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									   September 2003
   Volume 2, Issue 3       Memphis Greek Speak
                            National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.
                            Of the Memphis Metropolitan Area
  Special Interest
  Articles:                           MMAPHC welcomes Sorors and Fraters Back

  • Library Cove
                           Library Cove Project Begins
  • Sigma Conclave         President Anthony Kimball          progresses. The Library Cove       on site celebrating the opening
                           and the President Council of       Project begins with donations      ceremony.
  • Greek Weekend          the MMAPHC will be                 of History Books of each
                           presenting the Library Cove        African-American Greek-       The President Council consists
                           project in September. The          Lettered Organization under   of 10 presidents and are as
                           purpose of the project is to       the NPHC umbrella. The        follows: AKA-BEO, Soror
                           educate our young people                                         Marilyn Evans; AKA-PLO
                                                              history books will be placed in
                           about the importance of            a special section of the Main Soror LaSherrie Bates; ΑΦΔ
                           fraternities and sororities,       Library located on Poplar     Frater Frank Patterson; ΔΣΘ
                           who were some of the great         Avenue where students and     Soror Pat Moore; ΚΑΨ-MEM
                           Fraters and Sorors, the            others can view the book for aFrater Samuel King; ΚΑΨ-
                           importance of the NPHC and         small fee.                    G’TOWN Frater Billy Brown;
                           MMAPHC and what Greek                                            ΩΨΦ Frater Wilfred Fisher;
                           organizations can do for        The Opening Ceremony will be ΦΒΣ Frater Anthony Kimball;
                           them.                           held on September ,2003 at 6     ΣΓΡ Soror Geneva Allen; and
                                                           p.m. at the Main Library on      the Current President of ΖΦΒ.
Individual Highlights:     The project will host a series Poplar Avenue. Each president
                           of different topics as the time of the ten (10) chapters will be
President’s Corner     1

                           President’s Corner
Calendar               3

                           Greetings Fraters and Sorors,      Kudos for a job well done to
                           Since the last newsletter was      chairperson Soror Pamela Segrest
                           printed, several events have       for a successful Greek Weekend.
                           occurred. Some were glorius,       Everyone seemed to have enjoyed
                           while other were tragic. Such as   themselves.
                           the power outage due to the July
                           22nd windstorm. Yet, we are        Sisterly yours,
                           thankful that our lives were
                           spared. The good news is that
                           the Memphis Chapter of Phi Beta    Charlotte M. Freeman
                           Sigma Fraternity, Inc. hosted
                           their National Conclave down by
                           the river. All of us had a
                           wonderful time with the Brothers
                           of Blue and White.

                           Remember the NPHC National
                           Convention will be held October
                           23-27 in Dallas, TX. Look for
                           more on the NPHC website at
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                                                                                     On Friday, July 11, 2003, the Sigma
                                                                                     Brothers came together at the
                                                                                     Convention Center to recognize some
                                                                                     notable men at their African American
                                                                                     Male Image Awards Banquet.
                                                                                     Honorees included: Roderick Paige,
                                                                                     United States Secretary of Education;
                                                                                     Dwayne Ashley, President of the
                                                                                     Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
                                                                                     Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., Michael
                                                                                     Cristal, ΦΒΣ Regional Director;
                                                                                     Herman Morris, President/CEO of
                                                                                     MLGW; Bishop G. E. Patterson,
                                                                                     Presiding Bishop of COGIC; and Rod
                                                                                     Barnes, Ole Miss’ Basketball Head

                                                                                     Men were not the only ones who were
                                                                                     honored. There were some women, too.
    Our President Charlotte M. Freeman, Ph.D., at Greek Weekend 2003
                                                                                     On Saturday, July 12, Phi Beta Sigma
                                          swimwear, evening gown and                 held their Women of Achievement

Sigma National                            question/answer competition. When the      Awards Luncheon and Fashion Show.
                                          competitions were all over, one winner     Honored were: The Honorable Bernice
Conclave 2003                             emerged: Ms. Nythea Pilar. She is an       Bouie Donald, Judge, U.S. District
                                                                                     Court, Western District of Tennessee;
                                          Atlanta, GA native studying biology at
                                          the College of Charleston in Charleston,   The Honorable Earnestine Hunt Dorse,
                                          South Carolina.                            Municipal Court Judge, City of
                                                                                     Memphis; Lois Jefferson Gilder, retired
                                                                                     Memphis school teacher; and Marieta
                                                                                     W. Harris, Associate Superintendent,
                                                                                     Memphis City Schools. Additional
                                                                                     honorees included Doris A. Randle-
                                                                                     Holt, International Legal Advisor of
                                                                                     Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.; Edith
                                                                                     H. Kelly-Green, Vice President and
The Tau Iota Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta                                               Chief Sourcing Officer, FEDEX
Sigma Fraternity, Inc. hosted the                                                    Corporation; and Vanessa Rogers Long,
National Conclave in Memphis, TN.                Frater Darryl Anderson              County Director, Department of Human
The convention started on July 8, 2003,   ΤΙΣ Chapter now has a Brother who          Services, Coahoma County, MS. These
beginning with an Opening Ceremony        serves on the National level. Frater       ladies were congratulated for their
and a Presidential Reception, which       Darryl Anderson is the 1st Vice-           contributions to the community and
were held at the Cannon Center. There     President of the Phi Beta Sigma            their professions. The Mistress of
were other well-known figures in          Fraternity, Inc. Frater Anderson was the   Ceremonies was Soror Barbara C.
attendance at the National Conclave.      MMAPHC’s Founder’s Day speaker in          Moore, 22nd International President of
                                          May 2003.                                  Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. The
The Memphis Chapter of ΦΒΣ hosted a                                                  Fashion Show featured the Erole
Step Show. MMAPHC President Soror         The Future Leaders’ Luncheon was           Expose from Memphis, TN.
Charlotte M. Freeman was one of the       another event of the conclave. As the
judges to judge the performances of       President of the Thurgood Marshall         During the convention, their President,
several fraternities. Not only did they   Scholarship Fund, Frater Dwayne            Frater Arthur R. Thomas, Esq. was re-
have a step show, they hosted a beauty    Ashley was the keynote speaker of the      elected as the International President of
pageant. ΦΒΣ presented the Phi Beta       program. During the luncheon, the          the fraternity. As he pursues his second
Sigma Pageant. Six women were             Brothers recognized fraternal members      term as the fraternity’s international
judged according to their talent,         for their academics and full college       president, he continues to stick by their
  Memphis Greek Speak                                                                                     Page 3 of 3
(continued from last page)                   Everyone were enjoying themselves by     Others
theme, “Bridging The Gap.”                   doing their own individual step            10/22-25/03 – NPHC National
                                             routines, Chinese Checkers, The            Conference – Dallas, TX
Tau Iota Sigma Chapter brought home          Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, The Bus Stop
many recognitions and awards. The            and so on. If you did not attend this           MPHC Officers
Memphis Chapter have always been             great event, you have missed a treat.      Charlotte M. Freeman,Ph.D.
recognized the largest graduate chapter      MMAPHC hoped to make it bigger and                  President
in the country, consisting 150+ Brothers.    better than ever in 2004!!!!! See you        Gwendolyn G. Shorter
They won the following: National             next year!!!!!
Alumni Step Champions, National                                                               Vice-President
Undergraduate Step Champions, Runner                Calendar of Events                       Chenata Jordan
Up for Chapter of the Year, Most             AKA – ΒΕΏ                                           Secretary
Register Brother Award, and their Local        9/6/03 – Health Fair – Goodwill             Beta Epsilon Omega
Treasurer, Brother Lorenzo Pugh II, was        Homes
                                                                                              Corr. Secretary
appointed as the National Auditor.
                                               10/10-12/03 – State Meeting –                   Clara G. Hill
                                               Chattanooga, TN                                   Treasurer
MMAPHC Greek                                   National Conclave 2004 - TBA
                                                                                             Markell Newson
Weekend 2003                                 ZΦΒ                                                 Chaplain
                                              10/16-18/03 – State Meeting –                   Odell Nathaniel
                                              Nashville, TN
Soror Pamela Segrest and The                  12/20/03 – Miss Blue Revue
MMAPHC hosted the Greek Weekend               1/4/04 – Founder’s Day                           Darryl Butler
2003. The weekend started with a Poetry      ΚΑΨ                                                 Custodian
Night at Precious Cargo on Friday, June        September – Voter Registration –
                                                                                             Robert Woodard
27th. The Poetry Night was chaired by          TBA
Soror Nicole Clark. The Greeks gathered        1/10/04 – Founder’s Day                           Historian
on Saturday morning, June 28th, at the         1/17/04 – Closed Banquet                      Willie Davis, Jr.
Audubon Park, Cherry Road, for the             10/4/03 - Fashion Show – 7:14 p.m. –
                                                                                             Imm. Past Pres.
picnic. The place was filled with sorors        Buckman Performing Arts Center -
and fraters of the each chapter and mostly     $12/$15                                    We’re on the Web:
the members of the Phi Beta Sigma            ΔΣΘ
Fraternity, Inc., showing proof that they      9/6/03 - 1st Annual Charity Auction
are ready for the National Conclave. The        Gala - $25
weekend ended with a Greek Party at the      ΑΦΑ
Magnolia Room, Overton Square on               9/12/03 – Evening of Rhythm & Jazz –
Saturday night.                                 Downtown Radisson - $15 – 9:06 p.m.

                                                Visit us @


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