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					 Info Vision 08
Exhibition                           of technical aids for the
                                     blind, visually impaired,
                                     deafblind and persons with
                                     partial hearing and vision

The Swiss Federation of the                  Swiss Federation of the
                                             Blind and Visually Impaired
Blind and Visually Impaired and
its partner organizations welco-             www.sbv-fsa.ch
me to Geneva in August 2008
the blind and visually impaired
delegates from all over the
world for the 7th General
Assembly of the World Blind
Union (WBU).
The traditional exhibition on                www.wbu2008.ch
assistive technology Info Vision
will be held at this occasion.
Numerous companies and orga-
nizations from abroad, Europe
and Switzerland are presenting
on 3000 m2 a large overview on
assistive devices and services for
blind, visually impaired, deaf-
blind and people with hearing
and visual handicaps

           from August 21st to 23rd 2008 at the
     International Conference Centre Geneva (ICCG)
         17, rue de Varembé, CH-1211 Genève 20
                      The Swiss Federation of         information that is relevant to them from
                      the Blind and Visually          the wealth available every day. The ability to
                      Impaired (SFB), togeth-         access all up-to-date content and formats
                      er with its partner asso-       and process them using the same tools as
                      ciations and many exhi-         non-handicapped persons is a prerequisite
                      bitors, looks forward to        for successful integration. It is therefore
                      being able to present           important to take the needs of disabled per-
                      an extensive range of           sons into account in IT research and devel-
                      aids to blind, visually-        opment in order to ensure unobstructed
impaired, deaf-blind, visually and hearing-           access to both current and future technolo-
impaired persons as well as sighted persons.          gy generations; be they audible, tactile or
On display will be electronic as well as other        presented large and in rich contrast on dis-
aids to assist everyday life.                         plays.
                                                      The many individuals, organisations and
We greatly value the patronage of                     companies who work tirelessly to address
Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy Rey                these concerns deserve our particular thanks
as a valuable support in our work.                    and appreciation.

Access to information is the key to social
and occupational integration. Modern tech-            Christian Hugentobler
nology opens up opportunities for visually-           President of the Swiss Federation of the
impaired people to find and process the               Blind and Visually Impaired (SFB)

 Information and program Info Vision 08
 Thursday, August 21st 2008                           Lectures and workshops

                                                      NVDA, a free and open source screen
Exhibition Opening hours                              reader for Windows
Exhibition on level 0 and -1                          Workshop with Video Conference
                                                      Room 18                    14.00–14.45

Official opening                                      Target audience: Technical interested com-
                                                      puter users, Delegates, accompanying per-
Room 18                                 12.30         son and guests of the WBU General
                                                      Speaker: James Teh
Press information                                     Spoken Language: English, simultaneous
Room 15                                 11.15         translation in German and French
 Information and program Info Vision 08
Tactile Acoustical Navigation and Infor-            Braille printing made easy
mation Assistant                                    Workshop, Salle 15             19.00–19.45
                                                    Target audience: Braille users
Workshop, Room 18              16.00–16.45
                                                    and producers
Target audience: Participants interested in         Speaker: Bjorn Lofstedt
indoor/outdoor navigation systems, dele-            Spoken Language: English, simultaneous
gates, accompanying person and guests of            translation in German and French
the WBU General Assembly
Speakers: Dr. Andreas Hub, BNI Blindnavi-
gation International GmbH / Non-Profit              Friday, August 22nd 2008
Spoken Language : English, simultaneous
translation in German and French                    Exhibition Opening hours
Braille in Early Education
Workshop, Room 18               18.00–18.45         Exhibition on level 0 and -1
Target audience: WBU delegates, educa-
tors, policy-makers, parent and child sup-          Lectures and workshops
Speaker: Patricia Fraser, International Sales       Ergonomic concepts of modern refres-
Manager, Quantum Technology                         hable Braille displays
Spoken Language : English, simultaneous
translation in German and French                    Workshop, Room 18               10.00–10.45
                                                    Target audience: IT specialists, blind com-
Blind students in economics, sciences               puter users
and engineering – challenges in math                Speaker: Hans W. Ring, F.H. Papenmeier
and graphics                                        GmbH&Co. KG
Workshop, Room 15         15.00–15.45               Spoken Language: English, simultaneous
                                                    translation in German and French
Target audience: Professionals in the field
of education, counselling and labour mar-           E-mail By Voice: User Benefits & Busi-
ket, visually impaired students, AT                 ness Opportunity
Speakers: Joachim Klaus, Gerhard Jaworek,           Workshop, Room 18              12.00.–12.45
Andrea Gaal,
Spoken Language: English, simultaneous              Target audience: Organizations supporting
translation in German and French                    the Visually Impaired & Blind
                                                    Speaker: Mike Heinrich
Answering The Myths About Swell                     Spoken Language: English, simultaneous
Paper                                               translation in German and French
Workshop, Room 15      17.00–17.45                  People with disabilities in working life
Target Audience: Anyone who makes tacti-            Workshop, Room 18            14.00–14.45
le diagrams
Speaker: Philip Eccles, Managing Director           Target audience: Employers, representati-
of Zychem                                           ves from disability insurance providers,
Spoken Language: English, simultaneous              social workers, leaders and professionals in
translation in German and French                    the field of rehabilitation and counselling.

 Information and program Info Vision 08
Speakers: Jean-Michel Limat; Product
Manager, Federal Social Insurance Office;
                                                      Saturday, August 23rd 2008:
Blaise Gauchat, Responsible SRIHV
Spoken Language: French, simultaneous                 Exhibition Opening hours
translation in German                                                                09.00–17.00
                                                      Exhibition on level 0 and -1
Occupational integration at a time of
technological change                                  Lectures and workshops
Workshop, Room 15                11.00–11.45
                                                      Innovative approach to an online play-
Target audience: Employers, representati-             er for ondemand spoken content from
ves from disability insurance providers,              the Internet without a PC
social workers, leaders and professionals in
the field of rehabilitation and counselling.          Workshop, Room 18              10.00–10.45
Speakers: Urs Hiltebrand, Hans Hochstras-
ser, Accesstech AG Switzerland                        Target Audience: Blind, visually impaired,
Spoken Language: German, simultaneous                 people with hearing and visual handicaps
translation in French                                 using assistive devices, accompanying per-
                                                      sons and guests.
                                                      Speaker: Marianne van der Meulen (MD
Easy braille and tactile graphic produc-              Solutions Radio BV)
tion in your language!                                Spoken language: German, simultaneous
Workshop, Room 15                13.00–13.45          translation in French.
Target audience: Beginner’s and experts loo-
king at braille, textbook, and tactile graphics       My favourite music – CDs are no lon-
or wishing to see what is possible with com-          ger needed
puterized braille production.                         Workshop, Room 18              12.00–12.45
Speaker: Neal Kuniansky, Duxbury Systems,
Inc.                                                  Target Audience: Blind, visually impaired,
Spoken Language: English, simultaneous                people with hearing and visual handicaps
translation in German and French                      using assistive devices, accompanying per-
                                                      sons and guests.
                                                      Speaker: Ermano Magnani
Delivering the required Alt Format                    Spoken language: German, simultaneous
content from PDF, XML, HTML or MS                     translation in French.
Word and review of the Dolphin Sight-
savers Pen in Africa
                                                      Don’t just phone, skype instead
Workshop, Room 15              15.00–15.45
Target audience: Individuals, educators and           Workshop, Room 18              14.00–14.45
professionals who require Braille, Large              Target Audience: Blind, visually impaired,
print, Daisy or MP3 formats quickly and               people with hearing and visual handicaps
efficiently                                           using assistive devices, accompanying per-
Speaker: Steve Bennett, Dolphin Computer              sons and guests.
Access Ltd                                            Speaker: Alain Barrillier
Spoken Language: English, simultaneous                Spoken language: French, simultaneous
translation in German and French                      translation in German.
Information and program Info Vision 08
Internet radio and podcasts, modern                Registration for presentations and
radio listening                                    workshops
                                                   In order to attend the presentations and
Workshop, Room 15             11.00–11.45          workshops free of charge, advance regis-
Target Audience: Blind, visually impaired,         tration is essential by means of the Info Vi-
people with hearing and visual handicaps           sion 08 registration form (accompaniment
using assistive devices, accompanying per-         and simultaneous translation).
sons and guests.
Speaker: Kurt Morandi                              Cloakroom
Spoken language: German, simultaneous              Unguarded, free of charge
translation in French.
The best offer: Internet shopping                  Advance registration is essential, stating
                                                   the menu desired, by means of the Info
Workshop, Room 15             13.00–13.45          Vision 08 registration form. At the Regis-
                                                   tration Desk you will receive a voucher for
Target Audience: Blind, visually impaired,         your ordered set meal of the day, vegetari-
people with hearing and visual handicaps           an menu or diabetic menu, incl. mineral
using assistive devices, accompanying per-         water. Price: CHF 19.–
sons and guests.
Speaker: Ermano Magnani
Spoken language: German, simultaneous              Other drinks are available from the drinks
translation in French.                             buffet in return for payment in cash (in
CCTV for children and students – speci-            Accompaniment and collection service
al anatomical and physical require-                On request, we will arrange for you to be
ments of this user group                           accompanied in the mornings from the
                                                   railway station to the congress centre and
Workshop, Room 15             15.00–15.45          back again in the evening. We offer this
                                                   service at the following times:
Target Audience: Teachers, consultants,
Product managers, visually impaired per-           Thursday, 21 August 2008
sons                                               Morning 11.30 to 12.30
Speaker: Dr. Frank Stein, Weimed Inge-             Evening 18.30 to 20.30
Spoken language: German, simultaneous              Friday, 22 August 2008
translation in French.                             Morning 08.30 to 09.30
                                                   Evening 17.30 to 18.30

Exhibition admission                               Saturday, 23 August 2008
                                                   Morning 08.30 to 09.30
Admission costs CHF 12.00 for all visitors –       Evening 16.30 to 17.30
disabled persons, accompanying persons,
students, school children, etc. All visitors       Additional coach
receive a visitor’s badge, entitling them to       On Friday and Saturday morning and eve-
refreshments from the buffet during the            ning, an additional coach will be available
morning and afternoon intervals.                   for one journey each.
 Information and program Info Vision 08
Friday, 22 August 2008                                           not wishing to make use of any of the
                                                                 above-mentioned services should obtain
Additional coach                                                 the obligatory Visitor Badge at the Regis-
morning:                              Departure 9h30             tration Desk for CHF 12.–.
Railway station Cornavin               ICCG
evening:                 Departure 17h45                         Kuoni Travel Ltd. Destination Management
ICCG     Railway station Cornavin                                Geneva Business Center, Av. des Morgines 12
                                                                 CH-1213 Petit-Lancy
Saturday, 23 August 2008
                                                                 Phone:                      +41 22 908 18 55
Additional coach                                                 Fax:                        +41 22 908 18 35
morning:                              Departure 9h30             E-Mail:                    wbu2008@kuoni.ch
Railway station Cornavin               ICCG                      Internet:                   www.wbu2008.ch
evening:                 Departure 16h45                         Information
ICCG     Railway station Cornavin                                Swiss Federation of the Blind and Visually
                                                                 Impaired (SFB)
                                                                 Hans Keller
Travelling by public transport                                   Project Manager Info Vision 08
From Cornavin station take bus No. 5 in                          Gutenbergstrasse 40b
the “Le Grand-Saconnex, Palexpo” direc-                          CH-3011 Bern
tion. Alight at the Vermont stop.                                Switzerland

This stop is located directly next to the Inter-                 Registration confirmation
national Conference Centre Geneva (ICCG)                         On receipt of the registration form, we will
17, rue de Varembé, CH-1211 Geneva 20.                           send you a written confirmation.
Closing date for registration 10.8.2008                          The exhibition
Visitors wishing to attend a presentation or                     The exhibition is spread over two floors. The
workshop, to make use of the collection                          exhibitor stands will be acoustically and
service from the station or the bus stop or                      visually separated by dividing walls. The
to eat lunch at the exhibition are required                      stands are numbered and signs written with
to register in advance using the enclosed                        the names of the respective companies or
registration form, or by phone. Anyone                           organisations.

                    weimed ®
     specialists in technology for lowvision aids
      come and see how we can help you with:
9 Optical and electronical magnification aids and
9 Special products for mobility and education

                                                    weimed ®                             Phone +49 (0) 2461 – 347927
                                                    Wolfshovener Strasse 77 – 79           Fax +49 (0) 2461 – 348061
                                                    52428 Juelich, Germany                   Email: info@weimed.de
                                                                                          Fax: 0700 -www.weimed.de

List of exhibitors in alphabetic order
Stand   Nom                                 011   LVI Low Vision International
                                            107   Mission Evangélique Braille MEB
031     ABAPLANS                            001   Musée de l'Association Valentin
007     Abilis Foundation                         Haüy
112     Accesstech AG                       101   ONCE-CIDAT
118     African Union of the Blind          121   Optelec BV
102     Ash Technologies Ltd                003   OPTRON Produktion & Vertrieb
002     Association Valentin Haüy                 e.K.
021     Aurora Ministries                   023   Quantum Technology (UK) Ltd
012     BAUM Retec AG                       111   Ramstein Optik AG
026     Blista-Brailletec GmbH              103   Royal National Institute of Blind
109     Braille-Code SA                           People
029     Braillo Norway A/S                  110   Schweizerische Bibliothek für
024     Buchstaben AG                             Blinde und Sehbehinderte
004     CareTec GmbH                        113   Schweizerischer Blindenbund
105     Cobolt Systems Ltd                  108   Schweizerischer Zentralverein für
122     Code Factory / Vodafone                   das Blindenwesen
114     Dancing dots Braille                115   Sehbehindertenhilfe Basel
        Music Technology                    120   Sensotec NV/SA
017     Dolphin Computer Access Ltd         020   Solutions Radio BV
106     Dräger & Lienert                    124   Stephear Ltd
019     Duxbury Systems, Inc.               015   Study Centre for the Visually
022     Enabling Technologies                     Impaired Students SZS
027     Eurisco Sagl                        116   Svarovsky, s.r.o
016     F.H. Papenmeier GmbH&Co. KG         025   Svec a SPOL s.r.o
008     Fondation Pro Visu                  028   Télévox & Kiosque électronique
010     Freedom Scientific GmbH             123   The Daylight Company Ltd
013     HIMS CO. Ltd                        009   Tools4theblind GmbH
006     Hôtel-Restaurant Solsana            125   Verein Zur Förderung der
030     HumanWare Limited                         Blindenbildung e.V
005     Independent Living Aids, Inc.       119   Voice on the Go
014     Index Braille                       104   Weimed
117     InSiPhil (S) Lte. Ptd               018   Zychem Ltd

Floor plan                        Level 0
Booth numbers 001 to 031

                 101 - 125

Floor plan                       Level -1i
Booth numbers 101 to 125

                                  001 - 031

   The der Aussteller an der Info interfacultative institute
Liste Study Centre for the Visually Impaired Students (SZS) is anVision 08 at the
     Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH) which belongs to the Faculty of Informatics. As a service and research
     institute the SZS supports blind and partially sighted students in all courses offered at the university.
     The service is counselling, guidance and special support in pedagogical and technical fields, when
     entering higher education, during the studies and in transition to the labour market.
     Electronic information and communication have a central role. The research programme is focussed
     on mathematical working environments and description languages as well as access to graphics for
     the blind. The aim is to realise a comprehensive inclusion of students with visual impairment in
     everyday life. This holistic approach gives a word-wide leading role to the SZS.
     Additionally the SZS is involved into an international network in order to promote students´ and
     scientists´ exchange. The contacts include European and global cooperation to the USA, Japan,
     North- and South Africa.

                                Study Centre for the Visually Impaired Students (SZS)
                                Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH)
                                Engesserstr. 4
                                D 76131 Karlsruhe
                                Tel. +49 (0)721/ 608-2760
                                Fax +49 (0)721/ 608-2020

                                                               Mouskie is a Braille computer
                                                                  mouse and software.

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                                Level 0
 001 Musée de l'Association                            002 Association
     Valentin Haüy                                         Valentin Haüy

Valentin Haüy Museum                               5, rue du Roc, F-75343 Paris Cedex 07
5 rue Duroc, F-75343 Paris CEDEX 07                Phone: +33 (1) 44 49 27 20
Phone: +33 (1) 44 49 27 27                         Fax: +33 (1) 44 49 27 20
Fax: +33 (1) 44 49 27 10                           E-mail: directionmagasin@avh.asso.fr
E-mail: avh@asso.fr                                Web: www.avh.asso.fr

                                                   At the service of the blind and visually
Louis Braille 1809–1852                            impaired

Touch Exhibition presented by the                  For more than 100 years, the Association
Valentin Haüy Association                          Valentin Haüy has been offering numerous
The following choice of nine works from            services to the blind and visually impaired
the Valentin Haüy Museum’s collections and         in order to help them archieve greater
four facsimiles of old documents is a prelu-       autonomy:
de to the exhibition for the bicentenary of        mobiliti training, braille and audio libraries,
Louis Braille’s birth that is to be held at the    specially adapted computer technology,
National Institute for the Young Blind in          recording centre, culture and leisure, pro-
Paris at the beginning of January 2009 and         fessionnal readaptation and numerous
subsequently at Louis Braille’s birthplace in      products adapted for everyday life.
Coupvray, France, from February to June.

 1.   Bust of Louis Braille
 2.   Book with embossed printing                      003 OPTRON
 3.   Barbier’s Alphabet Method
 4.   Barbier’s sonographic table                  Produktion & Vertrieb e.K.
 5.   Barbier writing slate                        Steinschoenauer Str. 4b,
 6.   Braille tables dating from 1829              D-64823 Gross-Umstadt
 7.   Braille tables dating from 1837              Phone: +49 (0)6078.911772
 8.   Braille writing slate                        Fax: +49 (0)6078.911774
 9.   Indexed Braille table                        E-Mail: info@optron.de
10.   Braille numbered characters                  Web: www.optron.de
11.   Raphigraph
12.   Stereotyped negatives                        Our representatives (partners) are in
13.   Hall’s braille writing machine               following countries:
                                                   France, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Cana-
                                                   da, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Poland, Aus-
                                                   tria, Czech Republic

                                                   Products on display:
                                                   – OPTRON ORAKEL: The new and easy-
                                                     to-use reading machine for blind. It
                                                     comes with a unique keyboard with big
                                                     symbols and perfect speech.
List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                             Level 0
– OPTRON SIMPLY: The video magnifier              – SHERLOCK – easy to handle, talking
  with 17” TFT panel and full autofocus.            label identifier
  Easy to use and perfect image.                  – GLUKIPLUS - talking blood sugar meter
                                                  – SWEETHEART – talking blood pressure
– OPTRON PCTIV: The video magnifier for
                                                    and puls meter
  people at work, in school or for private
  users who wants more than reading.              – SCALES - talking bathroom, diet and kit-
                                                    chen scales
                                                  – VOXTAPE – slim and handy talking tape
004 CareTec GmbH                                    measure
                                                  – TURBO – talking battery charger
Stubenbastei 1, A-1010 Vienna                     – LUMITEST – acoustic light probe
Phone: +43 (1) 513 80 81 - 0                      – WOOFFY – acoustic battery tester
Fax: +43 (1) 513 80 81 - 9                        – TAPEQUEEN – handy Braille slate for
E-mail: office@caretec.at                           Dymo labels
Web: www.caretec.at
                                                  – DRAFTSMAN – advanced drawing board
CARETEC is an                                       for blind people
Austrian corpora-                                 – RULER – tactile rulers in CM or INCHES
tion dedicated to
the development of
innovative products
for blind and visual-                             005 Independent Living
ly impaired people.                                   Aids, Inc.
These are sophisti-
cated electronic                                  200 Robbins Lane,
products as well as                               Jericho, NY 11753 USA
nonelectronic technical aids of utmost            Phone: +1 516 937 1848
practical value. Some of them have re-            Fax: +1 516 937 3906
ceived highest international recognition,         E-mail: marvin@independentliving.com
such as the Winston Gordon Award from             Web: www. independentliving.com
the Canadian National Institute for the
Blind. Our products are available in more         Independent Living Aids
than 25 languages and being sold                  is America's oldest pri-
through a worldwide network of distribu-          vately-held company
tors.                                             supplying products for
                                                  people who are blind or
                                                  visually impaired. We
– COLORTEST & COLORINO – sophistica-              carry a complete range
  ted color identifiers                           of magnifiers and tal-
– DOUBLECHECK – talking commercial                king products, as well as
  calculator                                      aids-to-living. Please visit our booth,
– ZEITGEIST – most intelligent talking            where we will be exhibiting many new
  pocket watch                                    and exciting items that make life easier
– NANO – PDA lite for the blind and visu-         for blind people.
  ally impaired
– GALATEE – Braille keyboard
 Years of experience:
 Serving our clients for
 more than 25 years.

                  We are a leading provider of products and services for blind
                  and visually impaired people and we offer a wide range of
                  electronic devices for educational, professional and private use.

Visit our booth nr. 012 Level 0 during WBU 2008.

We offer Braille Displays, Braille Organizers, Reading Machines,
CCTVs, Screen Reader & Screen Magnifier.
Our consultants will support you in English, French, Spanish,
German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Persian…

  BAUM Retec AG                      Telefon:    +49 6223 4909-0
  Schloss Langenzell                 Fax:        +49 6223 4909-7321
  D-69257 Wiesenbach                 E-Mail:     info@baum.de
  Germany                            Internet:   www.baum.de

Products and services for the blind and visually impaired

List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                       Level 0
006 Hôtel-Restaurant                            007 Abilis Foundation
                                            Aleksanterinkatu 48 A,
Hotel Solsana, CH-3792 Saanen/Gstaad        FI-00100 Helsinki Finland
Phone: +41 (0) 33 748 94 94                 Phone: +35 (8) 9 682 1725
Fax: +41 (0) 33 748 94 88                   Fax: +35 8 9 (6)124 0333
E-Mail: info@solsana.ch                     Web: www.abilis.fi
Web: www.solsana.ch
                                            ABILIS Foundation is a development fund,
                                            founded by Finnish disabled people in
                                            1998. They support NGO's of disabled
                                            people in the South.

                                            Their goal is to support activities which
                                            – equal opportunities
                                            – independent living
                                            – human rights
                                            – and economic self-sufficiency of disabled

Special offer for participants to the           008 Fondation Pro Visu
WBU General Assembly
                                            Avenue de Champel 4, CH-1211 Genève
Extend your stay at the congress with a     Web: www.provisu.ch
week’s holiday in the Hotel Solsana at
CH-3792 Saanen-Gstaad:
Seven nights’ accommodation in a double
bedroom with balcony, including break-
fast buffet, evening meals and a welcome    The Pro Visu Foundation presents a selec-
drink.                                      tion of trustworthy Internet documents
                                            about eye diseases and focusing on the
Transport from Geneva (departure from       prevention of blindness.
railway station at 14.00) to Saanen and     Our website www.provisu.ch enable users
back                                        to display, on every browser, any visited
Price per person: CHF 810.00                webpage using a sight-enhanced style
Single room supplement: CHF 90.00           they define.

Available dates:
10 – 17 August 2008                             009 Tools4theblind GmbH
24 – 31 August 2008
Sunday to Sunday in both cases              Feldstrasse 10, CH-8400 Winterthur
                                            Phone: +41 52 222 11 99
Reservations: +41 (0) 33 748 94 94          E-mail: administration@tools4theblind.ch
E-mail: info@solsana.ch                     Web: www.Tools4theBlind.ch
 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                            Level 0
Handy Tech Elektronik GmbH – Major               – Tools4theBlind workplace: With
Representatives                                    speech, Braille display, scanner and
Switzerland: Tools4theBlind                        Braille printer.
US and Canada: Handy Tech North Ameri-           – RTFC, HTCom: Grade 2 Braille transla-
ca; Norway: Handy Tech Norge;                      tion and back translation (German,
Sweden: ICAP;                                      French and US/UK English)
Austria: Transdanubia;                           – WEFBX: Audio file editor designed for
France: Accessolutions;                            the blind.
UK: ForceTenCo;                                  – Miscellaneous hot stuff: Linux with
Poland: Medison;                                   Orca, maybe Vista, Talks&Braille, Way-
Netherlands: Babbage;                              finder Access.
Finland: Näkopiste;
Belgium: Integra;
UAE: Nattiq;                                         010 Freedom Scientific GmbH
Slovenia: MISKA;
Croatia: Savez Slijepih Hrvatske;                High-Tech-Center 2, CH-8274 Tägerwilen
Greece: IGI Group                                Phone: +41 (0)71 666 77 10
Products on display                              Fax: +41 (0)71 666 77 19
Handy Tech is presen-                            Web: www.freedomscientific.com
ting their ergonomically                         North American Corporate Offices,
optimized Braille pro-                           11800 31st Court North,
ducts including their                            St. Petersburg FL 33716, USA
flagship, the Modular                            Phone: 800-444-4443 or 727-803-8000
Evolution. The Evolution opens interesting       Fax: 727-803-8001
possibilities by letting the computer know
where you are reading. In Switzerland all        Freedom Scientific is the world’s leader in
Handy Tech products are available through        technology-based solutions for people
Tools4theBlind, a company specialising in        with visual impairments. Our low vision
computer equipment for the blind.                products are designed to improve the lives
                                                 of those whose eyesight is diminished to
– Modular Evolution: The world’s first           any degree and for any reason, including:
  Braille display controlling the PC with        diabetes, macular degeneration, glauco-
  the reading position.                          ma, cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa.
– Braillino: Note taker with 20 Braille          Freedom Scientific has also developed lea-
  cells, Braille input and Bluetooth.            ding-edge products that enable the blind
– Easy Braille: Ultra compact 40 charac-         to have complete access to information
  ter Braille display with Bluetooth option.     and computing. In addition, Freedom
– Braille Star: Braille display with internal    Scientific is a leading developer of pro-
  note taking using a standard keyboard.         ducts specifically designed to assist per-
  The Braille Star 40 is optimized for lap-      sons with reading-related learning chal-
  top use. The 80 cell version offers a          lenges. Freedom Scientific’s products help
  2 PC mode.                                     people stay active, remain independent,
– Braille Wave: Compact 40 character             and live better. Approximately one in four
  Braille display with note taking, Braille      of Freedom Scientific’s employees has a
  keyboard and Bluetooth.                        visual impairment. At Info Vision Freedom
– Sophie: Reading system with utmost             Scientific will exhibit the following pro-
  user-friendlyness.                             ducts:
List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                       Level 0
Blindness Products                        LVI Low Vision Inter-
– JAWS® screen reading software           national was founded
– PAC Mate Omni™ accessible Pocket PC     in 1978 and is one of
– MAGic® screen magnification software    the world's leading
– SARA™ scanning and reading aloud        manufacturers of
    appliance                             equipment for visually
                                          impaired people. Our
– OpenBook™ scanning and reading          head office is located
    software                              in Växjö, Sweden,
– PAC Mate™ Portable Braille Displays     where all develop-
– Focus Braille Displays                  ment and manufacturing takes place. It is
Low Vision Products                       a great advantage to have everything wit-
– TOPAZ™ desktop video magnifier          hin the building, from production to finis-
                                          hed product as well as sales and service.
– ONYX™ multiple view magnification       Through our subsidiaries and distributors
  cameras                                 we are well represented worldwide.
– SARA™ scanning and reading aloud
  appliance                               LVI is certified according to ISO 9001:2000
– OPAL™ ultra-portable magnifier          for its quality management systems, and
                                          ISO 14001 for its environmental manage-
                                          ment. New products are developed in
011 LVI Low Vision                        close cooperation with users and profes-
                                          sionals within the sphere of low vision
    International                         rehabilitation. The products are designed
                                          for high standards of reliability, simplicity
Verkstadsgatan 5, SE-35246 Växjö          and serviceability. They are sold under the
Phone: +46 470 – 727700                   registered trademark MagniLink.
Fax: +46 470 – 727725
E-mail: info@lvi.se
Web: www.lvi.se                               012 BAUM Retec AG
Branch Offices                            Schloss Langenzell, D-69257 Wiesenbach
LVI Low Vision                            Phone: +49 6223 49090
International GmbH,                       Fax: +49 6223 4909 397
Jägerstrasse 2,                           Web: www.baum.de
CH-8406 Winterthur                        BAUM Retec AG is one of the world's lea-
Phone: +41 (0)52 20 29616                 ding manufacturers of Braille and Low
Fax: +41 (0)52 20 29615                   Vision products, represented by authorized
E-mail: info@lvi.ch                       distributors in nearly all European coun-
Web: www.lvi.ch                           tries as well as in the USA, in Russia, in
                                          most Arabic countries, in Asia and Ocea-
Major Representatives:                    nia. For more details please see:
Belgium www.lvi.be,                       http://www.baum.de/international
Denmark www.lvi.dk,
Norway: www.lvi.no,                       BAUM will be showcasing the whole range
Finland www.lowvision.fi                  of products for professional, school and
and agencies worldwide                    private use.
List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                            Level 0
Visit our booth and see the wide range of     Products Description
Braille displays, starting from the Super-    Braille Products
Vario family, the VarioConnect models –       – Braille SENSE Plus B32 : A new Braille
connecting to mobile phones, smartpho-           note taker with 32 Braille cells. It has
nes and PDA's – to the professional Braille      8GB flash memory, built-in WiFi and
displays VarioPro 64 or 80. Learn more           Bluetooth. It also has a DAISY player,
about our new screen reader COBRA for            MP3 player and recorder, FM radio, web
Windows VISTA and our special solutions          browser, e-mail functions and a word
for telephone operator consoles, like Alca-      processor, address book and schedule
tel-Lucent, Ericsson Aastra Netwise, NEC-        manager. MP3 format recording and
Philips, Siemens and others.                     navigation service is available.
Or try our pocketsize organizers Pronto!      – Voice SENSE : The smallest and lightest
available with Braille or Qwerty-keyboard,       Braille PDA with voice output and Per-
equipped with all the features for every         kins keyboard. It has the whole function
day or school use.                               of a Braille note taker except Braille dis-
Learn more about our Poet reading machi-         play. It connects to the web by wireless
nes, the innovative and lightweight CCTV         LAN and Bluetooth. With a flash memo-
VISIO and the Information and Orienta-           ry of 1GB, it weighs only 266 grams.
tion Systems for public areas.                – SyncBraille: A braille display with 20
The innovative design and high quality of        cells and 32 cells connected to Voice
BAUM's products are the result of 20 years       SENSE or PC by USB cable.
experience in the field of development and
manufacturing of hardware and software        Low Vision Products
for the blind.                                – SenseView P430 : Gives you a clean
Come and test yourself!                         image through a 4.3” wide LCD. It’s
                                                magnification rate goes from 4x to
                                                22.5x. Hand writing is available when
                                                connected to the external camera.
                                              – SenseView Duo M430: An advanced
                                                portable magnifier with close-up
                                                camera and distance viewing camera in
                                                one unit. It can store 20 images, magni-
                                                fy and pan them on the 4.3” wide LCD.
                                                Handwriting mode is activated when
                                                the close-up camera is tilted.
013 HIMS Co., Ltd                             – SenseView D600/D700: A module-
                                                based desktop CCTV, with camera, LCD
139-9, Gajung.Dong, Yuseon-Gu, Daejeon          and reading table. Every component can
305-050, South Korea                            be selected at user’s convenience. Split
Phone: +82 42 864 44 60                         screen is available with the external con-
Fax: +82 42 864 44 62                           troller.
E-mail: hims@himsintl.com
Web: www.himsintl.com

Major Representatives
USA, Canada,UK, France, Germany, Spain,
Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Japan,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia
List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                                   Level 0
                                                     students´ and scientists´ exchange. The
 014 Index Braille                                   contacts include European and global coo-
                                                     peration to the USA, Japan, North- and
Box 155, SE-95423 Gammelstad                         South Africa.
Phone: +46 920 203084
Fax: +46 920 203085
E-mail: info@indexbraille.com                         016 F.H. Papenmeier GmbH
Web: www.indexbraille.com                                 & Co. KG
                                                     Reha Division, Talweg 2,
 015 Study Centre for the                            D-58239 Schwerte
     Visually Impaired                               Phone: +49-(0)2304-9460
     Students SZS                                    Fax: +49-(0)2304-946246
                                                     E-mail: info.reha@papenmeier.de
Studienzentrum für Sehgeschädigte SZS                Web: www.papenmeier.de
Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH),
Engesserstr. 4,                                      Major Papenmeier representatives
D 76131 Karlsruhe                                    around the world
Phone: +49 (0)721/ 608-2760                          Austria: E-Mail: office@tsb.co.at
Fax: +49 (0)721/ 608-2020
E-mail: szsinfo@szs.uni-karlsruhe.de                 Belgium: E-Mail: info@sensotec.be
Web: www.szs.uni-karlsruhe.de                        Croatia; E-Mail: indriki@zg.htnet.hr
                                                     Czech Republic: E-Mail: merit@login.cz
The Study Centre for the Visually
Impaired Students (SZS) is an                        Finland: E-Mail: rabbe.saxen@polarprint.fi
interdepartmental institute at                       France:E-Mail: mail@alphabraille.com
the Universitaet Karlsruhe (TH)                      Great Britain: E-Mail: sales@professional-
which belongs to the Faculty of                      vision-services.co.uk
Informatics. As a service and
research institute the SZS supports blind            Iceland: E-Mail:
and partially sighted students in all courses        arnthor.helgason@simnet.is
offered at the university.                           Italy: E-Mail: istituto@cavazza.it
The service is counselling, guidance and             Malaysia: E-Mail:
special support in pedagogical and techni-           info@indexbrailleasia.com
cal fields, when entering higher education,          Netherlands: E-Mail: info@lvbc.nl
during the studies and in transition to the
labour market.                                       Norway: E-Mail: post@bojo.no
Electronic information and communication
have a central role. The research program-           BRAILLEX Trio is a 40-cell refreshable Braille
me is focussed on mathematical working               display and a Braille keyboard for PCs, PDAs
environments and description languages               or mobile phones with appropriate screen
as well as access to graphics for the blind.         readers, and a basic notetaker. All this is con-
The aim is to realise a comprehensive in-            centrated in a small, portable device with
clusion of students with visual impairment           unique ergonomics.
in everyday life. This holistic approach             Like all newer Papenmeier displays, BRAIL-
gives a worldwide leading role to the SZS.           LEX Trio features the patented joystick-like
Additionally the SZS is involved into an             Easy Access Bar (EAB) on its front. The EAB
international network in order to promote            allows screen navigation and even entering

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                              Level 0
                                                  of people with vision and print impair-
                                                  ments. Our range of software products,
                                                  for people with low vision, dyslexia and
                                                  other reading difficulties, exist to give
                                                  independence – to make information
                                                  accessible to everyone, wherever they are.
                                                  Dolphin offers a complete range of soft-
                                                  ware solutions, including screen readers,
PC functions in a fast and intuitive way,         screen magnifiers, braille translators, edu-
without you ever taking your reading hands        cational software, DAISY talking books
off the Braille display, just using your thumb.   and Alternative Format conversion tools.
This increases the reading speed and thus         Dolphin has also developed SuperNova
the efficiency.                                   (Screen reader/Magnifier), the world’s only
Thanks to its Bluetooth interface, BRAILLEX       software solution which includes speech,
Trio is independent from any connection           magnification and Braille in a single
cables. Within a range of 10 meters, it can       package.
communicate with other Bluetooth devices.
You can also use BRAILLEX Trio as a basic
note taker. With 20 hours battery life and a
text memory of 4000 Braille pages, you jot
down your ideas wherever you are, or read a       Dolphin’s solutions operate seamlessly in
book in the train. The internal functions of      the home, education and in business.
BRAILLEX Trio include a calculator, clock and     Dolphin is the world leader in the develop-
calendar.                                         ment of DAISY software players and con-
BRAILLEX EL 80s and BRAILLEX EL 40s are           tent creation tools, including EasyReader
two examples of the world-renowned                and EasyConverter.
Papenmeier Efficiency Line professional Brail-
le displays with the EAB.
Papenmeier is a pioneer in refreshable Brail-
le, with more than 30 years experience             018 Zychem Ltd
(BRAILLEX, the world's first device with a
Braille display was presented in 1975).           Unit 1, Valley Court,
                                                  Sanderson Way,
 017 Dolphin Computer                             Middlewich, Cheshire,
                                                  CW10 0GF, United Kingdom
     Access Ltd                                   Phone: +44 1606 738739
                                                  Fax: +44 1606 738752
Technology House, Blackpole Estate West,          Web: www.zychem-ltd.co.uk
Worcester WR3 8TJ, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1905 754 577                       Zychem are based near Manchester in Eng-
Fax: +44 (0) 1905 754 559                         land. For the last 16 years we have been
Email: info@dolphinuk.co.uk                       manufacturing and supplying swell paper
Web: www.YourDolphin.com                          for making tactile diagrams for the blind.
                                                  Zychem are a small company but its distribu-
Dolphin Computer Access is a world leader         tion network covers most of the world. If
in the Assistive Technology industry, with        people want to make tactile diagrams they
offices in the UK, USA and Sweden.                generally turn to Zychem products.
Dolphin is dedicated to improving the lives       The special paper, ZY®-TEX2 Swell Paper is

                   Werden Sie unabhängig –
            mit Hilfsmitteln von accesstech ag

           Unsere Produktepalette führender Hersteller:

     •   Bildschirm-Lesegeräte         • Sprachausgaben
     •   Scannerlesegeräte             • Vergrösserungssoftware
     •   Braillezeilen                 • Bildschirmlesesoftware
     •   Notizgeräte                   • Software-Anpassungen
     •   Brailledrucker                • u.v.m.

             Unser umfassender Service von A bis Z:

• Kompetente Bedarfsabklärung und Beratung für berufliche und
  private Arbeitsplatzlösungen
• Demoräume für die Abklärung und Auswahl geeigneter Hilfsmittel
• Unterstützung bei IV / AHV-Anträgen
• Lieferung, Installation und Schulung vor Ort oder in einer unserer
• Kundenspezifische Software-Anpassungen durch unsere Ingenieure
• Support und Reparaturen
• Hotline in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Schweizerischen Blinden- und
  Sehbehindertenverband SBV

                         Hier finden Sie uns:

accesstech ag                                 edv für blinde und sehbehinderte

bürgenstrasse 12
6005 luzern

fon: 041 227 41 27                            niederlassungen/succursales
fax: 041 227 41 21             st. gallen, rosenbergstr. 87, fon: 071 277 44 11
info@accesstech.ch            neuchâtel, crêt-taconnet 12a, fon: 032 725 32 25

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                                   Level 0
initially treated like any other piece of paper.
You can print onto it, photocopy onto it or            020 Solutions Radio BV
draw on it. The objective is to get your dia-
gram onto the swell paper.                            Motorenweg 5-k, 2623 CR Delft,
When fed through the ZY®-FUSE Heater                  Niederlande
(which we also manufacture) the image rai-            Phone: + 31 15 262 5955
ses up or swells, giving a 3 dimensional              Fax: + 31 15 257 1595
representation of the original.                       Web: www.orionwebbox.nl
The special thing is the paper. The printer or        Web: www.solutionsradio.com
the printing ink are normal, standard pro-
ducts. They are solely required for printing          Listen to spoken content on the Inter-
the image onto the swell paper.                       net, without a PC!
The main application is in education. Most            Solutions Radio BV, a Dutch privately held
subjects involve the use of diagrams and              company with its headquarters in Delft, is
swell paper can be used throughout. An-               known as the specialist of on-line players
other key area is in access, producing layouts        for special user groups such as the elderly
of buildings or tactile maps.                         or the reading disabled.
Zychem will be showing both products at
the World Blind Union Conference and Exhi-            This on-line player is called the ORION-
bition and welcome anyone to come and                 Webbox, which is an acronym for On-line
create their own tactile diagram.                     Reading and Information ON demand! It
                                                      is a plug and play device. Once connected
                                                      to broadband, audible prompts guide one
 019 Duxbury Systems, Inc.                            through choices, which open up a cross
                                                      media world of information and enter-
270 Littleton Road, #6,                               tainment.
Westford MA, 01886 USA
Web: www.duxburysystems.com                           It plays out Internet radio streams, pod-
Email: info@duxsys.com                                casts, talking newspapers, talking maga-
                                                      zines, talking books, church services,
DBT WIN – The Duxbury Braille Translator              music programs, archived plays, audible
for preparing, editing, composing, format-            subtitling of TV programs, descriptive
ting braille, and translating print to Braille        video and so much more! This single
in over 60 languages.                                 device can handle different media. The
It also includes facilities for Braille math          basic version of this on-line player is a
and Braille graphics.                                 proven concept of technology as tens of
Soon to include many Indian languages,                thousands of WebRadios are presently
Mandarin, Tibetan and other Asian lan-                being deployed worldwide! Since the
guages as well.                                       beginning of 2007 ORIONWebboxes with
Please check with us if you need us to add            the audible program guide have been
your language or braille code!                        rolled out in the Netherlands, Belgium,
Supports virtually every braille embosser.            Germany, Norway, UK and USA. Pilot
Imports many file formats including MS                projects in Finland and Denmark are
Word, HTML, XML, LaTeX, ASCII, MathML                 ongoing.
coming soon, and many more.
                                                      At Info Vision 08, Solutions Radio will give a
    The leader in braille software                    live demonstration of its On-line player, with
             since 1975.                              DAISY capability.
List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                              Level 0
                                                recognised internationally for its range of
021 Aurora Ministries                           innovative devices for people with vision
P O Box 621, Bradenton, FL 34206 USA
E-mail: smosher@auroraministries.org            On show at Info Vision 08:
Web: www.auroraministries.org                   The Mountbatten Learning
Aurora Ministries provides the Bible on         System: Ideal for the early
audio cassette and MP3 in over 60 lan-          Braille learner, this wonderful
guages free of charge to visually impaired      tool acts as Braille writer,
people worldwide. A complimentary set is        note-taker, embosser, Braille music editor
also available to care professionals and        and more. Produce graphics, use the on-
organizations that work with the visually       board calculator, keep a diary of appoint-
impaired.                                       ments; or simply learn Braille on a device
                                                that's kind to little arms and fingers. Comes
                                                with both digitised and synthesised speech,
022 Enabling Technologies                       and can connect to computer, printer, exter-
                                                nal keyboard or the MiMic external display.
1601 Northeast Braille Place, Jensen            The Jot-a-Dot Pocket Brailler: 350 grams of
Beach, Florida 34957 USA                        tiny, portable, easy-to-use Brailler. Great for
Phone: +1 772 225 3687or 800 777 3687           field trips, making labels, jotting a quick
Fax: 772.225.3299 or 800 950 3687               note. Takes up to A5 paper, brailles up to 20
E-Mail: gregs@brailler.com                      cells per line. Sleek, good to look at, and
Web: www.brailler.com                           designed for the widest possible range of
                                                hand sizes – so good for children too!
The best of braille technology                  p.i.a.f. - pictures in a flash
Enabling Technologies is the World's lea-       The safe, sturdy, reliable piaf will keep pro-
ding manufacturer of a complete line of         ducing tactile graphics year after year. Uses
Braille embossers. We are dedicated to the      standard swell-paper up to A3; has audio
development, manufacture, service and           signal to alert the operator when a sheet
marketing of a complete and versatile line      has been processed; will not operate if no
of high quality Braille embossers, including    paper inserted. Comes with templates and
the famous “Romeo” and “Juliet” models.         resources. Energy efficient and quiet – ideal
Our line includes embossers for home,           for classroom or office use. Strong handle
school, office and commercial use.              for easy portability; weight 5.9 kg.

023 Quantum Technology                              024 Buchstaben AG
    (UK) Ltd
4/1 Henry Bird Way,                             Aefligenstrasse 3,
Northampton NN4 8GB                             CH-3312 Fraubrunnen
Phone: +44 1604 705 680                         Phone: +41 (0)31 767 88 88
Email: pfraser@quantech.com.au                  Fax: +41 (0)31 767 82 58
Web: www.quantech.com                           E-mail: irene.ludwig@buchstaben.ch
                                                Web: www.buchstaben.ch
Quantum Technology (UK) is the daughter
company of Quantum Technology, an Aus-
tralian company specialising in adaptive
technology since 1983. Quantum has been
List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                                Level 0
 025 Svec a SPOL s.r.o                               026 Blista Brailletec GmbH
Stanicna 502, 95201 Vrable, Slovakia                 Industriestrasse 11, D-35041 Marburg
Phone: +421 37 783 3445                              Fon: +49-6421-802-0
Fax: +421 37 783 3137                                Fax: +49-6421-802-14
E-mail: svec@svecaspol.sk                            E-mail: brailletec@brailletec.de
Web: www.svecaspol.sk                                Web: www.brailletec.de
mechanical typewriters for the blind                 Our product line:
adjustable left and right margins the bell is        – Braille writing frames
5 cells before end of the line brailling on          – Braille drawing boards
DYMO tape – special holders                          – Mechanical and electronic braille writers
on carriage                                          – Embossing machines for the production
carriage release key                                   of braille printing plates
backspace key                                        – Rotary printing presses for large-scale
quiet operation                                        production of braille
including packing: suitcase or backpack              – Flat-bed printing presses, for the pro-
                                                       duction of high-quality braille
Tatrapoint Adaptive                                  – Complete equipment for braille printing
adjustable keyboard                                    houses
ergonomic molding and arrangement of
keys                                                 At the Info Vision 08 in Geneva we
produced in blue and red color                       present the following:
                                                     – BTec 100 Mini Braille Printer for Win-
Tatrapoint Standard                                    dows 9x-XP
possible modification for single hand use            – ELOTYPE 4E electronic Braille typewriter
Both models produced in two sizes:                     and printer
roller 235 mm, max 34 cells/line                     – EUROTYPE / E electrified Braille Writer
roller 275 mm, max 40 cells/line                     – EUROTYPE mechanical braille writer
                                                     – PIAF Heater Heating Machine for tactile
                                                     – MARBURG TAPE WRITER Mechanical
                                                       Braille stenographic machine
                                                     – Marburg Braille Sudoku.
                                                     – The Sudoku-game for both blind and
                                                       seeing people with Braille on the chips
                                                       and sheets

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                              Level 0
                                                   accessible from any telephone, broadcasts
 027 Eurisco Sagl                                  information intended for visually impaired
                                                   persons in German, French and Italian.
Via San Gottardo 82, CH-6900 Massagno            – The people in charge of these media await
Phone: +41 (0)91 966 31 24                         you at “Communication Square” in order
Fax: +41 (0)91 968 11 28                           to obtain all useful information or to let us
E-mail: info@eurisco.com                           share in your experiences, wishes and
Web: www.eurisco.com                               comments in particularly convivial sur-
Eurisco is a Swiss IT company with more
than 15 years of experience in the field of
rehabilitation technology for blind and visu-        029 Braillo Norway A/S
ally impaired users. We run the prestigious
Electronic Kiosk project for the Swiss Fede-     P.O. Box 447, N-3101 Tonsberg, Norway
ration for the Blind and Visually Impaired,      Phone: +47 330 02870
and at our stand we will show the brand          Fax: +47 330 02871
new Zenbox, the first Swiss Linux notebook       E-mail: braillo@braillo.no
specifically configured for blind users.         Web: www.braillo.com

 028 Télévox & Kiosque                           Braillo Norway is one of the leading com-
     électronique                                panies in development, production and
                                                 marketing of computerized technical aids for
                                                 visually impaired and production equipment
Communication Square                             for braille printing.
Fédération suisse des aveugles                   The company was founded in January 1980
et malvoyants,                                   by personnel with background in mechanics,
Gutenbergstrasse 40b, CH-3011 Bern               electronics and marketing.
Phone: +41 (0)31 390 88 00                       Braillo Norway developed together with SIN-
E-mail: info@sfb-fsa.ch                          TEF (a research institute) in Trondheim the
Web: www.sfb-fsa.ch                              world's first double sided (interpoint) braille
                                                 printer, BRAILLO 270. The first Braillo 270
Televox and the Electronic Kiosk – Two           was delivered to Tambartun School for the
services of the Swiss Federation of the          Blind (Trondheim, Norway) in 1980 and is still
Blind and Visually Impaired FSA                  in use.
– Thanks to a software produced by the           Braillo Norway has placed products in more
  Swiss Federation of the Blind and Visually     than 70 countries. Many well-known organi-
  Impaired, the electronic kiosk allows ever-    zations use printers from Braillo Norway in
  yone equipped with a computer to access        their production of braille, and a reference
  about 30 Swiss press titles (dailies, wee-     list is available.
  klies) in German, French and Italian and       The product range consists of Braillo 200,
  about ten specialized publications from        Braillo 400 S, Braillo 400 SR and Braillo
  the field of visual impairment. In addition    440SW.
  to the usual aids, this software allows
  newspapers to be read by vocal synthesis
  on CD or smart cards in DAISY format.
– Télévox is the telephone information jour-
  nal of the Swiss Federation of the Blind
  and Visually Impaired. This vocal server,

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                           Level 0
                                                If you would like to rediscover the joy of
 030 HumanWare Limited                          reading again, myReader2, the world’s
                                                first Low Vision Auto Reader is the perfect
HumanWare Group Corporate                       solution. At the press of a button, read
Headquarters                                    several pages of text exactly the way you
445, rue du Parc Industriel, Longueuil,         want to. SmartView Xtend is the unique
(Quebec), Canada J4H 3V7                        electronic magnifier which can be upgra-
Phone: +1 450 463 1717                          ded at any time to suit your changing
Fax: +1 450 463 0120                            needs.
E-mail: ca.info@humanware.com
Web: www.humanware.com                          Trekker the GPS system for blind and visu-
                                                ally impaired people gives users the confi-
HumanWare US Headquarters                       dence to extend their horizons and take in-
175 Mason Circle, Concord, CA 94520, USA        dependence to a new level. Trekker GPS
Toll-free: 1 800 722-3393, Phone: +1 925        lets users know their location anywhere in
680-7100                                        the world with continually growing preci-
Fax: +1 925 681-4630                            sion. The new Trekker Breeze is Human-
E-mail: us.info@humanware.com                   Ware’s latest GPS system for blind people
Web: www.humanware.com                          to use when travelling in familiar surroun-
                                                dings. Trekker Breeze offers the impor-
Sales Offices                                   tant benefits of GPS orientation tools,
United Kingdom: eu.info@humanware.com           enhancing independence and confidence
Australia: asia.info@humanware.com              in travelling. Easy and intuitive, Trekker
                                                Breeze offers basic orientation functions
HumanWare design and manufacture                in an all-in-one hand size device.
innovative solutions for blind and partially
sighted people. These solutions provide
independence and give our customers the             031 ABAPLANS
opportunity to compete effectively and to
be part of the global information age in        Michel Lazeyras, Professeur HES
which we live.                                  Ecole d’Ingénieurs Genève-EIG,
                                                rue de la Prairie 4, CH-1202 Genève
BrailleNote mPower the award winning            Phone: +41 (0)22 546 25 37
family of notetakers offers a choice of out-    E-mail: abaplans@eig.ch
put options – crisp high definition 18 or 32    Web: http://abaplans.eig.ch
braille cell displays combined with clear
responsive speech                               Interactive, tactile maps based on geogra-
HumanWare are the leading providers             phic data.
worldwide of Digital Talking Books. The
VictorReader ClassicX and VictorReader
ClassicX+ players are simple and intuitive
to use making reading for pleasure or lear-
ning enjoyable. You can download your
favourite books and MP3s onto VictorRe-
ader Stream, this versatile, powerful
DAISY-MP3 player means you can leave
home with your library in the palm of your

 See the world through a whole new light.

      Enabling Technologies has been
 manufacturing Braille Embossers for over
 36 years. We provide top quality Single-
 Sided and Interpoint Braille Embossers
 for home, office, school and business use.
 Open up your world, don’t just feel – SEE!
 4 High-Low Resolution Graphics
 4 ET Speaks, Our innovative speech system
 4 Dynamic Braille Scaling
 4 USB Port (on select models)
 4 Ethernet Network (on select models)

                                                     World’s Leading Manufacturer of Braille Embossers
                                                     1601 NE Braille Place, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
                                                     Phone: 772. 225.3687
Romeo Pro 50    Romeo Attache Pro    Juliet Pro 60   Toll-Free (Continental USA) 800.777.3687
                                                     info@brailler.com www.brailler.com

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
 Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
                                                   E-mail: hugh@ashtech.ie
 101 ONCE – CIDAT                                      103 Royal National Institute
                                                           of Blind People
Camino de Hormigueras 172, 28031,
Madrid (Spain)                                     Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate,
Phone: +34 91 709 76 00                            Peterborough Cambridgeshire
Fax: +34 91 709 77 77                              PE7 8EQ, England
E-mail: vle@once.es                                Phone: +44 1733 37 52 49
E-mail: www.racm@once.es                           Fax: +44 1733 37 53 83
Web: www.once.es/cidat                             E-mail: leslie.duroe@rnib.org.uk

                                                       104 Weimed
                                                   Ingenieurbüro für Technologien
                                                   im Gesundheitswesen e.K.
                                                   Wolfshovener Str. 77 – 79, D-52428 Juelich
CIDAT-Centre for Research, Develop-                Phone: +49 (0) 2461 347927
ment and Implementation of Technical               Fax: +49 (0) 2461 348061
Appliances for the blind and visually              Weimed – a 10 years old german company
impaired.                                          for low vision- and assistive technologies
The Spanish National Organisation of the           for impaired people – develop and sell pro-
Blind ONCE is a socially orientated Public Ser-    ducts for different low vision customers.
vice Corporation, which has been committed         This company is represented in Germany
to grant the full integration of the blind in      and some other european countries. Our
Spanish society for more than 65 years.            working fields are school, aged people and
The CIDAT is the area of ONCE which aims           working places. We present a full range of
to outfit their members with the technical         low vision products.
means necessary to achieve their occupatio-        List of products:
nal, educational and personal development.         Magnifiers, monoculars, binoculars, special
Thanks to our team of qualified professio-         illumination, other optical aids, electronical
nals with a high understanding of the needs        magnifiers, magnification software, voice
of blind and visually impaired people, we          software, reading machines, talking clocks,
can have a sound knowledge of their                other talking devices for daily use in kit-
requests.                                          chen and house keeping.
You may also visit our web site                    Weimed is represented in Germany, Baltic
www.once.es/cidat, fully accessible to peo-        States, Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukrai-
ple with visual disabilities (soon available in
English) to check on ONCE-CIDAT products.

 102 Ash Technologies Ltd
B5, M7 Business Park,
Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland
Phone: +353 45 28 27 12
Fax: +353 45 88 22 14
 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
 Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
ne, Kazakhstan.                                     Product: Tag It Guide
                                                    Tag It Guide is an RFID-based System that
 105 Cobolt Systems Ltd                             enables the blind to identify and find
                                                    objects. The system runs on different hard-
The Old Mill House, Mill Road, Reedham,             and software platforms such as PCs, PDAs,
Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 3TL                          some mobile phones, the Pronto Organizer
Phone: +44 (0) 1493 700172                          from BAUM, and integrates a variety of
Fax: +44 (0) 1493 701037                            RFID-readers, some of them as small as a
E-mail: cobolt@compuserve.com                       pen, others huge as a gate way.
                                                    Tag It Guide provides InDoor-Navigation in
                                                    buildings. It connects 3D-objects with
                                                    Audio and video. Points of interest on a
                                                    tactile model appear like a small tactile
                                                    dot. In fact they are RFID-Chips. The user
                                                    scans a dot and he gets audio information.
                                                    Tag It Guide can be used for E-Learning,
                                                    for example in biology where one can
www.cobolt.co.uk                                    make a skeleton talking. Tactile maps can
                                                    be connected with audio whereas the user
Cobolt Systems Ltd are a well established           can trigger audio information from diffe-
U.K. company supply-ing Daily Living Aids           rent layers of information. In a museum,
in multiple languages to the Visually Impai-        Tag It Guide gives access to descriptions of
red worldwide.                                      exhibits. In a tourist office, children, sigh-
We supply to a large amount of national             ted people and blind people can explore a
organisations and businesses as well as to          region by touching points of interest and
individuals worldwide. Our product range            triggering the matching information. Tag It
includes: talking clocks and watches, talking       Guide can represent tactile or audio maps
healthcare products, talking combination            of bus or trains network.
oven and microwave, microwave cooking
accessories and much more along with our
latest product the ‘Itell’ for your Ipod, which
enables your new or existing Ipod to talk.
Our catalogue and all our products can be
accessed and viewed on our website at
                                                    Tag It Guide makes the environment acces-
 106 Dräger & Lienert                               sible. It lets you know, where your are and
                                                    lets you explore tactile objects.
Stadtwaldstr. 62, D-35037 Marburg                   Tag It Guide is multilingual, the user can
Phone: +49 6421 165555                              switch languages by scanning a flag of a
Fax: +49 6421 165556                                country. The content of a Tag It Guide sys-
E-Mail: info@dlinfo.de                              tem can be transferred into Daisy by Max
Web: www.dlinfo.de                                  The DaisyMaker.

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                           Level -1
Product: Max The DaisyMaker                     – Bilingual alphabetisation in Africa
Max the DaisyMaker automatically con-           – School projects for blind children in a
verts Text, HTML, PDF, tagged PDF, Doc,           rural environment
Windows-Helpfiles and a lot more into           – The Bible in Braille
Daisy. The user can then listen to the con-     – The Bible on CD MP3 Daisy
tent on a mobile Daisy player. Max the
DaisyMaker automatically converts news          What does the MEB do?
papers into Daisy. The content can then be      It responds to the spiritual needs of the
automatically distributed onto mobile devi-     blind and makes society more aware of
ces of users, such as MileStone 311/312,        their problems. It runs a multimedia libra-
VR-Stream, Olympus DS 50, Zen Stone or          ry. It cooperates actively on the lasting
any other mp3-player.                           development and social integration of the
                                                blind in Africa. It passes on the technical
 107 Mission Evangélique                        know-how for Braille printing.
     Braille (MEB)                              What is the MEB?
                                                Founded in 1956, the MEB is a non-profit
20, Avenue Ruchonnet, CH-1800 Vevey             organisation of recognised public benefit.
Phone: +41 (0)21 921 66 88                      It is interconfessional in character and
Fax: +41 (0)21 922 26 58                        works in Switzerland and in various
E-mail: info@mebraille.ch                       French-speaking countries.
Web: www.mebraille.ch
At the service of French-speaking                   108 Schweizerischer
blind and visually impaired persons                     Zentralverein für das
Where is it represented?                                Blindenwesen ZSB
Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin, Democra-
tic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the      Swiss National Association of and for
Congo, Cameroon, Central African Re-            the Blind SNAB
public, Togo, Chad, Madagascar.
List of the products exhibited:                 Blindentechnische Hilfsmittel,
– Alphabet book “Du noir au braille”            Niederlenzer Kirchweg 1,
– Braille spelling books in vernacular Afri-    CH-5600 Lenzburg
  can languages                                 Phone: +41 (0)62 888 28 70
                                                Fax: +41 (0)62 888 28 77
                                                E-mail: hilfsmittel@szb.ch
                                                Web: www.szb.ch
                                                Internet: www.szb.ch
                                                The Swiss National Association of and for
                                                the Blind SNAB is the national umbrella
                                                organisation for 60 member organisations,
                                                which are all active in the field of blind-
                                                The technical aids department offer more
                                                than 500 articles.
                                                We collaborate, as much as we can, with
 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
 Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
engineer offices, high specialized schools             ally impaired or persons becoming blind. It is
and SNAB member organisations in order                 also a tool for those who want to assist the
to develop new products; we adapt as well              visually challenged.
everyday products available on the market              The software is JAWS compatible and is
to make them accessible to the concerned               available in French, German, Italian, Spanish
people.                                                and English.
Thanks to our regional distribution centers,           Novelty of the Mouskie concept:
the SNAB endeavours to give partially sigh-            The importance of this new pedagogic tool
ted, blind and deafblind people the oppor-             has created great interest amongst specia-
tunity to determine their own way of life.             lists because information is instantaneously
                                                       felt through the Braille units on the mouse,
                                                       thus allowing a faster memorisation of the
 109 Braille-Code SA                                   Braille alphabet.
Avenue des Platanes 6, CH-3960 Sierre
Phone: +41 (0)79 628 64 26                             The finger no longer seeks information;
E-mail: racineph@bluewin.ch                            it is the information that comes to your
Mouskie is a Braille computer mouse and                In addition, Mouskie can help in the psycho-
software                                               logical preparation for those who are loo-
                                                       sing their vision. Mastering the Braille alpha-
The mouse                                              bet will allow one to face with more serenity,
The ergonomic shape allows the hand to                 the ultimate stage of their handicap. Kno-
finds it’s ideal position for Braille reading.         wing Braille will greatly increase their inde-
The mouse can be used indiscriminately by              pendence when blindness occurs.
adults and children, whether right handed
or left handed.
                                                           110 Schweizerische
The mouse is composed of two Braille units                     Bibliothek für Blinde und
driven by an USB port. Mouskie was develo-                     Sehbehinderte (SBS)
ped in collaboration with the infotronic
department of the HEVs: Haute Ecole Valai-             Swiss Library for the Blind and
sanne in Switzerland, and Metec AG, a com-             Visually Impaired
pany specializing in research and develop-
ment of medical technology in Stuttgart,
Germany.                                               Grubenstrasse 12, CH-8045 Zürich
                                                       Phone: +41 (0)43 333 32 32
The software                                           Fax: +41 (0)43 333 32 33
The computer program follows the learning              E-Mail: info@sbs-online.ch
methods established by ergotherapists, who             Web: www.sbszh.ch
have been consulted throughout the cre-
ation of the product.                                  Since over 25 years, the SBS is committed
It offers a variety of exercises: Letter by letter,    to make the widest possible range of
tests of knowledge, sequence of two cha-               reading materials and information accessi-
racters, learning in column, translation of            ble for the Blind and Visually Impaired per-
complex texts.                                         sons. We produce and provide talking-
This new concept of learning Braille with              books, Braille and large-print books,
Mouskie makes Braille accessible to the visu-          musical and tactile games and make them

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
 Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
available free of charge to our clients.       Optelec BV, F.H Papenmeier GmbH,
                                               Rehan Electronics Ltd, Reinecker Reha-
                                               Technik GmbH, Tagarno AS.
                                               Our mission is not only to provide the
                                               world leading solutions for blind and
                                               visually impaired but also to offer excel-
 111 Ramstein Optik AG                         lent service and support as well as trai-
                                               ning and workplace adaptation. Our
Sattelgasse 4, 4051 Basel                      operating field is whole Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)61 261 58 72                     covering all its language regions.
Fax: +41 (0)61 261 58 06
E-mail: sonja.topp@ramstein-optik.ch
Web: www.ramstein-optik.ch                         113 Schweizerischer
Low Vision Specialists
Being able to read again…                      Swiss Blind League
We will be pleased to provide individual
advice according to your needs whether         Friedackerstrasse 8, CH-8050 Zürich
for portable smallscreen reading devices or    Phone +41 (0)44 317 9014
stationary reading systems.                    E-mail: martin.mischler@blind.ch
                                               Web: www.blind.ch

 112 Accesstech AG                             Products shown at Info Vision 08:

Bürgenstrasse 12, CH-6005 Luzern               Talking Barcode Reader
Phone: +41 (0)41 22741 27                      This brandnew device was developped by
Fax: +41 (0)41 227 41 21                       Bones SA along with the Swiss Blind
E-mail: info@accesstech.ch                     League and MIGROS, one of the largest
Web: www.accesstech.ch                         retailers in Switzerland. Based on the
                                               popular voice recorder Milestone, it recog-
                                               nizes barcodes on any kind of goods and
Branch offices:                                then reads the corresponding article name
Crêt-Taconnet 12a, CH-2000 Neuchâtel           and quantity in a brilliant voice. This sensa-
Rosenbergstr. 87, CH-9000 St. Gallen           tional new device will become a usefull
Accesstech AG is Switzerland’s leading         helper for blind people having to identify
company supplying products for visually        products in their houshold.
impaired persons. We sell products of the
following companies                            Furthermore at our booth, INVASUPPORT
                                               will feature most innovative technology
Acapela/Infovox, Ai Squared, Ash Tech-
nologies, BAUM Retec AG, Blista Braille-
tec, Braillo Norway A/S, Code Factory,
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) W. Hubert, Dolphin Com-
puter Access Ltd, Enabling Technologies,
Foci BV, FreedomScientific, Inc., Handy-
tech Elektronik GmbH, HIMS Co.,Ltd,
Humanware, Index Braille AB, KOBA
Vision, Nuance Communications, Inc.,
 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
 Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
by BAUM RETEC AG, Germany, such as
Braille Displays in different sizes, Screen-
readers and the best known family of
POET Reading machines. A portable
Reading machine will as well be shown
as one with a bookedge.                         – Canada: Frontier Computing,
 114 Dancing dots Braille                         www.frontiercomputing.on.ca
                                                – Croatia: INDRIKI,
     Music Technology                             ivan.krznaric@uuosso.hr
                                                – Hong Kong: Potential Resources
1754 Quarry Lane, P.O. Box 927,                   Company, www.prchk.com.hk
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0927, USA                – Ireland: NCBI, www.ncbi.ie
Phone: +1 610 783-6692                          – Italy: Tiflosystem S.p.A.,
Fax: +1 610 783-6732                              www.tiflosystem.it
E-mail: info@dancingdots.com                    – Mexico: Soluciones en Tecnología Adap-
Web: www.dancingdots.com                          tada México, www.sta-mexico.com
                                                – Norway: Tagarno Norway,
Major representatives around the world            www.tagarno.no
– Australia: T&T Consultancy,                   – Poland: www.altix.pl
  www.tandt-consultancy.com.au                  – Portugal: Tiflotecnia, www.tiflotecnia.com
– Belgium and Netherlands: Sensotec,            – Sweden: Insyn, www.insyn.se,
  www.sensotec.be                                 Polar Print, www.polarprint.se
                                                – UK: Techno-Vision Systems,
– Brazil: Laramara, www.laramara.org.br

 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                              Level -1
  www.techno-vision.co.uk                         complete systems with screen magnification,
                                                  speech and Braille output, scanner and OCR.
Dancing dots Braille Music Technology             Our services comprise the assessment of indi-
Developing and adapting technology to             vidual needs and possible solutions, installa-
benefit blind musicians and their educators       tion, system configuration, instruction and
since 1992.                                       training as well as maintenance (adaptation,
Scan printed scores, listen to results or con-    repairs...). Owing to years of experience in
vert to braille music notation.                   this area, we are able to offer instruction and
Play your musical ideas into your PC.             training in numerous applications in various
Convert to print notation, braille score or       fields of work and general use.
audio CD.
Braille music courses/educational resources,
consultation and training.
                                                      116 Svarovsky, s.r.o
Individualized and group instruction availa-
ble on-site or online.                            Odlehla 26, CZ-62100 Brno
                                                  Phone: +42 (0) 604 282 197
Key Products                                      Fax: +42 (0) 541 237 504
GOODFEEL Braille Music Translator: Techno-        E-mail: info@svarovsky.cz
logy to help blind musicians to learn new
material from print scores and for allowing       We are endeavouring with our offer to
blind musicians to create new material in         meet the needs of all groups of visually
print music format.                               impaired persons. In order to identify these
CakeTalking for SONAR: Access method and          needs and take them into account in the
detailed tutorial to permit blind musicians to    production, we work together with orga-
independently create multi-track sound            nisations that deal with the training of
recordings using audio and MIDI input.            blind and visually impaired persons in the
                                                  area of spatial orientation and indepen-
Publications                                      dent movement as part of the social reha-
An Introduction to Music for the Blind Stu-
dent; An Introduction to Piano for the Blind
Student; Who’s Afraid of Braille Music?.

 115 Sehbehindertenhilfe
Zürcherstrasse 149, CH-4052 Basel
Phone: +41 (0)61 564 04 05
Web: www.sbh-basel.ch                             bilitation process. Through our participa-
SRIHV, ch. des 3 Rois 5b,                         tion in the orientation and mobility
CH-1005 Lausanne                                  training courses and our active work with
Phone: +41 (0)21 345 00 70                        blind and visually impaired people, we gain
Web: www.srihv.ch                                 valuable experience that we endeavour to
                                                  implement in the production.
Products on display:
We are a service provider in the field of
computer technology for blind and partially-          117 InSiPhil (S) Lte. Ptd
sighted persons in Switzerland and exhibit
 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
 Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
71 Bukit Batok Crescent # 05-10,                Africa.
Prestige Center, Singapore 658071
Phone: +65 6316 5370                            AFUB main objectives are capacity buil-
Fax: +65 6316 5373                              ding among its member organizations,
E-Mail: chongsl@insiphil.com                    empowerment of blind women and
Internet: www.insiphil.com                      youth, promotion of education, vocational
                                                training and assistive devices.
InSiPhil is an international group with com-    Dschang Blind School is an integrated
panies in Singapore, Malaysia and the           school for the blind founded in 1975 by
USA. The corporate head office in Singa-        myself to enhance educational programs
pore includes the company's product deve-       for young blind and partially sighted chil-
lopment, sales, and marketing depart-           dren through reading and writing Braille,
ments.                                          facilitating inclusive education by integra-
Manufacturing is done entirely at our own       ting them in ordinary mainstream schools.
site in Senai, Johor, Malaysia and we ope-      One of the missions and vision of the Cen-
rate a North America's Sales & Service Sup-     tre is the economic empowerment of its
port Center in Sunnyvale, California, USA.      members through income generating acti-
Through a wide network of companies             vities, culture and sport. The trainees of
and distributors, our newly acquired Tele-      this reference centre in the central Africa
sensory products are available in 50 coun-      region originate from Chad, DRC Congo,
tries worldwide. In the United States, pro-     Central Africa republic, Rwanda and of
ducts are sold by more than 100                 course Cameroon. Some came to pursue
distributors, dealers, and resellers who pro-   their university studies, others for vocatio-
vide personalized customer support              nal training in handicraft making, brushes,
throughout the country                          piggery, agriculture (blind method), etc.
                                                The centre also put emphasis on training
                                                of trainers.
 118 African Union of the
                                                The following items would be exhibited at
     Blind (AFUB)                               WBU 7th General Assembly: local stylus
                                                produced by our organizations as well as
AFUB and Dschang Blind school in                other didactic materials enabling blind
cooperation with Caritas Geneva                 youth below 15 to develop their sense of
Paul Tezanou, ptezanou@yahoo.fr                 feeling and touching the Braille dot. It is
President of the African Union of the Blind     called in French “Figures et Planchettes”.
Executive Director of the Dschang Blind         Handicraft produced by the blind would
School                                          also be exhibited for sale.
The African Union of the Blind (AFUB) is a
continental organization with about 50
member countries. Its board of directors
includes myself as president, a vice-presi-
dent from Morocco, a secretary general
from Rwanda, a women chairperson from
Zimbabwe and six regional representati-
ves, male and female, namely                       119 Voice on the Go
– Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, West
Africa Francophone, West Africa Anglo-          Michael Heinrich, Director,
phone, Northern Africa and Central
List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
UK & European Sales                            Belgium
Phone: +44 (0) 208 742 0592
Mobile: +44 (0) 790 046 8227                   Knfb Reading Technologies Inc., P.O. Box
E-mail: mikeh@voiceonthego.com                 620128 Newton Lower Falls, MA USA

Voice on the Go is one of the Fastest Gro-     The Mobile Phone that Reads to You
wing New Wireless Applications, and now        knfbReading Technologies and Sensotec will
recommended for use by the Canadian            be presenting the Mobile Reader Product
National Institute for the Blind. Voice on     Line: The Mobile Reader Product Line from
the Go users listen to their email and con-    knfbReading Technologies, Inc., is a major
tacts hands-free.                              breakthrough in portability and functionali-
With just their voice, subscribers can         ty of print access for
stay connected:                                blind, vision impai-
– Listen to emails                             red and those with
– Compose, reply, forward, and delete          reading difficulties.
  emails all by voice                          Currently the soft-
– Search contacts by voice                     ware is available in
                                               following langua-
Calendar by Voice                              ges:
– Accessing your calendar through your
  mobile phone allows you to:                  –   English
– Check your schedule                          –   French
– Have your appointments read to you and       –   German
– Add new events, all by voice                 –   Spanish
                                               –   Italian
VOTG can also synchronize with your            –   Dutch
calendar in Microsoft Outlook.
Easy to Use                                    The knfbReader Mobile and kReader Mobile
– Easy-to-use with no voice training           software packages run on a Nokia N82 and
– Works with ANY mobile phone, Black-          allows you to read mail, receipts, handouts
  Berry, iPhone, or Windows Smartphone         and many other documents on the go. The
  on any carrier network                       Mobile Reader products can be activated and
– Superior voice recognition and accuracy      made ready to use with the touch of a single
– Available in English, French, German,        button on the phone. The user takes a photo
  Spanish, Italian & Dutch                     of the print to be read, and the character
                                               recognition software in conjunction with
VOTG supports most popular email servi-        high quality text-to-speech will read the con-
ces including Gmail, Hotmail and other         tents of the document aloud. At the same
free POP3 or IMAP email service.               time, it can display the print on the phone’s
There is no special equipment to buy, Voice    built-in screen and highlight each word as it
on the Go even works from your home            is spoken.
telephone!                                     This is a truly pocket-size solution to reading
                                               on the go. The knfbReader Mobile software
                                               has a feature set which is designed for use
120 Sensotec NV/SA                             by blind or low-vision users. The kReader
                                               Mobile is an identical software package, but
Gistelsteenweg 112, B-8490 Varsenare,          offers tailor-made add-ons for users who

List of exhibitors Info Vision 08        Level -1
Liste der Aussteller an der Info Vision 08
have difficulty reading due to learning or     and the company supports a strong distri-
language problems.                             bution network throughout North Ameri-
                                               ca, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle
Please visit                                   East.
lers.aspx for your local European dealer or    Company description:
http://www.knfbreader.com/purchase.php         “Optelec is the leading manufacturer of
for dealers around the world.                  life-changing assistive technologies for
                                               blind and visually impaired people. A wide
 121 Optelec B.V.                              range of simple and effective solutions,
                                               including the ClearView+ line of CCTVs,
Breslau 4,                                     Compact+ portable CCTV and the ALVA
2993 LT Barendrecht The Netherlands            BC640 and EasyLink series of wireless
Phone: +31 88 678 34 44                        Braille controllers have improved the quali-
Fax: +31 88 678 34 00                          ty of life of thousands of people around
E-mail: info@optelec.nl                        the world.”
Web: www.optelec.eu
Major representatives around the                   122 Code Factory/Vodafone
Sales offices have been established in the
United States, Canada, United Kingdom,         Code Factory
Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands          Rambla Egara, 148, 2-2, E-08221 - Terrassa

List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                        Level -1
(Barcelona)                                   VODAFONE SPEAK, MOBILE SPEAK,
Phone: +34-93 733 7066                        MOBILE MAGNIFIER, MOBILE DAISY
Fax: +34-93 789 3051                          PLAYER and MOBILE GEO: screen rea-
E-mail: info@codefactory.es                   ders, screen magnifiers, digital book
Web: www.codefactory.es                       reader and GPS software navigation
                                              applications that make mobile phones
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in          accessible to the blind and visually impai-
Terrassa/Barcelona, Spain, Code Factory is    red.
the global leader committed to the devel-
opment of products designed to elimina-       EMPORIA LIFE: Terminal designed for
te barriers to the accessibility of mobile    elderly or visually impaired persons.
technology for the blind and visually         Short description of the company
impaired. Today, Code Factory is the lea-     Vodafone Group Plc is the world's lea-
ding provider of screen readers, screen       ding mobile telecommunications compa-
magnifiers, and Braille interfaces for the    ny, with a significant presence in Europe,
widest range of mainstream mobile devi-       the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and
ces including Symbian-based and Win-          the United States through the Company's
                  dows Mobile-powered         subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures,
                  Smartphones as well as      associated undertakings and invest-
                  Pocket PC phones and        ments.
                  PDAs. Its product line is
                  the only one to support
                  phones working on the         123 The Daylight
                  GSM, CDMA and                     Company Ltd
                  WCDMA networks.
Code Factory's success lies in giving         89-91 Scrubs Lane,
excellent customer support and in res-        NW10 6QU London UK
ponding immediately to the needs of its       Phone: +44 (0)20 89 64 1200
end users.                                    Fax: +44 (0)20 89 64 1300
                                              E-mail: info.uk@daylightcompany.com
Vodafone                                      Web: www.daylightcompany.com
Vodafone Group Plc
Vodafone House                                Daylight™ design and manufacture inno-
The Connection,                               vative lamps specifically to help the visu-
Berkshire RG14 2FN , England

Major representatives around the
Frank Rovekamp (Chief Marketing Voda-
fone Group)
Antonio García-Urgeles Capdevila (Direc-
tor for the Residential Business Unit at
Vodafone Spain)
José Manuel Azorín-Albiñana (Social Pro-
ducts Manager at Vodafone Spain)
Products on display                               Flexi-Vision Lamp, D/E31067
 List of exhibitors Info Vision 08                                          Level -1
ally impaired to maintain their visual
independence. The company’s award
winning in-house design team works in
close cooperation with the Royal Natio-
nal Institute for the Blind (RNIB) in the UK
and has done so for a number of years.
The RNIB provides valuable advice on the
research and development of innovative
new lamps and accessories for the low vi-
sion sector. All Daylight™ lamps are fit-
ted with Daylight™ energy saving bulbs
or tubes which improve working and
reading conditions but also help reduce
greenhouse gases by consuming 75%
less energy.
Therefore every single person who uses a
Daylight™ lamp benefits from the uni-
que features of this innovative form of
light – all of which are particularly impor-
tant to people who are experiencing                 Impressum
sight loss or are visually impaired.
                                                Sponsorship of the exhibition
This year, we are delighted to launch the       Swiss Federation of the Blind and Visually
Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp. This unique            Impaired (SFB)
floorstanding lamp combines all the best        World Blind Union (WBU)
features to make it the ultimate reading        Swiss National Association of and for the
lamp.                                           Blind (SNAB)
                                                Association pour le Bien des Aveugles et
The 20w Daylight™ energy saving bulb            Malvoyants (ABA)
reduces glare and improves contrast             Swiss Blind League (SBL)
allowing the user to read and write for         Retina Suisse
longer in optimal comfort. The Flexi-
vision™ Floor Lamp is also one of the           Responsibility
safest lamps on the market with clear           Swiss Federation of the Blind and Visually
on/off switch location, anti-trip cable hol-    Impaired (SFB)
ders and low heat shade. Come and see
us for more information about the               Patronage of the WBU
DaylightTM range.                               General Assembly 2008
                                                Member of the Federal Council
                                                Micheline Calmy Rey
 124 Stephear Ltd
                                                Swiss Confederation
153 Igal Alon Street, Tel Aviv, 67443 Israel    Canton of Geneva
Phone: 972 3 57 10 794
Fax: 972 3 57 10 680
E-mail: yaelfurman@hotmail.com
                                                Kuoni Travel Ltd. Destination Management
LVI Low Vision International is one of the
world’s leading manufacturers of equipment
for visually impaired people.

We have 30 years of experience
and offer solutions for private use,
at work or during education.

Welcome to our booth!



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