EL GRAN TORINO by prever2010


									         EL GRAN TORINO
   1. describe the main character from his physical appearance
   2. who played walt?
   3. what car does walt own?

( 1972 ford gran torino ; 1976 ford gran torino ; a 1968 ford mustang )

   4. do you remember what was the gran torino's colour?

         a. green and yellow
         b. black and white
         c. yellow and black

   5.- what was the name of walt's dead wife?

6. in the movie what was walt„s real nationality?

7. in which u.s. state did the 2008 film "gran torino" take place?

8. Walt Kowalski was the main character in the movie "gran torino."

9. thao vang lor , a teenager, tried to steal walt kowalski's car in the film
"gran torino." why did he attempt to commit this crime?

10.- in which war did kowalski fight?

10.in "gran torino", sue lor became walt kowalski's first real friend. what
was her nickname for kowalski?

11.- . the vang lor family felt ashamed by thao's attempted theft of walt
kowalski's gran torino car. how did the mother insist that thao pay kowalski
a .- by working for kowalski. / b.- by fixing the gran torino / c.-by paying
kowalski $5000 in cash d.- by attending church with kowalski.

12- In "Gran Torino", Why Did Father Janovich Keep Pestering Walt
Kowalski To Go To Confession

   Because He Wanted Kowalski To Stop Using Firearms.
   Because He Wanted To Befriend Kowalski's Sons.
   Because he promised to Walt‟s dead wife

13.-Which Military Medal Did Walt Kowalski Give To Thao As A Present In
The Last Part Of The Movie "Gran Torino"?

        1.   His Silver Star /
        2.   His Purple Heart /
        3.   His Bronze Star/
        4.   His Congressional Medal Of Honor

14.- What Object Was Walt Kowalski Holding In His Right Hand When He
Was Gunned Down In The Final Scenes Of "Gran Torino"?

15.- In "Gran Torino", Walt Kowalski owned a pet Labrador Retriever.
What was this dog's name?

16.- Who directed the 2008 movie "Gran Torino?"

17.- what kind of problems did Walt have with “yellow people ”as he
used to call them ?

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