Banish dry winter skin by MichaelTacsay


									                          Banishing dry skin this winter with Base Formula

 Cold weather, central heating, extra stress and Christmas parties all take their toll on our skin during
winter. But don’t wait to make your new year’s resolution; your skin deserves a new Base Formula
skincare regime now. The temperatures have dropped quicker than you can say ‘ho ho ho’, and your
skin won’t have had time to get used to the new weather conditions, leading to flaking, dry patches
and chapped lips.

Don’t expose your skin to irritating toxins or chemicals found in skincare products in pharmacies;
winter skincare should be kept simple for beautiful and healthy skin. Natural winter skincare by Base
Formula soothes winter skin symptoms, repairing skin by replenishing both vitamin stores and
natural moisture levels.

Look your best this party season with a new winter skincare regime. A cleanser, toner and
moisturiser by Base Formula are simple to make and won’t cost a small fortune. With aromatherapy
you have unlimited possibilities to make a product tailored to you, so you no longer need to buy
numerous products to find one which suits - even if you have difficult oily or combination skin.
Essential oils are skin nurturing and offer a huge range of different benefits. Whether you would like
your products to have added anti-ageing properties, treat your acne, reduce the appearance of your
scars or reduce puffiness, you can make your winter skincare suit you.

Base Formula’s carrier oils have therapeutic properties and are easily absorbed by the skin. Argan Oil
is particularly effective at protecting the skin against extreme temperatures and treating patches of
dry skin and chapped lips. Essential oils such as Rose, Frankincense, Lavender and Neroli help to
stimulate the regeneration of new skin cells, revitalising skin quality and appearance.

Jeni Broughton, Consultant Aromatherapist at Base Formula, says:

        “The harsh winter weather and central heating can play havoc with our skin - stripping out
        natural moisture and causing the top layer of skin to dry and flake off! Essential oils and
        natural plant oils (carrier oils) can offer an effective way to enhance the health and condition
        of your skin”.

Base Formula make winter skincare easy with recipe guides, descriptions of the properties of
essential oils and ready-to-use cosmetic bases. Boost your skin’s natural defences and protect your
skin this winter with Base Formula’s ethically produced, natural winter skincare products.

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