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                        the magazine for the people of the university of salford
 issue 2 ● march 2010

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Euro research project
wins €1million page 3                                      your pull-out
                                                           guide to
                                                           the new
                                                           strategic plan

One of us
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                                                                            march 2010

Just the tick-et                                        YOUR PULL-OUT
page 12                                                 GUIDE TO
                                                        THE NEW
                                                        STRATEGIC PLAN
2   us march 2010 – inside view

    HEllO again and thanks to
    those of you who got in touch after
                                              inside 03.2010
    the first edition of our University’s
    new magazine with some really                                                            Masterplan’s
    positive feedback.
        It seems we made a good start
    with the magazine – but several of
                                                                                             rapid progress
    you felt it was a little text heavy and
                                                                                             Works to kickstart a major
    a little too corporate. You also
                                                                                             campus development

    wanted to know a bit more about
    the people in the University.                                                            begin this summer
        So, we’ve tried to take all of that
    into account in this edition and,
    again, we’d like to hear your
    thoughts on this issue. The
                                                                               Students are
    magazine exists to bring colleagues
    closer together – but also closer to
                                                                               Styal guides
    the institution where we all work.
    We will always have that approach                                          Weekly workshops
    as our primary focus.                                                      help prisoners produce

        One of the big developments in                                         newsletter
    the last few weeks has been the
    publication of our new strategic
    plan – designed to chart our course
    over the next seven years.
        That’s why we’re printing a
                                                                                          One water
    straightforward guide to the new
    strategy for you to pull out and
    keep – although the full plan is
    available for you to read online.                                                     Malawi trip will
        Our guide takes you through                                                       showcase aid work
    some of the targets we’re aiming
    for across the whole of the
    University’s activities but as well as
    featuring Vice-Chancellor Martin
    Hall and others in the senior team,
                                              ✚ INSIDE
    we have also been speaking to             Your pull-out guide to the new strategic plan
                                                                                                                                 your pull-out
                                                                                                                                 guide to
                                                                                                                                 the new

    several colleagues about how they
                                                                                                                                 strategic plan

    see the University and its future.
        As always, we’d be delighted to
    have your feedback – all the details
    of how to get in touch are listed on
    this page. See you for our next                                                                                                                 march 2010

    edition in July.
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                                                                                                         us march 2010 – news about us 3
                                                                                                                     nEws THaT a ground-breaking
                                                                                                                    project looking at jazz culture across

                                              Tony tracks
                                                                                                                  Europe can go ahead with funding of
                                                                                                               almost €1 million is music to the ears of
                                                                                                              Dr Tony Whyton.

                                              the shape
                                                                                                               The University’s Reader in Music will lead the
                                                                                                          three-year study, which is the first of its kind and
                                                                                                        involves 13 researchers working across five

                                              of Euro
                                                                                                      countries at seven universities.
                                                                                                       “I was delighted when we heard that the
                                                                                                  Humanities in the European Research Area, a

                                                                                                pan-European research initiative, had chosen the project
                                                                                             for funding. Ours was one of 19 successful ones from 234
                                                                                           initial applications,” said Tony.
                                                                                             Work on Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European
                                                                                       Identities begins in April and includes funds for a Salford-based
                                                                                    post-doctoral position and two PhD studentships, one in Salford
                                                                                  and one in Amsterdam. Two of the other universities involved are in
                                                                                the UK – Birmingham City and Lancaster – while the other partner
                                                                              institutions are in Denmark, Austria and Norway.
                                                                                “The project will deliver a deeper understanding of
                                                                             jazz in Europe and the value it brings to different
                                                                               countries. Its output will include two
                                                                                 conferences, knowledge transfer
                                                                                  activities, books, journal
                                                                                  articles and

                                                                                                                     Islamic finance
                                                                                                                     on new course
Performance scheme critical to success                                                                                a nEw finance Master’s degree
                                                                                                                      being launched this year will
a nEw fOrmal process for performance and                   Sharon Grant, PDR project manager within                   enhance the University’s
development review is being piloted within the         Human Resources, said: “The PDRs will help                     international profile.
University, prior to being extended to all reviewers   individuals better understand their contribution to                Salford Business School’s MSc in
and then to all employees by the end of the            the organisation and clarify the focus of work for             Islamic Banking and Finance was
2010/11 academic year.                                 the coming period – including identifying any                  suggested by its head, Professor
    Once implemented, every member of staff will       support and resources needed to achieve individual             John Wilson.
undertake a Personal Development Review (PDR)          and organisational goals.                                          “I’m very pleased we’ve been
with their line manager, that will enable them to          “The process is very much designed to be                   able to recruit excellent academics
maximise their contribution through the                collaborative, not command and control.”                       with the necessary expertise to
achievement of agreed performance objectives               Training will be provided for reviewers and there          launch the programme, which will
which are in line with school/department objectives    will be an e-learning pack for reviewees to help               contribute to the University’s and
and ultimately the University strategic plan.The       them prepare for their PDRs.                                   the School’s increasing international
meeting will also identify support, development and        At present, most employees have been appraised             reach and profile,” said John.
resources needed to achieve the objectives.            using the existing appraisal scheme. This hasn’t                   “All new courses are important,
    PDRs are currently being piloted with colleagues   always been used systematically or consistently.               but this is particularly significant as
in the School of Computing, Science & Engineering          All appraisal schemes need to be renovated from            it reflects not only an area of real
and will be evaluated in April.                        time to time, particularly where the external context is       and increasing significance, but
    This will be followed by Phase 1, which will       changing and new pressures emerge. A senior PDR                also the University’s commitment to
implement the new PDR for all reviewers, who will      scheme was developed in 2008 and now operates for              encouraging scholarly study into all
usually be managers, by June, including training and   SLT members and their direct reports. It’s now time to         cultures and sectors.
other developmental support.                           develop a new scheme for everyone else.                            “It is predicted that demand for
    Phase 2 will be implemented for all employees by       “The new scheme will encompass everyone in a               Islamic banking services will treble
June 2011. Once up and running, employees’ main        structured way and help individuals and the                    in the next few years. The
PDR appraisals will take place with line managers      University deliver at the top of their game,” she said.        significance of Manchester, not just
each May/June, with a six-month review later in the        “It will be critical to the University’s future success    in the UK but in Europe, as a
year to assess progress and make fine adjustments.     in the highly competitive HE context.”                         financial centre means that we’re
                                                                                                                      well-placed to launch this course.”
4 JNus march 2010 – news about us

   iT strategy looks to teaching future
   CHiEf infOrmaTiOn Officer Derek              academic side of the University believes     is also responsible for
   Drury says that the University’s new IT      it will be teaching in three to five years   transforming the
   strategy will be “absolutely key” to         time and beyond – for example whether        University’s existing IT
   delivering new ways of teaching in the       more will be delivered remotely – and        infrastructure.
   future.                                      then to ensure that the IT makes it              “This gives us a marvellous
       Derek, appointed late last year to       possible.”                                   opportunity to bring it to a
   lead on the development of the                   Derek, who joined the University         standard which will
   strategy, said: “This is not so much an IT   from The Co-operative Group where he         support any future
   strategy as a teaching strategy. The         helped to formulate the current              needs,”
   initial work is to discover how the          strategic Information Systems (IS) plan,     he said.

  Open access is                                                                                                         Energy house
  growing success                                                                                                        goes ahead
   an ambiTiOus new open access policy is                                                                                a full-sizEd house is to be built
   paving the way for wider recognition for the                                                                          inside a new University lab in a
   University and its researchers. Records of                                                                            European first as part of the Energy
   more than 2,000 scholarly articles, written by                                                                        Hub project.
   employees, are already available in the                                                                                   The pre 1919-style Salford
   University of Salford Institutional Repository                                                                        Energy House will be used to
   (USIR), with over 700 of them giving the                                                                              develop low carbon building fabrics,
   full-text. More are being added every week.                                                                           systems and products, including
                                                                             Vision… impression of the finished campus
       The University is the 100th institution                                                                           testing them in different weather
   around the world – and the 11th in the UK –                                                                           conditions using the lab’s unique

   to join the open access movement by                                                                                   environmental controls.
   mandating that all its research be offered                                                                                Professor Steve Donnelly,
   freely to anyone through its online repository.                                                                       Executive Dean, Faculty of Science,

                                                       rapid progress
       Julie Berry, Associate Director for                                                                               Engineering & Environment, said the
   Information and Learning Services, said the                                                                           ‘house in a lab’ idea was a first for
   initiative would promote more partnerships                                                                            Europe and a key part of the Energy
   with the community and business, and                                                                                  Hub, the University’s interdisciplinary
   would raise the profile of both academics           PHasE 1 Of the Campus Masterplan is progressing                   centre for developing solutions to
   and the University.                                 rapidly on various projects, with initial work on site            the energy crisis.
       “Researchers have said they’ve been             scheduled to start in summer.                                         “One million pounds has already
   contacted by all sorts of people, both in the           The Chapman Building will undergo a major                     been secured for the creation of the
   UK and from around the world, since they            refurbishment that will enhance its architectural quality         Salford Energy House. The
   put their work on to USIR,” said Julie.             and energy efficiency and provide state-of-the-art lecture        construction in Cockroft is due to
       “The USIR team, in the library, dealing         theatres. Design teams have been appointed, with work on          run from June to October and it’ll
   with submissions, are aware of copyright            site to start in August, and completion due in August 2011.       open later in the year,” said Steve.
   issues and understand the range of legal                Talks are also under way with external providers for a            “The Salford Energy House is the
   implications. We’ve been building the               new, enlarged student village that it’s hoped will invigorate     heart of the Energy Hub. Inside the
   database since 2007 but the mandate came            campus activity outside core teaching hours, as well as           lab, researchers will be able to
   into force on 1 January.”                           providing commercial opportunities for third party use.           control heat, light, humidity and
                                                           The first phase of the development of the                     even wind to enable
                                                       accommodation on elevated ground between Peel Park                the development and testing of new
                                                       and the David Lewis Playing Fields is scheduled for               materials.”
                                                       completion during 2013/14.
                                                           Interviews are also taking place with architects and
                                                       designers for a new building on the Adelphi site that will
                                                       accommodate the School of Music, Media & Performance,
                                                       as well as further schools. Completion is scheduled for
                                                       September 2013.
                                                           “These works will kick start a major development and
                                                       enhancement of the University campus,” said Frank
                                                       Benton, Executive Director, Estates & Property Services. “It’s
                                                       set to be an exciting transformation that will fit the
             Promoting partnerships… Julie Berry
                                                       University for its long-term plans and aspirations, ” he said.

Key markets are high on agenda
                                                                                                                             ✚ A blog has been created by
inTErnaTiOnal partnerships,             individual links.                        visit which helped to cement new            University of Salford
high on the University agenda,             “The idea is that the University      research links between the two              researchers seeking
are a key element in creating ‘a        seeks to work with like-minded           universities.                               contributions from people
strong embedded culture of              partners to develop long-term                 Professor Alias Mohd Yusof,            with experience and
internationalisation’, one of the six   partnerships with underlying             based in the Department of                  knowledge of homelessness
goals of the current strategic          elements of reciprocity and              Chemistry at UTM, first studied
                                                                                                                             and exclusion.
plan.                                   mutual benefit.”                         for an MSc at Salford in the late
                                                                                                                                 It forms part of a study into
    Partnerships, aimed at                 An International Board,               1970s and returned to complete
                                                                                                                             the underlying causes of
increasing the University’s profile     chaired by Vice-Chancellor Martin        a PhD based on the application of
                                                                                                                             homelessness being
and sphere of influence and             Hall, will co-ordinate and steer         nuclear chemistry.
strengthening its intellectual and      the agenda.                                   He said: “The facilities were          undertaken in partnership with
research capacity, already exist           In October 2009, the                  excellent and I brought back many           Stoke-on-Trent City Council
with institutions in Australia,         Vice-Chancellor and                      ideas to UTM relating to lab                and a number of voluntary and
China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.          Pro-Vice-Chancellor Ghassan              layout, the programme and                   community groups, plus
Salford is looking to further its       Aouad visited the Universiti             technical back-up.                          researchers at the University of
links in key markets such as India.     Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) as part              “I also had the opportunity to         Lincoln. Dr Philip Brown,
    Michael Lurie, Associate Head       of a four-country overseas trip.         visit several nuclear fuel facilities,      Research Fellow in the School
(Partnerships) International            PhD students from UTM have               including British Nuclear Fuels. I          of Environment & Life Sciences,
Relations, explained that               studied regularly at Salford for         eventually introduced a course in           is leading the project, which is
partnerships can operate on three       more than 10 years, before               radiochemistry                              co-funded by the Economic
levels: institution-wide,               returning home to teach.                 for my undergraduate                        and Social Research Council,
school-based on a subject or               Some of those lecturers acted         students which I                            Joseph Rowntree Foundation
specific area and through               as contacts before and during the        still conduct.”                             and the Department for
                                                                                                                             Communities and Local

students are styal guides
                                                                                                                                 The blog can be viewed at
wOmEn PrisOnErs called on journalism students from the University to help
them to write and produce their own in-house magazine called Innit.
    The students, from first year to postgraduate, attend weekly workshops at                                                ✚ Dr Christian Kaunert and
HMP Styal in Wilmslow, Cheshire, during the magazine’s production period,                                                    Dr Sarah Leonard from the
discussing story ideas, offering interview coaching and assisting with page                                                  School of English, Sociology,
design.                                                                                                                      Politics & Contemporary
    Sara Eyre, part-time Lecturer in Journalism in the School of Media,                                                      History have both been
Music & Performance, who oversees the project, said: “All the students                                                       awarded a prestigious Marie
who have been involved say it has been a fantastic experience for them,                                                      Curie Research Fellowship for
even though it is very hard work. We know we are asking a lot of them –                                                      two years, starting October.
learning to work in a prison environment and developing working
                                                                                                                             The awards – each worth
relationships with the women – and they have to fit it around their
                                                                                                                             €165,000 (ca. £145,000) – are
other studies.”
                                                                                                                             designed to fund advanced
    Three magazines, which include interviews with key prison
                                                                                                                             training through research at a
staff, women’s personal stories, information on exercise
and diet and some creative writing, have already been                                                                        world-leading European
produced with the students’ help. The Easter issue is                                                                        research organisation.
due out this month.                                                                                                          ✚ Professor Cemal Ucer, a
    Sara said that the presence of the students, who                                                                         specialist oral surgeon at the
act in a mentoring capacity, has the potential to                                                                            School of Health, Sport &
contribute towards the rehabilitation of some                                                                                Rehabilitation Sciences, is
prisoners.                                                                                                                   president-elect of the
    “One inmate who had been working on the
                                                                                                                             Association of Dental
magazine asked for her release date to be
                                                                                                                             Implantology (ADI) UK.
delayed so that she would not miss its final
                                                                                                                                He is the clinical lead of the
deadline and publication.”
                                                                                                                             Diploma/MSc Programme in
    Students volunteering with the project,
which is supported by funding from the Lady                                                                                  Implant Dentistry at the
Monica Cockfield Memorial Trust, attend a                                                                                    University and will officially
mandatory security induction at the prison when                                                                              become president of ADI in
they are briefed on safety and emergency procedures.               Inside information… Sara Eyre oversees the latest issue   two years’ time.
6   us march 2010 – one of us

                                                         ONe OF

    The number of women
    engineering students is
    rising. Dr Haifa Takruri-Rizk
    is delighted… and her work
    has just led to her receiving
    the MBE…

    Science fact
    wHEn dr Haifa Takruri-Rizk first came to
    the UK to complete her Masters degree in
                                                         passionate about what I do but, as an academic,
                                                         I never expected such an honour.”
                                                                                                             member of the University Council, has been
                                                                                                             involved with Insight, a programme of
    engineering, one of her lecturers used to quip           Haifa, who was among the first cohort of        experience courses for Year 12 girls interested in
    that she was “the most beautiful girl in the lab”.   electrical engineering students at Birzeit          finding out about science, engineering and
       “That’s because I was the only girl!“ said the    University in her home country of Palestine, has    technology courses and subsequent career
    Senior Lecturer in Wireless Communication who        taught in the School of Computing, Science and      options.
    has spent the intervening years determined to        Engineering for 17 years.                              Among the UK universities which offer the
    change that situation.                                   “At the start, I remember standing in front     annual four-day residential programme, run by
       That was back in 1985 and in November last        of around 100 first-year engineering students,      Headstart, part of the Engineering Development
    year Haifa was rewarded for her success when         with maybe one girl sitting at the front, feeling   Trust, Salford is the only one hosting a single sex
    she received an MBE from HRH Prince Charles          lonely,” she said. “Now there is a much greater     course of this kind.
    for services to women and black and ethnic           awareness of the problem and between ten and           “I think it is important to keep it that way,”
    minority people in higher education in science,      11 per cent of students in the School are girls.”   she said. “Girls feel more comfortable, there is
    engineering and technology.                              Nationally, the numbers have increased over     no boy/girl competition and there is more focus
       “When I opened the letter from the Prime          the last ten years, varying between each specific   on work than trying to attract attention.”
    Minister’s office informing me, I could not          subject.                                               She also believes that many parents are
    believe it,” she said. “I have always been very          Since 1998, Haifa, a recently-elected           happier for their daughters to attend a
flipside                                                                                                                                                   7
● If I had more time to myself I’d… go
swimming, exercise more often and socialise
more with friends.
● You wouldn’t know it to look at me but
I’m very good at… looking younger, cooking
and belly dancing!
● All my money goes on… shopping for my
two teenage daughters. They are never
bored of shopping.
● If I weren’t me, I’d like to be …Valentina
Tereshkova, the first woman to travel in
● Without the internet, I’d… be much more
relaxed and would talk to people more!
● My advice to an 18-year-old starting
further education would be… go for
engineering, a very fascinating and
rewarding career.
                                                                                                      Playing ball… Annabella in the village of Kisiwani
● The best meal I’ve ever had was… my
mum’s stuffed baby pigeons. Apologies to
the vegetarians!
● The last film I saw at the cinema was…             aid trip inspires annabella
Avatar, a marvellous piece of technology.            nursing lECTurEr Annabella Gloster’s                 She also visited two hospitals in the town
For a change, good wins – unlike what                three-week stay in Tanzania working with         of Moshi in the Kilimanjaro region and spent
happens in the real world!                           patients with HIV/AIDS did not end when she      a third week teaching doctors, nurses and
● The gadget I couldn’t do without is… my            returned home.                                   clinical officers about palliative care for those
iPhone. It gives me the option to be                     Now she is exploring ways of funding a       with HIV/AIDS.
connected.                                           link between the University and a hospital in        “It is not my specialist subject, so I had one
● If I won a roll-over Lotto… I’d buy a house        Kilimanjaro to assist learning and               weekend to prepare after they told me what
for each of my daughters, give more to               development among nurses.                        needed to be delivered,” she said.
worthwhile charities and invest the rest in a            Annabella, a lecturer in the School of           Mother-of-two Annabella, who made the
centre to support women engineers.                   Nursing & Midwifery, arranged her visit          visit in her own time, has also raised more than
● For my next holiday, I hope to… go to a            through the charity Mildmay after a long-held    £800 for the charity from friends and colleagues,
relaxing beach to read, swim, and feel the           wish to volunteer for humanitarian work.         including £83 in the Faculty of Health & Social
sun’s rays.                                              “I was told to expect the unexpected,”       Care campus for World AIDS Day.
● The happiest days of my life were… when            she said. “The only harrowing sight was the          “Three weeks was all I could spare, but I
I gave birth to my daughters and receiving           number of patients in all the hospitals I        felt it was not long enough,” she said. “I
the news about my MBE.                               visited, two or even four to a bed, with no      understand that while we cannot do
● My greatest weakness is… having the                oxygen and where we had to improvise in so       everything, we must do something.”
desire to keep everyone happy.                       many ways.”                                          That is why she is aiming to establish a
                                                         Annabella, who studied HIV/AIDS during       university link with a hospital, via the
                                                     her Masters degree, spent one week in the        Mildmay charity, using technology to deliver
female-only course. The Insight programme            remote village of Kisiwani where the             more nurse training and development to one
includes presentations from female engineers         population of 8,000 relies on one clinical       main hospital which can then be expanded to
and visits to major employers, including those in    officer for its health care.                     rural medical clinics.
the civil and aeronautical engineering and
broadcasting sectors.
    So, although Haifa knows that more women
                                                     UNIVERSITIES TEAM UP ON TEETH
are considering engineering careers, why does        THE dEan of the University’s Faculty of Health & Social Care discovered how a dental
she think the numbers are still relatively small?    playland in Hong Kong is helping take the fear out of going to the dentist.
    “There is still not a proper awareness of just       Professor Cynthia Pine visited the Oral Health Education Unit at the invitation of Hong
what engineering means in the UK,” she said.         Kong’s Chief Dental Officer.
                                                         Busloads of schoolchildren visit the unit each day to learn about brushing their teeth
“Many think of engineers as mechanics, people
                                                     through the use of mannequins, and what happens at the dentist’s surgery.
with greasy hands and it discourages ambitious
                                                         Professor Pine was also in Hong Kong at the invitation of the Vice President of the College
girls.                                               of Surgeons to act as external examiner for a new specialist programme in dental public
    “What we need to get across is that              health. The visit has resulted in a joint research project being set up comparing different ways
engineering is in everything – buildings, roads,     of improving children’s dental health.
cars, computers, telecommunications – and                “We can use our experiences to benefit the children of Salford directly and offer greater
without it society would struggle to function.”      collaboration between our university and the University of Hong Kong,” said Professor Pine.
8    us march 2010 – news about us

    moving                                                                                                                     stamp
    on up…                                                                                                                     of quality
                                                                                                                               mOrE sTudEnTs are
    wOrk Has already started to                                                                                                considering studying at
    push the University of Salford                                                                                             Salford Business School
    higher up the UK’s academic                                                                                                following the accreditation
    league tables. And the man                                                                                                 of its MBA programme by
    co-ordinating those efforts is           Members of the NSS working group:                                                 the Association of MBAs
    Director of Planning and                 Phil Hopwood, seated, with, left to
                                             right, Students’ Union Vice-President                                             (AMBA).
    Performance Phil Hopwood.                Ricky Chotai, Professor Cynthia Pine                                                  Dr Polly Sobreperez,
        “In the last four years, we’ve       and Jennifer Hinsley of the Faculty of
                                             Health & Social Care, Lawrie Perrins                                              Course Director of The
    slipped about 20 positions in the
                                             from Student Life and Roz Howard                                                  Salford MBA, said the
    major leagues and are currently          from Information & Learning Services                                              recognition had been
    around 83rd out of around 120
                                                                                                                               achieved by her predecessor,
    institutions,” he said. “The new        which should ensure that ratios           highest HE rate in the UK at that
                                                                                                                               Professor Elaine Ferneley,
    strategic plan identifies the need      such as spend per student are the         stage.
                                                                                                                               with the support of Lynn
    to push us either into the top 40 or    best they can be. This is also true in       The new approaches feed into
                                                                                                                               Massey, MBA Administrator.
    in touching distance by 2017.”          other areas.                              league tables later this year and in
                                                                                                                                   “The accreditation is a
        Up to eight different measures          “The information we produce           2011. “If we successfully optimise
                                                                                                                               quality stamp of the highest
    are used in different leagues – with    tends to be for our own use. This         our data, we expect to move back
                                                                                                                               calibre and we’ve seen a
    The Times giving a higher               year, we’ve begun to be more              to a mid-60s position in The Times
                                                                                                                               significant increase in
    weighting to student satisfaction       diligent about accuracy and its           table in the next two or three years.“
                                                                                                                               enquiries from both home
    scores and The Guardian rating it       effect on the league tables.”                Future efforts will focus on
                                                                                                                               and international students
    equally with other factors.                 The second area is student            tackling the root problems. “We
                                                                                                                               since it was awarded,”
    Potential students use the tables to    satisfaction. Most final year             want to improve our performance
                                                                                                                               said Polly, who received
    help decide on university choices.      students are asked to complete an         across a number of areas,” said
                                                                                                                               the certificate at a gala
        “What’s interesting is that         Ipsos MORI online survey, the             Phil. “We want to find ways to
                                                                                                                               evening in London in
    we’re declining even though we’re       National Student Survey. Results are      improve so that good teaching
    improving,” said Phil. “There are       used in league tables and websites        comes to the fore and our students
                                                                                                                                   “Lynn was integral to the
    two main reasons why. The first is      aimed at prospective students.            feel more valued.
                                                                                                                               submission providing
    administrative.                             “Although we can’t                       “If we can unblock those things
        “Information for the tables is                                                                                         supporting documentation,
                                            immediately address all issues            and all remains equal, we could
    taken from public sources –                                                                                                compiling statistics and
                                            raised by our students, we can            move up another 15 places. How
    including the Higher Education                                                                                             arranging study trips and
                                            make a start by making it easy for        we do after that depends on who
    Statistics Agency. For example, we                                                                                         speakers. She was proactive
                                            students to complete the survey. A        else is around us and what we do in
    tell HESA what staff, students and                                                other areas – we do better when          in suggesting support
                                            series of IT suites across the
    money we have in which subject          institution has been set up.”             research is included. All universities   sessions, meticulous in
    areas. This year, we have made              After three weeks, the                are trying to improve their position,    administration and
    sure that all are properly allocated,   response rate hit 49 per cent, the        so this is a real challenge.”            professional in all
                                                                                                                                   Lynn worked closely with
    One water winners                                                                                                          Elaine on the two-year project.
                                                                                                                                   “While it was extremely
    THrEE sTudEnTs have won a trip to Malawi
                                                                                                                               hard work, it was also a
    to see how the ethical bottled water drunk on
                                                                                                                               great experience and worth
    campus is helping poor villagers there. The
                                                                                                                               all the effort now that we’ve
    winners, who were being selected as US
                                                                                                                               achieved the accreditation,”
    magazine went to print, entered a competition
                                                                                                                               said Lynn, who has worked
    to find the University’s representatives to
                                                                                                                               in a variety of roles during
    attend the dedication of a new water pump
                                                                                                                               her 11 years at the
    paid for by One water’s sales. Jan Wilman, who
    decided to stock One water in all the                                                                                      University, ranging from
    University’s cafés and restaurants last year, said                                                                         Exams Officer to
    the winners would be guests at the dedication                                                                              Postgraduate Programme
    ceremony in April. The pump will be bought                                                                                 Administrator.
    and installed through Global Ethics, the                                                                                       “We’re hoping this will
    organisation behind One water. “We sold                                                                                    help to raise the profile of
    160,000 500ml bottles to pay for it,” said Jan,                                                                            not just The Salford MBA,
    who was the Director of Commercial Services                                                                                but Salford Business School
                                                                                                Great idea… Jan Wilman         as well.”
    when she launched the water at the University.

Clubhouse is students’ goal
dEsigning a nEw clubhouse               Undergraduate Programmes said:
for Salford City Football Club has      “We’re having industry specialists
turned into a real-life challenge for   come to talk to them about the
360 School of the Built                 different elements involved. It’s
Environment (SOBE) students.            fantastic for them to have this real
    Instead of tackling a theoretical   project.” At a question and
project, the second years on the        answer session attended by
BSc Combined Degree programme           architectural, quantity surveying
are now working on the £500,000         and construction project
redevelopment of the one-storey         management undergraduates,
building that was destroyed by fire     Hazel Blears, the Patron of Salford
last year.                              City FC – who was joined by club
    Dr Angela Lee, Programme            Chairman Darren Quick and Paul
Director, said the University became    Smith, Director of the Sports
involved after being asked for help     Business, a social enterprise which
                                                                                            Determined… Hazel Blears and Salford FC Chairman Darren Quick
by Salford MP Hazel Blears, who         helps raise money for sports clubs
leads a group supporting the club.      – said that the club, which has
    “The students are working on        been going since the 1940s, had a      that something good will come           ambition to climb up the leagues
all parts of the design brief in        place in local people’s hearts.        out of this and the club will be        but also give something back to
teams of 12. In April, the best ten         “When the clubhouse burnt          stronger as a result.                   the community. We want local
teams showcase their designs to         down last October, it was a disaster      “We’re creating jobs for local       people to have a greater sense of
the club, Hazel and the BBC to          for everyone at the club as decades    people to rebuild the club through      ownership with facilities that will
choose which one will go                of history including trophies and      the Government’s Future Jobs Fund       benefit everyone seven days of
forward,” said Dr Lee.                  memorabilia went up in smoke,”         and building better facilities that     the week – not just on match
    Eric Stokes, Director of            she said. “But we’re all determined    will not only help support the club’s   days.”

                                                                                                                            Online just the job
Eggspertise!                                                                                                                A streamlined recruitment
In the case of Professor Tony Warne, the chicken definitely                                                                 process for employees has led to
came first… then the eggs… and then more chickens.                                                                          98 per cent of applicants to the
   The Head of the School for Nursing & Midwifery has kept                                                                  University of Salford applying
chickens since he was 15. “I love to see the movement in the                                                                online. The University
garden – and they produce good eggs.”                                                                                       implemented the slicker
   Then came the desire for more chickens – wooden, pottery,                                                                procedures after a wide-ranging
metal, in paintings, sculpture, modelled, every way that the                                                                review and is now at the leading
poultry can be depicted. To date, the Professor in Mental Health                                                            edge of HEI recruitment
has amassed 6,500 of them, all on display at his home in Bolton.                                                            administration. Some 90 per cent
   “I want to have the world’s greatest collection of chickens                                                              of candidates who applied online
and the ones in my garden are just a small part of my                                                                       rated the application form good
passion,” said the man whose presentations to students                                                                      to excellent and hiring time has
always include a chicken on at least one slide. “They are                                                                   been reduced by 25 per cent.
synonymous with who I am.” Tony also likes the colour black,
and his current batch of egg-producers are Black Sussex,
                                                                                                                            Making sense
Light Sussex – white with black flecks on their feathers – and                                                              A research project at the
Welsummers, “a dark breed, almost iridescent green, lovely”.                                                                University of Salford is studying
   “They currently share their rather palatial indoor house                                                                 the way in which musicians
with a duck called Jemima who thinks she’s a chicken,” said                                                                 affected by polio, such as Ian
Tony, who is also Associate Dean for Research and Innovation                                                                Dury, Joni Mitchell and Neil
in the Faculty of Health & Social Care. ”Ever since a fox                                                                   Young, have made sense of their
claimed the other ducks, she has started to behave like a                                                                   bodies through their music.
chicken – roosting and eating their food.”                                                                                     Professor George McKay’s
   As a frequent traveller, he added to his collection on every                                                             study is funded by the Arts and
trip, meaning that “each chicken is an instant reminder of a                                                                Humanities Research Council and
particular place”.                                                                                                          he aims to release results as a
                                                                                                                            book next year.
10   us march 2010 – radius

                                                                               ➜ TwO uNiversiTy OF salFOrD lecTurers aND seNiOr
                                                                               miDwives scOOpeD a TOp miDwiFery prize aT The rOyal
                                                                               cOllege OF miDwives (rcm) aNNual awarDs iN lONDON.
                                                                                  Kathryn Murphy and Helen Hindle’s work on reducing the failure of
     campus                                                                    midwives to recognise early signs of deterioration and collapse among
     soundbites                                                                women during pregnancy and childbirth won them the Department of
                                                                               Health Award for Implementing Government Policy.
                                                                                  They have developed their work into a post-registration midwifery
                                                                               module delivered at the University.
                                                                                  Kathryn is also Head of Midwifery/Assistant Director of Nursing
     ➜ The uNiversiTy OF                                                       Services at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, and Helen is a Senior
     salFOrD has ObTaiNeD                                                      Midwife at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.
     FuNDiNg FOr graDuaTe                                                         Presenting the award, Cathy Warwick, RCM General Secretary, said:
     gaTeway, a piONeeriNg                                                     “This award for Kathryn and Helen highlights the important, innovative
     prOjecT TO help                                                           and pioneering work being done by their trusts and the University of
     uNemplOyeD graDuaTes                                                      Salford and I congratulate them both, their University and the
     ObTaiN placemeNTs.                                                        Department of Health.”
         The European Social Fund and
     the Higher Education Funding        ➜ cOmmuNicaTiONs aND
     Council for England are             braNDiNg specialisT chris
     supporting the scheme whereby       larkiN is The uNiversiTy
     unemployed/under-employed           OF salFOrD’s New
     graduates undertake a five-day      DirecTOr OF
     training course that provides key   cOmmuNicaTiONs,
                                         respONsible FOr
     employability skills.
                                         maNagiNg iNTerNal
         Graduates are then matched
                                         cOmmuNicaTiONs, meDia
     with a suitable employer and        relaTiONs, aND braNDiNg.
     embark upon a placement,                He is a former head of brand
     which can be fully funded if an     and corporate communications
                                                                               From left, David Foster, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer,
     employer has less than 50           for Marks & Spencer Money,            Department of Health, The Princess Royal, Kathryn
     employees. Further details at       winning several awards, and           Murphy, Helen Hindle and Cathy Warwick          held senior posts at
     employers/gg, or email              Hill & Knowlton PR and                ➜ salFOrD law schOOl                          ➜ a rObOT, calleD              Nationwide Building Society.          has lauNcheD a                                herberT, cOulD eND up ON
                                             Five years ago he also            pOsTgraDuaTe ONliNe OpeN                      The bbc’s cbeebies’
                                         co-founded, with his wife,            Day, builDiNg ON The                          websiTe, helpiNg chilDreN
                                         Sarah, So-Baby, one of the UK’s       success OF iTs                                TO uNDersTaND hOw The
     ➜ The FirsT NOrTh wesT              leading organic baby food             uNDergraDuaTe ONliNe                          bODy wOrks.
     lauNch OF lesbiaN, gay,
                                         manufacturers.                        OpeN Day.                                        University of Salford
     bisexual, TraNsgeNDer
                                             Chris said: “The University          The postgraduate site, which               students studying BA (Hons)
     (lgbT) hisTOry mONTh,
                                         already has an excellent              recreates the experience of a                 Design for Digital Media
     which celebraTes The
                                         reputation. Initiatives such as its   traditional university visit, features        submitted Herbert, and other
     lives, achievemeNTs
                                         plans for campus development,         interviews with lecturers and                 designs, after the BBC invited
     aND hisTOries OF lgbT
                                         and its presence at                   postgraduate students, plus a                 final year students at
     peOple iN The uk, was
                                         MediaCityUK from 2011, will           video tour of facilities at the Lady          universities in the north of
     helD iN early February.
                                         provide opportunities to              Hale Law Building. The site can be            England to submit ideas for
         Dr Eleanor Casella of the
                                         demonstrate further its               viewed at              stand-alone content for the
     University of Manchester                                                  opendaypg                                     CBeebies website.
                                         outstanding enterprise.”
     delivered a lecture:
     Disgraceful Transactions: A
     Sexual Economy of Female            ➜ helpiNg sTuDeNTs geT a jOb aFTer Their sTuDies is
     Prisons in Nineteenth Century       The FOcus OF a ONe-Day cONFereNce NexT mONTh.
     Australia.                             The Embedding and Enhancing Student Employability event is
                                         on 16 April at University House for all University employees.
         University of Salford
                                         Speakers include Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive of the Association
     Vice-Chancellor Martin Hall
                                         of Graduate Recruiters.
     said: “Salford is committed to         For more details contact Karen Mackie on 0161 295 3144.
     supporting its LGBT students        Topics to be covered in a series of sessions include incorporating
     and staff, and it is a privilege    work-related learning into the curriculum, current issues in the
     to host this important event.”      sector and student achievement through extra-curricular activities.
➜ aNyONe wiTh aN                                                                         ➜ DesigNs submiTTeD by uNiversiTy OF
iNTerNeT-eNableD smarT                                                                   salFOrD sTuDeNTs have leD TO a sTuNNiNg
phONe visiTiNg The big baNg                                                              reFurbishmeNT OF a gallery aT cOveNTry
Fair iN maNchesTer iN                                                                    TraNspOrT museum.
march will be able TO                                                                       The museum had invited students to restyle the gallery
phOTOgraph a laTesT                                                                      on the demise of the Coventry car industry and the
geNeraTiON barcODe aND                                                                   winning team of Katie Belshaw, Sophie Lark and Laura
immeDiaTely access                                                                       Kelly produced an exhibition called Ghost Town, using a
iNFOrmaTiON abOuT                                                                        graphic tabloid theme.
maNchesTer’s OuTsTaNDiNg                                                                    The trio are students on the MA Heritage Studies and
scieNce heriTage.                                                                        MA Arts and Museum Management programmes.
    “We have authored a                                                                     Steve Bagley, Head of Collections at the museum,
Manchester Science and                                                                   presented the programmes with a cheque for £250 and
Engineering Trail which uses                                                             the three successful students with £25 vouchers.
so-called QR (Quick Response)
codes to take you on a guided                                                  They will contact pre-selected    are struggling financially.
tour of key locations within the      ➜ sTuDeNTs recruiTeD aND              alumni to chat to them about the        Last year’s campaign raised
                                      TraiNeD by The alumNi
city,” said Nigel Linge, Professor                                          University and appeal for a          money for the Salford Advantage
                                      relaTiONs & aNNual FuND
of Telecommunications in the          Team will spearheaD The               donation. Money raised will go       Bursary, providing funds for more
School of Computing, Science &        aNNual FuNDraisiNg                    towards the University’s Crisis      than 100 students over the next
Engineering. The trail was            campaigN iN spriNg.                   Fund, which helps students who       ten years.
developed in partnership with
the Museum of Science and
Industry, BT and the Manchester                                              ➜ humaN righTs                      ➜ The uNiversiTy has
                                                                             campaigNer peTer                    DevelOpeD a cliNical
Digital Development Agency
                                                                             TaTchell aND barONess               simulaTiON warD wiTh
and is the latest application of
                                                                             hale OF richmOND, a                 cOmpuTeriseD maNNequiN
the mi-Guide visitor information                                             jusTice OF The supreme              paTieNTs ThaT creaTe
system (,                                                  cOurT OF The uNiTeD                 real-liFe, pracTical
co-developed by the University.                                              kiNgDOm, will be amONg              experieNces FOr NursiNg
                                                                             speakers aT a uNiversiTy            sTuDeNTs.
➜ The uNiversiTy’s                                                           OF salFOrD cONFereNce.                 The mannequins – four adults,
secOND iNTerNal salFOrD                                                          Also featuring Chancellor       a young child and a baby – have a
sTuDeNT experieNce                                                           Dr Irene Khan, it will review the   pulse, respiratory movements, the
survey is uNDer way.                                                         Human Rights Act since its          ability to excrete bodily fluids and
    The four-week survey covers                                              inception in 1998. It will be       recorded voices to communicate
various aspects of student                                                   hosted by Salford Law School        discomfort and pain, or describe
experience, including teaching,                                              and held 4-5 June.                  symptoms.
academic support, assessment                                                     Further details:          Lecturers can observe students
and feedback, travel to the                                                  through a sound-proof booth and
University and the Students’                                                                                     communicate with them through
Union services. While the                                                    ➜ salFOrD is The FirsT              the mannequins directly.
National Student Survey (NSS)         ➜ sTuDeNT iNFOrmaTiON                  uNiversiTy iN The uk TO
covers the majority of final-year     OFFicer NicOla schOFielD is            iNTrODuce a
undergraduate students, it is the     carviNg OuT a Name FOr                 pOsTgraDuaTe cOurse
job of Salford’s internal Student     herselF as a wriTer OF Tv              explOriNg The
Experience Survey to bridge the       Drama.                                 psychOlOgical
rest of the student body,                Nicola, who’s been at the           cONsequeNces OF caNcer
non-final year undergraduates         University for around two years, is    aND iTs TreaTmeNT.
and all postgraduates. Its results,   a winner of the Royal Exchange             The three-year part-time
together with the NSS, will           WRITE#2 competition, five of her       MSc Psycho-Oncology course is
underpin the planning and             plays have been staged, and her        research-based and was
long-term strategy for its            episode of the BBC daytime series
                                                                             developed in conjunction with
students. The survey takes about      Doctors was aired last year.
five minutes to complete and is                                              Manchester’s Christie Hospital
                                         She now has a London agent
totally confidential. Completed       but admits finding time to write is    and other local experts in
forms will be sent to an external     hard. She said: “Writing my own        cancer and palliative care.
organisation for analysis. For        stuff or on shows like Jimmy               Further information: www.
further details, visit: www.          McGovern’s The Street is what I       aspire to.”                            course/1912
12 vcus march 2010 – news about us
                                           SUDS buddies… from left, David Brierley, Joint SUDS Publicity Officer,
                                           Pauline Lamb, Disability Service Manager, Student Life Directorate, and Dot Shuttleworth   Forums
                                                                                                                                      for the
                                                                                                                                      Two other networks – a
                                                                                                                                      new Faith Forum and a
                                                                                                                                      revised Black and Ethnic
                                                                                                                                      Minority Forum – shared a
                                                                                                                                      launch at the University in
                                                                                                                                          The faith forum,
                                                                                                                                      which organised Holocaust
                                                                                                                                      Memorial Day and
                                                                                                                                      Armistice Day events, aims
                                                                                                                                      to be “a point of reference
                                                                                                                                      for staff by staff as well as
                                                                                                                                      exploring the relationships
                                                                                                                                      between faith and
                                                                                                                                      religion,” said Jo Richler, IT
                                                                                                                                      Liaison Manager and
                                                                                                                                      Convenor of the Forum.
                                                                                                                                          In addition, the first
                                                                                                                                      cohort of 12 mediators
                                                                                                                                      received training at the
                                                                                                                                      University in January as the
                                                                                                                                      first alternative to formal
                                                                                                                                      grievance and disciplinary
                                                                                                                                      processes, including race
                                                                                                                                      discrimination cases.
                                                                                                                                          Among them was
                                                                                                                                      Dr Jacques Rangasamy,
                                                                                                                                      pictured below, Senior

     Just the tick-et
                                                                                                                                      Lecturer in the School of
                                                                                                                                      Art & Design and Convenor
                                                                                                                                      of the black and Ethnic
                                                                                                                                      minority forum, which
                                                                                                                                      is planning a Black History
                                                                                                                                      Month for the University in
                                                                                                                                      October, focusing on
     THE POsiTivE approach by              ensuring that anyone with a                plan work on disabled user                          He said: “The Forum
     the University of Salford to          disability who applies for a job at        engagement,” said Dot. “We have                 will offer a programme of
     employing and retaining disabled      the University, or who is employed         also been asked to consult on                   mutual support for anyone
     workers has been recognised by        already, receives a fair deal.”            student accommodation, which                    who considers themselves
     the Government’s Two Ticks                The SUDS Network, which                will occasionally be used for visiting          to be to be in a minority.
     disability symbol.                    meets four times a year and is open        staff and conference delegates.”                We also see ourselves as an
        At a recent event to mark the      to any employee interested in                 SUDS has also consulted with                 asset to the University’s
     International Day of Disabled         disability issues, aims to support         the University’s Estates Planners to            international aspirations.”
     People, Vice-Chancellor Martin Hall   disabled colleagues, to improve            advise on emergency exit ramps
     accepted the award which will be      their visibility and to present a          and the action plan completed by
     reviewed each year by Jobcentre       positive attitude towards disability       external consultants Quantarc on
     Plus.                                 and disabled people.                       disabled access.
        Dot Shuttleworth, Joint Chair of       The Network, in line with its             The Network is keen to ensure
     the University’s Disabled Staff       “SUDS – part of the solution” aim,         that equality and diversity training
     (SUDS) Network, said: “Every          has already acted as a consultation        on disability issues is made available
     disabled person is different –        group on issues including the              to all employees. “We think it is
     disabilities can be complex and are   design and accessibility to                important that everyone is made
     not always obvious.                   MediaCityUK.                               aware of the needs of disabled
        “The Two Ticks symbol is about         “We have met the architects to         people,” said Dot.

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