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									                            GNLD‟s World Firsts
The company GNLD has always been at the forefront of the development of nutritional supplements - since

GNLD has over 40 world firsts, Some of which are:
   1. GNLD was the first company in the world to develop the soft gelatin capsule! Basically GNLD‟s
      scientists needed an oxygen free environment to protect their food extracts- there wasn‟t one
      available so they invented it!! GNLD INVENTED IT! Every other company in the world now
      uses the capsules to encapsulate their medicines, oils and other substances in a secure, oxygen free
   2. "Sustained Release" – The ability to allow tablets to dissolve (or release) slowly over time.
   3. "Targeted Delivery" – The ability to get food extracts to the correct environment (often pH
      conditions) and only then release. Tablets / Capsules have Enteric Coating allowing nutrients
      through the HCl environment in the stomach so that they can release in the intestine at the correct
   4. Double Chelated Minerals – Attaching minerals like Calcium, iron, Magnesium, etc. to amino
      acids so that they have no nett charge so that they can be easily absorbed through the intestine
      lining (which is negatively charged) and thus get into the blood so that they can reach the cell and
      be transported into it.

NOTE: calcium carbonate, calcium gluconate, calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate all dissociate in the
intestine forming Ca2+ ions that struggle to penetrate the intestine/colon membranes – this makes for
minimal absorption. [Ca]0 easily enters the blood stream.

    5.   Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates: - Contains the full range of lipids and sterols that comprise our cell
         membranes. A healthy membrane implies efficient absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste
         products. Cells are thus vigorous and you feel energized.
    6.   Carotenoid Complex (lipid (oil) soluble protecting the cell membrane). Proven to BOOST your
         IMMUNE SYSTEM by 37% in just 20 days (see Note 1 below); Carotenoid Complex
         INCREASES the bodies NATURAL KILLER CELLS by 20% in just 20 days; decreases the
         oxidative damage to tissue by 44%; (see Note 1 below)
         For more see Note 2 below:
    7.   Flavonoid Complex (water soluble berry and fruit pigments – surrounds cell membrane inside and
         outside) – GNLD's Flavonoid Complex has been shown in “In Vitro” experiments on human
         tissue culture (specifically breast and prostate tissue) to SLOW DOWN the rate of TUMOR
         growth by up to 90% (NINETY PERCENT)!!
    8.   Cruciferous Plus (your cruciform vegetables like cauliflower, kale, etc..)

                     Every other company nutritional company now tries to copies us!

     Note 1: PUBLISHED in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,1994.
     PRESENTED at the New York Academy of Sciences Conference in San Diego, California, 1993
     PUBLISHED in Carotenoids and Human Health, vol 691, in The Annals of the New York Academy
     of Sciences, 1993.

Note 2: GNLD's Carotenoid Complex has also been shown great benefits in the following areas: a)
Lowering risk of developing Cataracts; c) Reducing the risk of Cancer; d) Reducing the risk of age-related
macular-degeneration; e) Tests show that a significant increase in total white blood immune cells suggests
that HIV infection related to AIDS may be retarded by Carotenoids; f) May increase longevity! (By law we
have to say „may‟!)

Taking GNLD's phyto-defence program [Carotenoid Complex + Flavonoid Complex + Cruciferous Plus]
will significantly raise your bodies immune system, allowing your body to destroy diseases that try to creep
in and also to destroy tumor cells trying to grow in your body.

Information supplied independent of GNLD by:
Keith Bösenberg (B. Sc (Chemistry))

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