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GRAPHIC DESIGN by pengxuebo


AS & A Level

This subject will suit you if:
 You have an interest in illustration, advertising,
 digital/traditional media and other areas later
 outlined in the section on ‘Ideas for Progression’.
 You want to develop your understanding of
 communication skills and 2D design and making
 You enjoy experimenting with artistic techniques      What You’ll Study
 and processes in a very practical way.                You will develop your skills in 2D design through
                                                       projects that:
 You are interested in gaining an appreciation of
 the work of existing artists and designers.              Encourage you to work through the 2D

                                                                                                           O l d h a m S i x t h Fo r m C o l l e g e
                                                          design process in a thorough and
                                                          experimental manner using a range of
                                                          structured teaching experiences including
                                                          photography, illustration, computer aided
                                                          design (PhotoShop), typography and
                                                          advertising & promotion.
                                                          Develop your appreciation of the work of

                                                       There are two units to cover at both AS and
                                                       A2. The first AS unit is based around a set theme
                                                       whilst the second is based on a list of questions
                                                       set by the exam board. Five hours of the
                                                       second unit is completed under supervised
                                                       conditions. By A2, you will begin by working
                                                       on a project you design yourself with guidance
                                                       from your tutors. Here you will also produce
          If you like                                  a written investigation to study work in more
                                                       depth. The second A2 unit is based on a list
     this you may like. . .                            of questions set by the exam board. The final
  Graphic Design combines well with Fine               fifteen hours of this unit are completed under
Art, Creative Design, Ceramic Design,Textile           supervised conditions.
Design, Photography or the Applied Art and
  Design course. IT, Media or Film Studies
         would also be good subject

  Additional Entry
  C or above in GCSE (or a BTEC Level 2
  Pass) in any Art & Design subject. The
  ability to draw is expected.
Mahmuda Khatun                                                              Trips and Events
“I decided to choose this subject                                         You will have the opportunity to
                                                                            go on a range of trips including
because I thought it would be really
                                                                        Paris international residential, visits
interesting and give me the chance to                                     to galleries in London, Yorkshire
use my ICT skills. I like experimenting                                      Sculpture Park, the Pre-degree
with the different methods used                                         Foundation course at The Oldham
in Graphics because it’s not just all                                           College and the Pre-degree
                                                                          Foundation and degree shows at
about computer work - you can
                                                                                  Manchester Metropolitan
apply many manual approaches                                                      University. There are also
which make this subject really                                                    opportunities to view the
creative. If you are thinking about                                              portfolios of visiting artists
studying Graphics at Oldham Sixth                                                 and designers and discuss
Form I say go for it, you will have                                            with them their experiences
                                                                                           in art and design.
a course which you will enjoy and
demonstrate your skills in. When I
leave College I would like to become
involved in web development and
the skills I’ve learned in Graphics
will play a big part.”

                                                                   Ideas for Progression

                                                     Graphic Design is a major employer. Careers in this
                                                        field range from Magazine and Book Illustration,
                                                                Photography, New Digital Media, Magazine
                                                                  Layout Design, Advertising, Poster Design,
                                                                           Animation, Packaging Design,
                                                                           Typography and so on. Many
                                                                          Graphic Design students choose
                                                                              to initially progress onto a
                                                                           Pre-degree Foundation course
                                                                          which then enables them to move
                                                                           into any area in art and design.
                                                                         The Art and Design department
                                                                             has an arrangement with The
                                                                     Oldham College for their Pre-degree
                                                                     Foundation course in Art and Design
                                                                that supports students in their successful
                                                                                  application to this course.

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