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									Fisher worker Organization
Emerging concerns

   Sustainable
            Emerging Concerns of Fishing Communities:
       Issues of Labour, Trade, Gender, Disaster Preparedness,
                Biodiversity and Responsible Fisheries
                                4-6 July
                       SESC, Fortaleza, Brazil
Songkla Lake
Destructive fishing gears
Export oriented: for the sake of food
Mangrove protected areas with out
Conservation areas ;Can people be
Control of market
Aquaculture-Privatize the sea
Governance of the ‘Mega project’

   There have been imposed on
    number of Mega projects for the
    sake of economic growth that will
    be directly and indirectly to coastal
    resources and fisher communities
    such as big port, factory, extraction
    industry like gas under sea etc..
   our concern is the governance of
    the project.
Special economic zone

   There has been a proposal from the
    government to enact law for ‘the
    special economic zone’.
   This proposed law will give authority
    to government to make decision
    with out going to the normal
    parliamentary process.
   This aims to accelerate economic
    growth for export oriented.
Special sustainable tourism zone

   There is a policy from the present
    government to expand tourism
    especially industrial tourism .Many
    Islands to be developed as the
    special sustainable tourism.
   Land has been speculated from the
Governance of related public policies
and laws

   Political reform vs recognition of
    community Rights to access and control
    of coastal resources.
   Governance principles in the develpoment
    of related policies and laws.

=Access to infomation
=People participation
Small scale fisherfolk ourselves
   Despite of existing strong FF net work the
    organization is facing the issues of being
    continue strong voice of the fishing
   SINCE…..
-   Need for more cash for the living - more
    time for fishing but get less fishes-higher
-   Declining of community spirit/more in
    individualism in order to respond to day
    to ay need.
-   Decentralization vs formal and informal
    people organization.

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