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					• Helen Keller was born on the 27th
  June 1880.
• She was a happy baby but after
  becoming very ill at 19 months old she
  was left blind and deaf.
• People around her found her difficult
  to understand when she tried to talk.
• This left her very cross and often very

• Answer these questions.
• When did Helen become deaf and
• Why did she get angry?
•   Helen was lucky that her
    parents could afford
    someone to look after her.
    Annie arrived and straight
    away knew she had to get
    Helen to behave.
•   Helen would have to wash
    and dress before being given
•   Annie tried to help by
    spelling words on Helen’s
    hand, but Helen did not
    understand. Then one day
    while getting water from the
    tap outside water went on
    one of Helen’s hands, on her
    other hand Annie spelt the
    word water. Helen had learnt
    her first word.
• Try this on a
  friend’s hand – ask
  them to close their
  eyes. Now spell
  your name on their
  hand - can they
  guess what you
  have written?
• Now she could ’talk’ to
  people, Helen was no
  longer angry. She learnt
  very quickly because
  other people ‘wrote’ on
  her hand. But how could
  she learn more for
  herself without someone
  to help her?
• A man called Louis Braille
  worked out a way that
  allowed blind people to
  read. Patterns of raised
  dots, each letter has it’s
  own pattern. Blind people
  read by touching the
  raised dots to feel each
  letter. Helen learnt very
Not only did she learn to
  read and write but she
  also started to write
Her writing was kept
  straight by lines of
  dots on special paper.
• Helen learned about
  another girl who was
  also deaf and blind but
  was learning to speak.
• Helen went to the
  Horace Mann School
  for the deaf.
• Here Helen learned to
  speak but was still quite
  difficult to undertand.
• Annie could not teach Helen everything she needed
  to know. She needed to go to school. Annie went to
  all her classes.
• At 10 she went to a school in New York for the deaf
• At 12 she went to Cambridge School for young
• Annie wrote whatever the teacher said on Helen’s
• When Helen was 20 she went to Radcliffe
  College.This was not a college for blind and deaf
• Annie stayed with Helen
  even when she got married.
• Helen always wanted to
  help the blind and travelled
  all over the world telling her
• She worked for the
  Foundation for the Blind.
• Helen died when she was 87
  but people still remember
  Helen for she was so brave
  and did so much good.

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