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                                                      of the
                                                      of Our Lord
                                                      and Savior
                                                      Jesus Christ

                                                      and Saugus

                                                      30 November

The First Sunday of Advent
Stay awake!

Jan Richardson: Door for the First Sunday of Advent
                       I   N    C     A     R    N    A    T     I      O    N        P    A     R   I    S   H         N    E   W    S

                    Parish of the Incarnation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

        PASTOR’S LETTER                   STEWARDSHIP                       CALENDAR                     LEARNING                    EVENTS

      Our 50th anniversary          Stewardship is not only          This is the new liturgi-    Treasures from the Tra-     Advent Evening Prayer
      year has been launched        about our financial               cal year, anchored in the   dition is based here, and   begins this weekend at
      with the opening of our       resources, but how we            Gospel of Mark. We          appears in more than        6:30 pm.
      lecture series, and now       use our talents to build         begin now the season of     3,000 bulletins in the
      this week’s Gala Cele-        up the Kingdom of God.           the Incarnation, a cele-    USA and Canada.
      bration at the Boston         In a turbulent economy,          bration of the Advent -
      Seaport Hotel. The            the need to sustain              Christmas cycle.            Reflections from the St.
      celebration lasts until       community life and                                           Louis University Center
      the 50th anniversary of       reach out to the poor is a                                   for Liturgy help us pre-
      our church building on        pressing obligation.                                         pare for liturgy and
      December 8, 2009!             Bethlehem Stars helps                                        directs our reflection
                                                                                                                             This is Generations of
                                    us. So does giving 50                                        and conversation at
                                                                                                                             Faith Week!
                                    hours of service!                                            home.

                                      Our Fiftieth Year Celebration Has Begun!

                                                                                     tial page Illumination of the Gospel of Luke from the
    Pastor’s Letter
                                                                                     Collegeville Calligraphy Bible. More on that presen-
    Dear Friends,                                                                    tation is elsewhere in the bulletin.     We also have a
    Happy New Year! We certainly saw the old church                                  full page of the bible for the permanent art collection
    year off in style at the Boston Seaport Hotel. As                                of the parish, and that is on display today.
    grandpa used to say after a day of
    walking the golfcourse: “My dogs                                                                     For more than a year, the Gala
    are barkin’!”         Foot soaks have                                                                Committee has been working
    helped sooth my dancing feet, but                                                                    with Joan Ford Mongeau’s Lead
    who knew this parish knew how to                                                                     Committee to plan this great
    party like this?      If you missed the                                                              night. Thank you to the mem-
    Gala, don’t worry, because there will                                                                bers: Paul Abare, Rose Ciulla,
    be plenty of opportunities to cele-                                                                  Ann Delaney, Ruth Ford, Jan
    brate our fiftieth year in the days                                                                   Flynn, Mary McNiff, Tracy Mo-
    ahead.        It was a magical evening                                                               riarty, Ann and Manny Rocha,
    from the outset, and the committee                                                                   and Kathy Tarpey.        Special
    did a superb job of planning this                                                                    thanks, too, to Bruce Bourque
    wonderful night with the very capa-                                                                  who produced the Incarnation
    ble staff at the Seaport.                                                                            History Film with Burclan Publi-
                                                                                                         cations.    We’ll make sure you
    I appreciate the simplicity of the program, with Peter                           have an opportunity to enjoy this informative sum-
    Mongeau’s witty welcome, and an acknowledgment                                   mary of our parish story and ethos.
    of the stewardship of the Kiley Family. The gift of
    their seven acre dairy farm provided the campus for                              For several years now, Advent Sunday Evening
    our parish.    Eleanor Kiley O’Brien, the last of the                            Prayer has been a mainstay of our journey through
    Kiley clan who lived on the farm, was in attendance                              the season of the Incarnation. We gather at 6:30 to-
    along with a good representation of the Kiley family.                            night for a simple, sung celebration of the prayer of
    She was our guest of honor at the gala, and received a                           the Church, followed by an hour of faith formation
    beautiful memento, a framed master print of the ini-                             for adults. . This year, in keeping with our Genera-
                                                                                     tions of Faith topic on “Social Justice,” our Sunday
Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.1
                       I   N   C   A   R   N   A   T   I   O   N    P   A    R    I   S   H      N   E    W   S

    nights will feature aspects of the Church’s mission to         teaching on Immigration. It is a theme very much
    hasten the signs of the Kingdom.        I am especially        rooted in last week’s Matthean Gospel on the works
    pleased about our opening event today. We have                 of mercy, and this week’s call from Mark to stay alert
    asked Father Dick Butler to share his personal re-             for the signs of the coming of God’s kingdom. As a
    flections of his association with Dr. Martin Luther             community dedicated to life-long learning, this
    King, Jr. in the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s.          week’s GOF sessions have the potential of stretching
    Father Butler, a frequent visitor here, was a leader in        us and introducing us to a great treasure of our
    the American Liturgical Movement from the early                Catholic tradition, namely our teaching on social jus-
    60’s, and like most liturgists of the time, he had a           tice. In an Advent season of increasing hardship for
    keen sense of the connections between worship and              many, it is a timely and provocative call.     Many
    justice. That found him on the front lines of the              thanks to the members of the GOF Production and
    struggle in the South, and Dick was one of a number            Design Teams who have worked so hard to bring
    of Catholic priests and nuns who marched, stood up             these themes of justice to life.
    bravely to speak truth to power, and worked tire-
    lessly for non-violent change. To this day, Father             Love,
    Butler lives this call today by supporting a mission in
    Haiti from which he returned only recently. He’s a
    great story teller, and a wonderful mentor and friend
    to me. His insights will surprise and delight you, I’m
                                                                   Prayers and Milestones
    As Advent begins, I remind GOF participants that               Remember the sick in your prayers, especially Ruben
    you received a copy of my booklet, “A Melody of                Lagman, Mary Dorn, Jim Lynch, Rita Lee, Janet Leuci,
    Hope” in the gift bag. Others received the booklet at          Ann Mucera, Tom Lawless, Father Jim Field, Father Jim
    Mass while supplies lasted. The publisher informed             Keenan, SJ, Father Tom Nestor, Bob O’Brien, Cheryl del
                                                                   Rossi of My Brothers Table, and Mary Ellen Pilon, David
    me that it’s a complete sell out, even though they
                                                                   Marion’s mom.
    went to extra printings. That’s good for them, but
    bad for you. I’m sorry that there are no extra copies          Our friend Father Vincent Machozi of the Democratic
    around. It’s designed for use every day, so be sure            Republic of the Congo needs prayers for his family back
    you read the introduction today, and the page for the          home in the war zone, as do the Xaverian Brothers who
                                                                   have many young religious in that country.
    First Sunday, using the simple prayer and activity
    suggested. I hope you find my reflections helpful.               St Francis Xavier Day is this Wednesday. “Proficiat!” (the
    They have asked me to write for next Advent too,               official Xaverian festive greeting - Latin and Dutch for
    and promise that they will print a lot more copies!            “congratulations”) to the Brothers who worship here from
                                                                   the Earl Street community in Malden, to the school com-
    Next Sunday night, Brother Richard Mazza will re-              munities at Malden Catholic and St. John’s Prep, and to the
                                                                   Brothers at Xaverian House in Danvers who sheltered our
    port on the work of the Xaverian Brothers in the
                                                                   pastor during his recuperation.
    Congo, particularly in their ministry to AIDS orphans
    and street children.       Brother Richard, a frequent
    worshiper here now that he’s back from the Congo,
    ministered to young Congolese brothers in formation
    for religious life as Xaverians. A new generation of
    native brothers has tackled one of their nation’s most
    intractable social problems with enormous energy,
    compassion and creativity.

    This is GENERATIONS OF FAITH week, and on
    Thursday night and Saturday morning we gather to
    consider an aspect of Social Justice, the Church’s

Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.2
                       I   N   C   A     R    N    A   T    I   O      N    P    A   R       I   S   H       N    E   W    S

    Stewardship: Offertory Report                                               The Season of                    The Season of
    Offertory for November 23, 2008
                    $6,646.00                  Advent                           Advent
    Offertory for November 25, 2007 
                 $5,126.00                 Week One                         Week Two
    Our weekly offertory shows continued growth, largely due
    to the stable income assured through electronic fund auto-
                                                                            Thursday, Dec. 4
    matic transfers from checking accounts and credit cards.
    In the next month, the Stewardship Council’s financial                   Advent weekday
    branch will be asking more of you to consider subscribing
    to EFT.      Please consider adding your parish community               8:00: no intention
    to that list of budgeted items! In the next few weeks, we
    will announce our Grand Annual Appeal, an essential
    component of our fiscal life here.

        The Season of                    The Season of                      Friday, December 5
           Advent                           Advent                          Advent weekday
          Week One                         Week Two                         9:00: no intention

      Sunday, November 30              Sunday, December 7
                                                                            Saturday, December 6             Nicholas is revered in East-
                                                                                                             ern and Western churches
      The First Sunday of              The Second Sunday of
                                                                            St. Nicholas, bishop             alike, and no saint is more
      Advent                           Advent                                                                beloved by children. To
                                                                                                             rescue three girls of the
      4:30: Elizabeth M. Bowe          8:00: Joan Guillermo-
                                                                            Optional memorial                parish from a life of slav-
                                       Heredia                                                               ery, he tossed gold coins in
      8:00: Miah and Mary
                                                                            Anticipated Mass for             their father’s window so
      Crowley                          10:30: Fannie Ciulla                                                  they would have dowries.
                                                                            the Second Sunday of
                                                                            Advent                           It is story of secret giving
      10:30: Catherine                                                                                       that helped turn St. Nicho-
      Spencer                                                                                                las into everyone’s favorite
                                                                            4:30 Anthony and
                                                                                                             saint, called in Dutch “Sint
                                                                            Concetta Ricci
      Monday, December 1                                                                                     Niklas,” transliterated to
                                                                            and family                       English, “Santa Claus”
      Month of the

      Advent weekday
                                                                           Kiley Family Honor
      Tuesday, December 2

      Advent weekday                                                       The following is the text of the presentation made by
                                       One of the first Jesuits,
                                                                           Father Field at the Gala to Eleanor Kiley O’Brien, in
      Wednesday, Dec. 3
                                       Francis dedicated his life to       memory of and in honor of the Kiley family, who gave
      St. Francis Xavier,              preaching the Gospel in the         their farm to serve as the campus for Incarnation Par-
      priest (1506-1552)               East, especially in India
                                       and Japan. He died off the          ish.
      Memorial                         coast of China, the goal of
                                       his mission. He is the pa-
      9:00: Donald Carr                tron of missionaries, and of
                                                                           On December 10, 1958, along with the decree
                                       the Xaverian Brothers,              creating a new parish in Melrose and Saugus, the
                                       founded in Belgium in the           gift of the seven acre Kiley Family Farm to the
                                       1830’s under his protection.
                                                                           Archdiocese of Boston was acknowledged. We
                                                                           gather every week to worship on holy ground –

Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.3
                       I   N   C   A   R   N   A   T   I   O   N    P   A   R   I   S   H     N   E   W    S

    land already sanctified by a
    Catholic family living their
    daily lives for generations,
    land consecrated by hard
    work and trust in God’s
    bounty, fertile land where a
    herd of cows provided the
    family’s livelihood and
    nourished the neighborhood
    with milk and cream. This
    has long been holy ground.

    God has blessed the gener-
    osity of the Kiley family by
    raising up in their verdant
    pastures the Parish of the
    Incarnation, a community
    striving to make God’s love
    visible through worship,
                                                                   We have acquired a print of this illumination and the
    service of the poor, hospitality, and learning. A
                                                                   title page from the Gospel of Luke for the parish, and
    community on mission.
                                                                   this is on display this weekend. The website for this
                                                                   hand-lettered bible is well worth a visit at
    Tonight, fifty years later, we acknowledge with
                                                          It is a wonderful site for Christmas
    gratitude the stewardship of the Kiley family,
                                                                   baptism or confirmation gifts
    and we present Eleanor Kiley O’Brien, the initial
    page of the Gospel of St. Luke from the Collegev-
    ille Calligraphy Bible, the great gospel of the In-            Treasures from the Tradition
    carnation of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in
    memory and in honor of the Kiley family, fitting                Advent calendars appear now in many homes,
    representatives of all the pioneer families who                and new-fangled formats can even be followed
    founded our wonderful community.                               on-line. Children have fun opening the doors
                                                                   and windows keyed to the days counting down
    This is an illumination of the Birth of Christ by              to Christmas. Behind each door is a picture re-
    the master scribe Donald Jackson. The presence                 lated to the Christmas mystery, perhaps a scrip-
    of the child is central, yet we do not see the baby.           ture verse or saying, but more and more these
    We know he is there, but the artist does not show              days something totally unconnected to religious
    him. Perhaps showing him to the world is up                    life, like a small toy or a chocolate treat, appears
    to us. Gold leaf creates a beam of light connect-              instead. The Advent calendar is not very old as
    ing heaven and earth. The faces of the Virgin                  traditions go. We can trace it back to German-
    Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds glow with light                speaking Christians, both Protestant and Catho-
    from the crib. The bounding bull, a symbol of                  lic. Lutherans might have originated the custom
    Luke’s gospel, taken from the caves of Lascaux,                by placing chalk marks on doors starting De-
    France, and the earthiness of the illumination                 cember 1, lighting candles every day, or placing
    grounds the Incarnation in human, lived experi-                a new religious picture on the wall each day dur-
    ence.                                                          ing Advent. The oldest known hand-made cal-
                                                                   endar goes back to 1851, and the first printed

Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.4
                       I   N   C   A   R   N   A   T   I   O       N     P   A   R   I   S   H     N   E   W   S

    ones appeared in 1908 in Germany with Bible                         master and servants.
    verses behind the doors. By far the most interest-
    ing calendar is a building, the town hall (Ra-                      TIME
    thaus) of Gengenbach in Germany’s Black Forest.                     Mediterranean cultures are oriented primarily to
                                                                        the present. Future events are very difficult to
    Every year the townspeople invite an illustrator
                                                                        imagine and nearly impossible to grasp. Activi-
    of children’s books to create twenty-four paint-
                                                                        ties that do not have to take place at the present
    ings or motifs for each of the twenty-four main
                                                                        moment (e.g., cooking the next meal, getting
    windows of the building. Every night the people                     dressed to start the day) are routinely put off.
    gather to see a new window                                                                 For the Spaniards there is
    opened and illuminated.                                                                     mañana, and for the Ital-
                                                                                                ians, domani. The popular
    Very few commercial Advent                                                                  song lyrics say, “Let’s
    calendars pay much atten-                                                                   forget about domani.”
    tion to the core values of our                                                              Even Jesus reminded his
                                                                                                followers not to “worry
    liturgical calendar: the piv-
                                                                                                about tomorrow, for to-
    otal place of Sunday, the im-
                                                                                                morrow will have worries
    portance of Advent feasts                                                                   of its own. Today’s trou-
    like Saint Lucy and Saint                                                                   ble is enough for today”
    Nicholas, and the clear shift                                                               (Matt 6:34).
    in tone on December 17 from
    Advent longing and prepara-                                                                  Yet the Middle Eastern
    tion toward imminent hope                                                                    concept of the present
    in Christ’s coming. That kind                                                                includes tomorrow. Jesus
    of creativity is left up to you!                                                             taught his believers to
                                                                                                 pray: “Give us tomor-
                                                                                                 row’s bread today” (Matt
    James Field copyright. J.S.Paluch
                                                                                                 6:11 Luke 11:3).

                                                                                                So what is the point in
                                                                        today’s gospel? In Mark 13, Jesus has announced
                                                                        an event that is imminent, along with its accom-
    S c r i p t u re           Study:                          

   panying signs. But none of these signs was yet
                                                                        visible to his listeners, and the normal cultural



                         Don’t “Forget Domani”                    tendency would be to put such an exhortation
                                                                        and event out of mind. “Today’s trouble is
    According to Mark’s Jesus, nobody knows about                       enough for today.”
    “that day or hour” in which the Son of Man will
    return, neither the angels in heaven, nor Jesus                     People with a strong cultural orientation to the
    himself, but only the Father (v. 32). Yet Jesus as-                 present need to be nudged to think more about
    sured his immediate audience that they would                        the future, even if only tomorrow, just as Ameri-
    not “pass away until all these things have taken                    cans whose cultural orientation is primarily to-
    place” (v. 30). His thrice-repeated exhortation,                    ward the future need to be reminded to think
    “keep awake, stay alert,” highlights the urgency                    about the present, today, this very moment.
    of the situation.
                                                                        Ancient Israelites viewed themselves as “slaves
    To appreciate Jesus’ exhortation, a modern West-                    of God” because the Lord had liberated them or
    ern reader needs to understand the Middle East-                     their ancestors from bondage in Egypt (Lev
    ern view of time and the relationships between                      25:55). Freeborn persons in the New Testament

Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.5
                       I   N   C   A   R   N   A   T   I   O   N    P   A   R   I   S   H     N   E   W     S

    period who became Christians viewed them-                      indeed return and expect to be welcomed by
    selves as having become “slaves of Christ” (1                  family in fitting fashion. Are we ready?
    Cor 7:22) or “slaves of God” (1 Pet 2:16).
                                                                   John J. Pilch of Georgetown University
                                   Further,    because    the
                                   Mediterranean cultures
                                   are group centered, the
                                   slave’s worth derived           SOCIAL JUSTICE
                                   from the group served.          and STEWARDSHIP NOTES
                                   All the slaves mentioned
                                   in the New Testament are
                                   members of an extended          Melrose Community Dinner

                                   household. This means           A Melrose 50-Hour Service Opportunity
                                   they are considered to be
                                   members of the family.          Every Tuesday evening at five o’clock Melrose resi-
                                   Accordingly,     Christian      dents, mostly seniors, gather at the Milano Center on
                                   slaves    are   cautioned       W. Foster St. and are served a hot dinner. Our Incar-
                                   against taking advantage        nation Stewardship Council thinks this is a great op-
                                   of being “brothers” or          portunity for parishioners, both young and adult, to
                                   “sisters” of Christian          share their talents in service to others. Incarnation
                                   owners but are instead to       has committed to provide the help needed to serve
                                   “serve all the better” (1       this meal on the third Tuesday of each month. The
                                   Tim 6:2).                       commitment is for six to eight Parishioners to set-up
                                                                   for the dinner, serve the meal, and clean-up after-
                             It is precisely the slave’s           wards. All this happens between 4PM and 7 PM.
                             status as member of an                Other community organizations are providing the
                             extended household that               support needed on the other Tuesdays of the month.
                             helps a modern believer               The Melrose Council on Aging sponsors the Commu-
                             to grasp the importance               nity Dinner program.
                             of Jesus’ parable. These
                             slaves are family. The
                                                                   We had an excellent turn out of nine Parishioners
    master who goes on a long journey expects every
                                                                   who represented Incarnation on Tuesday November
    member of the household, every family member,
                                                                   18 at the Milano Center. The next opportunity will be
    to do the work they are assigned (v. 34). They
                                                                   on Tuesday December 16, followed by January 20,
    must not put it off for tomorrow.

    The doorkeeper, too, is to keep watch for the
    master’s return, lest he find the family fast                   At the December GOF you will have an oppor-
    asleep instead of eager to greet and welcome the               tunity to sign-up for this activity. You may also
    returning head of household. Anyone who has                    contact the rectory office to sign up. Kay LaVoie,
    returned home after a long absence at a late hour              on behalf of the Stewardship Council is the
    knows the difference between being greeted by a                sponsor for this service activity and is pleased to
    loved one and entering a house where all are                   answer any questions you might have. You
                                                                   might also want to chat with any of the other
                                                                   “pioneer” volunteers who served the November
    Mark’s Jesus urges his listeners and subsequent
                                                                   meal: Andi Taffe, Pat Marchant, Betty Buchert,
    generations of believers to be ever watchful for
    the return of a beloved family member. It is, after            Joe Sullivan, Mary Curry, Ruth Murphy, and El-
    all, a fact of our faith: the beloved Master will              eanor O’Brien.

Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.6
                       I   N   C   A   R   N   A   T   I   O   N    P   A   R   I   S   H      N   E   W    S

    Bethlehem Stars                                                Notre Dame High School, Lawrence,

    Today!                                                         The students at NDHS pay their tuition by school su-
                                                                   pervised placement in the business world. We help
    Today, the assembly is surrounded by stars in differ-          them with clothing appropriate for the workplace.
    ent colors. Each star names a specific need for our             There are 160 girls in need of blouses with collars,
    January mission to Cevicos, Notre Dame High School             oxford shirts, knee highs, scarves and gloves. There
    in Lawrence, or the poor families served at the Mar-           are 80 boys needing dark socks, ties, and gloves.
    tha Elliot Health Center of Children’s Hospital.               Please do not wrap the gifts, but gift boxes are okay.

    You may want to get a head start on shopping for               Martha Eliot Health Center
    some of the needs. Here are some suggestions:
                                                                   The Martha Eliot Health Center, in Jamaica Plain has
    Cevicos Mission, Dominican Republic                            been providing needed medical and social services to
                                                                   community residents for more than 40 years. They
    Five parishioners are off to Cevicos, Dominican Re-            provide these services to more than 9,000 residents,
    public, in early January. Dr. Mike Kane, Dr. Frank             many of them children who are in great need. We ask
    MacNamara (he holds dual citizenship here and at               that you generously support the efforts of the Center's
    Holy Family Parish, Cape Ann), Sandi Sweezy, Gwen              staff who are trying to help struggling parents pro-
    Blois, and Elizabeth Keeley are going on mission. As           vide for their children at Christmas. We have been
    usual, we will ask them to hand-carry medicine to the          asked to help with CVS gift cards (useful for prescrip-
    clinic there. We also have a need for money dona-              tion meds), toys for small children, gloves, scarves,
    tions to our Mission Fund to assist with vehicle rental,       warm socks, and hats. Please don't wrap your gift.
    food, supplementary medical supplies, and other
    needs.     In the October mission, Luke Maguire and
    his companions had 665 patients visit the clinic!              GENERATIONS OF FAITH THIS WEEK!

    Check the Expiration Date on all medicines. Last               Make your reservations today for Thursday dinner or
    month, the DR government withheld the luggage for              Saturday breakfast! Our topic in this year of Social
    several days because of some expired dates. Avoid              Justice is the Church’s teaching on immigration. In
    liquid forms of medicine unless specified below: it’s           the USA there are perhaps 12 million undocumented
    too heavy to carry.                                            immigrants (Pew Hispanic Forum), living at the mar-
                                                                   gins of society and vulnerable to those who wish
    Cold and fever relief for children, such as:                   them harm. Here are two quotes to consider as we
    Acetaminophen/Tylenol liquid, chewable or                      prepare:
    infant drops
    Ibuprofen/Motrin liquid                                        “The Church is ever mindful that Jesus Christ himself
                                                                   was a refugee, that as a child he had to flee with his
    Also:                                                          parents from his native land in order to escape perse-
    Acetaminophen/Tylenol 500 mg (not P.M.)                        cution. In every age therefore the Church feels herself
    Antifungal cream                                               called to help refugees. And she will continue doing
    Aspirin 81 mg (for heart)                                      so, to the full extent that her limited means allow.”
    Bacitracin or Neosporin ointment
                                                                   Pope John Paul II, Address to Refugees in Exile
    Cough drops
    Cough syrup                                                    “I want to encourage you and your communities to
    Ibuprofen/Motrin                                               continue to welcome the immigrants who join your
    Selsun Blue shampoo (for skin rash)                            ranks today, to share their joys and hopes, to support
    Tums                                                           them in their sorrows and trials, and to help them
    Tylenol 625 mg (for arthritis)                                 flourish in their new home.” 

                                                                   Pope Benedict XVI, Meeting with the USA bishops

Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.7
                       I   N    C    A    R    N    A    T    I   O       N    P   A   R   I   S   H   N   E   W   S

      Planning for 50th Activities                                            Advent is concerned with that very con-
                                                                              nection between memory and hope
    We begin planning for the summer parish festival on                       which is so necessary to humankind.
    Monday, December 1 in the parish hall at 7. You are                       Advent's intention is to awaken the most
    welcome to join this committee, chaired by Ed and                         profound and basic emotional memory
    Celeste Krouse. Ed and Celeste are also chairing the
    Children’s Birthday Party for the 50th, which will fol-                   within us, namely, the memory of the God
    low the 10:30 Mass on January 25.                                         who became a child. This is a healing
                                                                              memory; it brings hope. The purpose of
                                                                              the Church's year is continually to re-
          Advent Sunday Evening Prayer                                        hearse her great history of memories, to
                                                                              awaken the heart's memory so that it can
                     6:30 pm                                                  discern the star of hope... It is the beauti-
          Adult Faith Formation 7 - 8 pm                                      ful task of Advent to awaken in all of us
     Nov. 30: Father Dick Butler will share his personal experiences          memories of goodness and thus to open
     with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement, and
     reflect on the Catholic Church’s role in promoting the social            doors of hope."
     reforms of that era.                                                      Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope Bene-
     Dec. 7: Brother Richard Mazza, CFX on justice efforts in the             dict XVI), Seek That Which Is Above,1986
     Democratic Republic of the Congo on behalf of AIDS orphans
     and street children . Brother recently returned from Congo.
     Dec. 14: Sister Marie Prefontaine, SND on Catholic teaching on
     Dec. 21: Reviewing a year of engagement with Cevicos, DR in
     conversation with our parish missionaries.

    On the weekend of December 12, we
    have the annual collection for retired
    religious brothers and sisters. Please be
    as generous as your means allow. Learn
    more at

Incarnation Parish
30 November 2008 p.8
                       I   N   C   A   R       N   A   T   I   O   N    P   A   R   I   S   H       N   E   W   S

                                                                       JOINING OUR COMMUNITY

                                                                       We’re happy you’re here! New beginnings are not
    As a Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Boston, we              always comfortable, but we’re easy to get to know.
    are committed to excellence in liturgy, service,                   No matter what your journey has been, we want to be
    hospitality, and life-long learning, all centered on               your companions for the next steps, to share the Gos-
    Christ.                                                            pel together and to help each other along the way.
                                                                       Most of us are from within parish boundaries in Mel-
    429 Upham Street, Melrose, MA 02176                                rose and Saugus, but we have parishioners from as
                                                                       far afield as Georgetown and Framingham! Our of-
    Office: Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30
                                                                       ficial territory extends from just east of Lebanon
    1-781-662-8844 Office
                                            Street in Melrose, to just west of the Fellsway.      We
    1-781-662-9340 FAX                                                 trace a boundary line along Route One in Saugus, and
                                                                       Main Street in Saugus. We include Sheffield Heights
    1-781-662-7050         Faith Formation                             and Avalon Bay in Saugus. Please introduce your-
    e-mail:                                      self to a staff member, drop in for coffee on Sunday, or
                                                                       stop by the rectory to register as a parishioner here.
                                                                       ADULT INITIATION, RCIA

    To view bulletin, click “bulletin archive,” and then,
    “parishes on line.”                                                We are always ready to begin the process by which an
                                                                       adult or older child becomes a Catholic, either by full
    Parish Staff                                                       initiation in baptism, or by reception into full com-
    Rev. James A. Field, Pastor                      munion. We are also happy to prepare you for adult
    Linda Swett, Pastoral Associate
                                                                       BAPTISM FOR INFANTS

    Ann Lahiff, Assistant for Faith Formation                          Normally, the baptism of infants is celebrated within                                                 the Sunday assembly at a time convenient to the par-
    Midge Curran, Secretary                                            ents. Parents must be parishioners here or have a let-
                                                                       ter of permission from their pastor. Linda Swett is the
    Sue Caffey, Administrative Assistant                               staff contact person for preparation.
    Stephen DeSousa, Director of Maintenance                           GENERATIONS OF FAITH
    Shawn Gelzleichter, Director of Music Ministries                   We are a community of life-long learners. Our parish                                            program of inter-generational learning and celebra-
                                                                       tion of faith is called Generations of Faith. Materials
    David Richardson, Adjunct Organist
                                                                       are in the Church or available at our Faith-Formation
    LITURGY                                                            Office through Ann Lahiff.
    Lord’s Day: Saturday 4:30; Sunday 8:00 and 10:30                   MARRIAGE

    Daily Mass is from Wednesday through Friday at
    9:00. Advent Sunday Evening Prayer 6:30 pm                         The engaged couple must contact Father Field at least
                                                                       six months in advance, preferably a year ahead.
    4:00, upstairs and down, Night Mass at 8:30 pm,                    CARE OF THE SICK

    Morning Mass at 9:00 o’clock.                                      To arrange for the Sacrament of the Sick, for Holy
                                                                       Communion for the home-bound, or Viaticum for the

                                                                       Dying, please contact the parish office. It is always
    Every Friday morning after Mass we share coffee and                possible to anoint the sick during regularly sched-
    conversation about God’s Word for the week. Every-                 uled liturgies.
    one is welcome in this lively and interesting forum.
                                                                       ORDER of CHRISTIAN FUNERALS


    Saturday, 3:30 - 4:15 pm, or by appointment at any                 The parish is prepared to celebrate the Vigil (wake) in
    time.                                                              the Church.

Incarnation Parish
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