Daybook 2 Entry 7 by linzhengnd


									                                         Daybook 2 Entry 7

Journal Entry: How would one of your closest friends describe you? Is this different than how
a family member would describe you? Explain.

Grammar: Rewrite the sentences so there are no ambiguous or vague pronoun phrases.

1.   Jenny first listened to Aretha Franklin while she was vacationing in Florida.
2.   The parrot bit the girl singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”
3.   Josh told Scott to wash his dirty socks.
4.   My uncle took flying lessons, and now he likes to do it on his own.
5.   They always have a monthly calendar of events in it.
6.   Angie works at a retirement home and really enjoys taking care of them.

Sentence combine:
The Corvette is red.
The Corvette has a V8 engine.
The Corvette has custom wheels.
The Corvette gleamed in the sun.

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