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					                                           strategy guide

  Tom Clancy’s
      Ghost Recon
      Advanced Warfighter
  Are you having some trouble getting through the mean
  streets of Mexico City? We’re here to back you up

360                                                 words: David Brothers
                                      Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                      Advanced Warfighter            02
 strategy guide

getting started
03   controls
03   important notes

04   contact!
04   coup d’état
05   vip 2 is down
06   strong point
07   mayday! mayday!
08   ready for bear
09   quarterback
10   guardrail IX
11   bulldog
13   fierce resistance
14   NORAD on the line

                                 maps & errata
                                 16   achievements
14   general multiplayer tips
                                 16   cheats
15   quick & dirty cooperative


                                                Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                Advanced Warfighter                                                                03
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                  getting started
GETTING STARTED                            go wild. Pick your shots and aim well.
                                           Look at it this way: your favorite gun
                                                                                       slower than usual. Going prone kills
                                                                                       your speed, but it is also where you
                                           has 50 rounds. Would you rather take        are most accurate and least likely
CONTROLS                                   two shots to kill someone and be able       to be hit by weapons fire. You can
                                           to take down 25 foes on one clip, or        go from an all-out run to crouching
  Left Analog Stick: Movement              would you like to spend upwards of          or prone with the touch of a button,
  (Click to Change Stance)                 15 rounds per enemy and run out             so mix it up when you’re in a heated
                                           of ammo at a crucial point? Go for          situation.
  Right Analog Stick: Aiming (Click        headshots whenever possible and
  to Zoom In When Available)               make sure that you use the Precise          THIS IS MY RIFLE
                                           Aiming function on the L Trigger.              Know your equipment. This cannot

                                                                                                                                  controls • important notes
  D-Pad Left/Right: Select Cross           You’ll move slower, yes, but you’ll be      be stressed enough. Stay cognizant
  Com Feed                                 much more accurate and more likely          of the ammo left in your clip, as well
                                           to place your shots exactly where           as the full amount you have left. Know
  D-Pad Up/Down: Give Orders via           they need to be. Using the scope on         what your guns can do. Sure, having
  Cross-Com                                your weapon (when available) is nice,       that grenade launcher attachment
                                           but not recommended in close-up             on your weapon would be nice, but it
  Back: Intel Map                          firefights. Tracking a moving enemy is        would also kill any chance you had of
                                           much harder when your field of view          being anything other than completely
  Start: Menu/Pause                        is limited.                                 blunt and loud in your actions. There’s
                                                                                       a time and a place for each gun,
  Left Bumper: Switch Assault              EYE IN THE SKY                              so if you know what’s coming, plan
  Recon for the Ghosts/Toggle                 In the same vein, make use of all        accordingly. The MR-C is by far the
  Detection Mode for the UAV               your tools. You have access to your         most reliable general use weapon, but
                                           unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drone         each gun has its own benefits.
  Right Bumper: Swap Camera                in most missions. Don’t be afraid to           Don’t underestimate the value of
  Angle                                    find a secure spot, take a breather,         your grenades. A properly placed
                                           switch your team to Recon Mode and          and timed frag grenade can make a
  Left Trigger: Precise Aiming/Hold        pull up your map. If you’re unsure          busy and crowded battle into a simple
  Breath When Zoomed                       about what is lurking around the next       mopping-up operation. A smoke
                                           corner, send your drone over and get        grenade at the right moment can turn
  Right Trigger: Fire                      a lead on what’s about to happen.           overwhelming odds into a game of
                                           Bolster your UAV efficiency by making        hide, seek and headshot. If you’re
  X: Vision Mode                           use of the scope on your weapon.            in too deep, drop a smoke grenade,
                                           Your UAV will give you positions            activate your goggles and change
  Y: Context-sensitive Action              and numbers, but seeing the enemy           position, taking shots as you go.
                                           yourself tends to clarify the situation        Your goggles are a mix of thermal
  A: Reload (Hold to Change Rate of        and help you plan.                          imaging and light-enhancing night
  Fire with D-Pad)                                                                     vision. They can take a while to get
                                           STEALTH MODE                                used to, so play with them. They can
  B: Swap Weapons (Hold to Change            Ghost Recon shares a trait or two         actually be effective in broad daylight,
  Weapons with D-Pad)                      with its sister title Splinter Cell. The    since enemies will appear to “pop” out
                                           best kills are the ones where the           from the darker backgrounds. There’s
IMPORTANT NOTES                            recently fallen enemy’s compatriots         a bit of motion blur, as well, so make
                                           cannot see you, and therefore do not        sure that your aiming is on-target. You
ONE STEP AT A TIME                         know where to shoot. Don’t run blindly      don’t want to fire at someone’s after-
   Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter          around corners. If you take your time,      image.
is not your average shooter. Running       you can avoid a lot of headaches and
and firing entire clips at a time will      rack up kills quickly. One man can
just get you a “Mission Failed.” You’re    defeat a legion of foes if he has the
going to want to fire in either short       advantage of striking first, striking from
bursts or one shot at a time, so don’t     cover and striking intelligently. “Spray
be afraid to switch to single-fire mode.    and pray” simply does not work.
You’re more accurate when firing one
shot at a time, which means that you       GET ON UP
could, say, take out an enemy in one          Make use of all three stances. No
shot rather than 16. Take it slow and      one stance is better than the other,
think before you move.                     but all of them have their own little
   There are situations where you          strengths and weaknesses. Standing
would need access to fully automatic       tall is good for when you need to
gunfire. GRAW is a war game after           get somewhere in a hurry, but your
all. But, again, stay in control. You’ll   accuracy takes a nosedive. Crouching
get nowhere and you’ll waste more          low is good for stealthy movement
bullets than is really necessary if you    and more accurate fire, but you move

                                                Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                Advanced Warfighter                                                                04
 strategy guide


   After the brief and straightforward
training mission, you’re treated to a
mid-air briefing and flyover of Mexico
City. Enjoy your view of the city,
because from now on you’re going
to be at ground level with bullets

                                                                                                                                  contact • coup d’etat
whizzing by your head.
   Once you get down off the
helicopter, head forward. You can
either proceed down the road or take
the stairs down to an alley. Whichever
route you choose, move forward
slowly until the two enemies that are
sitting in wait at the bottom of the road
are in range. Use your scope to zoom
in all the way, then hold your breath
and aim for headshots. You should
be able to pull this off without a hitch.   have a “GL” suffix include a grenade        compound. Once the gate opens,
Using the wall for cover is definitely a     launcher, which is handy but not           it’s anything goes. There are a good
good idea if you took the lower route,      necessary in this mission. Stick with      number of enemies inside, so watch
as the enemy will be much less likely       the MR-C, as the scope is your best        your men’s backs and make use of
to spot you before you can fire or hit       bet for this battle. Take a moment to      your new UH-60 attack chopper to
you once you’ve been spotted. Move          get acquainted with your fully activated   take out enemy vehicles and hopefully
in a little more until you can see inside   Cross-Com system, then switch your         some of them as well. When you feel
the warehouse just inside the fence.        team to Recon mode and go back into        like you’ve cleared it enough, go in
There’s another man in there, so            the breach.                                and mop up the stragglers. Enter the
remove him as well. Move towards the          Move towards the objective, and          open building and take out the man
objective.                                  use the UAV to scout ahead as you          who quickly runs across as you scale
   Things go bad very quickly from          go. Once you go under the overpass         the stairs. Take out the two men who
here. Ramirez is spotted and goes           and enter the next area, two enemy         are outside and run up the next set of
on the run, and you’ll end up in an         armored personnel carriers (APC)           stairs for your Mission Complete!
ambush. Back up and take cover              will ambush you. As soon as you see
behind whatever you can and take            them, focus on them and command            COUP D’ETAT
out your three new enemies. The             your team to attack them. They’ll hit          This is going to be a long one, but
fence with the iron bars is particularly    the APCs with a high-powered shot          it’s fun, so sit back and get ready.
effective. Go to Fully Standing mode        that should explode the trucks after       There’s no real strategy to the
if you aren’t already and dash to your      a couple shots, and hopefully the          introductory portion of the stage.
new rally point.                            baddies with it. Keep going, and you’ll    You’re in a gunship, you have a gun
   Good news! You’re no longer alone.       encounter two more foes, then two          with infinite ammo, and there are bad
You can pick up three new teammates.        more will ambush you when you get          guys trying to shoot you down. It’s
We suggest leaving them at the default      near a semi-truck. You’ll end up at        not that hard to figure out, right? Take
settings. Having a Rifleman, Grenadier       the entrance to the rail yard. This may    them out so that you can land and
and Gunner on your team gives you           be a good time to switch to automatic      get on with things. It’s best to fire the
maximum flexibility in dangerous             fire if you haven’t already, as you’re      gun in short, focused bursts, as the
situations. You can swap out your           going to be running and gunning to the     chopper is going to be swerving and
main rifle, as well, and switch it to the    objective.                                 dodging around for the first portion.
SCAR-L/CQC, MR-C/AGL, SCAR-L                  Once the rail yard is clear, you’ll      Once you reach your destination,
or the SCAR CQC/GL. The rifles that          come upon the entrance to a gated          you’re going to have to take out three
                                                                                       armored vehicles and some bad guys
                                                                                       before you can land. No big deal, you
                                                                                       can do this in your sleep. Remove
                                                                                       them from the field of play and you will
                                                                                       land, take stock of your gear and get
                                                                                       down to the mission.
                                                                                           You’re going to want to leave the
                                                                                       plaza by heading to the right and
                                                                                       forward of where you hop off the
                                                                                       chopper. Hug the wall of the red
                                                                                       building and find the patrolling guard.

                                                Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                Advanced Warfighter                                                                05
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                  vip 2 is down
                                                                                       possible. Be careful as you go down
                                                                                       this road, as there will be two enemies
                                                                                       hiding in an alley waiting for you. One
                                                                                       well-placed grenade will handle that
                                                                                       for you. Once you remove the armored
                                                                                       vehicle at the end of this short path,
                                                                                       you’re good. Switch to the APC and
                                                                                       move it forward and then run to the
                                                                                          Enter the car park and pause. An
                                                                                       APC is going to explode, and soon
                                                                                       things are going to hit the fan. Run
                                                                                       up the stairs after the VIP. Place your
                                                                                       men so that they can guard one exit,
                                                                                       and set yourself down at the other.
                                                                                       You’re in for a heavy, ugly firefight
                                                                                       next. A good idea is to toss a smoke
                                                                                       grenade for cover inside the car park,
                                                                                       then use your night vision to take the
                                                                                       enemies out easily. You’re going to
                                                                                       want to do this as quickly as possible,
                                                                                       or else the VIP is going to be shot
When he turns his back, drop him.          vehicle without getting run over. There     down.
It’s entirely possible that your crew      are going to be a number of enemies            After the enemies are done, you’ll be
will dash out into the open, ruining       to fight, so switch your gun to auto         told to go to the roof. Grab a Zeus from
the element of surprise and alerting       and your team to Assault. Clear this        the box and take out every armored
the two other guards, so be prepared       plaza by sticking with your team and        vehicle in sight. Be careful when
for that as well. Head to the end of       using grenades where applicable. Try        aiming, since you can easily hit the
this road slowly, and plant your men       to avoid hugging walls, since the truck     edge of the building and kill everyone
behind the blue car in Recon mode. If      has no problem with leaving you as          around you. That’s not a good thing.
you’re lucky, the two guards that you’re   a messy stain on that same wall you         Once that’s done, you’re free and
about to kill won’t see you. While your    were using for cover. It isn’t hard if      clear. Take the VIP with you to the next
team is on the right side of the road,     you’re lucky, as the truck can easily       rally point in order to move on to the
you take the left and move into the        take out three foes at once when it         next mission.
covered sidewalk. You should be able       blows up; but if it gets tough, pop a
to easily take the two of them out with    smoke grenade, activate your goggles        VIP 2 IS DOWN
one bullet apiece from where you’re        and use your invisibility to your              You start this mission off in a
standing. Your man in the sky will let     advantage.                                  slightly poor position. As soon as
you know that that’s the last of them,        You’re given new orders once the         you disembark, a convoy of troops
so regroup with your team and move         plaza is clear. An APC needs to get         ambushes you. Thankfully, you’ve got
towards the objective again.               through, but it needs your help. Sprint     plenty of cover, so keep your head
   There are two ways that you can         to the objective and blow up the fuel       down and you’ll be fine. For maximum
play this next portion. You can either     tanker, then move to your Ghost Truck       damage, either use grenades or your
run in and take out the few guards         and fill up on ammo and health. If           team to take out the trucks early.
remaining, or creep in and snipe them.     you like, switch weapons. A grenade            Once you’re clear, head to the rally
Both are equally effective, but you        launcher will come in handy in the next     point in the next street over and refill
should be aware of the sniper in the       portion of the stage, but it isn’t wholly   on ammo and health. The MR-C is a
second floor window just behind the         necessary.                                  must for the next portion of the stage,
objective, as well as his buddy at the        Before you can escort the APC            so go ahead and grab that too. Head
very top of that same building.            to the rally point, you have to clear       to the building to your immediate left
   The next part is going to be a little   the area. Guards are going to come          after the truck leaves and hug it. Use
harrowing. Ready a grenade, as you’re      running out at you, so stay in Assault      your map to scope out the area in red
going to have to take out an armored       and take them down as quickly as            on your tactical map. It’s crawling with

                                                Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                Advanced Warfighter                                                               06
 strategy guide

foes. You can take one of two routes
around the building, but there is an
easy way around. Head to the right
first, and hug the wall. You’ll reach
a gap where a gate should possibly
go. Lean out and see if you can see
the terrorist standing by the car. Hit
him with one single headshot if you
can see him. If he’s obscured, lean
back in and ready a grenade. Place
your reticule on him and then charge

                                                                                                                                 strong point
up a grenade throw all the way, then
release. You should take him out, as
well as the vehicles around him.
    Move back to the leftmost side of
the building and lean around the next
corner. If your UAV is properly placed,
you should be able to spot your foes
through the walls. Just to be sure,
drop it down to Detection level again
and scan the near area. Once that’s
done, you’re all ready. Toss a grenade
at them at almost full power, then
switch your men to Assault and go to
town. There are snipers in this map,
so keep an eye on the skies. If you’ve
properly scouted the area, your UAV
should reveal them to you. Clear the
area, then proceed carefully to the
rally point.
    You’re going to run into some fairly
heavy resistance just before you get
there. There will be two guards near a
truck, a sniper on a roof and a number      them is injured, tell one of your men     meters away from that rally point. Aim
of guards down the road. The guards         to heal him. If two have gone down,       over the yellow objective squares until
down the road can be cleared with one       you heal one, then tell an AI teammate    you see it. Head for it. You’re going to
grenade, while the others will take a       to heal the other. Keep a cool head       run into a sniper when you’re around
little work. Move to the next rally point   on your shoulders and fire accurately      110 meters out, so tell your newly
and watch the fireworks.                     and this will be no problem. When the     acquired sniping teammate to take him
    Once you’re settled, you’re in for      vehicles show up, make copious use        out. There will be a handful of enemies
a tough time. You have to hold the          of your Strike Armored command.           waiting just past him, when you’re just
remains of the embassy from incoming        Once you have access to the Apache,       about 70 meters away, so use your
terrorists until you can get backup.        you’re almost clear. Use it to take out   night vision and take them out from
You also have to ensure that the VIP        the tank, then clear up the stragglers    afar. They’re standing around the gate
does not die. The best route to take        before you evac the VIP. Keep your        of the bunker. Once they’re dead, tell
is to guard the open area to the left of    eyes open, as they’ll often be hidden     your team to stay in a spot a decent
the front of the embassy. That is where     behind cars. Pull it off and you’ll get   distance away from the bunker and
the heaviest opposition will strike and     away scot-free.                           then move in and plant the C4. Once
you’re the best man on your team to                                                   it’s planted, move away as quick as
deal with that threat. Your men should      STRONG POINT                              you can so that you don’t get caught
be on Assault, but keep an eye on              Your main mission in this stage is     in the blast radius. Regroup with your
them. They can hold their own, but          to blow the rebel bunkers using C4.       team and seek out the next bunker.
they can still be shot down. If one of      Once you land, go get the C4 from the         The next bunker is 260 meters
                                            rally point and pick your gun. You have   away, which means that you get to run
                                            the option of an A550 Sniper rifle,        the gauntlet. If you proceed directly
                                            which can shoot through walls, the        to the bunker, you should end up on
                                            SCAR CQC or the SCAR CQC/GL.              a rise overlooking the whole works.
                                            The mainline SCAR CQC is scoped,          Either you or your teammate can snipe
                                            so it may be your best bet for now.       out the guards to clear the way. Turn
                                            You have no UAV yet, so take it slow      around and actually go into the base.
                                            and steady. Don’t be afraid to use        All or most of the enemies should be
                                            your night vision in this stage, you’re   dead, and those that aren’t simply
                                            definitely going to need it.               need to be cleared out. Blow this
                                               There is a bunker roughly 200          bunker, then get the next objective.

                                                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                 Advanced Warfighter                                                                07
 strategy guide

   Head back up the hill to your rally      get near the gates, you’ll gain access     job, there won’t be any “pockets of
point, then get a refill at the truck.       to a Bradley. These machines are           resistance” left and you’ll be able to
You have the option of getting the          wonderful things, so proceed into the      leave the stage with no further action.
A550 Sniper or the M95 Sniper. Go           base and watch things get extremely
for the A550. It’s got a larger number      serious. There’s a lot of rebel activity   MAYDAY! MAYDAY!
of bullets, so in case you get in a tight   afoot, and way too much of it is hidden       Are you ready for another mounted
spot, you have a little extra oomph.        behind the armored plates of tanks.        gun session? This mission starts
Both guns can pierce thin walls, which      You’re lucky, though - you’ve got          off similarly to Coup d�état. Use
is indicated on your crosshairs when        access to a Bradley and your Apache.       common sense, don’t overheat your
that’s a viable choice. Move to the next    Find some cover and use the two of         gun, and take out vehicles first and
rally point.                                them to weed out everything possible.      you’ll come through fine. Your chopper

                                                                                                                                   mayday! mayday!
   Get a load of that rebel camp. This      Once that is done, head into the base      eventually lands and lets you off, and
is going to be a rough one, looks           proper and do the same. This is going      you’re given the task of clearing out
like. Watch the briefing, gawk at the        to be tough, despite your advantages,      the enemy anti-aircraft emplacements.
camp, then use the Apache to blow           so take it slow and careful. Whenever         The gun you start with has a camera
up the armors. In between doing             possible, snipe through a wall or          attached, so it can shoot around
that, use your new rifle to remove           barrier instead of going head-on.          corners. If you get in deep trouble,
some enemies from the field of play.         Your rifle isn’t made for head-to-head      make use of it. Hug a wall and lean
Grab some cover when you use your           action.                                    just enough to make your shot. The 2x
Apache to blow things up, just in              You and your team are going to          scope is there for you, as well, when
case. Make use of the Tactical Map to       have to plant the C4 yourself. There’s     you need that extra bit of precision.
be sure that you got everything too.        a guard in front of each Howitzer, so         Once you feel prepared, head out
Once you feel comfortable, blow the         proceed with caution. If there are still   and follow the path to the rally point.
generators as ordered.                      guards left after your scorched-earth      Most of your enemies will lurk about
   Now that the camp is dark, you have      maneuver earlier, use your sniper rifle     behind sandbags, but there is a sniper
to go in and destroy the artillery. Your    to take them out, or use your team if      lurking up high at the end of this road.
night vision is going to be a must from     you like. Once you have C4 strapped        Take him out, then proceed up the
here on out, so get used to using it and    on the first Howitzer, run to the next      stairs. [graw_18.jpg] Once you reach
adjusting for the blur quickly. Make        one and do the same for the remaining      the point where you receive a situation
your way down into the camp and             two. Complete that, and you’re given       update and happen upon an alcove,
get ready for some action. Once you         the evac order. If you’ve done your        duck into it and take cover against the
                                                                                       wall. Enemies farther down the path
                                                                                       are going to start firing at you, so use
                                                                                       the gun’s camera to take them out.
                                                                                       The night vision goggles will also help.
                                                                                          Keep following the path. You’ll
                                                                                       continually run into groups of bad
                                                                                       guys, most of them backed up by
                                                                                       snipers. Ensure that you make use
                                                                                       of the walls for cover and make each
                                                                                       shot count. If you’re at a distance, take
                                                                                       the time to line up a headshot. Every
                                                                                       shot needs to count. The more time
                                                                                       you spend killing one person, the more
                                                                                       time the rest of his buddies have to
                                                                                       shoot you dead. You’ll reach an area
                                                                                       that resembles a barracks, with tents
                                                                                       and the like around. Take it slowly
                                                                                       through here and only advance when
                                                                                       you can move directly to more cover.
                                                                                       You can shoot through the tents, so
                                                                                       if you have an enemy acquired on
                                                                                       your Cross-Com, but he’s out of sight

                                                Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                Advanced Warfighter                                                                 08
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                   ready for bear
behind a tent, take him out anyway.        start scaling the hill directly in front     frustrating. Run around the outside
   As usual, move in and place the C4      of the castle, watch for two snipers         of the castle, using the pillars for
charge on the target, then back away.      to your left and up. Soon after, you’re      cover, and head for the extraction
It will blow and you’ll be given a new     going to have to take down a few             point. You’re going to intersect with
objective. Run to the scrambled zone.      soldiers. If you’re running low on           the most frustrating fence known to
You are in for a serious confrontation     ammo, grab one of their guns. The            mankind while the chopper is hot on
with a platoon of troops and a vehicle.    gun can’t see around corners, but it         your tail. Look for gaps in the fence
Target the vehicle first. Kill the          does have a 4x scope and 30 rounds           and simply push through until you’re at
gunner with sniper fire, then use a         per clip. However, if you can be just        the extraction point. It’s a rough run,
combination of grenades and gunfire         a little more patient, you can pop by        and fairly hard, but there isn’t much
to take out the others. You’re up          a conveniently placed ammo box and           we can tell you to do other than to
against stiff opposition here, so don’t    get a refill. Either works well, and the      stay calm. Cooler heads will prevail
bother to stop to shoot. Keep moving       4x scope is useful, so use your own          in this situation. If you die, there was
and fire in short bursts.                   best judgment here.                          a checkpoint right before the chopper
   Once you’re through here, you’ll           Once you reach the roof with the          showed up, so you can simply restart
enter the scrambled zone. Your HUD         gun of your choice, you’re told to           from there.
is going to go crazy and the objectives    blow the guns. First, clear the roof.
are going to waver and wink in and         It won’t be hard, as there are not a         READY FOR BEAR
out. Head for the closest one, which       lot of guards up there and they’re              Thankfully, your UAV is back in this
is around 95 meters away. Keep             relatively far apart. Don’t worry about      mission, as is the rest of your crew.
your night vision on, as the foes are      the transport truck just yet; just get rid   Once you’re allowed, orient yourself
extremely hard to pick out of the          of the Howitzers. Mission complete?          as if to head for the barracks access
shadows. If it’s a bright spot, flick the   No, now you have to make it to the           objective and use your UAV to scout
goggles on and off to ensure that they     extraction point.                            the route ahead. You should find a
aren’t simply lights. If they’re people,      One problem: you’ve got a chopper         couple pockets of enemies waiting
shoot them dead.                           on your tail. You’re told to keep in         for you. Move forward and clear them
   Take out both targets and watch out     cover until you reach the extraction         out. Creep up to the gates of the base
for stragglers. Your new objective is      point, so do so. First, hug a pillar         and take cover under the concrete wall
to locate and destroy hostile artillery.   to take a breather and wait for the          right in front of it.
Your objective is a scant 161 meters       chopper to swoop away. The next                 Move towards the gate of the base
away. Run up the path, but once you        part is going to be both difficult and        and take out the guards that are left

                                                  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                  Advanced Warfighter                                                             09
 strategy guide

                                                                                           Keep going forward until enemy
                                                                                        helicopters show up. Rush for one of
                                                                                        the two shooting positions and take
                                                                                        up an M50. You need to bring those
                                                                                        choppers down quickly. This, however,
                                                                                        is no big deal. An M50 and a Strike
                                                                                        Armored command for your squad
                                                                                        will take them down easily. Once the
                                                                                        choppers are gone, your extraction
                                                                                        point appears and you can continue on
                                                                                        your quest to secure the President of
lurking about. There should be a             you’ll also take out all the baddies you   the United States.
guard or two in the building directly        need to on your way. You may want to
inside the entrance, so be wary. Once        keep your team on Assault mode for         QUARTERBACK
inside, methodically clear the entire        this portion, since that’ll let them do        Your CO says, “Welcome to the
base. There’s a roving vehicle about,        their job in the best way. The trick is    hottest side of Hell!” when you enter
so try to engage it where you have           to just keep moving and fire as soon        this stage... and he’s absolutely
the benefit of cover that can prevent         as you acquire a target. You’re going      right. As soon as you leave the APC,
it from running over you or your guys.       to come across a tank fairly early on      you’re tossed into a battle with a
Make your way to the back of the base        that you need to take out, so Strike       group of soldiers and some armored
and free the tank trainers, then lead        Armored ASAP. Once you get through         vehicles. Use your Bradley to take out
them to your next objective.                 the tunnel, head for the staging area      everything you can and stay under
    This part is going to be particularly    objective.                                 cover. It’s all too easy to die from a
frustrating, since the trainers cannot          Next, move to the Ghost Truck for a     stray shot here.
die at all. All three have to make it        refill and go for a gun with a grenade          Once that’s clear, take stock of
intact. You should dispense entirely         launcher. The next part is pretty hairy.   what you have. This stage is going to
with stealth and run-and-gun this            It’s a “hold this position!” mission,      be a mad dash, so be prepared. You
next portion. You need to take these         so plant your ghosts behind cover in       have an MK48 LMG and the usual
enemies out before they get a chance         Assault mode, grab an M50 and get          complement of grenades. That means
to kill the trainers with stray shots.       ready for incoming. Hold your own for      no scope, which means that you don’t
Once you think you’ve cleared enough         long enough, making copious use of         have to worry about being subtle. You
room, dash for the warehouse and wait        your grenades and the machine gun,         also have a long run ahead of you,
for the trainers to arrive so that you       and you should acquire an Abrams           so set your Ghosts to Assault and
can move on to your next task.               as backup. Destroy the vehicle with        move the Bradley forward. The best
    Your next task is a little easier. The   the Abrams, and then you need to be        route to take is to move the Bradley
tanks simply have to be lead to the          on your way to the assembly area.          ahead of you, then use it for cover as
reload point. You and your team have         Creep slowly, as there are tanks           you advance. You’ll eventually make
to hump it over there and clear the way      lurking about. Try to stay even with the   it to the objective, only to be given
while you do so. Here’s a common             Abrams tanks, since you’ll definitely       a new one on the spot. Move to the
sense tip: tanks can only drive on           need their backup. This is another         construction site.
roads. Keep to the roads and you’ll not      Assault and fully automatic situation,         Backtrack a little and go on your
only arrive where you need to be, but        so stick and move.                         way. You’ll run into a dozen enemies

                                              Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                              Advanced Warfighter                                                                 010
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                 guardrail ix
and a vehicle. Use your Bradley
(which should be kept near you at all
times) to take them out. Advance to
the objective, clearing foes as you
go. Don’t let the worried Cross-Com
communications bother you, you’ll get
there just in time. Once you reach the
construction yard, you’ll be given a
new location to run to and lose your
Bradley. No big deal, as you’ve got a
big gun to make up the difference.
   Move towards the next objective.       team. You’re going to be under fire         run yet another gauntlet to get to the
You’ll run into another cadre, though     by a couple helicopters (which you         suitcase, so keep your gun reloaded
this time a sniper backs them up          probably saw earlier in the stage), but    and your Ghosts on Assault. Don’t
on some scaffolding. Your gun is          you can’t do much about that. Clear        worry about advancing from cover
nowhere near accurate enough to           the field of human targets, then dash       to cover. Your team is smart enough
take him out, so highlight them with      to the evac point. You should make it      to take out any baddies who pop up.
your crosshairs and tell your team to     in time, and then you’re given a new       Simply sprint forward until you reach
take him out. Circle around the left      mission: find the football.                 the football’s location.
side of the building and be careful.         Hoof it to your new rally point for        Bad news: Carlos Ontiveros
The barrels that look like convincing     a refill and grab the MR-C LW. The          has the football. Worse news: he’s
cover are definitely not. The snipers      camera will come in handy. The             getting away scot-free in a chopper.
will shoot them right out from under      football is 270 meters away from your      Good news: you’re going to extract
you. Use your team to drop them,          current location, so take a breath         immediately and get right on his tail in
and then go into the underground          and get a move on. If you miss the         the next mission. Before that, though,
portion just below the sniper nest.       passage under the bridge, you’re           you have one last job. The enemy left
Switch your men to Recon, as you          going to run into a handful of goons, so   behind a couple attack helicopters.
have to avoid killing the president in    stick to the walls for cover. Take them    This is going to be your first helicopter
this next portion. You’ll get a warning   out from afar if you can manage it, or     versus helicopter fight, but it’s much
over your headset, and you’ll start to    give them a grenade sandwich if you        like the usual airborne battles.
hear speaking voices. Hug the wall        cannot. It’s good to encounter them        Simply stay focused, use the gun in
and creep down until you can see the      early, anyway, so that they cannot         spurts and make sure to take out the
enemies.                                  shoot you in the back as you pass.         ground troops as well. Take out the
   There are only two of them, so once       Once that’s done, take the road         two whirlybirds and get your Mission
you’re given the “Go” order, pop out      under the bridge. If you tilt the map      Complete for Quarterback.
and take them out. Fire carefully. They   so that you can see elevation, it’ll be
won’t shoot the president, but it’s all   the shorter part of the long structure     GUARDRAIL IX
too easy to hit him by accident. Your     dividing the map. You cannot pass the        It’s time to go after the football. The
next mission, once you’ve acquired        construction, so go through the nearby     last thing anyone wants is a terrorist
him, is to search, destroy and evac.      gate. One short Cross-Com cinema           with his hands on nuclear launch
The enemy’s next move is a vicious        later and you have a new job to do: go     codes, so go get that suitcase. You
ambush, so lead the way for your          get Bowen. You are going to have to        won’t have intel updates during this

                                                   Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                   Advanced Warfighter                                                                  011
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                       guardrail ix
mission, and you start off alone. Use          between you and the target. Take           unless you’re a great shot on the run,
your UAV to properly scout the nearby          advantage of the nearby concrete sign      you’ll want something with automatic
area, then get to taking out the bad           and your gun’s camera again and take       fire.
guys.                                          them out. They have the benefit of              You’ll be informed that Guardrail IX
   This is, to put it lightly, an incredibly   both numbers and distance, but you         is going to jam all comms, so recon
ugly situation. Your gun comes with            have a bag full of grenades. Use them.     with your newly recovered UAV and
a camera that allows you to shoot              Hopefully, taking out the transport        move out. One problem, though:
around corners from cover, so make             truck will take out a few bad guys as      you’re under fire by a well-hidden
use of both the camera and the                 well. Be sure and watch for one baddie     sniper, not to mention his gunner and
scope. Cross under the bridge to the           lurking in an alley just in front of the   vehicle-driving buddies. Here’s a
first group of enemies. Take out as             entrance to the building, as well as two   tip: he’s hiding up in the water tower.
many of them as you can from cover             stragglers hiding behind sandbags.         Now, if you did grab a sniper rifle, you
(and beware the enemies lurking in a           Once you’re clear, run to the objective.   can zoom in and take him out with
nearby alley), then take a breather and           You’re given new orders: destroy        ease. However, his friends will quickly
use your UAV to scout out the next             Guardrail IX. You lose control of your     zero in on you. If you didn’t, send a
group. They should be directly to the          UAV, so you’ll have to do all your recon   few shots his way, then make your
east. There are only a few of them, so         personally. As you head towards the        way forward, killing enemies as you
take them out.                                 objective, use your goggles to keep an     get to them. Keep moving and enter
   The next group will be to the east          eye on enemy movement and ensure           the building that holds the objective.
again, in a plaza. A transport truck           that you advance from cover to cover.      Immediately grab a wall.
accompanies them. However, they’ve             Being caught out in the open will get          Here is why you should have
made one fatal mistake: they’re                you killed, especially since there are     brought along an automatic gun:
spaced too far apart. You can easily           enemies situated above you with            you’ve got a warehouse full of guys
snipe out all four of them with no             machine guns. Go up the second set         to contend with at this point. Clear
trouble. Watch for a sniper high on the        of stairs to be sure that you’ve cleared   them out in the usual manner, then
building to the east, and take the rest        the area (look for enemies hiding          get ready to go to your next objective:
of them out at your leisure. Once you          behind columns), and then move on          Guardrail IX’s location. Snag a bad
take out all four of them, take a trip to      through the trains. The enemies in         guy’s rifle if you grabbed a sniper rifle
the ammo box by the transport truck            this part are smart enough to use          earlier and get moving. You’re going
and get a refill.                               grenades against you, so don’t stay        to run into more grouped bad guys,
   The fourth group will be directly           in one spot too long. If you hear one      so stay on automatic and don’t be
                                               shout “Grenada!” move ASAP.                afraid to hide. Run to the ammo box
                                                  Press forward, clearing the room as     (it’s indicated on your map) and get a
                                               you go, and then climb the stairs at the   refill. Head up the nearby stairs and
                                               very end. You’re free and clear until      get ready for the nitty-gritty. Your night
                                               you reach the weapons drop. You’re         vision is going to be invaluable here,
                                               given a new objective, as well as a        since your HUD won’t update enemy
                                               gang of new guns. Find and disable         locations any more. If it pops out bright
                                               Guardrail IX. Grab a scoped rifle and       green, give it a hail of bullets.
                                               leave the building. The sniper rifles are       Once you hop over the second
                                               tempting, but you’re going to have to      train’s bed, immediately run to a
                                               face down a vehicle pretty soon, and       nearby red box for cover. Guardrail

                                               Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                               Advanced Warfighter                                                              012
 strategy guide

IX features a number of snipers and       edge of the roof and use it for cover.     head down the next ramp. Make your
general grunts at its location, so use    Pop up, zoom in and take out your          way forward as usual, then take cover
your cover wisely. Hop out from behind    foes with headshots. Once they’re all      behind the billboards. You have to
cover and use your scope to take them     down, you’ll gain access to an Abrams      take out the anti-tank gunners before
out one at a time. Use grenades if        and be sent on your way to destroy the     the tanks can progress. Be wary of
necessary, but aim true. Once that’s      rebel AAA guns.                            the sniper on your left as you face the
clear, circle around the fence in front      Head down the roof and get ready        gunners, and do your duty. Take out
of the building and go inside. Head       to take out the group of rebels that are   the relatively few rebels, making sure
up the stairs, out onto a balcony, up     coming up to meet you. Take them           to focus on the anti-tank gunner first,
a second set of stairs and then on        out, and watch out for their marksman      then advance.
to Guardrail IX. Plant your C4 and        buddy on your right. Run up the next          Move down the roof until you come

immediately run. You have 25 seconds      building’s ramp and immediately take       to a series of air-conditioning ducts.
to get to safety.                         cover. You’ll be informed that there       Take cover behind one and take out
   Once the building blows, you’re told   are snipers in the zone, so deal with      the ambushing rebels. There will be
to hold your position for extraction.     them accordingly. Use your 4x scope,       at least one hiding behind the stack
Grab some nearby cover and get            goggles and headshots to take them         of boxes at the end of this makeshift
ready for an onslaught. Your extraction   both of them out. Approach the edge        corridor, so advance from AC unit to
point will probably be ready before       of this roof and duck down once            AC unit while aiming in that direction.
you are, but take the time to clear out   again. Trigger-happy rebels are on the     If you’re very smart, you can go prone
everyone. The last thing you want is a    building right below you... and within     and shoot the rebels’ legs out from
bullet in the head just before you get    grenade distance. Take out the ones        under them, then rise and finish their
on the chopper. Once you’re done,         you can with a single grenade, then        friend as well. Simply go fully prone,
move on and get ready for the next        use your rifle on the rest.                 then focus on their feet.
mission.                                     Finish them off, then go down              Advance down the roof once again,
                                          the ramp and cross over to the next        moving the Abrams forward with you,
BULLDOG                                   building. Tell your Abrams to blow the     and take out the two marksmen that
  You start off alone in this mission     transport truck if you haven’t already,    you run into ASAP. Wait for them to
once again, armed only with a SCAR-       then keep going. A group of guards         fire, then quickly draw a bead on them
L CQC. Your first objective is to          will quickly ambush you. They’re easy,     and take them out. A headshot at
destroy a rebel roadblock. You should     so take them out and pass them by.         this point could spell disaster. Once
know the drill by now. Approach the       Go up the ramp, kill the lone rebel and    you have gone far enough down the


                                                  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                  Advanced Warfighter                                                               013
 strategy guide

roof, you’ll have to cross the street           Once the zone is cleared, the Black     comers. The chopper blows midway
via a bridge and move on to the next         Hawk will drop you off at a Ghost          through the showdown, so be wary of
set of rooftops. Cross over to the           Truck, where you can get a squad and       that. You’ll get an audio warning before
edge of that roof and take a look            your trusty MR-C. Shortly thereafter,      it happens, of course. The general
at your objective. The enemies will          General Martin’s chopper goes down,        will progress through this portion on
immediately open fire on you. Back            which means that your next objective       his own, so stick close to him until the
up and take them out at your leisure.        is a rescue mission. It is 375 meters to   APC gets in range. After that, hit the
Keep away from the edges of the roof,        the crash site, so get the lead out. Of    extraction point for a quick evac and
since the anti-tank gunner will not          course, it isn’t going to be anywhere      enjoy yet another completed mission
hesitate to take you out with one shot.      near that easy. Watch for an ambush
   Once you’ve cleared out these guys,       at around 250 meters out. If your team     FIERCE RESISTANCE

                                                                                                                                   fierce resistance
you’ll have secured the airspace. Head       is on Assault, this will be cake. You’ll       You still need to get the football,
to the Black Hawk for a pick-up and          have to contend with a number of           but there’s one last thing to do before
get on that mounted gun. You’ve got          vehicles, but that’s no big deal. You      that. You need to take out the last
another air mission. Your bosses need        have an anti-tank gunner of your own       of the rebels. Head to Zocalo Plaza
that entire area cleared, so get to it. As   now, and his Zeus rocket launcher          (roughly 100 meters from your drop-off
soon as an enemy is acquired on your         works wonders. Watch the corners           point) and you’ll be given your orders:
HUD, take him out. Aim for the red           of the buildings after you take out        destroy the jamming device. It’s a
diamonds and just fire, since you don’t       the second vehicle, since there are        short run, 122 meters to be exact, but
have to be perfectly accurate about          snipers about.                             it’s fraught with danger. Once you get
things. Fire on the red diamond only            You’re going to eventually happen       close to the scrambled area, you’ll run
until it turns white, then either pause      upon a plaza when you’re around 75         into an enemy emplacement. Take
firing for the gun to cool down or hit        meters from the crash site. Blast the      them all down and hit the objective.
your next closest target. If you see         sniper and take care of the ambushing      You’ll be told that your goggles will
a transport truck with troops near it,       regular gunners. Once they’re done,        help you locate the source of the
blow it up. Hopefully, the blast radius      approach the general for your next         scrambling, so keep that in mind. The
will be enough to take out those troops      objective. You have to protect General     first device is 150 meters from this
and save you some time. If you notice        Martin until he can be extracted. This     objective, so move on.
a soldier not firing at you, take him out     plays like a repeat of the last stand          Watch for the two snipers on the
first. There’s a good chance that he’s        at the US embassy earlier. Trust your      roof directly overlooking the objective,
got an RPG with your name on it.             men to have your back, and take on all     and then move in. You’ll face half a
                                                                                        dozen more guards, and then you’re
                                                                                        in position to blow up the jamming
                                                                                        device. Give it a few rounds to bust
                                                                                        it up, then reload. There’s one more
                                                                                        scrambling source 160 meters away,
                                                                                        and it’s got to go too. This one is easy
                                                                                        and four people guard it at most. Move
                                                                                        in, blow it up and move on to the next
                                                                                            You need to go to the next objective
                                                                                        and “target all hostiles.” This is easy
                                                                                        for you. Run to the objective, take
                                                                                        out the guards guarding the stairs,
                                                                                        then go up to the roof just enough
                                                                                        to gain access to the UH-60. From
                                                                                        there, direct it to blow up the enemies
                                                                                        using either the tactical map or the
                                                                                        red diamonds on the HUD. Destroy
                                                                                        everything in sight and take a moment
                                                                                        to enjoy the beautifully rendered
                                                                                        burning skyline. Once done, General
                                                                                        Martin will offer Ontiveros and his

                                                  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                  Advanced Warfighter                                                                 014
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                                     NORAD on the line • general multi-player tips
aides a chance to surrender. You’ll
need to make the 170-meter trek to
Majestic Hotel to provide cover for
General Martin, just in case the rebels
are planning a double-cross. Once you
get there, your UH-60 will leave you,
so you’ve lost an advantage. Head to
the observation spot just up the stairs
and get ready for action. You have a
ton of people to take down, but ensure
that you sit down and take out the
snipers first. Afterwards, you’ll be told
to head downstairs to a waiting Ghost
    Stick with your MR-C. It’s the most
versatile gun you have, and you’ll
need it in order to reach the palace.
You’ve got tanks as support, so this is
no time to be subtle. Go all Assault,
all automatic. Move forward with your
tank. You’ll be ambushed shortly after
you start making your way across the

plaza, but make use of your scope and        the APC as ordered.
goggles and you’ll be fine. Once you             By the time you get there, Carlos
reach the palace, you’ll have to find         Ontiveros has destroyed it with a
and secure Ontiveros.                        well-placed shot from his chopper.           GENERAL MULTI-PLAYER
    Also inside the palace is an ugly        You need to run to Angel Plaza for           TIPS
ambush. The enemies will have the            the final showdown. This is a very               The only real trick to multiplayer is
higher ground, so duck behind a              straightforward mission. Just keep           to keep a cool head. Don’t panic when
pillar and take aim as best you can.         advancing forward, take out the              you come under fire, since that will just
You probably won’t be able to use            chopper from cover, and keep moving.         end with you firing wildly and wasting
your scope in this heavy firefight, but        You’ve been in this meat grinder             ammo or worse, and perhaps even
precision aiming is a must. If you hear      dozens of times before, so this should       killing a teammate. Use the buddy
someone mention a grenade, move,             be no problem for you. Once you              system when clearing areas. If you’re
and move fast. Take up cover behind          reach Angel Plaza, Ontiveros will taunt      alone, you’re doing it wrong. Find a
a different pillar or risk being blown       you once more. You’ll be given the           partner and stick with him. If you watch
to pieces. Once you’ve killed enough         location of the football, and it’s a scant   each other’s backs, you should do
of the rebels, US Soldiers will move         200 meters away. Sprint for it.              extremely well. Two pairs of eyes are
in and capture General Ontiveros.               You’re going to be ambushed in the        better than one in this case, and you’ll
There’s some bad news, though: the           roundabout in front of the embassy.          technically have three when you have
suitcase is MIA. Move to the new rally       Tell your squad to take out the bad          access to the UAV drone. Use the
point for reinforcements. Take a deep        guys, mop up whomever they didn’t            drone to recon new areas. There is no
breath. You have one mission left and        get, and keep moving. Ontiveros              reason for you to run into a new area
it’s going to be hairy.                      will bluster again, and gunners              without finding out as much as you can
                                             and marksmen will appear on your             about it first. Once you learn all you
NORAD ON THE LINE                            HUD. They’ll be followed by many             can, relay this info to your squad.
    You start this mission in the thick of   waves of troops, but simply ignore              Voice chat is half the fun of Xbox
it. You’ve got a machine gun with no         them. Get close, aim high and put            Live, so be sure to speak to your
scope, so use your precision aiming          Ontiveros to bed. Once Ontiveros is          teammates, too, but keep it all on-
feature to take out your foes. Move to       dead, you’ll extract for the last time.      topic. If you’re speaking, it either
the first objective and hit the ammo          That’s right... your time in Mexico          needs to be to call out an enemy’s
box for a refill. After you’ve cleared the    City is done. Mission Complete.              position, declare the area clear or
area around the ammo box, move to                                                         request help. The more on-topic you

                                                  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                                  Advanced Warfighter                                                                 015
 strategy guide

are, the better the mission will go.         intertwining. Keep your eyes open,          on all sides. From there, move to the
    Your character in the game does not      play creatively and hopefully you’ll find    tunnel and kill every last bad guy to
necessarily have to be an avatar of          success.                                    win the mission.
you, but it helps if you pick a class that
fits your personality. If you’re into loud    QUICK & DIRTY                               WHARF
explosions and believe that stealth-         COOPERATIVE GUIDE                             Get used to using your goggles
based fighting is for wimps, go for                                                       on this stage. It’s extremely dark,
the Grenadier or Automatic Rifleman           OVERVIEW                                    and there are some areas where the
class and provide some support for              Most of your chance of success           goggles will be required. Your first
your buddies when things get hot. If         or failure in GRAW’s cooperative            priority is clearing out the nearby
you’re a jack-of-all-trades, go for the      multiplayer depends on you and your         campsites. Either marksmen or

                                                                                                                                     quick & dirty cooperative guide
Rifleman class and stay in the thick          team. The cooperative missions are          grenadiers are a good choice here.
of battle. If you aren’t good at upfront     very basic, especially when compared        Make use of your drone, too, to scout
confrontation, but great at long-range       to the campaign’s missions. They            out what’s lurking ahead. Once the
aiming, well, go Marksman. Playing           are all of the “Clear this area until the   campsites are clear, you just need to
a class you enjoy will only enhance          stage is empty” type, with perhaps a        blow up the objectives with grenades
your enjoyment of the game, and it           nod to blowing up a target on the side.     and hit the extraction point for a
may have a positive effect on your           You’re hand held through the very           mission complete. The trick is to take it
knowledge as well. If you enjoy the          linear missions with constant updates       slow and easy. Use the buddy system
class, you’ll play it more, which means      from your superiors, as well, so there      as you advance and keep in touch with
that you’ll learn the maps very well.        isn’t a lot of guidance needed here.        your teammates for an easy win.
    Finally, whether you’re playing          However, the following Quick & Dirty
Elimination, Territory, Objective, Last      Cooperative Guide may prove useful.         TREASURY
Man Standing, Siege or Cooperative           It details the basics of each of the four      Treasury is a huge map, but it’s
Campaign, remember that it’s just a          co-op stages, along with a few specific      just barely manageable. There are a
game. If you die, don’t get frustrated.      tips to help you make it out alive.         number of tight alleys that are perfect
Simply try again, knowing what you                                                       for ambushes, and even more spots
now know. Each time you play a map,          OLD TOWN                                    to snipe from. Make use of what you
it’s going to be different simply due           The first order of business is            can and run when you’re overpowered.
to the fact that your opponents each         securing the command center. Once           There’s a tight alley or another
have their own style of play. The plaza      the mission starts, run forward and         cramped spot usually just around the
in Old Town can be a meat grinding           take out every opponent in the plaza,       corner from every area in the game.
kind of situation for some games,            including the one on the truck’s            If you backtrack to these points, you
and simply cake in others. You can           mounted gun. Once that’s done, turn         can always lay in wait for following
scout out points that would have made        around and run back up the stairs.          enemies. Take cover behind cars,
for good ambush zones in previous            Take out the gunner in this truck to        trees or whatever you can find. You’re
games, relay this info to your friends,      complete that objective. Next, you’re       going to have to take out a couple
then wait for someone to run past...         told to run to the park area and clear      of SAM emplacements, as well as
only to never see anyone and get             it out. Do so, then run to help out your    stopping some rebels from looting the
shot from behind. There’s no exact           pinned-down allies. The enemies here        treasury. The end of this level involves
way to play these maps, particularly         will call in a second ambushing wave        holding your position against superior
since they’re so open-ended and              after you get there, so keep an eye         numbers, but that is simple if you
                                                                                         make use of the heavy machine guns
                                                                                         mounted across the stage.

                                                                                            This is the perfect map to catch
                                                                                         someone by surprise. There’s a lot of
                                                                                         foliage and plenty of cover. All of this
                                                                                         makes it hard to see the enemy, but
                                                                                         it also makes it hard for the enemy
                                                                                         to see you. This is a map where you
                                                                                         should play ninja and creep from cover
                                                                                         to cover. You’re given a number of
                                                                                         objectives, all of which boil down to
                                                                                         “Destroy everything in sight.” Use your
                                                                                         drone similarly to how you used it on
                                                                                         Wharf. Find pockets of enemies and
                                                                                         take them out, then move on to the
                                                                                         next pocket. Lather, rinse and repeat
                                                                                         until you gain a mission complete.

                                          Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                                          Advanced Warfighter                                                           016
 strategy guide

                                                                                                                         maps & errata
MAPS & ERRATA                           Protect US president (Hard):             Solo champion (Multiplayer):
                                        Locate and protect US president          Climb to the top of the solo
ACHIEVEMENTS                                                                     leaderboard
                                        Reach the Football (Hard): Reach
SINGLE PLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS              the Football’s location                  Team champion (Multiplayer):
                                                                                 Climb to the top of the team
 Reach Ramirez (Normal):                Clear the way (Hard): Clear access       leaderboard
 Ramirez’s position reached             to rebel HQ
                                                                                 Perfect chapter 1 (Multiplayer):
 Secure Ballantine (Normal):            Capture Ontiveros (Hard): Capture        Complete all primary and secondary

                                                                                                                       achievements • cheats
 President Ballantine secured           General Ontiveros alive                  objectives in chapter 1

 Escort Ruiz-Pena (Normal):             Locate the Football (Hard):            CHEATS
 President Ruiz-Pena secured            Take the Football back from Carlos
                                        Ontiveros                              NOTES
 Neutralize rebel outpost                                                      All cheats must be entered on the
 (Normal): Rebel outpost neutralized    Complete the training mission:         pause screen during a mission.
                                        Complete the training mission          The “All Levels” cheat must be
 Eliminate defenses (Normal):                                                  entered on the Mission Select
 Eliminate Chapultepek castle          MULTI-PLAYER ACHIEVEMENTS               screen in Campaign mode. Cheats
 defenses                                                                      are deactivated between missions,
                                        Heavyweight (Multiplayer):             and invincibility for your Ghosts is
 Secure US tanks (Normal):              Get a total of 10,000 kills in         deactivated whenever you visit a
 Take control of 50 US tanks stolen     multiplayer                            Ghost Truck and change your squad.
 by rebels
                                        Deadly (Multiplayer):                  ALL LEVELS
 Protect US president (Normal):         Get 4 kills in 4 seconds or less in    Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger
 Locate and protect US president        multiplayer                            and Back button, and then press Y,
                                                                               Right Bumper, Y, Right Bumper and
 Reach the Football (Normal):           Unyielding (Multiplayer):              then X
 Reach the Football’s location          Get 30 kills before being killed in
                                        multiplayer                            INVINCIBILITY
 Clear the way (Normal):                                                       Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger
 Clear access to rebel HQ               Falcon (Multiplayer):                  and Back button, and then press Y, Y,
                                        Shoot down 100 helicopters in          X, Right Bumper, X and then the Left
 Capture Ontiveros (Normal):            multiplayer                            Bumper
 Capture General Ontiveros alive
                                        Sniper (Multiplayer):                  GHOSTS INVINCIBILITY
 Locate the Football (Normal):          Get a career total of 500 head shots   Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger
 Take the Football back from Carlos     in multiplayer                         and Back Button, and then press X, X,
 Ontiveros                                                                     Y, Right Bumper, Y and then the Left
                                        Committed (Multiplayer):               Bumper
 Reach Ramirez (Hard): Reach            Play for 8 hours straight in
 Captain Ramirez’s position             multiplayer                            UNLIMITED AMMO
                                                                               Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger
 Secure Ballantine (Hard): Secure       Master of Ceremonies:                  and Back Button, and then press Right
 the US President                       Host at least 1000 matches             Bumper, Right Bumper, Left Bumper,
                                                                               X, Left Bumper and then Y
 Escort Ruiz-Pena (Hard): Escort        Coop 1-1: Win missions in the
 the Mexican President to US            cooperative campaign                   FILL HEALTH
 Embassy                                                                       Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger
                                        Coop 1-2: Win missions in the          and Back Button, and then press Left
 Neutralize rebel outpost (Hard):       cooperative campaign                   Bumper, Left Bumper, Right Bumper,
 Neutralize a rebel outpost blocking                                           X, Right Bumper and then Y.
 the highway                            Coop 1-3: Win missions in the
                                        cooperative campaign
 Eliminate defenses (Hard):
 Eliminate Chapultepek castle           Coop 1-4: Win missions in the
 defenses                               cooperative campaign

 Secure US tanks (Hard): Take           World Champion (Multiplayer):
 control of 50 US tanks stolen by       Climb to the top of the universal
 rebels                                 leaderboard

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          017
strategy guide

                                              maps & errata
                                             contact map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          018
strategy guide

                                              maps & errata
                                             coup d’etat map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          019
strategy guide

                                               maps & errata
                                             vip 2 is down map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          020
strategy guide

                                               maps & errata
                                             strong point map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          021
strategy guide

                                               maps & errata
                                             mayday! mayday! map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          022
strategy guide

                                               maps & errata
                                             ready for bear map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          023
strategy guide

                                              maps & errata
                                             quarterback map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          024
strategy guide

                                               maps & errata
                                             guardrail ix map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          025
strategy guide

                                              maps & errata
                                             bulldog map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          026
strategy guide

                                               maps & errata
                                             fierce resistance map

                 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon:
                 Advanced Warfighter          027
strategy guide

                                               maps & errata
                                             NORAD on the line map


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