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               Lumsden High School
          300 Broad Street, P.O. Box 449
              Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0

             PHONE: (306) 731-2262
              FAX: (306) 731-2494

      E-MAIL: lumsdenhighschool@pvsd.ca
  LHS WEBSITE: http://www.saskschools.ca/~lhs/

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                       ADMINISTRATORS’ MESSAGE

On behalf of the entire staff, we would like to welcome all students to Lumsden
High School. Here at Lumsden High, we believe in developing a community of
learners through the promotion of pride and excellence. This mission will
continue to grow through LHS’s amazing commitment to both academic and
extra-curricular activities: a commitment that develops and encourages strong
leadership from both students and staff.

Our traditions have played an important role in shaping the climate and culture
of our school. These traditions root us as we look forward to change and a
renewed sense of purpose in our planning for the future.

Randy Wihlidal, Principal               Mark Wiest, Vice-Principal

                              Mission Statement
                       Lumsden High School encourages
                             pride and excellence
                         in a community of learning.

     Quality learning takes place in a positive, supportive, and safe

     Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

     Meeting the academic, social, physical, and emotional needs of
      individuals will develop productive community members.


Administrator’s Message                                                       2
A. Staff                                                                      4
B. Students
    Student Code of Conduct                                                   5
    Attendance Policy                                                         5
    Student Fees                                                              6
    Textbooks                                                                 6
    Time Management                                                           7
    School Program                                                            7
    Student Services                                                          8
    Subject Drop/Transfer                                                     8
    Distance Learning Courses                                                 9
    Driver Education                                                          9
    Evaluation Processes                                                      9
    Credit Requirements                                                      10
    Awards – Academic and Graduation                                         10
    Graduation Requirements                                                  11
    Student Counselor                                                        12
    Library                                                                  12
C. Extracurricular
    SRC                                                                      13
    Intramurals                                                              13
    Extracurricular Activities                                               14
    Athletics                                                                14
    Dance Protocol                                                           14
D. Procedures
    School Regulations and Student Duties                                    15
    Noon Hour Policy                                                         16
    Discipline                                                               16
    Facility Policies – Hat Free, Smoking, Allergies, Personal Electronics   16
    Assemblies                                                               17
    Office Equipment                                                         18
    School Telephones                                                        18
    Movement of Classes                                                      18
    Approved Dress                                                           18
    Breakages and Damage to School Property                                  18
    Fire Drill                                                               19
    Bell Schedule                                                            19
E. Appendix
    SRC Constitution                                                         20
    Important Dates                                                          28
 FACULTY                AREAS               FACULTY                AREAS
 & STAFF                                    & STAFF
Anderson,    Custodian                     McKinnon,    Admin. Assistant
Mr. D.                                     Mrs. C.
Barber,      History, Law                  Morrison,    Phys. Ed., Physics
Mr. V.                                     Mr. D.
Berg,        ELA, Psychology               Peters,      Band, ELA, Health
Ms. R.                                     Mr. S.
Carey,       Student Services, ELA         Pletz,       P. A. A.
Mrs. D.                                    Mr. W.
Chernick,    Library, Math,                Phillips,    Biology, Science
Mrs. D.                                    Mrs. R.
Crawford,    Math                          Reitmeier,   P. A. A.
Mrs. K.                                    Mrs. R.
Deck,        Visual Art                    Schenk,      Math
Ms. S.                                     Mr. D.
DeWulf,      ELA, Student Services         Schmidt,     Educational Assistant
Mrs. R.                                    Mrs. B.
Dmytriw,     Educational Assistant         Schroeder,   Admin. Assistant
Mrs. G.                                    Mrs. S.
Dunville,    P. A. A.                      Sklar,       Chemistry, Physics,
Mr. L.                                     Mr. A.       Science
Grainger,    Psychology                    Teetaert,    ELA, Student Services
Ms. B.                                     Ms. L.
Hood,        Educational Assistant         Terlesky,    Educational Assistant
Mrs. M.                                    Mrs. L.
Juve,        ELA, Soc. St.                 Tomkins,     Educational Assistant
Ms. A.                                     Mrs. P.
Lesko,       Accounting, Info. Pro.,       Wiest,       Vice-Principal
Mrs. D.      Computer Sci., Math           Mr. M.       History
Mayer,       ELA, French                   Wihlidal,    Principal
Mrs. C.                                    Mr. R.
McDougall,   Career Expl., Math            Winter,      ELA
Mr. D.                                     Mrs. H.

                          STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT
Students are expected
1.      to be respectful of all people.
2.      to be respectful of property.
3.      to be honest.
4.      to demonstrate self discipline.
Safety of students at all times is paramount.

                              ATTENDANCE POLICY
Students are required to attend classes. Students are responsible for arriving at
class on time and appropriately equipped. To have the absence excused, it is
the parents’ responsibility to contact the school prior to or on the day of the
actual absence. If the school does not receive a phone call from the parent on
the day of the absence, the absence will be recorded as “unexcused.” Students
18 years of age or older may be responsible for their own attendance if they are
no longer living at home.

The student is responsible for work covered and assignments given in his or her
absence, no matter what the reason for absence. The student is responsible for
making suitable arrangements to catch up. Subject teachers, Grades 9-12, will
keep daily attendance records, class by class. If a student arrives after
attendance has been taken, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure he or she
is marked present. Students are reminded that they are responsible for their
attendance and lates at the various classes and activities scheduled during the
noon hour.

Skipping class is not tolerated at LHS A first offense will result in an in-school
suspension. Subsequent offenses will result in further consequences.

The parents will be contacted by the school office when their son or daughter
has missed five classes in any subject area. These may be a combination of
excused and unexcused absences. After ten absences in any subject area, the
parent will receive a letter from the school, including a detailed summary of
attendance to date. The student will also be contacted by the office. Fifteen
absences in any class may result in the withdrawal of that student from that
class. The student and parent will be contacted. Factors that will be considered
are time remaining in the semester, reason for absences, number of lates, class
standing and grade level. Twenty absences will result in a withdrawal unless
there are extenuating circumstances. Abuse or neglect of attendance regulations
may result in a loss of marks, detentions, suspension or withdrawal from school.
Failure to attend a class for which a test has been scheduled may result in the
student’s receiving zero on the test. This will not be the case if adequate reason
is given and/or adequate arrangements made with the individual teacher ahead
of time. It is our assumption that increased contact cannot do anything except
improve home-school communication. Parental cooperation will be greatly

Students writing term end assessments are not to be away during
those weeks. We encourage parents to honor this directive and not
book any holidays during the final exam weeks of each semester.

                              STUDENT FEES
 $55.00   S.R.C. Fee (includes almanac & yearbook)
Course Fees:
 $15.00   P.A.A.10, 20, or 30 [Project costs are extra]
 $25.00   Food Studies 10 or 30
 $25.00   Clothing & Fashion 10 or 30 [Project costs extra]
 $12.00   Art 10, 20, or 30
 $35.00   Physical Education 20 or 30
 $50.00   Distance Learning Courses (refundable upon completion of all
              assignments/examination; return of materials)

At the beginning of each semester, each student will be assigned appropriate
textbooks. Each student’s texts will be scanned into the textbook database. At
the end of the semester, when the texts are returned, they will be rescanned
and removed from the student’s list. Students are expected to treat their
textbooks with care and respect. Fines will be charged for lost or damaged

                              TIME MANAGEMENT
Grade 10 students carry a full load of classes; no student in Grade 10 should
have an open period other than period 4 lunch hour. Full time students in Grade
11/12 must take 8 classes per school year. Spare privileges may be revoked by
the school administration.
Part time students are not eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities and
may not remain at the school outside class time unless permission is granted by
the office.

                              SCHOOL PROGRAM
The following subjects are offered:

Art 09         Band 09                    Career                Computer Tech.
                                          Exploration 09        09
Design Studies 09    Driver Education     ELA 09                French 09
Health/Guid. 09      Mathematics 09       Physical Ed. 09       Science 09
Sewing 09            Shop 09              Social Studies 09

SECONDARY (Grade 10 - Level 10)
Accounting 10 Band 10           Clothing & Design               DCAD 10
Drama 10      Driver Ed. 10     ELA A10, B10                    Food Studies 10
French 10     History 10        Info. Pro. 10                   Math 10, 20
PAA 10        Science & AP      Visual Art 10                   Wellness 10
              Science 10

SECONDARY (Grade 11 - Level 20)
Accounting 20 Bio. & AP Bio. 20           Band 20               Biology 20,
Career/Work   Chemistry 20                Computer Sc. 20       DCAD 20
Expl. 10/20
Drama 20      Driver Ed. 10               ELA 20                French 20
History 20    Info. Pro. 20               Math: A30, B30        PAA 20
Phys. Ed. 20  Physics 20                  Psychology 20         Visual Art 20

SECONDARY (Grade 12 - Level 30)
Accounting 30   Band 30         Biology 30                  Calculus 30
Career/Work     Chemistry 30    Clothing &                  Computer Sc. 30
Expl. A30, B30                  Design 30
DCAD 30         Drama 30        Driver Ed. 10               ELA A30, B30
Food Studies 30 French 30       History/Cdn St.             Info. Pro. 30
Law 30          Leadership 30   Math: C30                   PAA 30
Phys. Ed 30     Physics 30      Psychology 30               Visual Art 30

                         STUDENT SERVICES PROGRAM
The Student Services Program at Lumsden High School is a supporting program
to the regular academic course of studies, and covers Grades 9 to 12.
Tutorial support may be provided to students in academic courses from Grades 9
to 12. Special education teachers consult with staff and students concerned to
determine the type and level of assistance required.
Basic or alternative programs may be offered based on student needs. As part
of the Student Services program, the core subjects English, Mathematics, Social
Studies and Science are locally developed or modified to suit students’ needs and
capabilities, and are offered as basic level courses. These courses have a
considerable emphasis on work, life and social skills in all student services areas.
All courses are approved by the School Division and Saskatchewan Learning. To
apply for admission, please contact the Counselor or the coordinator of the

                             SUBJECT DROP/TRANSFER
Lumsden High School has a system to assist in registration, evaluation records,
attendance and administration. This system is comprehensive and prohibits
expedient changes to student timetables.
Subject changes or withdrawals must be made within 5 class days after a
semester has commenced.
It is the responsibility of each student to ensure his/her timetable is manageable
and meets his/her credit and program needs.

                      DISTANCE LEARNING COURSES
Students wishing to enroll in the on-line courses may do so providing:

1.    The course is not offered at Lumsden High School.
2.    The course is offered at Lumsden High School, but the course is in conflict
      with another course elected by the student.
3.    There is a $50.00 registration fee for an on-line course. This fee is fully
      refundable when classes are successfully completed and all materials

                         DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM
Students must be at least 15 years of age and have certificates to prove age and
identification. Regulations require a 90% attendance of classes and only
absence with good reason will allow a student to continue holding the class 7
license at 15 years of age.
Good self-discipline is a requirement of all in-class and driving sessions.

                              EVALUATION POLICIES
•    In evaluating student achievement, teachers will use tests, quizzes,
     assignments (e.g. homework, essays, projects, labs, etc.) and any other
     appropriate criteria which a teacher may desire to use. Student attendance
     and attitude may also be taken into consideration.
•    Early in the term, teachers will inform students regarding the specific
     evaluation criteria to be applied in their classes.
•    Report cards for Grades 9-12 will be issued two times each semester.
     Reporting will take place at mid-semester and end of semester: November,
     February, April and June.
•    Intergrades will be issued four times a year, at an appropriate interval
     between each report card.

                           MIDDLE YEARS (Grade 9)
Students will pass their grade if they:
• maintain pass standing.
• do not fail more than 2 classes. Notwithstanding this guideline, students
    failing English 9, Math 9, Social Studies 9 or Science 9 will be required to
    pass the corresponding Summer School class or to repeat the class.

                         SECONDARY (Grades 10-12)
•    Promotion is by subject. The pass standing in each subject is 50%.

                             CREDIT REQUIREMENTS
    LEVEL 10                   LEVEL 20       LEVEL 30
    (Grade10)                  (3 Grade 11)   (5 Grade 12)
    English A10                English 20     English A30
    English B10                Math 20        English B30
    Math 10                    1 Science      History/Canadian Studies
    Soc. St./ History 10         Soc. Science 2 Grade 12 electives
    Science 10
      Practical & Appl. Arts

  Practical & Applied Arts: 2 credits at 10, 20 or 30 levels are required for
  Wellness: Students must have at least one Wellness or Phys. Ed. credit to
  Students need an accumulated total of 16 credits for regular Grade 11
  Social Science: at least one of History 20, Psychology 20, Law 30, Psychology
30 is required for graduation.
  Students require a minimum of 24 credits required to graduate.

A high school diploma obtained by meeting minimum requirements will not
necessarily provide for admission to a university or other post –secondary
educational institution. Students should take credits sufficient to keep open as
many options as possible.

                                   ACADEMIC AWARDS
Honour Scrolls will be presented to those students who achieve an average of
80% or higher. Averages will be calculated using the following formulae:
Grades 9/10/11 average of final marks for all subjects
Grade 12             the average of the final marks in: ELA A30, ELA B30, one
                     level 30 science, one of Canadian Studies 30 or History 30,
                      one level 30 math and any two level 30 electives

By mid-semester two of Grade 12, students must still have the potential to meet
Saskatchewan Ministry of Education requirements by the end of semester two.

                           GRADUATION AWARDS
                            AMK Achievement Award
                     Bethune and District Lions Club Award
            Conexus Credit Union Cooperative Leadership Award
                Craven & District Elks Lodge #581 Scholarships
         Craven & District Elks Lodge Most Improved Student Award
   Craven & District Elks Lodge/Lumsden & Dist. Band Parents Assoc. Music
           Dennis Draper Golf Scholarship - House of Tools Awards
    Kedleston Community Club Award - Leroy Starkes Mathematics Award
                      Lumsden & District Lions Club Award
            Lumsden & District Lions Club Physical Science Award
        Lumsden Chamber of Commerce Personal Achievement Award
Lumsden High School Chemistry Award - Lumsden High School P.R. Ionel Award
          Lumsden High School Awards of Honour (80+% average)
               Lumsden High School S.R.C. Valedictorian Award
                     Lumsden High School Visual Art Award
                       Lumsden Historical Society Award
                       Lumsden Legion Language Award
                    Noble, Johnson & Associates Law Award
           Prairie Valley School Division Student Leadership Award
             Prairie Valley Teachers’ Association Education Award
                         Red Cross Humanitarian Award
       Regina Beach & District Lions Club Morley Alexander Scholarship
                       R.M. of Lumsden #189 Scholarship
                 South Shore Community Foundation Bursary
                      Stephanie Holt Memorial Scholarship
                     Summit Ag Solutions Chemistry Award
                       Travis Hanson Caring Youth Award
                             Teachers’ Choice Award
                          Town of Lumsden Scholarship
          Lumsden High School Awards of Honour (80+% Average)
                Saskatchewan Government Proficiency Awards
             Governor General's Medal for Lumsden High School

                               STUDENT COUNSELLOR
Student services are provided by the Student Services Counselor. The school
counselor’s role is to facilitate students in reaching their individual goals. A
Student Services Counselor’s role can be broken into three basic areas:

1.   Educational Planning: Students are encouraged to plan their educational
     courses in order to best facilitate their present skills and abilities as well as
     to facilitate their post secondary plans.
2.   Career Planning: Student Services provides an assessment program to
     gather information about individual interests, skills and abilities. These
     assessments are interpreted with the students to aid them in career
     planning. The Student Services Office is full of helpful information.
     Calendars for post-secondary institutions, job skills, scholarships, student
     loans are but a few examples. Each Grade 12 student will develop a
3.   Personal Counseling: Student Services provides a resource from which
     students can learn about themselves. One role of a Student Services
     Counselor is to aid students in assessing their lifestyle choices and facilitate
     them in accessing any community services they may require. The Student
     Services Counselor is a person to whom students can come with any issues.
     The Counselor will help them reach for their goals.

The library is a place for study, research and reading. Students are expected to
conduct themselves in a manner that does not disturb other people in the library.
Food and drinks are not conducive to keeping the library, its books and
computers clean and functioning well. Therefore, food and drink are not allowed
in the library.
Students should return encyclopedias to their proper places. Library staff will
shelve other materials, including vertical file materials and other reference
All library materials must be signed out. Students should scan the bar code on
their student cards, wait until they hear a beep, then scan the bar code on the
material they wish to borrow. If they do not have a student card or if there are
any problems, they should see any library staff member.
Most library material may be borrowed for a 3-week period. At the end of that
period, the material may be renewed. With the permission of any library staff
member, reference materials may be borrowed for a 24-hour period.
Students will be charged for lost or damaged library materials.
Library computers are primarily research tools. Any student requiring the use of
a computer to do school work takes precedence over a student who is using the
computer for entertainment purposes.
The computers are part of the school equipment and therefore, should be used
only for school-appropriate reasons. The computers may not be used to access
inappropriate sites, to download music, to play inappropriate games or to access
chat lines, including MSN. Students who break these rules may have their
computer access restricted.
Printing material from the Internet can be very expensive. Students are
encouraged to “copy, cut and paste” into a Word document to reduce the
number of pages to be printed.. If a student is not sure how long a document is
or does not know how to “copy, cut and paste,” he or she should ask a library
staff member.


                                2009-2010 S.R.C.
     President                          Drama
      Danny Russell                     Emily Pierce
     1st Vice-President                 Environment
     Alison Hipkin                      Connor Lavoy
     2nd Vice-President                 Music
     Marcia Mitschke                    TBA
     Secretary                          Public Relations
     Jayla Wiest                        Amanda McNally
     Treasurer                          Social
     Alecia Perry, Jesse Schmitz        Tasha Seitz, Brooke Fishley
     Athletics                          Yearbook Editor
     Jenae McAmmond                     Hannah Kratky
     Canteen Manager
     Lucy Dunn, Melissa Renkas
                       Staff Advisor: Mr. Barber
     Canteen Advisor: Mrs. Dmytriw            Treasurer: Mrs. Lesko

Intramurals will be organized and designed to promote participation, exercise,
sportsmanship, and school spirit. There will be teams and schedules drawn up
so students will have advance knowledge of days to stay for lunch.

 Badminton           Basketball    Canteen                     Cross-Country
 Curling             Drama         E-journalism                Environment Club
 Football            Golf          Jazz & Pep Bands            Newspaper
 S. A. D. D.         Track & Field Volleyball                  Yearbook

Since physical education is part of the school program, all students scheduled for
P.E. must attend properly equipped. All P.E. students must wear a T-shirt, gym
shorts, gym socks and gym runners. Outdoor runners will not be allowed on the
gym floor. Students must provide their own towels for showering. Students are
responsible for securing their valuables before gym periods.
A written note from the parent must be presented to the gym teacher for a
student to be excused from a gym class. Any prolonged absence requires a
doctor’s certificate.
No one may use the gym before school, at noon, or after school unless he or she
is in proper dress and unless there is a teacher supervisor in attendance.
Regulation running shoes must be worn at all times. Certain equipment and
materials may be used only when the instructor is present. Check with the
Pupils must be making satisfactory progress in their academic program to be
eligible to participate on school teams.

                              DANCE PROTOCOL
•    Dances will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will end at 10:30 p.m.
•    Doors will close at 8:00 p.m.
•    Anyone who leaves the dance after doors have been locked will
     not be allowed to return.
•    Clean-up should be completed by 11:00 p.m.
•    All guests must have their names placed on the guest list.
•    LHS students are responsible for their guests.
•    Guest list must be approved by the administration at least 2 days prior to
     the dance.
 A removal from a dance will result in a one-year ban on attending dances.
 As for all extracurricular events, students must be present in all classes the
  day of the event.
 Any alcohol/drug suspension will result in a one year ban.
 All outstanding fees must be addressed.
•   Students will not have access to their lockers prior to, during, or after the
•   Supervised coat check will be provided.
•   Students who will be picked up from the dance by parents should ensure
    that parents are at the school by 10:30 p.m.
•   As with all school-sponsored activities, dances are non-smoking


The general responsibilities of students with regard to the school are summarized
in the following quotations from Sections 149 and 150 of the Education Act -
149. “[E]very pupil shall cooperate fully with all persons employed by the board
      and such other persons who have been lawfully assigned responsibilities
      and functions with respect to the instructional program of the school or
      such special or ancillary services as may be provided or approved by the
      board or the department and, without restricting the generality of the
      foregoing, every pupil shall:
(a) Attend school regularly and punctually;
(b) Provide himself or herself with such supplies and materials not furnished by
      the board of education as may be considered necessary to his courses of
      study by the principal;
(c) Observe standards approved by the board of education with respect to
      cleanliness and tidiness of person, general deportment, obedience, courtesy
      and respect of the rights of other persons;
(d) Be diligent in his studies;
(e) Conform to the rules of the school approved by the board of education and
      submit to such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious
150. Every pupil shall be accountable:
(a) to the teacher for his conduct on the school premises during school hours
      and during such hours as the teacher is in charge of the pupil in class or
      while engaged in authorized school activities conducted in out-of-school

(b) to the principal for his general deportment at any time that he is under the
    supervision of the school and members of the teaching staff, including the
    time spent in traveling between the school and his place of residence;
(c) subject to the stated policies of the board of education, to the driver of a
    school bus and to any other person appointed by the board for the purpose
    of supervision during hours when pupils are in the personal charge of such
    employees of the board, and those employees shall be responsible to report
    to the principal in accordance with the procedures approved by the board.”

                              NOON HOUR POLICY
All students are responsible for themselves during this time. All students staying
during the noon hour are expected to follow all school rules. Noon hour leave
privileges may be revoked by the school administration.

Good order, including obedience to school and classroom rules, is necessary for
schools to provide education in an efficient and effective way. The primary
purpose of disciplinary action, therefore, is to prevent and correct unacceptable
actions. If this purpose cannot be achieved, it may be necessary to remove the
offending student so that the education of the larger group will not be harmed.
Records on disciplinary actions will be kept in student files. These records will
contribute to decisions regarding future disciplinary actions which may be
Disciplinary measures that may be used as consequences for inappropriate action
may include the following:
 extra work assignments                     loss of privileges relating to school
 extra time assignment (detention)              activities
 temporary removal from class               loss of credit
 loss of marks                              suspension
 community service                          expulsion

Measures such as those listed are intended to correct behavior. Should students
fail to adjust, or in the case that a student commits an offence which is generally
understood to be serious, the offending student may be either suspended or
For purposes of attendance, removal from class or school as disciplinary
measures will count as an excused absence.

                                   HAT-FREE FACILITY
L. H. S. is a hat-free facility.

Please be advised Lumsden High School will enforce a “zero-tolerance” policy
regarding smoking/chewing in non-designated areas. “Zero-tolerance” refers to
smokers and those students associated with smoking. Smoking is not permitted
within two blocks of the school. Students will not be allowed to leave the school
during or between scheduled periods to smoke.
This policy is supported by the vast majority of students, most parents, teaching
staff, and by the Prairie Valley School Division. Should a student not regard the
policy, a first offence will result in a one-day suspension; a second offence in a
three-day suspension, and subsequent offences will be managed by the Prairie
Valley Board of Education.


SCENT-FREE FACILITY - L. H. S. encourages students and staff to refrain from
using strongly-scented personal care products and fragrances. Allergies are a
serious issue. To help those with allergies, L. H. S. promotes scent-free

NUT-MANAGED FACILITY – Due to severe allergies in some students, LHS is
a nut-managed school. This means that students, staff, and guests do not bring
into LHS any products containing nuts Thank you for your co-operation. It may
save a life!

                       PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES
Students are to place any such items in their lockers upon entering the school.
P.E.D.s, including cellular phones, are not to be used or worn in any classroom
or the hallways. Failure to comply with this policy may result in confiscation of
the item.

When the gym is used for assemblies, students should act in a responsible
manner. They should avoid behaviors such as shouting and running. During
assemblies, they should sit with their class and move quietly at the instruction of
the teacher. Applause by clapping is the most acceptable way of showing
Attendance is required at assembles. They are considered part of a student’s
class-schedule. There are no student leave or spare privileges during an
assembly period.

                             OFFICE EQUIPMENT
Students are not permitted to use the office machines. Photocopies for students
are 15 cents each and will be done at the convenience of the office staff.

                              SCHOOL TELEPHONES
The school office telephones have been installed for business purposes. After
obtaining permission, students may use these telephones only in cases of
emergency (such as illness).
Social and personal calls will not be channeled through the office. Students are
required to use the student telephone in the foyer. Collect, long distance calls
may be made from the student phone. Students are encouraged to carry a
telephone “calling card.” Unless the call is of an urgent nature, parents should
call students on the student phone as well.

                           MOVEMENT OF CLASSES
Students with an unscheduled period must not linger at their lockers or in the
hallways. Students should leave the school, or move quickly to a study area or
the foyer.
When moving from class to class, students should walk quickly, keeping to the
right. There should be no loitering in the halls between classes. Students who
enter a classroom after the beginning period bell will be considered late at the
discretion of the teacher.

                               APPROVED DRESS
Since students will soon enter the adult world of work, they should learn about
and adopt acceptable standards of dress. Logos on articles of clothing should be
appropriate. School staff determines what is appropriate clothing. Students
wearing inappropriate clothing will be asked to change the offending garment.
Simplicity and good taste are safe guides.
Any footwear that may injure the floors should not be worn. Outdoor clothing,
including footwear, may not be worn in the school on wet, snowy and muddy
days. Bare feet are not allowed.

A student who causes damage to school property, willfully or through
carelessness, must pay for damage. The S.R.C. will assist in the payments for
damaged school property where responsibility cannot be placed on one person or

                                      FIRE DRILL
•       Stand.
•       If there is a teacher in the room, await instructions.
•       If there is no teacher in the room, the student nearest the door checks to
        see if all is clear, and directs the class to its fire exit or fire-free exit.
•       Walk quietly out of the building.
•       When outside, do not disburse, but congregate by classroom in the
        designated area and wait to be checked off by your teacher.

                                  BELL SCHEDULE
8:45 a.m                        Warning Bell
8:50 a.m.                       O’Canada and Announcements
8:50 – 9:55 a.m.                Period 1
9:55 – 10:00 a.m.               Class Change
10:00 – 11:01 a.m.              Period 2
11:01 – 11:06 a.m.              Class Change
11:06 a.m. – 12:07 p.m. Period 3
12:07 – 1:08 p.m.               Period 4, Lunch Break
1:08 p.m.                       Warning Bell
1:13 – 2:14 p.m.                Period 5
2:14 – 2:19 p.m.                Class Change
2:19 – 3:20 p.m.                Period 6
3:20 p.m.                       Dismissal
3:30 p.m.                       Bus Departure


1. The organization shall be known as the Lumsden High School Students’
2. Its executive shall be known as the Students Representative Council

1.   All registered students of Lumsden High School enrolled in grades nine, ten,
     eleven and twelve shall be eligible for membership in the organization.
2.   Membership shall be recognized upon payment of the S.R.C. fee determined
     by the executive.
3.   Fee payment or arrangement for payment of fees shall be made no later
     than October 30th of the school year.

1.   The organization shall be responsible for those students’ activities
     authorized by the school for a given school year.
2.   The organization shall provide its members with opportunities and financial
     support for school-based leadership, responsibility, recreation and
     extracurricular activity.

1.   The Principal and staff shall provide for the appointment of a S.R.C. staff

1.   The executive shall consist of the following offices: president, two vice-
     presidents and secretary.

1.   All nominations for the executive shall be in the hands of the nomination
     committee no later than seven days prior to the election.
2.   All nominations for treasurers will be screened by the S.R.C. staff advisor to
     ensure they have the skills required to execute the duties of the office.

3.   a) The following positions will constitute the elected executive:
           1. President
           2. Vice-President (2nd most votes)
           3. 2nd Vice-President (canteen responsibilities)
           4. Secretary
     b) The following positions will be filled by submitting nominations to the
     elected executive. Nominations will be reviewed by the elected executive
     and staff representatives. Interviews may be conducted with eligible
               social                              girls’ sports
               public relations (2)                environment
               drama                               canteen manager
               boys’ sports                        band
               yearbook                            football

     c) In September each grade nine homeroom shall appoint a room
     representative to the executive. These room representatives are full
     members of the executive.
4.   a) The nominee for president shall have at least one year of experience on
     student council.
     b) The nominee for president shall be a grade ten or eleven student
     enrolled in no fewer than eight subjects and have an academic average of
     not less than 75%. The nominee must have served on the SRC executive
     or as an SRC room representative for at least one year. Grade twelves
     meeting the proper criteria may run in by-elections.
     c) Treasurers must be enrolled in no fewer than eight subjects and have an
     academic average of not less than 75%.
     d) The nominees for all other executive positions must be enrolled in no
     fewer than eight subjects and have an academic average of not less than
5.   No person shall hold more than one office nor receive the nomination for
     more than one position on the executive.
6.   All candidates shall abide by the campaign rules as set down by the
     electoral committee.
7.   All voting shall be done by secret ballot.
8.   a) The election of the executive, with the exception of the home room
     representatives and treasurers shall be held before May 31, prior to the new
     school year.
     b) The election of home room representatives shall be held in the first week
     of each new school year.

1.   Each committee shall consist of a chair-person and the chosen members.
2.   The executive shall have the right to appoint other committees at its
     discretion and have them remain active at its pleasure.
3.   The electoral committee shall consist of the chief returning officer and two
     deputy returning officers appointed by the executive and the S.R.C. staff
4.   The electoral committee shall ensure the candidates meet the criteria as
     written in the constitution.

1.   Executive officers are responsible for the selection of their own committee

1.   S.R.C. Staff Advisor- The staff advisor shall be responsible for the
a)   Supervise the preparation of the executive’s program outlining the year’s
b)   Supervise and approve the appointment of the electoral committee;
c)   Supervise, through the President, the day-to-day operations of the
     executive and its committees;
d)   Attend all executive meetings;
e)   Attend all general assemblies;
f)   Assist the treasurers of the outgoing and incoming executives to prepare a
     budget proposal for each new year’s operation;
g)   Oversee payment of all executive finances.

2.   President-The president shall be responsible for the following:
a)   Attend all executive meetings;
b)   Set agendas for and preside over all executive meetings and general
c)   Authorize payment of accounts;
d)   Monitor progress or lack thereof of the members of the executive;
e)   Represent the S.R.C. outside the school at community functions and
     organizations as required.

3.   Vice-Presidents
a)   Aid members of the executive in their duties;
b)   Assist the president in day-to-day SRC operations;
c)   Perform specific duties assigned by the president;
d)   Preside over meetings in absence of the president.
     2nd Vice-President
a)   Aid members of the executive in their duties;
b)   Work with the canteen manager assisting with staffing and day-to-day

4.   Secretary- The secretary shall be responsible for the following:
a)   Maintain accurate minutes of all meetings and assemblies;
b)   Make purchases and do correspondence as directed by the Executive of the
c)   Assist the Public Relations representative with any/all duties related to that
     position, as required.

5.   S.R.C. Treasurer- The treasurer shall be responsible for the following:
a)   Supervise the accounts of the organization;
b)   Maintain all funds in a chartered bank;
c)   Pay, by cheque, all payments authorized by the president and S.R.C. staff
     advisor of organization expenses;
d)   Prepare a budget proposal for the organization in conjunction with the
     outgoing treasurer and S.R.C. staff advisor. This budget must be presented
     to the incoming executive prior to June 30 so that it may come into effect
     by July 1;
e)   At each S.R.C. meeting a budget update will be given to each of the S.R.C.
     representatives in written or verbal form.

6.   Boys’ and Girls’ Sports Representatives- The sports representatives
     shall be responsible for the following:
a)   Assist the team coach in organizing tournaments;
b)   Promote games and tournaments;
c)   Provide dates and results of games for the executives;
d)   Promote and provide assistance in organizing intramural activities through
     direct consultation with the sports staff advisor.

7.   Social Representative- The social representative shall be responsible for
     the following:
a)   Organize dances;
b)   Foster school spirit through various activities;
c)   Provide the executive at the beginning of each school year with a yearly
     agenda which is to be prepared through consultation with the social staff

8.   Public Relations Representative- The public relations representative
     shall be responsible for the following:
a)   Promote school activities in the community;
b)   Work in conjunction with members of the executive to publicize events
     within those offices;
c)   Provide the student body with the opportunity to purchase school clothing,
     rings, or other school spirit items as determined by the executive or student
d)   Supervise and organize all fundraising activities as deemed necessary by the

9.   Drama Representative- The drama representative shall be responsible
     for the following:
a)   Assist the drama advisor to produce one or more drama nights where
     talents of the organizations members can be displayed;
b)   Arrange for theatre groups for student entertainment;
c)   Organize rehearsals for plays with the aid of a drama advisor chosen from
     the staff;
d)   Assist the debate advisor in facilitating entry for debate members into one
     or more debate tournaments;
e)   In the event of a debate tournament being held at Lumsden High School, to
     assist in securing needed school materials and/or space, arrange for needed
     persons to be present and help organize the event as a whole.

10. Yearbook Editor- The yearbook editor will be responsible for the
a) Select yearbook staff and photographer;
b) Solicit advertising for the yearbook;
c) Produce a yearbook with the co-operation of a yearbook staff advisor;.
    Complete each year’s yearbook no later than July 30 of that school year;
e) Provide the option of not publishing a yearbook if there is no interest shown
    by the student body.

11. Band Representative- The band representative shall be responsible for
    the following:
a) Report to the executive on the activities of the senior and junior bands of
    Lumsden High School;
b) Provide a link between the executive, the band teacher and the band
    parents association;
c) Help organize and work in close co-operation with the band association and
    band teacher.

12. Football Representative-The football representative shall be responsible
    for the following:
a) Report to the executive on the activities of the LHS senior football club;
b) Provide a link between the executive, the football coaching staff and the
    football parents association;
c) Help organize and work in close cooperation with football parents’
    association, boys’ and girls’ S.R.C. sports representatives and the football
    coaching staff.

13. Environment Club Representative-The environment representative shall
    be responsible for the following:
a) Report to the executive on the activities of the LHS environment club;
    provide a link between the executive, the environment club staff
    representative and the club;
b) Help organize and work in close cooperation with the executive.
c) It shall be the duty of each chairperson to submit to the executive all plans
    and reports of the committee’s accomplishments.

1.   Meetings shall be designated to take place on a regular basis, and there
     shall be no fewer than two meetings a month.
2.   The president or executive member with authority shall preside over the
3.   Members of the S.R.C. executive are expected to attend all meetings.
4.   A meeting may be called by the president at any time, but unless five days
     advance notice is given, it will not be considered a regular meeting and
     attendance will not be taken.
4.   All executive members shall have voting privileges.

1.   The signing authority for documents and cheques shall be any two of the
     president, S.R.C. treasurer, canteen treasurer, or secretary.
2.   The S.R.C. staff advisor has final authority to the issuance of a document or

1.   A quorum of the executive shall be one more than half of the total
2.   A quorum of the assembly shall be one more than half of the student body.

1. No amendment shall be made to the constitution without a quorum of one
   more than one half of the student body.
2. Notice of constitutional amendments shall be presented no later than one
   week prior at a general assembly.
3. All notices of amendments must bear the signature of at least five members.
4. Constitutional amendments may be made by the principal, who, as the
   administrator of the school, has the final authority over all activities which
   occur within the school. These amendments shall be made through
   consultation with the S.R.C. executive.

1.   The executive, on its own initiative or upon the advice of the principal and
     the staff, may disqualify individuals from accepting nominations or from
     holding an executive position.
2.   A statement of disqualification with reason shall be submitted to the
     individual and to the principal. If the individual wishes to contest the
     decision, he or she may approach the executive within one week’s time to
     review the decision and state his or her case. The requisition of the S.R.C. ,
     student body, or staff to act as an advocate is allowed.
3.   Neglect of responsibilities, poor school attendance, improper conduct as
     determined by school policies, failure to maintain eight subjects and an
     appropriate academic average will result in immediate dismissal from the
4.   Habitual lateness and greater than three absences from regular executive
     meetings may result in dismissal from the executive.
5.   Failure to pay student fees or to make appropriate arrangements by October
     30 will result in a student’s being suspended from all S.R.C. sponsored
     activities until payment is complete. Removal from the S.R.C. due to
     nonpayment of fees will be a permanent disqualification from that position.

1.   All positions vacated due to resignation or other circumstances shall be filled
     by election. However, if, in the opinion of the executive, there is not
     sufficient time remaining in the year or appropriate candidates, a position
     may be left vacant.
2.   The position of president, if vacated, will be taken over by the 1st vice-
     president until an election for the position of president is held.
3.   Where applicable, an election shall take place within a period of fifteen days
     after the position becomes vacant.

1.   In the case of elections for executive positions, all students who are
     members in good standing shall have the right to vote.

1.   The organization shall maintain by-laws.
2.   By-laws must be approved by a vote of the assembly with a majority of
     50% + 1.
3.   By-laws should have a continuing effect on the organization’s policies.

1.   Any student who is successful in running for office will serve as a member
     of the Executive from the beginning of each school year to the end of that
     school year (July 1 to end of June 30).
2.   Newly elected S.R.C. executive members are required to meet with the
     outgoing S.R.C. executive after the May elections during the regular
     executive meetings.

1.   The financial year of each S.R.C. executive will run from the first day of the
     new school year (July 1) until June 30 of that school year.

1.   The Lumsden High School student colours are to be any combinations of
     black, green, and white.
2.   School teams/groups may use special designs on clothing with the
     permission of the S.R.C. The school logo must appear on the clothing.

1.   The Lumsden High School student logo is to be LHS with an angel
     positioned over the L and a devil sitting on the lower part of the S.
2.   This logo is to be used on all stationery, uniforms, graduation activities and
     areas and items where logos are needed or wanted.

1. We move that all moneys earned by teams or individuals for S.R.C activities
    are to be given the to the S.R.C. If this is not adhered to, then the activity
    should no longer be sponsored by the S.R.C.
2. We move that all expenditures must be first approved through the budget
    process and accompanied by a voucher prior to the expenditure. This
    voucher should be handed in to your S.R.C. representative at least 3 days
    prior to its use.
3.    We move that all purchases by teams or individuals on behalf of a school
      sponsored activity be paid by the S.R.C.
4.    We move that the S.R.C. will not buy any personalized uniforms for any
      school activity, and that all uniforms or equipment bought through the
      S.R.C. will remain property of the S.R.C. until the S.R.C. decides to dispose
      of it.
5.    We move that all teams and individuals must stay within their budgets. If
      they do not have sufficient funds to continue an activity, they may approach
      the S.R.C. for an extension of their present budget.

                                 Important Dates

  Dates         Activity/Event
    28          Football @ Humboldt
     1          Teachers Start-Up Day – Non-student Day
                New Student Registration And Timetable Changes
      2         School PD/PLC & Teacher Prep Day – Non-student Day
                New Student Registration And Timetable Changes
       3        PVSD Teacher Opening Institute – Non-student Day
       4        School Break – No School
       4        Football – Esterhazy @ Lumsden
      4-5       Sr. Girls Volleyball – Melville Tournament
       7        Labour Day – No School
       8        First Day Of Classes For Students
     11-12      Sr. Boys Volleyball – U of R Tournament
     11-12      Sr. Girls Volleyball – Yorkton Regional Tournament
      15        School Pictures
      17        Academic Awards
      17        Football @ Fort Qu’Appelle
     18-19      Sr. Boys Volleyball Home Tournament
      24        Band Annual General Meeting
      25        Football @ Swan River, MB
     25-26      Provincial Golf
     25-26      Sr. Boys Volleyball – Swift Current Tournament
     25-26      Sr. Girls Volleyball – Rochdale Invitational Tournament
      26        Grade 10 Girls Volleyball Home Tournament

    1      Integrade Reports Issued
    2      Division-wide Curriculum PD – Non-student Day
    2      Football Melville @ Lumsden
   2-3     Grade 10 Girls Volleyball – Winston Knoll Tournament
    8      Football @ Yorkton
   12      Thanksgiving Day – No School
   16      Football Canora @ Lumsden
  16-17    Sr. Boys Volleyball – Moose Jaw Tournament
  16-17    Sr. Girls Volleyball – Home Tournament
   17      Cross Country Provincials
   21      School Picture Re-takes
   23      Football Conference Playoff @ TBA
  23-24    Sr. Boys Volleyball – Balgonie Tournament
  23-24    Sr. Girls Volleyball – Lanigan Tournament
  30-31    Sr. Girls Volleyball – Weyburn Tournament
   31      Football Provincial Quarter Playoffs @ TBA
    2      Term 1 Report Cards
    3      See Your Future Career Fair for Grade 12 students
   4-5     Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences – 3:30 – 7:30 pm
    7      Football Provincial SemiFinal Playoffs @ TBA
    7      Jr. Boys Volleyball – Home Tournament
    7      Sr. Girls Volleyball – Conference Finals
   11      Remembrance Day – No School
  13-14    Sr. Girls Volleyball - Regionals
   14      Football Provincials @ TBA
   14      Sr. Boys Volleyball – Conference Finals
  20-21    Sr. Girls Volleyball - Provincials
   21      Sr. Boys Volleyball - Regionals
   27      Non-Student Day
  27-28    Sr. Boys Volleyball - Provincials
    3      Fall Drama
   4-5     Jr. Boys Basketball Home Tournament
   13      Junior and Senior Band Christmas Concert
   18      Integrade Reports Issued
   22      Last Day of Classes for Staff and Students - 2:30 Dismissal
           Christmas Vacation December 23 – January 5 Inclusive
    6      Classes Resume
   8-9     Sr. Boys Basketball – Moose Jaw Tournament
  15-16    Sr. Boys Basketball – Moosomin Tournament
  25-29    Semester 1 Final Assessments
    1      Staff Meeting, School PD/PLC & Prep Day – Non-student Day
    2      Semester 2 Begins
    5      Semester 1 Report Cards Issued
  11-13    Sr. Boys Basketball – Super Hoops – Home Tournament
  12-17    Core French Trip to Quebec
   15      Family Day – No School
  16-17    Winter Break – No School
   18      Convention – Non-student Day
   19      PVSD/PVTA PD Day – Non-student Day
  19-20    Sr. Boys Basketball – High River, AB Tournament
   22      Classes Resume
    2      Open Mike and Talent Night
   4-6     Provincial Curling
    5      Integrade Reports Issued
    7      Jazz Night
   10      PVSD Career Fair for Grade 11’s
   12      School Break – No School
  17-18    Optimist Band Festival
   18      Spring Drama
  18-20    HOOPLA – Sr. Boys Provincial Basketball
  19-21    Senior Jazz Trip - Brandon
  25-26    Regional Drama Festival
   26      Term 3 Report Cards Issued
   27      Band Dessert/Dance/Auction
  29-30    Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences – 3:30 – 7:30 pm
    1      Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences – Non-student Day
    2      Good Friday – No School
   5-9     Easter Break – No School
   12      Classes Resume
  22-26    Grade 11/12 Band Trip - Nelson
   30      Staff Meeting, School PD/PLC & Prep Day – Non-student Day

   9    Provincial Badminton
 9-11   Grade 9/10 Band Trip – Red Deer
  14    School Break – No School
  19    Zone Track Meet
  21    Integrade Reports Issued
  24    Victoria Day – No School
  28    District Track Meet
  4-5   Provincial Track Meet
   7    Senior Band Final Concert
  17    Extra Curricular Awards – 1:15 pm
21-25   Semester 2 Final Assessments
  28    Academic Promotion Meetings – Non-Student Day
  29    Report Cards Distributed
  29    Graduation
  30    Staff Meeting/Year End Closure & Prep – Non-student Day




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