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					                              Why Should I do Work Stations?
In school, my teacher has set up work stations. Work stations are different than other kinds of things I
do in school. There are five different activities at each station and each one has its own set of rules. The
teacher sets up these stations so that her students can have a more fun way of learning.

Sometimes when things are new or different, I resist trying them. That is because I like things to stay the
same way. Even though work stations are a fun way of learning, they are new and different. That can
make me feel nervous or upset. Being nervous or upset makes it hard for me to try work stations, even
though they are fun.

I know I must do work stations to learn in a fun way. To do that, I must become brave. Becoming brave
means trying things that are hard for people and that make them nervous. For me, I can be brave by
trying work stations. There are three levels of braveness. I can work myself up to the top level, and
become very brave.

Level 1 = I go to each work station when I should, but I might watch instead of doing work. Level 1 is a
tiny bit brave. It’s braver than I was the first time we had work stations in my room.

Level 2 = I go to each work station when I should, learn the directions and do some work. But I might
stop before I complete it all. Level 2 is a little brave. I am learning how to start work at each station.

Level 3 = I will go to each work station and do all the work I can to the best of my ability. Level 3 is brave,
very brave. I have learned how to do something new and different, and learned how to do it well. That is

I want to be brave and learn how to do new and different things. One way I can do that is to try the work
stations set up in my classroom. I will become smarter, I will get to do fun activities, and my teacher and
parents will be so proud of me. They will think, “Wow! ________________________ is learning how to
be brave! That is super!”

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