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					                                    Butterfly Tattoo Art
          Butterfly tattoo art are among the most versatile and flexible of all tattoo designs in terms of all
aspects, be it butterfly tattoos on back, color, placement or size so it,s no wonder they are popular. Real
Butterfly tattoos are popular for a number of reasons, the most obvious one is the beauty and
transformation associated with butterflies in general, they are amazing creatures that are found in ancient
Greek mythology and other ancient civilizations.Butterfly tattoo art has been one of the most popular
tattoo designs requested by females for the past few years, though Arnold Schwarzenegger does have one
on his right butt-cheek, (a butterfly tattoo being crushed by a terminator moth from the future). Butterflies
can symbolize various things depending on which culture. In Ireland, butterflies also symbolize dead souls
waiting to enter into purgatory.Among the best things about butterfly tattoo art is that they have the ability
to aesthetically add a lot of color into your tattoo design, without the loudness that is occasionally related
with color tattoo art. The primary reason for the popularity of lower back tattoos of butterflies is due to the
multiple colors in the wings, which creates a seductive charm. They are sort of rectangular in shape and can
therefore make ideal and popular tattoo places for many women.There are free tattoo designs on the net,
which are good for getting ideas, just be aware - some of this tattoo art is of low quality as a lot of people
have already used them, there is nothing worse than having the same designs as someone else, tattoos
designs are about being unique. Another option is to check out the paid online tattoo art galleries that
provide you with thousands of top quality tattoos to choose from. In fact based on the search volume of
keywords butterfly tattoo art are right up in the top most requested designs for women along with real
butterfly tattoos.

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