0,           Processes, High-Tech, Customer
              Dave Frankland: Database                            Consumer Portals & Search, Media      Analytics, Media & Entertainment,
              Marketing, Travel, Financial                        & Entertainment, RSS                  Financial Services,
              Services, Database Marketing                                                              Telecommunications Services, Retail
                                                                  James L. McQuivey: Marketing &
              Service Providers, Retail                           Advertising, HDTV, Digital Home,      Alan E. Webber: Government,
                                                                  Tech Marketing Strategies,            Customer Experience, B2B
                                                                  Technology Services, Digital Music,   Marketing
                                                                  Media & Entertainment
    * Analyst participation is confirmed as of the date of this publication.

    REGISTER TODAY! Call +1 888/34 FORUM (3-6786) or +1 617/613-5905 (outside the US),
6   or visit:
In-Depth Tracks
Attend sessions designed for your role.

Track A: Customer Experience Professional: Designing For Engagement
Each interaction between a customer and a company is an opportunity: Firms can either engage the customer, or annoy them. In
this track, Forrester analysts and industry experts will deliver insights and practical advice to help the Customer Experience profes-
sional create the engaging experiences that today’s customers have come to demand. Sessions will explore how to craft personas
that support an engagement strategy, how to design engaging experiences in both the consumer and business contexts, and
how techniques from the product design world can be used to evaluate people’s emotional reaction to digital experiences.

            Measuring Customers’ Emotional Reactions                               Engaging In The B2B Customer Ecosystem
            To An Experience                                                       Alan E. Webber, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
            Megan Burns, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research                         B2B marketers and Customer Experience professionals
             A customer’s experience is more than what happens                      are faced with the daunting task of engaging many
             during an interaction: It’s also how they perceive what                roles — from potential customers to investors,
happened, and how they feel about it. This session will explore how    decision-makers to purchasing managers, end users to accounts
techniques used in the product design world to assess people’s         payable clerks. This session will cover how to identify the roles that
emotional response to a design can be used to measure how              exist within the B2B customer ecosystem, determine the appropri-
engaging a digital experience is. Specific techniques to be covered    ate engagement strategy for each role, and design experiences
include the sensorial quality assessment and product personality       that are engaging and allow them to achieve their individual goals.
assignment methods.
                                                                                   Designing Engaging Online Experiences
            Creating Personas That Support Engagement                              Ron Rogowski, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
            Vidya Lakshmipathy, Analyst, Forrester Research
                                                                                     Firms want their Web sites to go beyond providing
            Personas have been used for designing interactive                        basic information and simple transactions: Their goal
            systems like Web sites since their introduction in 1999.                 is to transform customers into brand advocates. This
            Persona success stories — and popularity — are rapidly     session will explore how to create engaging online experiences with
growing. In this session, companies that have created and used         the right content, function, and brand support to unlock sites’ true
personas to build engagement will share their experiences, includ-     potential.
ing best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

                                                                                         Feedback from Marketing
Spotlight Track: B2B Marketing Professional                                              Forum 2007 attendees
Business-to-business vendors face unique challenges in engaging with
customers. This track provides advice for B2B marketers, especially in the
                                                                                         “This was an amazing event. You tack-
high-tech industry, on how trends in social networks, scenario design, and               led very difficult questions marketers
role-based marketing can help companies build closer relationships with clients          are facing and prepared them with
that improve products and drive sales.                                                   information and insights into how to
In addition to the keynote presentations, the following track sessions are               work within their companies and with
designed for B2B marketers:                                                              their agencies to focus on customers.”
Engaging In The B2B Customer Ecosystem (Track A)                                                                  Peggy Nordeen, MARC USA

Building A B2B Role-Based Segmentation Strategy (Track B)
                                                                                         “A first class event. Focused,
Social Media In B2B Customer Marketing:                                                  practical and thoroughly planned.
Quick Fix Or Quagmire? (Track D)
                                                                                         A must for CMOs. Your presenters at
IT Social Networks: How Tech Marketers Are Giving More To Get                            Forrester were first class.”
More (Track E)
                                                                                                              Ian Beavis, Kia Motors America

    Track B: Direct Marketing And Market Research Professional: Growing Influence With
    Customer Interaction
    Marketing communications and strategy are shifting away from mass media toward an approach informed by deep audience knowl-
    edge. This places direct and marketing research groups — and the customer insight they have amassed — into the organizational
    spotlight. In this track, Forrester analysts and industry experts will deliver insight and practical advice to help direct marketing and
    market research professionals organize and develop practices to improve engagement through customer focused programs.

                Building A B2B Role-Based Segmentation                                   Creating An Enterprise Customer Contact
                Strategy                                                                 Strategy
                Eric G. Brown, Vice President, Research Director,                        Dave Frankland, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
                Forrester Research                                                       As marketers seek to engage with customers across an
                 B2B marketers, especially in the IT sector, have carved                 ever-increasing array of channels, many struggle to
    up their markets by geography, by industry, and by company size          deliver coordinated communication and messaging across lines of
    in an effort to create a more meaningful and effective message           business and channels. This session will provide practical advice and
    for a targeted segment. Increasingly, vendors are crafting discrete      case studies for establishing an enterprise contact strategy, helping
    strategies to address not companies, but the individual stakehold-       marketers to optimize communication with their customers.
    ers within client companies. This session will explore role-based
    messaging strategies and provide examples of this tactic in action.                   How Online Communities Are Impacting
                                                                                          Market Research
                                                                                          Brad Bortner, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
                How The 10 Global Laws Of Marketing 2.0                                    The Internet and online panels have had an enormous
                Impact Direct Marketing                                                    impact on traditional quantitative research over the past
                Suresh Vittal, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research            10 years. Now, with the advent of well-managed online communities,
                Denise Shiffman, Marketing Strategist, Speaker, and Author   we may be at the beginning of a similar revolution for qualitative
                The 10 global laws guide business and marketing              research. In certain instances, this may actually lead to the death of
                decisions in the age of engagement, and help us use          traditional qualitative research approaches, as major firms embrace
                today’s new marketing tools to break through, build          their own, captive, ongoing qualitative insight generator — online
                momentum, and gain recognition. Market researchers           communities. Since qualitative research is a critical tool for under-
                and database marketers are driven by Web 2.0 to              standing how to be more customer intimate, savvy market
                rethink their model for success and find new ways to         researchers need to stay on top of this research inflection point.
    analyze, engage, and interact.

    Track C: eBusiness, Channel & Product Management Professional: Moving From
    Transaction To Interaction
    As eBusiness celebrates more than a decade of solid growth, eBusiness, Channel & Product Management professionals find
    themselves at a crossroads. No longer able to chalk up double-digit growth numbers, eBusiness groups must increase sales with
    existing customers by firming up loyalty and engagement. Through case studies and analyst presentations, this track will explore
    innovative technologies — like video and viral marketing — and strategies that engage and excite customers.

                Case Study: Using Personalization To Develop                             Harnessing Social Technologies To Energize
                Customer Relationships                                                   Sales
                Carrie Johnson, Vice President, Research Director,                       Charlene Li, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester
                Forrester Research                                                       Research
                 Since the launch of’s recommendation in                       Social technologies challenge organizations because
    the late ’90s, many firms have aspired to created customized expe-       they shift power from traditional institutions like companies to indi-
    riences for online customers but few have succeeded. But now             viduals and the communities that they form. But they can also be
    that most firms have nailed the basics of online selling and new         used to talk to and energize your most loyal and enthusiastic cus-
    personalization technologies have emerged that create these expe-        tomers. This session will examine how companies have harnessed
    riences faster and more cheaply, it’s time to re-evaluate the role of    and embraced technologies like blogs, social networking sites, and
    personalization and uncover existing best practices.                     ratings and reviews to drive sales and results.
                Grab Your Customers With Video                                           Making Word-Of-Mouth Work
                James L. McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst,                    Peter Kim, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
                Forrester Research                                                       Consumers trust word-of-mouth (WOM) communication
                 Video on the Web has matured past YouTube and                           more than traditional advertising messages. Now, mar-
        Everywhere your customers turn, they find                      keters seek to add WOM to their media mix, spurred on
    video that entertains, informs, and engages. Soon, they will expect      by high-profile viral marketing and sales successes. This session will
    video in your campaigns and on your Web site; video that grabs their     discuss how marketers can take a strategic and scientific approach to
    attention, acquaints them with your offerings, and leads them to not     give their WOM efforts the best chance for success.
    only transact, but interact.

Track D: Interactive Marketing Professional: Building Intimacy Through
Interactive Channels
Interactive marketing will grow to 18% of the marketing budget by 2012 as interactive elements become infused into a mar-
keter’s every campaign. In this track, Forrester and external experts will share the ideas and future perspective that interactive
marketers will need to continue to: 1) gain support for interactive efforts; 2) staff and organize for growth; and 3) innovate to
stay ahead of competition.

            The Interactive Marketing Maturity Model                                 The Cost Of Bad Email Marketing
            Shar VanBoskirk, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research                   Julie M. Katz, Analyst, Forrester Research
             Interactive marketing is finally getting executive atten-                Email is the hammer of the marketer tool box: Nearly all
             tion, but even the most mature interactive tools are                     marketers use it, and most recognize solid return on
             only about 10 years old. As marketers work to advance                    investment. But, email is so cheap to execute, few mar-
the sophistication of their interactive programs, they need guid-        keters can justify investment in pricey analytics packages that would
ance on which new channels to prioritize and a plan for how to           improve email relevance. Could this investment enable email pro-
mature their own skills and organizational structure. This session       grams to deliver even more revenues? This session will explore the
will introduce Forrester’s Interactive Marketing Maturity Model.         long-term negative impact of practices like batch and blast mailing
                                                                         or over-contacting to identify how much marketers are sacrificing by
            Social Media In B2B Customer Marketing:                      not investing in smart email practices.
            Quick Fix Or Quagmire?
            Laura Ramos, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester                The Truth About Online Ad Exchanges:
            Research                                                                 A Panel Discussion
                                                                                     Shar VanBoskirk, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
            B2B marketers spend five to 10 times more on
demand generation than on retaining customers. CMOs who focus                          Online display ads are set to grow at a compound
online and emerging media activity on their installed base not only                    annual growth rate of 18% over the next five years
uncover hidden cross-sell and upsell opportunities, but also help        due to innovations in display media and the way that it is bought
turn their most loyal customers into advocates.                          and sold. This session will introduce attendees to online advertising
                                                                         marketplaces as a way for them to find desirable online inventory
                                                                         at a satisfactory price.

Track E: Marketing Leadership Professional: Driving Brand Involvement
Chief marketing officers and other marketing leaders have many channels at their disposal to engage the customer. But which
combination of channels — offline and online — gives the best result? This track will explore the tools and practices that help
marketing leaders build and test a multichannel strategy centered around the needs of the customer.

            Making The Most Of Your Brand Experience                                 Engagement In A Multichannel Ad Campaign
            Lisa Bradner, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research                         Jaap Favier, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester
             As products become commodities and “experience”                         Research
             becomes the most sought-after brand attribute, brands                     Consumers use multiple channels to learn about prod-
             can be challenged to define and build experience. In this                 ucts and make purchase decisions. To pull them
session, we’ll talk about what builds and sustains brand loyalty, how    through this process, advertisers need to develop channel scenarios
brands can think about building experience (online and offline), and     for each type of consumer, and plan their campaigns accordingly. In
how and when you should build your own experience, sponsor               this session, marketers will learn how to effectively plan the channel
someone else’s experience, or simply advertise and promote your          mix for maximum engagement.
brand around an experience.
                                                                                     IT Social Networks: How Tech Marketers Are
            Marketing Leadership — Engagement Metrics                                Giving More To Get More
            Case Study                                                               Peter Burris, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
            Mary Beth Kemp, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
                                                                                       IT decision-makers are turning to online communities
             Marketing leaders need to measure to ensure that they                     of peers for help getting things done. Interactive
             are best investing for their business. However, multi-      marketers at tech vendors can reap the advantages of super peer
channel communications create new challenges in measurement.             status in IT social networks if they engage members through
This session will present how one brand has used engagement as a         marketing programs that are both direct sources of value and
core metric to drive its marketing success.                              consistent with edicts of good community citizenship.

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     Monday, April 7, 2008 • 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
     Web Site Brand Image Review
     Ron Rogowski, Principal Analyst
     Megan Burns, Senior Analyst
     Learn to measure how well your Web site supports your brand positioning and aligns with your messaging in other channels. Take
     away a framework for grading the fundamental aspects of online branding, plus a scorecard that you create for your own site.

     Thursday, April 10, 2008 • 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
     Web 2.0 Fundamentals For The B2B Marketer
     Laura Ramos, Vice President, Principal Analyst
     Brian Haven, Senior Analyst
     This Workshop will introduce participants to a wide range of Web 2.0 topics and technologies, track key trends in B2B marketers’
     adoption of emerging technologies, and — through examples and exercises — provide best practices for Web 2.0 tactics.

Forrester’s Marketing Forum 2008
Registration Information                                                                                                                       Fax: +1 617/613-5200
Pricing Information
Client pricing*:                                                                              Multiple seat offer:
I $1,795 (On or before Feb. 29, 2008)      I $1,995 (After Feb. 29, 2008)                     I I am a Forrester Client: Please reserve four (4) seats for the price of
I I would like to use Service Units to attend. (Subject to verification)                        three (3) standard seats ($1,995 per seat)
I I would like to use my Event Seat available in my research contract.                        I I am not a Forrester Client: Please reserve four (4) seats for the price
   (Subject to verification)                                                                    of three (3) standard seats ($2,195 per seat)
* Client discounts apply only to companies that currently maintain valid licenses to          I Nonprofit, government, and educational institutions: Please reserve
access Forrester products, databases, and services.                                             four (4) seats for the price of three (3) standard seats ($1,895 per seat)
Nonclient pricing:                                                                            Pre-Forum Workshop pricing:
I $1,995 (On or before Feb. 29, 2008)               I $2,195    (After Feb. 29, 2008)         I Web Site Brand Image Review: $4000 for two paying Marketing Forum
Nonprofit, government, and educational institutions pricing:                                  2008 attendees (regular rate: $5000 for two)
I $1,695 (On or before Feb. 29, 2008)  I $1,895 (After Feb. 29, 2008)                         Post-Forum Workshop pricing:
                                                                                              I Web 2.0 Fundamentals For The B2B Marketer: $1500 for paying
                                                                                              Marketing Forum 2008 attendees (regular rate: $2500)

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Event Registration Terms And Conditions                                                       Event Ticket Usage Policy: Clients can use the Event ticket they receive with their paid
Payments: Payment in the form of a Member ticket, Service Units, company check, or            subscription to attend a Forrester Event during the term of their subscription. In all
credit card is due prior to the Event. Payment will be collected at the Event for all out-    cases, the ticket must be used during the subscription year within which it was issued
standing Event fees prior to allowing the attendee to enter the Event. Please Note: The       by the individual to whom it was issued. Tickets received during one subscription year
client discount applies to any company retaining at least $15,000 in contract value in        cannot be rolled over and used in subsequent subscription years. Tickets are not valid
Forrester Research services. Pricing does not include cost of attendees' travel or            for Forrester Workshops.
accommodations.                                                                               Hotel Registration Information: Forrester has negotiated a group room rate at
Team Registration Discounts: When three colleagues from the same company regis-               Hyatt Regency Century Plaza for Event attendees. Room reservations received by
ter for an Event at the same time with payment, the fourth colleague may attend free.         March 18, 2008 will be eligible for the group rate of $239 per night plus applicable
Subsequent cancellation of any paying member of the team will result in a charge for          taxes for single or double occupancy (based on availability). The negotiated group rates
the free attendee. The “Fourth Person Free” discount applies to credit card or check          apply to reservations for April 6, 2008 through April 9, 2008. To receive the group rate,
payments only and does not apply to Member tickets or Service Units. For questions or         mention the Forrester Marketing Forum when making the reservation. The cost of
information on Event registrations or for multiple seat discounts, please contact the         accommodation and travel are not included in the Event registration price.
Forrester Events Team.
Cancellations And Substitutions: Forrester must receive written notification from the         Hotel address:                            To make reservations:
participating company of any cancellation. If written notice of cancellation is received by
Forrester more than four weeks prior to the date of the Event, Forrester will refund
                                                                                              Hyatt Regency Century Plaza               +1 310.228.1234
100% of the fee to the participating company. If written notice of cancellation is            2025 Avenue of the Stars
received by Forrester less than four weeks but more than two weeks prior to the date          Los Angeles, CA 90067                     Web site:
of the Event, Forrester will refund 50% of the fee. If written notice of cancellation is      United States                   
received by Forrester less than two weeks prior to the date of the Event, the participat-
ing company shall be liable for 100% of the fee. In accordance with the foregoing, can-
cellation less than two weeks prior to the date of the event or other nonattendance of
the Event will result in participating company’s forfeiture of the full fee, which may        I agree to the terms and conditions specified on this contract.
include without limitation Member tickets, FSeats, or Service Units (if used to cover the
cost of the Event). Substitutions (Event Seat) may be made at any time to the start of
the Event. Payment is due the earlier of: 1) net 30 days from the invoice date, or 2) the     Signature: __________________________________________________________________
date of the Event. All payments must be made prior to attendance at the Event.
Money-Back Guarantee: We want you to be completely satisfied with our Events. If for
any reason you are not satisfied, please notify us in writing within two weeks after the      Date: ______________________________________________________________________
Event, and we will gladly refund your registration fee.
 Venue Information
 Hyatt Regency Century Plaza                           Surround yourself with contemporary glamour and style at
 2025 Avenue of the Stars                              Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Perfectly situated on the
 Los Angeles, CA 90067                                 fashionable Westside, adjacent to Beverly Hills, this elegant
 Phone: +1 310.228.1234                         Los Angeles hotel offers easy access to all the sights of this
                                                       vibrant city. Set on seven lush acres, with 726 spacious
                                                       newly renovated guestrooms, world-class spa and fitness
                                                       center, this Los Angeles luxury hotel is a resort retreat in
                                                       the midst of the city.
                                                       Special Room Rate And Deadline
                                                       Reserve your hotel room by March 18, 2008 to take advantage
                                                       of the group rate of $239 per night plus applicable taxes for a
                                                       single or double occupancy. The negotiated group rates are
                                                       based on availability and apply to reservations for April 6, 2008
                                                       through April 9, 2008.
                                                       To receive the group rate, mention the Forrester Forum when
                                                       making reservations.
                                                       Airfare And Travel Arrangements
                                                       For the best rates, please make your reservations at least 15
                                                       days prior to air travel.

                                 Register today! Call +1 888/34 FORUM (3-6786) or +1 617/613-5905 (outside the US),
Forrester’s                      or visit:

Marketing                        Upcoming Forums:
                                 Security Forum EMEA 2008
                                                                              Upcoming Workshops:
                                                                              Making B2B Marketing Work

Forum 2008                       April 2–3 • Amsterdam, Netherlands
                                 IT Forum 2008
                                                                              February 12, 2008 • Cambridge, Mass.
                                                                              Web Site Brand Review
Marketing’s New                  May 20–23, 2008 • Las Vegas, Nev.            February 27–28, 2008 • San Francisco, Calif.

Imperative For Success:          IT Forum EMEA 2008
                                 June 10–13, 2008 • Lisbon, Portugal
                                                                              Tools For Tomorrow’s CMO
                                                                              March 11, 2008 • Cambridge, Mass.
Engagement                       2008 Financial Services Forum For            Cross-Channel Review
                                 Marketing And Strategy Professionals         March 12–13, 2008 • Cambridge, Mass.
April 8–9, 2008                  June 23–24 • New York, N.Y.
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza                                                   Adding Mobile To Your Marketing Mix
                                 Security Forum 2008                          March 19, 2008 • Cambridge, Mass.
Los Angeles, Calif.              September 4–5 • Boston, Mass.

                                 For a complete list of all upcoming Forrester Events, including Workshops,
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