Real Estate License Agreement by bobzepfel


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									                               LICENSE AGREEMENT

        This license agreement (“License”) is entered into on the _____ day of _______
by and between _____________________________________________ (“Owner”) and
____________________________________________________________ (“Licensee”)
with reference to the following facts:


        A.     Owner is the owner of that certain [improved] [unimproved] real property
consisting of ____________________________________ [and related improvements]
located at _______________________________________ and more particularly
depicted on Exhibit “A” attached to and made a part of this Agreement (the “Property”).

       B.      Licensee desires to obtain Owner’s permission to [use the Property for
__________________________________________________] [perform certain acts on
the Property].

       C.     Owner is willing to grant Licensee permission to [use the Property for
___________________________________________________ conducting] a [seasonal
pumpkin patch] [seasonal Christmas tree lot] [other, eg: arts and crafts show] on the
terms and conditions contained in this License.

       D.      Therefore, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency
of which is hereby acknowledged, Owner and Licensee agree as follows:

       1.      Grant and Use. Owner hereby grants to Licensee the right to [use the
Property for the purpose set forth above commencing on __________________________
(the “Commencement Date”) and continuing until (the “Termination Date”), unless this
License is terminated prior to the Termination Date as provided below in this License.

        2.     Time. Licensee shall be permitted to use the Property [on Saturdays and
Sundays only], commencing ______________, 20__ and ending ______________, 20__
unless terminated sooner.

         3.     Fee. In consideration of this License, Licensee hereby agrees to pay to
Owner the sum of $_____________in cash or other form of immediately available funds
payable to Owner [upon execution of this License] [on the first day of each __________
during the term of this License, commencing on the Commencement Date and continuing
until the Termination Date. Payments for any partial periods shall be prorated based on a
thirty (30) day month.]

      4.    Security Deposit.   Upon execution of this License, Licensee shall pay
Owner $_________________ (the “Security Deposit”) which shall be held as security for
Licensee’s performance of its obligations under this License. If Licensee fails to pay any
amounts due Owner or otherwise fulfill its obligations under this License, Owner may
apply all or any portion of the Security Deposit to satisfy such obligations. Licensee shall,
immediately upon written request by owner, restore the Security Deposit to its original
level. If Licensee has paid all sums required to be paid when due and has otherwise
complied with all of its obligations under this License, Owner shall remit any unused
portion of the Security Deposit to Licensee, less any deductions Licensor is entitled to
deduct by the twenty-first (21st) business days after the Termination Date.

        5.     Permits.       [Concurrently with the execution of this License]
[Prior to the Commencement Date], Licensee shall provide Owner with a certified copy
of any business or operating permit re
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