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The Joan Hamburg Show_ WOR News Talk Radio - JoyOfKosher


									                             Contact:       Shira Weiss
                                            Seymour Public Relations

The Joan Hamburg Show, WOR News Talk Radio 710 features Jamie Geller and just in time for Chanukah

The #1 talk radio station in the country, award winning, WOR 710 featured Jamie Geller and on The Joan Hamburg Show. Over the course of 10 minutes and 2 segments Joan
and Jamie chatted candidly about, Jamie’s new book Quick & Kosher Meals in
Minutes and how Jamie learned to cook. Joan asked Jamie about her family, her career and her
latke tips and tricks just in time for Chanukah. “It was such a pleasure to be featured on The
Joan Hamburg Show” Jamie recalled excitedly “to have Joan personally endorse my new book
and, live, on New York’s number one food radio show was an honor.”

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