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                                   Empire Builders

The period between 1640 and 1670 in Canada was one of intense competition for
territory. This competition directed against New France came from both the Iroquois
Confederacy and English interest in the Hudson’s Bay fur route. This video poses five
key questions, the answers to which help us understand pressures placed on the French in
North America and how the colony survived.

   1. What drove the Iroquois to attack both the French and the Hurons in the
         a. What did the Iroquois want from the Europeans? __________________
         b. To whom did the French give weapons? ___________________
         c. What people controlled the best source of beaver? ________________
         d. Who were the allies of the people who were in control of the source of the
             beaver? _______________
         e. In what year did the Iroquois attack the Hurons? _______
         f. Name two of the Jesuits who were martyred in this attack? ____________

   2. What were the consequences of the Iroquois attacks for New France?
        a. How did the future now look for New
   3. What saved New France from destruction in the 1660’s?
        a. Who was the King of France at this time? _______________
        b. What type of rule did he establish in 1661? _______________
        c. What did New France become in 1663? ___________________
        d. What famous regiment was brought out from France to help in the defense
            of the colony? ___________________________
        e. Who was the king’s famous minister who helped to establish a good
            economic future for France? ___________________
        f. What offical was sent to New France to take charge of the economic life
            of the colony? ________________
        g. Name three industries he established? ________________
        h. What was the population of New France in 1680? _________
        i. What were the women called who came out to New France to find
            husbands? ______________

   4. What new threat came to New France from the north in the 1660s?
        a. What two fur trappers were most responsible for bringing about this
            northern threat to New France?_________________________
        b. Why did they desert New France and turn to England with their plan?
        c. What English King backed their scheme? _____________
        d. What charter was now issued by the King? ___________________
        e. From what directions did New France now face fur competition?
5. How did New France respond to this pressure from two directions?
     a. Where in the United States today is there founf the remains of a French
         culture? ____________
     b. This governor of New France extended French power. __________
     c. What fort did he construct to show the Iroquois that the French were
         determined to control the St. Lawrence trade route?______________
     d. What two explorers extend French authority from Lake Michigan to the
         Mississippi? ___________________
     e. Who carried exploration to the Gulf of Mexico? _____________
     f. What region were the English now prevented from carrying out the fur
         trade and expanding settlement? ________________
     g. What was the most likely result of the respective positions of the empires
         of France and England in North America? _________________

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