Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Parish Hall, Westbrook
                       On Wednesday 21 April 2004 at 8.00 pm

Councillor                   Chairman                      Ward
                     *       T Cross                       Callands

                             Vice Chairman
                     *       J Guthrie                     Westbrook
                             B Cawley                      Burtonwood West
                             J Coop                        Burtonwood West
                     *       J Higham                      Burtonwood East
                     *       E Coop                        Callands
                             G Cross                       Callands
                     *       P Hamel                       Callands
                     *       S Hamel                       Callands
                     *       J Joyce                       Burtonwood East
                             L Kilshaw                     Westbrook
                             T Marsland                    Westbrook
                             P Wilde                       Burtonwood East
                     *       T O’Neill                     Burtonwood East
                             S Rotherham                   Burtonwood West
                     *       D Earl                        Westbrook

                     *       Denotes Councillor present at Council

Also present                 J A Pickles – Clerk to the Council
                             T Noble – Bookings Clerk
                             Sgt. J Buckley
                             PC Michele Deansdale – Police
                             Liz Cummins – Warrington Guardian
                             M Syers
                             A Richie – Groundwork Mersey Valley
                             16 Parishioners

C98    Apologies

       Apologies had been received from Councillor J Coop, Councillor G Cross,
       Councillor T Marsland, Councillor L Kilshaw and Councillor P Wilde.

C99    Groundwork Mersey Valley

       The Committee received a report from Mr A Richie a representative of
       Groundwork Mersey Valley, detailing the back ground and the current work of
       the group. It was noted that the purpose of the body was to work with all sections
       of the community in Warrington and Halton on environment initiatives that would

      make lasting improvements to the quality of the local environment, the lives of
      local people and the success of local business.

      The Chairman thanked Mr Ritchie for his informative presentation and it was
      Resolved that the Clerk liaise with Mr A Ritchie, Mr A Scott and the
      Burtonwood Environment Group

C100 Community Police

      Sgt J Buckley and P.C. M Deansdale reported on the following items and issues: -

      1.   Gathering evidence for ABSO
      2.   Traveling criminals.
      3.   Damage to vehicles in Burtonwood.
      4.   Complaints regarding the Co-op Store in Burtonwood.
      5.   Vehicle Crime figures compared with last year.
      6.   Police / Parish Council surgery.

      Resolved that the Clerk write to the Trading Standards to request they
      investigate further the Co-op Store in Burtonwood in reference to the
      reported selling of liquer and cigarettes to underage youths in the area

      Councillors Issues

      Councillor J Higham reported on a previous meeting that he had attended with
      representatives of the Co-op store in Burtonwood. The Committee noted that there
      was now a part time security guard and a steel cage was to be erected to house the

C101 Minutes of the Meeting (18 February 2004)

      Resolved that the minutes were agreed and signed as a correct record

C102 Notes of the Meeting (17 March 2004)

      Resolved that the notes were agreed and signed as a correct record

C103 Matters Arising

      There were no matters arising.

C104 Report of the Finance Sub Committee (21 April 2004)

      The Clerk reported verbally on the Finance Sub Committee meeting attended by
      Councillor T Cross, Councillor E Coop, and Councillor J Guthrie and it was

       Resolved that the following recommendations of the Finance Sub Committee
       be adopted as resolution of the Council:

C104.1 Apologies

       Apologies had been received from Councillor G Cross and Councillor J Joyce.

C104.2 Declaration of Interest

       It was noted that there were no declarations of interest put forward.

C104.3 Applications for Grant

       Churches together in Burtonwood – Books for Burtonwood Library bookshelf
       Amount applied for - £ 300
       Grant Awarded - £300

       Primary Art Network – Setting up Community Art Exhibition
       Amount applied for - £ 1750
       Grant Awarded - £300

       Burtonwood Bowling Club – Replacement toilets
       Amount applied for - £ 600
       Grant Awarded - £250

       Fred Phillips Memorial Fund – Memorial
       Amount applied for - £ Donation
       Grant Awarded - £25

C104.4 Accounts Approved for Payment (Chairman using delegated powers between

       No payments had been paid between meetings of the Council.

C104.5 Accounts Requiring and Authorised for Payment

       Gasforce- Pavilion Maintenance                                          £   549.90
       WBC – Playground Repairs Inv. 843898727                                 £   658.00
       WBC – Playground Inspections Inv. 84389870                              £   376.00
       BT – Parish Telephone Line (01925 231280)                               £    88.92
       ICS – Cleaning Material Inv. 648389                                     £    94.79
       Clerks Wages – April                                                    £   537.68
       Bookings Clerk / April Invoice                                          £   220.00
       S Smith Caretaker Dec/Jan/Feb Invoice                                   £   120.00
       K Tindall – Repairs to Kingswood Centre                                 £    88.00
       K Tindall – Replace. Man Hole Cover Pavilion                            £    99.81
       K Tindall – Replace Gate Posts & Railings Pav.                          £   445.41

       I Brown – Relief Caretaker Pavilion 18-25 April                  £ 35.00
       WBC – Printing invoice No. 843996182                             £ 12.93
       Clerks Expenses/Mileage April 2004                               £ 62.29
       Noble Consultancy – March Invoice                                £ 100.00
       Noble Consultancy – Asset Register 2004                          £ 75.00
       Inland Revenue – PAYE January/February/March 2004                £ 945.81

C104.6 Monthly Accounts February and March 2004

       The Clerk produced a report detailing the payments and receipts account for the
       months of February and March 2004 and it was
       Recommended that the reports be accepted

C104.7 Bank Reconciliation 2003-2004

       The Clerk produced a report showing the bank reconciliation up to the end of
       March 2004 and it was
       Recommended that the report be accepted

C104.8 RTC Safety Surfacing

       Recommended that the payment be released

C104.9 Society of Legal Clerks

       Recommended subscription to membership

C104.10Callands Shopping Centre

       It was noted by the Sub-Committee that the order to upgrade the bollards from
       wood to cast iron had been placed.

C104.11Annual Quotation for Emptying of Dog Waste Bins (5)

       It was noted by the Sub-Committee that the annual quotation had been received
       from the Borough Council to the value of £965.00 + vat and it was
       Recommended that the quotation be accepted

C104.12Precept 2005

       It was noted by the Sub-Committee that the precept had been received.


       It was noted by the Sub-Committee that the payment had gone out on 30 April

C104.14United Utilities

       It was noted by the Sub-Committee that the Clerk had received an invoice for
       service charges from 1999 to 2005.

C104.15Council Tax

       It was noted by the Sub-Committee that the Clerk had received a notification
       detailing the rateable value for the Kingswood Centre.

C104.16Kingswood Centre

       The Clerk reported that the front entrance door needed replacing, tables need to be
       renewed and the entrance hall need to be painted and it was
       Recommended that the necessary repairs be done and a quotation be sought
       for the replacement front entrance doors


       The Clerk reported that several repairs were need to the premises and that a
       meeting had been planned with the caretaker and it was
       Recommended that the necessary repairs be done

C104.18Use of Parish Bank Account

       Councillor J Higham requested that charitable funding he had secured be place
       and held in the Parish Account and it was
       Recommended that the request be denied due to audit issues

C105 Planning Applications / Issues

C105.1 Declaration of Interest

       It was noted that there were no declarations of interest put forward.

C105.2 Documents Received

       1 General Correspondence
       15 Domestic Planning Applications
       2 Non Domestic Planning Application
       2 Notice of Decisions – Permission Granted
       1 Notice of Decision - Permission Refused
       2 Borough Council Development Control Committee Agenda
       3 Ward Lists

C105.3Unit 262 Europa Boulevard, Westbrook (Application No. 2004/02687)

      Parishioner attended the meeting to request that the views of residents living in
      the local area be heard and it was
      Resolved that the Clerk write to Borough Council to object to this
      application on the grounds of change of use to A3 and the additional
      associated noise and traffic

C106 Correspondence

      The Clerk circulated a list of correspondence and it was
      Resolved that the same be noted

      17/03/04 DTI/DEFRA – Rural Broadband
      18/03/04 Cheshire Community council – Newsletter
      18/03/04 Bond Pearce – License Transfer (Marks & Spencer)
      19/03/04 Environment Agency – Proposed additions to the main river network
      19/03/04 Cheshire Planning Forum - Agenda
      20/03/04 WBC – Proposed Care Home on Penny Lane, Collins Green
      20/03/04 WBC – Callands Road, Westbrook
      21/03/04 Step into Cheshire – 18/19 September 2004
      24/03/04 Cheshire Association of Town and Parish Councils – Quality Parish
      Council Scheme Conference
      24/03/04 Warrington CVS – Contact 204
      26/03/04 WBC – Prohibition of U-Turns Order (Burtonwood/Kingswood Road)
      29/03/04 WBC – Council Summons and Minutes 05/04/04
      30/03/04 Rural Matters – March 2004
      30/03/04 WBC – Warrington Rights of Way Forum (Agenda)
      30/03/04 WBC – Alan Storton / RTC Safety Surfacing
      01/04/04 On the Grapevine April 2004
      01/04/04 Great Sankey Parish Council – Community Support Officers
      02/04/04 Cllr G Cross – Community Support Officers
      10/04/04 WBC – Public Rights of Way Forum Agenda
      10/04/04 Inn Court – Burtonwood Catholic Club / License renewal
      12/04/04 Forestry Commission – Update
      14/04/04 WBC – Choosing Health Consultation Poster
      19/04/04 WBC – Draft Odour Management Strategy
      20/04/04 WBC – Arpley Landfill Site Liaison Group – Next Meeting Notice
      20/04/04 Campaign To Protect Rural England – AGM Notice

C106.1Rural Broadband

      Resolved that the Clerk write to British Telecommunication PLC to request
      assurance that Burtonwood Village be brought up to standard

C106.2 Community Support Officers

       The Committee noted a meeting was to be arranged to receive a presentation in-
       conjunction with Great Sankey and Penketh Parish Council.

C107 Risk Assessment Sub-Committee

       Resolved that the appointments be made at the Annual General Meeting of
       the Parish Council

C108 Any Other Business

C108.1 Councillor T O’Neill reported that the playing fields grass were in need of cutting
       and it was
       Resolved that the Clerk arrange for the necessary works to be done

C108.2 Councillor J Joyce reported that he had be approached by the Fire Brigade (Green
       Watch) who had requested the use of the Pavilion in Burtonwood and it was
       Resolved that the Fire Brigade be permitted the use the Pavilion when
       working with the General Public in the area

C108.3 Councillor P Hamel reported on a new initiative that had been sponsored by
       IKEA and that was being run by the Borough Council. The Committee noted that
       the special housebound library service was currently looking for more volunteers
       with spare time to take books to housebound readers, housebound readers or
       volunteers should contact Mr Bob Thwaites of the Borough Council on 01925

C108.4 Councillor P Hamel reported on the very successful Street Scene Pilot, which had
       been very successful in Westbrook, the Committee noted that a road show event
       had been organized and the results had been very positive.

C108.5 Councillor E Coop reported on contractors working in Burtonwood who were
       renewing fencing and kerb stones. It was noted by the Committee that the men
       had been working odd hours and days and they were leaving their materials
       unsecured. Councillor T O’Neill reported that he would contact the contractors

C108.6Councillor J Guthrie requested that the definition of a sensitive area be sought
      from the Borough Council and it was
      Resolved that the Clerk request this information from the Borough Council

C108.7Councillor D Earl requested that the gate be replaced
      Resolved that the Clerk write to the Woodland Trust to request that the
      necessary works be programmed

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm

Signed as a true record………………………………Councillor T Cross (Chairman)

                                           19 May 2004


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