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					TYPE           TITLE                                   AUTHOR   DESCRIPTION                   DATE   NAME
TRAVEL GUIDE   The Traveler's Key to Medieval France   James    Tons on Medieval Everything
TRAVEL GUIDE   The Vatican City                        guide    Guide to the Vatican
TRAVEL GUIDE   The Holy Land in Colour                 guide    Holy Land Guide
TRAVEL GUIDE   Paris                                   guide    Paris Guide
TRAVEL GUIDE   Centre Val de Loire                     guide    Detailed guide to Loire Valley
TRAVEL GUIDE   Sentier de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle guide    Partial guide to the pilgrimage
TRAVEL GUIDE   France Medievale                        guide    Guide to Medieval France
TRAVEL GUIDE                                           guide
               Europe's Monastery and Convent Guesthouses       Pilgrim's Travel Guide
TRAVEL GUIDE   Paris                                   guide    Green Guide to Paris
TRAVEL GUIDE   Burgundy/Jura                           guide    Green Guide to W. France
TRAVEL GUIDE   Dordogne/Berry/Limousin                 guide    Green Guide to Cen. France
TRAVEL GUIDE   Alsace/Lorraine/Champagne               guide    Green Guide to NE France
TRAVEL GUIDE   Normandy                                guide    Green Guide to Normandy
TRAVEL GUIDE   The Loire Valley                        guide    Knopf guide to Loire
TRAVEL GUIDE   Loire Valley                            guide    Eyewitness guide to Loire
TRAVEL GUIDE   France                                  guide    Eyewitness guide to France
TRAVEL GUIDE   Paris                                   guide    Eyewitness guide to Paris
TRAVEL GUIDE   Blue Guide to Loire Valley              guide    Detailed guide to Loire Valley
MAPS           France Abbayes et Sites Cisterciens     map      Cistercian Monastery Map
MAPS           France Forts et Citadelles              map      Fortified cities of France
MAPS           France Routes Historiques               map      Historical Roads of France
MAPS           France                                  map      Michelin Map of all France
MAPS           Historical Map of France                map      Nat. Geo. History Map
MAPS           Detailed Road Maps of France            maps     All of France in Detail
TRAVEL GUIDE   Rome of the Popes                       guide    Baroque
TRAVEL GUIDE   Vatican                                 guide    Vatican guide
TRAVEL GUIDE   Paris                                   guide    pictures, text on Paris
TRAVEL GUIDE   Florence                                guide    Renaissance Florence
TRAVEL GUIDE   Rome and the Vatican                    guide    Baroque
TRAVEL GUIDE   The Wies                                guide    Baroque/Rococco Germany
MAPS           Plan de Paris                           map      All the streets
MAPS           Environs de Paris                       map      Paris Surrounds
MAPS           Lyon-Geneve #74 Michelin                map      Eastern France
MAPS           Beaune-Evian #70 Michelin               map      Eastern France
MAPS           Bourgogne-Franche-Compte #243 Mich. map          Eastern France
MAPS            Paris-Reims #56 Michelin               map      Northeast France
MAPS           Austria #426 Michelin                  map     Austria
MAPS           Bavaria Baden-Wurttemberg #413 Mich.   map     Southern Germany
MAPS           Europe #920 Michelin                   map     Europe
MAPS           Switzerland #427 Michelin              map     Switzerland
MAPS           Austria Kummerly + Frey                map     Austria
MAPS           Celtic Europe                          map     Nat. Geo. History Map
TRAVEL GUIDE   Chemins de Saint - Jacques             guide   Everything on the pilgrimage to Santiago in French
TRAVEL GUIDE   Dordogne/Berry/Limousin                guide   Additional copy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Italy                                  guide   Italy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Mondsee, OO                            guide   baroque church
TRAVEL GUIDE   Osterreich                             guide   Austria
TRAVEL GUIDE   Orvieto                                guide   Italian Gothic
TRAVEL GUIDE   Regensburg                             guide   German Medieval
TRAVEL GUIDE   Rome - Then and Now                    guide   Ancient Rome
TRAVEL GUIDE   Spoleto                                guide   Italian Guide
TRAVEL GUIDE   Viena                                  guide   Austria
TRAVEL GUIDE   Gubbio                                 guide   Medieval Italy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Cortona                                guide   Medieval Italy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Siena                                  guide   Gothic Italy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Venice                                 guide   Medieval Italy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Baedeker's Jerusalem                   guide   Everything on Jerusalem
TRAVEL GUIDE   Italy                                  guide   Michelin Italy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Assisi                                 guide   City of St. Francis
TRAVEL GUIDE   Assisi                                 guide   Another guide/St. Francis
TRAVEL GUIDE   Germany                                guide   Baedeker's Germany
TRAVEL GUIDE   France                                 guide   Baedeker's France
TRAVEL GUIDE   Switzerland                            guide   Baedeker's Switzerland
TRAVEL GUIDE   Paris                                  guide   Everything on Paris
TRAVEL GUIDE   Rome                                   guide   Everything on Rome
TRAVEL GUIDE   Florence and Tuscany                   guide   American Express Guide
TRAVEL GUIDE   San Gimignano                          guide   Italian City Guide
TRAVEL GUIDE   All Rome                               guide   All Rome
TRAVEL GUIDE   A Day in Florence                      guide   Read the title
TRAVEL GUIDE   France                                 guide   Hachette Guide
MAPS           Italy Map                              Map     map
TRAVEL GUIDE   Perugia                                guide   Italian City Guide
MAPS           Traveller's Map of France              Map     Nat. Geo. History Map
TRAVEL GUIDE   Perigord                          guide         Everything
TRAVEL GUIDE   Sarlat                            guide         Everything
TRAVEL GUIDE   Beynac                            guide         Everything
TRAVEL GUIDE   Perigord Decouverte               guide         Everything
TRAVEL GUIDE   War Machines in the Middle Ages   guide         Everything on medieval war
TRAVEL GUIDE   France Medievale                  guide         Everything on medieval France
TRAVEL GUIDE   Burgundy                          guide         Everything on Burgundy
TRAVEL GUIDE   Rome                              guide + DVD   Excellent overview

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