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									                                     Ron Cash – MS Access Developer

Can your company save millions? Read on!

What does the Department of Home Land Security, ATT, Bank of America, Sherwin Williams, The Gap, Wells Fargo,
Sun Microsystems, PeopleSoft Inc., have in common? These companies combined saved millions and millions of dollars
using my consulting services!

2 billion dollars in untapped sales for Cisco Systems found with a custom application to show when customers network
products will be obsolete and need to be replaced.

Millions (that's right dollars) saved for AT&T by providing custom programming, which monitored downtime on their
wireless communication towers.

$235 Million bid process for Clorox was automated with a custom data warehouse application I created, using SAP and
Oracle 10a by ranking bids and delivering new contracts based on bid criteria.

Millions were saved by decreasing problem delivery times for the entire logistics system of Clorox by creating a logistics
system database that helped stabilize several problem delivery contracts, one with Target.

Your company will gain strategic, technical and operational leadership critical to market success, from my 20 years of
experience as an IT and business consultant!

And you might even save a Million or two!

       20 years of solid development experience with Microsoft technologies, especially SQL Server.

       Solid background in relational database design, table design, query/view design, stored procedures,
        form design, report design, T-SQL, user friendly interfaces, Access programming in VBA (Visual Basic
        for Applications), Excel programming in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), triggers.

       Collaborating with stakeholders to successfully define functional requirements.

       Strong Track record of superior communication, interpersonal, and project management skills.

       A former corporate controller with a strong understanding of the financial side of business.


    Highly proficient Microsoft Developer, specializing in the following areas:

        Access Ver. 2010 to Ver. 2.0 - Macros, Action Queries, Database Development, Programming, VBA,
         Upgrades and Conversions, Table Design, Form Design
        ETL
        Data Mapping
        Testing
        SQL Server - Database Development, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Backups, Security, DBA, DTS

                                                   Ron Cash, Page 1 of 17
       Excel Ver. 2003 to 97 - Application Design, Programming, VBA, Conversions
       Visual Basic 6.0
       Visual Basic.Net
       Visual Basic ASP.Net
       XML
       Object Oriented Design
       Application Design Life Cycle
       Fit Gap Analysis
       Data Migration
       Data Modeling and Data normalization
       Project Scope Analysis
       Documentation - Project & Application
       Functionality Testing

511 Tactical - SQL Server Developer and SSRS Developer                     March 2011 – May 1, 2011

Created Microsoft Access event management database to track sales and marketing events. This helped
manage old and new business relationships, but was primarily for acquiring new business.

Created an Access project management database used to track the effectiveness of contractors and the
projects they were working on. Status reports and budgets could be tracked and analyzed along with time
management studies.

Created inventory management reports, focused on finding and saving the company millions in proper
inventory management. Identified slow moving inventory to facilitate converting it to sold items with SSRS
dashboards. Also, created numerous reports, to implement on the web for various business groups.

Used DDL, indexing, stored procedures and tuned queries to improve reports performance. Interacted with
users for requirements gathering. Used SSIS to create data stores from diverse data sources. Participated in
design meetings and code reviews.


Thousands of dollars were saved by helping streamline inventory control.

The North Face Database Developer                                          November 2010 – February 2011


Saving thousands of hours in time and labor, thereby reducing costs in the millions over time.


                                             Ron Cash, Page 2 of 17
Developing a custom Access database to use for consolidating products to update and use on the company
website. The product lines and feeds are gathered from various sources and imported into a consolidated
database. This is currently being done manually with Excel files.


SQL Server, SQL Azure, MS Access, MS Access VBA, MS Excel, MS Excel VBA

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Tiny Prints - Database Analyst                                         September 2010 – November 2010


Created Access database for time and billing tracking of projects.

Developed email triggers for millions of customers to increase millions of dollars in online business.

Worked on advanced SQL to gather data for online Advertising feeds for Google Adwords and other online
advertising dealing with millions in online business.


mySQL Database, SQL, Google Adwords, Exact Target (for email campaigns)

Cisco – SQL Server Developer                                                         Feb 2010 to October 2010

Used Access and Sql Server for a sales application to track when network hardware will go out of service,
which tells when the next sales cycle will be. Create data warehouse tables for data reporting. Worked with
SOA meatdata for analysis. Create SSIS packages for data migration from various data sources. I created
Cognos reports based on analytical models for executive dashboards. Also created SSAS analysis cubes for
financial analysis. Maintain and update forecast models to fine tune financial and marketing planning.
Conduct ad hoc analysis for corporate wide support.

eBay – Database Analyst                                                    September 2009 to December 2009

Created an Access database warehouse application to automate their reporting for their new Mobile bidding
application. This application connected to their 500 terabyte Teradata data warehouse. I converted their
spreadsheets which relied on heavy copy and pasting, into an automated system to extract and create the
reports they needed. Also conducted data analysis and deep dive analytics for their mobile application.

Supported the analytic needs of the business by analyzing web traffic and customer behavior. Interacted with
SOA services to pull data. Provided analytical support on ad-hoc projects as needed such as: Analyzing data
on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits, and measuring the effectiveness of

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marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies. Develop and manage detailed
statistical modeling and ROI reporting, email marketing, and website metrics, display advertising, paid search,
sponsorships, partnerships.

       SQL Server 2005
       SSIS - SQL Server 2005
       T-SQL
       Triggers and Constraints
       Stored Procedures
       ETL
       Complex SQL queries for Data Analysis
       Star Schema
       Data Warehousing
       Teradata
       Oracle
       Data Transformations
       Access 2007
       Access Programming (VBA)
       Charts, Excel and Access
       Excel Pivot Tables
       Excel Programming (VBA)
       Excel VBA
       Sharepoint

Wells Fargo                                                                         April 2009 to Sep. 1, 2009

Worked as a SQL Server 2005 Database and Data Analyst supporting the purchase and merger of Wachovia
Bank. Used SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Excel and Mainframe systems to retrieve data and analyze data using
advanced T-SQL and SSAS. Worked on a team of 20 Database, Data and Business analyst to integrate
Wachovia systems to Wells Fargo systems.

       SSIS
       SQL Server 2005/2008
       SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
       Business Intelligence (BI)
       Triggers and Constraints
       Performance tuning
       Improved and refined existing systems
       MS Access
       Implemented data interfaces
       Created tables
       Created procedures to enhance efficiency
       Complex stored procedures
       SSIS routines

                                              Ron Cash, Page 4 of 17
       Used Created custom VBA in Microsoft Excel 2007 for data manipulation

Cisco                                                                      December 2008 to April 24 2009

2 Billion dollars in untapped sales using an application to discover when new products needed to be added to
a network. This was based on the created data warehouse using SQL Server 2005, Oracle, BO, text files and
MS Access. Created stored procedures, table designs, views data imports and exports, SSIS packages,
extensive Access VBA. Trained team members on T-SQL and SQL Server functionality.

       MS Access
       Access data imports
       Data Modeling
       T-SQL
       Created tables
       Complex views
       Complex stored procedures
       SSIS routines
       Data Transformations
       Used Created custom VBA in Microsoft Excel 2007 for data manipulation

Autodesk                                                                                         August 2008

Created a data warehouse for mission critical financial reports using SQL Server 2005.
This DW involved many complex views, stored procedures and SSIS routines. Data was imported from
multiple data sources in Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Excel, & text files.

       Data Modeling
       Created tables
       Complex views
       Complex stored procedures
       SSIS routines
       Data Transformations

ATT                                                                                   April 2008 to May 2008

       Taught Customized Microsoft Excel to Engineers.
       Taught Customized Visual Basic for Microsoft Excel to Engineers.

Biz Data Pros                                                                        Feb. 2008 to March 2008

       Taught VBA for Microsoft Access.
       Taught VBA for Microsoft Excel.

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      Performed training for business software applications.
      Taught SQL for Microsoft SQL Server.
      Taught Microsoft Access

Ellerbe Becket                                                                              Oct. 2007 to Jan. 2008

      I designed an Architectural project database in Access.
      Tracked project professional skills and certifications.
      Tracked project availability.
      Tracked client requests and contracts.
      Tracked hours worked at client sites.
      Automated Matching of client requests and contract requirements.

Sonic Training                                                                             May 2007 to Sep. 2007

      Performed contract training for business software applications.
      Taught SQL for Microsoft SQL Server.
      Taught VBA for Microsoft Access.
      Taught VBA for Microsoft Excel.
      Taught Microsoft Access.

KXA AIR                                                                                     Feb. 2007 to Apr. 2007

      I created an airline database for tracking a small airline business.
      Tracked Pilot skills and certifications
      Tracked flight schedules
      Calculated FAA metrics for flight reporting, such as passenger list, pilot hours, flight legs, etc.

DRG Staffing                                                                                July 2006 to Dec. 2006

      I designed a staffing database in Access.
      Tracked employee professional skills and certifications.
      Tracked employee availability.
      Tracked client requests and contracts.
      Tracked hours worked at client sites.
      Automated Matching of client requests and employee skills.

Central Valley Housing Authority                                                           Mar. 2006 to Jun. 2006

      Designed a complex and cross-functional reporting database in MS Access 2003 to capture reporting
       requirements and financial data for HUD and other government agencies.
      Centralized all reporting features by creating the database to be used with client files from open to
       finish. The database is utilized during client initial interview to gather all information, then calculate
       and determine client housing needs based on data.
                                               Ron Cash, Page 6 of 17
      Successfully incorporated additional features to database such as tracking other needs and services
       provided to clients including drug counseling, job training, etc.
      Provided a tracking method in the database for all of Central Valley Housing Authority financial data.

Dept. of Home Land Security                                                            Jan. 2006 to Feb. 2006

      Created a prototype MS Access 2003 database for internal tracking of forms and work order flow.
      Consolidated and simplified the process by creating a database that tracks the various government
       forms used, with check boxes to track what is received, track actions taken, and then independently
       assigns work to clerks including open, due and closing dates as well as in process, overdue, and closed

Resource Search, Inc.                                                                  Dec. 2005 to Jan. 2006

      Developed a database application using MS Access 2003 that tracks consultant assignments to various
       clients as well as tracking multiple projects to a single client, and multiple consultants to a single
       project for the client.
      Successfully implanted tracking billing and payment to clients and consultants and the capability of
       uploading the data into the organizations accounting system. Integrated tracking timesheets and
       faxing images of the timesheets into database for verification.

Sherwin Williams                                                                       Oct. 2005 to Nov. 2005

      Launched an MS Excel 2003 spreadsheet application that was distributed to Sherwin Williams’s sales
       staff to enable them to analyze their accounts within particular sales regions. Praised for delivering a
       spreadsheet application that can reformat itself and pull in new data based on the account selected.
       Database performs sales calculations and percentages based on new data and gave Sherwin Williams
       the capability to add new data for forecasting on a particular account. This was done with heavy
       Visual Basic programming.

Fitness Factor                                                                          Jun. 2005 to Jul. 2005

      Conceived and introduced an MS Access fitness center management application that allowed the
       organization to track member information and the status of any late payments and lapsed
       memberships. The application also allowed Fitness Factor to track inventory of their current

The Gap                                                                                 Jul. 2004 to Aug. 2004

      Delivered a custom MS Excel financial application that dramatically consolidated labor cost
       projections company-wide.

                                             Ron Cash, Page 7 of 17
        Created an application using Visual Basic that reads the projected labor costs, looping through MS
         Project Enterprise edition, then import the data into Excel. Utilized Excel to make further calculations
         enabling data to consolidate and load into a financial accounting application.

Federal Home Loan Bank                                                                 March 2003 to Jul. 2004

        Reduced the current forecasting process from four hours to one minute, saving $1,000 in man hours
         by creating an MS Access Risk Management Financial Forecasting application in SQL Server with an
         Access front end exporting to Excel using Microsoft Automation.
        Created a reconciliation application in Visual Basic, Oracle and Crystal Reports which reconciled the
         Banks billion dollar portfolio between the Back Office trading floor application and the Front office.

Clorox                                                                               Sept. 2003 to March 2004

        Designed an MS Access application that automated a $235,000,000 million bid process by ranking bids
         and delivering new contracts based on bid criteria set by Clorox.
        Decreased problem delivery rate for the entire logistics system of Clorox by creating a logistics system
         database that allowed proactive response to possible problem deliveries and helped stabilize several
         problem delivery contracts. Reduce the expense of temporary labor, used prior to the database
         tracking system.
        Performed enhancements to current databases that tracked all contracts for their logistical network.
         The enhancements included database automation in sending contracts and performing calculations on
         contracts for all delivery lanes for all carriers and customers. Also automated extracting data from the
         contract database concerning current rates to be posted on their intranet. Extracts were done with
         Windows Script, providing automatic scheduling for weekly extracts.

Wilsey – Bennett                                                                  Aug. 29, 2003 to Sep 18, 2004

        Created custom logistic Crystal reports for a trucking distribution company to enable dispatch to
         calculate tracking shipments and created reports for the financial department to track revenue for
         logistical analysis. Streamlined process by equipping trucks with GPS tracking units, showing the
         location of shipments, inventory onboard, etc. Reports showed the logistical movements and
         estimated time movements.

Satellite Healthcare                                                               Apr. 1, 2003 to July 11, 2003

        Created complex stored procedures in SQL Server 2000 for web reports to be activated through ASP.
         Implemented a data warehouse to improve performance of Crystal 9 reports. The company’s Crystal
         Reports 8.5 were converted to Crystal 9 reports. The data sources for all reports were converted to
         server side processing on SQL Server 200. Created stored procedures on SQL server for the web based

Covad                                                                             Mar. 1, 2003 to Mar 28, 2003

                                               Ron Cash, Page 8 of 17
      Recognized for quickly delivering an emergency MS Access requirement. A consultant’s abrupt
       resignation called for expedient work with data migration.          Data was downloaded to Excel
       spreadsheets from a payroll system. Created two text files, one for a mainframe header, and one for
       mainframe footer.
      Combined Excel spreadsheet data between the header and footer files, consisting of various fixed
       length fields. The header had different field widths from the footer and the Excel data. Data was
       combined in a text object file, and then imported into Access; additional data would be added in the
       Access database. All of the database data would then be exported to the mainframe.

Department of Child Support Services                                                Mar. 2002 to Feb. 2003

      Employed VBA, ADO, ASP, .NET, COM +, XML, Windows Server 2000, and T-SQL for all databases.
      Converted database and migrated the data of 6 MS Access 97 databases to Access XP.
      Imported data from MS Excel spreadsheets to MS Access databases and exported data from MS
       Access to
       MS Excel spreadsheets for the finance dept.
      Credited for developing six databases which became the foundation for the organizations new HR
       system (the IT System Support Database or the Case Automated Tracking system).
      Designed, developed, tested and implemented solutions to migrate applications to a new HR System.
      Developed and implemented the new Access/SQL Server HR system to integrate with all departments.
       Created OLAP reports.
      Integrated HR database with IT database allowing new employee data to immediately be processed by
       IT. IT department would assign a phone number to new employee which instantly showed in the
       online phonebook instantly.
      Saved hundreds of hours in manpower by fusing three separate employee tables, linking all systems
       dynamically to the HR employee table, insuring updates of new employee information. Previously,
       new employees had to be added into three separate systems.
      Initiated a massive company-wide Data Modeling and Data Normalization of company’s relevant data
       using Visio Enterprise, resulting in data consolidation and integration.
      Introduced the “Relational Enterprise Design” making the data of the enterprise relational rather than
       making the database relational.
      Created several custom databases including one for case tracking to enforce federal guidelines to
       prevent late filing penalties, and another tracked state records of paternity declarations for the
       enforcement of state and county paternity claims. All databases involved interviewing the functional
       business users and determining their requirements, determining state and county legal requirements,
       and implementing business rules.
      Decreased duplicate entries to separate databases and saved hundreds of dollars in manpower by
       developing a Court Calendar database that integrated with the Case Tracking System. Enabled system
       to leverage data already entered in the Case Tracking database then make additional entries for just
       the Court Calendar database portion.
      Converted Access 97 databases to SQL Server 2000 databases with Access Project front ends using
       Access XP. Engaged in troubleshooting and debugging on all Access databases and created web based
       queries and reports
      Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
       data structures, Tuning, Replication, Capacity Planning, Clustering, Data Migrations, etc.

                                            Ron Cash, Page 9 of 17
      Implemented SQL Server Data Transformation Services to import and export data between 3
       databases on an automated schedule.
      Employed SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition by defining and working to support the setup of the
       required Servers. Implementation involved setting up connectivity and infrastructure to support
       development and production databases. SQL Server implementation also involved Fit Gap analysis,
       documenting design requirements for network and server implementation. Raid 1 and raid 5 designs
       were implemented. Utilized Microsoft Solutions Framework for a project design outline.
      Worked on all projects independently and with minimal supervision. Initiated meetings with client
       and users to keep the projects on track. Created detailed design documents for Joint Application
       Design meetings.
      Provided users technical documentation (included in the applications Help menus) and training for all

Wells Fargo                                                                          Sep. 2001 to Dec. 2001

      Converted MS Access 97 databases to Access XP and migrated data from Access 97 databases to
       Access XP.
      Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
       data structures, etc.
      Established and maintained database ODBC connections to an Access XP front end, integrated with an
       Oracle backend.
      Downloaded used information from the Banks internal mainframe using web based Business Objects,
       importing the data into various databases.
      Completely designed and introduced 3 databases for the HR department managing portfolios above
       $25 million. One database tracked bonuses and options for employees, another tracked mergers and
       acquisitions of the bank, to analyze job displacements and severance packages as a result of mergers.
      Debugged existing systems and performed extensive Data Modeling and Data Normalization in the
       design phase using Visio to develop the databases and used Visual Basic 6.0 OOP extensively for
      Provided extensive training to users as well as implemented and installed the finished database on the
       network and users desktops.
      Worked on all projects independently and with minimal supervision.
      Authored all user and technical documentation and facilitated training for all projects.

QuadraMed                                                                              Jun. 2001 to Jul. 2001

      Completed all projects independently and with minimal supervision providing proper documentation
       and training.
      Worked on PeopleSoft nVision Reports for Corporate Financial Statements and debugged existing
      Translated user requirements to technical staff and helped users understand technical changes.
      Trained users in the nVision reporting tool and created a reporting environment to insure the use of a
       set of final reports, to be used after month end closings.
      Enabled Report Requests in People Books to run several reports with one click and to run at scheduled
       intervals through Process Scheduler.

                                            Ron Cash, Page 10 of 17
        Created locks with security privileges for nVision layouts preventing edits in order to insure integrity
         and consistency of reporting after month end closes.
        Created a customized headcount table to import headcounts from HR to use with nVision Reports for
         customized budget ledger calculations and custom Crystal on PeopleSoft.

Wells Fargo                                                                              Jan. 2001 to Apr. 2001

        Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
         data structures, etc.
        Developed an application in SQL Server to calculate and track compensation for the Bank Business
         Consultants. Database used Oracle, Access, and company mainframes.
        Improved database performance by upgrading Access 97 databases to Access XP, then converting
         database to a SQL Server database, integrating Access with SQL Server.
        Employed Visual Basic 6.0 OOP, Transact SQL stored procedures, and PS SQL.
        Converted ODBC to ADO technology for improved performance. This database accessed millions of
         bank records from diverse bank databases. Records were consolidated and used to calculate
         compensation for a bank business group. Database application made heavy use of SQL and ODBC
         technology to import and manipulate data.
        Implemented web reports and OLAP reports to distribute information to team leads and
        Completed all projects independently and with minimal supervision providing proper documentation
         and training.

Ventro                                                                                    Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2001

        Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
         data structures, etc. Utilized Data Modeling in the design phase to develop the database.
        Designed an HR application in Microsoft Access used by managers company-wide to track salary
         reviews, calculate new salaries, bonuses and stock options as well as to conduct yearly reviews and
         new salary calculations. Security of the databases was a primary requirement.
        Developed HR reports for an existing Oracle Warehouse database using OLAP.
        Installed, configured and created Crystal Reports and ASP.
        Completed all projects independently and with minimal supervision providing proper documentation
         and training.

Pacific Bell                                                                            Sep. 2000 to Dec. 2000

        Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
         data structures, etc.
        Migrated Data from spreadsheets to Access database.
        Performed Data Modeling analysis and Data Normalization in the design phase to determine
         requirements for a Router tracking database. Analysis resulted in a Microsoft Solutions Framework
         used to design the Access database.
        Created tables, forms, queries and reports for tracking port assignments. Used an automated script to
         poll 3,000 Cisco routers on the network from San Diego to Sacramento, to determine available ports.

                                              Ron Cash, Page 11 of 17
       Data was imported into Access to check for port availability, and then ports were assigned in the
      Employed SQL and Visual Basic 6.0 OOP to automate the process and print out Web based reports for
       field implementers to reference.

The Gap, Inc.                                                                        Jun. 2000 to Aug. 2000

      Developed custom Excel applications and OLAP reports for the financial department of Old Navy.
       Applications involved inventory control and new store planning.
      Created a custom consolidation application using historical data from the company’s mainframe and
       other data warehouse sources.
      Design a tool to project how multiple variables would affect a new stores inventory requirements
       based on the mainframes historical data.                                                                          Jan. 2000 to May. 2000

      Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
       data structures, etc.
      Utilized Data Modeling and Data Normalization to design and develop an Access database solution for
       complex reporting requirements.
      Created a tool to analyze and validate data for bulk data loads. Database was an Access front-end
       with ODBC connections to the Oracle web warehouse database involving setting up reports so
       account executives could dial in for account information. Reports included OLAP selections by date
       criteria, sorting capabilities, and security permissions. Tested and documented database as well.
      Taught Advanced Excel classes to help the Enterprise Sales Group mine information.
      Developed web enabled functions and Crystal Reports.

Sun Microsystems                                                                          Sept. to Dec. 1999

      Designed and introduced a compensation application for worldwide sales revenue and
       commissionable revenue calculations. Application calculated which reps received revenue based on
       multiple criteria including multiple channels, named accounts, zip code designations, and state or zip
       code assignments.
      Performed Data Modeling and Data Normalization in the Design Phase storing the source transactions
       in an Oracle warehouse database, on a Unix based network. Source Transactions were downloaded
       through a SQL script from the warehouse then loaded into Access.
      Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
       data structures, etc.
      Created a form that allowed reports for 30 different reps to be generated from one report object,
       through a VBA run time filter routine.
      Created reports printed in a Windows environment, which were converted for reading in a UNIX
       environment. Also made reports available to be viewed on the intranet and created custom Crystal
       Reports based on various data sources.
      Completed all projects with minimal supervision providing proper documentation and training.

                                            Ron Cash, Page 12 of 17
Kaiser Permanente                                                                   June 1999 to Sept. 1999

      Performed all daily DBA duties, such as sizing tables, backups, checking performance, creating new
       data structures, etc.
      Developed a customer service database that automatically samples closed cases for IT department
       using Data Modeling and Data Normalization techniques in the design phase. Enabled database to
       send out emails with customer satisfaction surveys on cases handled by the IT department.
      Employed complex Visual Basic 6.0 OOP routines integrating Microsoft Access with Microsoft Excel to
       develop database. Created Actuate custom reports for IT department. Reports used SQL to query an
       Oracle database.
      Designed additional reports for the Oracle warehouse database using Crystal Reports. Reports
       showed customer service statistics.

Fireman's Fund Insurance                                                    November 1998 to March 1999

      Structured complex nVision and Crystal reports based on multiple Query trees, macros within Excel,
       and multiple ledgers using customized Microsoft Excel PeopleSoft nVision SQL financial reports.
       Reports served as Balance Sheet and P&L statements.
      Designed custom macros that would open Excel nVision report layouts, then automatically replace
       report trees.
      Created a custom macro to automatically analyze and parse the code statements within each layout,
       then list the row number where the code statements reside.
      Engineered a Microsoft Access application that selected database SQL queries for automatic import
       into Access. The information was then formatted in Access for improved report sorting, styling, and
      Created a one-click button automatically emailed the Access formatted reports to users on a
       predetermined distribution list; reports also be opened as web HTML pages.

Cohesive Networks                                                         September 1998 to October 1998

      Utilized Microsoft Access and Excel custom databases managing projects. Implemented, configured
       and performed unit testing of accounting projects cost module.
      Configured base tables according to requirements established by the client including projects,
       activities, resources, resource types, contracts, billing integration, time and labor. Performed unit
       testing to test performance and verified the integrity of base table configuration.

Scient Company                                                            September 1998 to October 1998

      Tracked projects using Microsoft Access and Excel and provided project scope documentation for the
       accounting projects cost module.
      Established best practices and benchmarking for client and consulted with client on organizational
       structure and how client would use the Projects Costing module to best capture information for their
       project structure.

                                           Ron Cash, Page 13 of 17
      Created documentation on configuring base tables according to project requirements established by
       the customer. Designed a project scope documentation that included projects, activities, resources,
       resource types, contracts, billing integration, time, and labor.

California State University at Fresno                                     August 1998 to September 1998

      Consulted clients on best practices for their financial reporting requirements. Determined how Excel
       PeopleSoft nVision SQL Reports would best fit with their daily and year-end reporting needs.
       Developed a document to show the scope of the reporting requirements.
      Created numerous custom Excel nVision SQL Reports for the financial/accounting department.

Bank of America                                                                     June 1998 to July 1998

      Worked on customized PeopleSoft nVision and Crystal financial reports for Bank of America Securities
      Developed complex reports utilizing PeopleSoft version 6.0 based on multiple trees, macros within
       Excel, and multiple ledgers including special regulatory reports for the Security agencies.

Alza Pharmaceuticals                                                             March 1998 to June 1998

      Implemented PeopleSoft Accounts Payables.
      Documented and organized month end closes for the accounts payable department, including posting
       vouchers, posting payments, running PeopleSoft Journal Generator and organizing weekly check runs.
      Facilitated Excel SQL Query classes for end users.
      Selected to act as liaison between IT and end users for system problems and troubleshooting as well
       as supported users in the corporate ERP Financial System.
      Engaged with Excel Import Manager to load journals and installed configured and created custom
       Crystal Reports.

PeopleSoft, Global Support Department                                       August 1997 to February 1998

      Collaborated with PeopleSoft Global Support to assist with a backlog of support cases.
      Investigated and resolved error messages and various technical problems while working in the GL and
       AP tech support. Engaged with customers to resolve error issues.
      Analyzed COBOL traces, SQR traces, and Peoplecode traces, applying fixes and patches, compiling
       research for historical incidents, assigning cases for escalation to the proper team member and
       troubleshooting Crystal Reports.

PeopleSoft Inc., Development Release Department                                  June 1997 to August 1997

Functionality Testing:
    Created an Access Database to track the total project matrix for a 12-person test team.
    Worked on PeopleSoft development test team for version 7.0 Financials in GL.
    Configured and tested all functions of the GL system on various platforms.

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      Performed setup and testing of Journal edit, allocations, trees, multi-currency, workflow, general
       options, SQR reports, crystal reports, nVision, queries, budgets, summary ledgers, inter-unit
       transactions, combo edits, chartfields, ledgers, consolidations, year-end closing and Crystal Reports.
Platform Testing:
     Performed Platform testing on, SQL Base, Oracle, Informix, DB2/400, Sybase, DB2 for Unix, DB2 MVS
       and Microsoft SQL Server.

PRAD                                                                                   March 1997 to June 1997

          Created a project cost application in Microsoft Access to supplement PRAD’s accounting software
           used to flag the administrator if timesheet entries caused an employees wages to be over the project
           budget for the week. The application would also flag the administrator anytime the project as a
           whole was over the projected budget.
          Installed configured and created custom Crystal Reports for Project costing.

Sage Technology – Controller                                                               July 1995 to Feb 1997

     Designed an innovative human resource application in Microsoft Access to track detailed information
      on each employee and send email message reminders to managers on for performance reviews.
    Managed all financial matters exercising full authority to issue & sign disbursement and payroll
      checks, financial statement preparation and analysis, cost analysis, quarterly taxes, sales taxes, W2’s,
      1099’s, and cash flow and cash management.
    Directed planning and forecasting strategies, managed investor accounts, month end closing,
      implemented policies and procedures for internal controls, and kept track of depreciable assets and
      prepared journal entries.
   Comstat Datacomm - Accounting Manager                                November 1992 to December 1994

           Directed accounting department and supervised day to day operations including receivables,
            payables, inventory, & payroll. Recognized for strong leadership, increasing good morale and solving
            conflicts fairly. Hired and trained accounting clerks and cross trained personnel to insure continuity
            of accounting functions.
           Recovered thousands of dollars from challenging accounts by implementing innovative collection
            techniques and training personnel in collection practices, policies and procedures.
           Saved company thousands in taxes by engaging in partial audit and discovering and correcting
            mistakes in journal entries.
           Project manager in a transition from a mainframe based accounting system to a client server Great
            Plains accounting system, maintained the network, completed partial audit to verify accuracy of
            transition, found mistakes saving thousands in taxes, made correcting journal entries.
           Created custom Excel and Access databases to import, convert and integrate financial system data
            for enhanced reporting.
           Maintained general ledger, prepared journal entries and financial statements, performed financial
            statement analysis, closed month end and year-end, and kept track of depreciable assets.
           Developed an Excel application to track budgets, perform financial forecasting, bank reconciliation,
            reconciled trial balance, tracked & adjusted prepaids, processed orders, prepared sales tax forms and
            designed a job cost program.

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       Saved hundreds in technical support by integrating posting accounts correcting account
        distributions. Implemented controls insuring accuracy of receivables, payables, inventory, & payroll.
        Corrected the format of financial statements and payroll tax accounts.
       Implemented security of physical inventory to insure accurate physical counts, implemented cycle
        counting of inventory.
       Installed and implemented Crystal Reports creating custom created for the financial department.

Premier Portraits - Accounting Manager                                          March 1982 to August 1992

       Led 3-person team of accountants managing receivables, payables, inventory, and job cost.
       Closed month end and year end, bank reconciliation, entered postings for general ledger, audited
        customer receipts, processed orders, made collection calls.

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   Brainbench

          SQL Server Certified

   Microsoft Certification:                           Seagate Certification:

          Access Expert                                          Crystal Reports
          Excel Expert
          Word Expert
          PowerPoint Expert
          Microsoft Project

   PeopleSoft Certification:
          Filemaker Pro
          Intro. to Financials
          Projects Costing


   SQL Server Enterprise Edition                               Real World Accounting
                                                                Source Safe
   Microsoft Windows for Workgroups                            ACT
   Visio Enterprise Edition                                    Excel & Lotus
   ACCPAC Simply Accounting                                    Bass Payroll
   Oracle                                                      Great Plains Accounting
   Microsoft Access                                            Managing Your Money
   PeopleSoft                                                  ECCO Pro
   Microsoft Word                                              Quick Books
   Crystal Reports                                             Peachtree Complete
   Microsoft Internet Explorer                                 Accounting Maximizer
   Visual Basic 6.0                                            Object Oriented Design
   Microsoft NT
   Visual Studio.Net                                           ADP Soft Pay


   Bachelor of Science in Education/Accounting, Moody College.

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