Mass is _____ by JOxeYE7


									MATTER IS ________________________________________________________________________
(see pages 42-44 (mass, length and volume sections) and pg. 78-81 (matter, volume formula and water displacement)
Mass is ______________________________________________           Volume is _________________________________________
                                                                 and a ____________________________ is used to measure
Mass is measured by using a                                      the volume of liquids. Liquid volume is measured in
____________________________________________________             ___________(L) or _______________ (mL). A milliliter (mL)
Mass is measured in the following units:                         is the same volume as one cubic centimeter (1 cm3)
                                                                 Volume of solid objects are measured in cubic centimeters
   Find the mass of the following objects                        (_______). The formula for finding volume is ____________
                   grams (g)          Kilograms (kg)             Find the volume of the following objects:
 Wood block                                                                         Milliliters (mL)    cm3
 (with weight)                                                    Water in baby
 Aluminum cube                                                    food jar (up to
                                                                  black line)
                                                                  Wood block
 Round Object                                                     (with weight)
                                                                  Aluminum cube

A ______________ is the basic SI unit of length.                 When you have an object that has an irregular shape you
                                                                 use a process called water ________________. The volume
One meter = _______ centimeters (cm)                             of the water _________________ is equal to _____________
One meter = _______ millimeters (mm)
                                                                 Use water displacement to find the volume
Find the length of the following objects                          Object         Staring        Ending              Volume of
                    Centimeters (cm) Meters (m)                                  Volume (mL) Volume (mL)            Object (mL)
 Stick                                                            Round
 Lab table                                                        Washer

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