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                                                                                                                               LOS ALTOS HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                                                          VOLUME XXIII
                                                                                                                                               ISSUE 2
                                                                                                                                    NOVEMBER 21, 2007

   Forum prioritizes Latino achievement
                                                                                                                                                     Julia Duperrault
                                                                                                                                                     Information Editor
                                                                                                                                                   District and school leaders, teach-
                                                                                                                                                ers and more than 100 Latino junior
                                                                                                                                                high and high school students from
                                                                                                                                                local schools gathered at the school
                                                                                                                                                Wednesday, November 14 for a
                                                                                                                                                forum on Latino achievement.
                                                                                                                                                Participants hoped to boost the
                                                                                                                                                academic success of Latino stu-
                                                                                                                                                dents and someday help to close
                                                                                                                                                the achievement gap.
                                                                                                                                                   “It came out of a desire to im-
                                                                                                                                                prove academic achievement and
                                                                                                                                                see if we can do a be�er job with
                                                                                                                                                our students,” MVLA Union High
                                                                                                                                                School District Superintendent Bar-
                                                                                                                                                ry Groves said. “The purpose [was]
                                                                                                                                                really to listen to students, to find
                                                                                                                                                out what’s making them successful
                                                                                                                                                and what are barriers ge�ing in
                                                                                                                                                their way of being successful.”
                                                                                                                                                   The 7th to 12th graders who partici-
                                                                                                                                                pated were chosen by counselors at
                                                                                                                                                the seven schools. Students were from
                                                                                                                                                LAHS, Mountain View High School,
                                                                                                                                                Alta Vista High School, Cri�enden
                                                                                                                                                Middle School, Graham Middle
                                                                                                                                                School, Egan Junior High School and
                                                                                                                                                Blach Junior High School.
                                                                                                                                                   The morning began in the Eagle
                                                                                                                                                Theatre with a series of six speakers,
                                                                                                                                                including Foothill College President
                                                                                                                                                Judy Minor and Mountain View Po-
                                                                                                                                                lice Chief Sco� Vermeer.
                                                                                                                                                             See Forum, Page 3
                                                                                                                                                                           JAMIL POONJA

Students protest full Food drive a time to give back
day to reinstate café                                                     Scott Stephens
                                                                          Staff Writer
                                                                         ASB has decided to eliminate
   Jamil Poonja                     According to Julia Rosenberg,
                                                                       the competition aspect of the an-
   Managing Editor                a member of the District Board
                                                                       nual Thanksgiving food drive.
                                  of Trustees, the administration
                                                                       Without competition between
  On October 26, an all-day is aware of the impact the new
                                                                       classrooms, ASB hopes to promote
student protest was held in the laws have on the Culinary Arts
                                                                       a more altruistic spirit throughout
quad against the closure of the program. District and school
                                                                       the school. The food drive allows
Eagle’s Nest Café, run by the administrators are talking with
                                                                       students and their families to give
Culinary Arts program. The local, state and national legisla-
                                                                       donated food items to Second
protest a�racted 62 students tors to resolve the laws restrict-
                                                                       Harvest, a charity that provides
by second period and 80 more ing culinary’s ability to sell to
                                                                       food for the less fortunate.
during brunch.                    students.
                                                                         Last year, the school raised
  According                                             “I applaud
                                                                       12,000 pounds of food in its

to senior A.J.                                       the       stu-
                                                                       quest to give back to the commu-
Pajarillo, a                                         dents’ com-
senior culi-      We wanted to show                  mitment to
                                                                       nity. With this year’s drive, ASB is
                                                                       looking to raise more.
nary student      people that we can                 standing
                                                                         “I’m hoping that we smash last
who helped                                           up for their
                  stick up for what we                                 year’s [goal] because everything                                                                   SAMANTHA TSE
organize                                             beliefs, but
                                                                       benefits other people,” Assistant      Freshman Adrian Sanchez (left) and senior Rebecca Kaufman tape
the protest,      believe in.                        I think that
                                                                       Principal Cristy Dawson said.
the      dem-                                        in this case                                             a poster to announce the arrival of the school’s annual food drive.
                                                                         Despite last year’s record haul,
onstration                  Kelly McCreery            they    may
                                                                       concern was expressed regarding        cannot be offered as a prize due to    help to real people at this time of
was staged                             Senior         not     have
                                                                       the morality of the competition        regulations on the number of mini-     year,” Becca said. “It’s especially

against the                                           chosen the
                                                                       with some teachers giving extra        mum days.                              good to give back to the communi-
district ad-                                          most effec-
                                                                       credit for donations from stu-           “Some students were giving to        ty this season and give students an
ministration as well as the state tive method of expressing their
                                                                       dents. Many don’t believe that         win, not to help those less fortu-     opportunity to help out as well.”
and federal food and beverage thoughts,” Rosenberg said.
                                                                       the elimination of class competi-      nate,” ASB Vice President Becca          Second Harvest looks to help
restriction laws.                 “The best way to help raise
                                                                       tion will increase donations.          Kaufman said.                          the people within the community.
  “We thought that [the pro- awareness with the legislators,
                                                                         “Truthfully, I don’t really think       Instead of a minimum day, ASB       With donations of canned meals,
test] was going to get the at- both federal and state, is to
                                                                       that there will be an improve-         has decided the school prize will      fruit, vegetables and other non-
tention of the administration, have the students themselves
                                                                       ment,” sophomore David Ilishah         be a visit from the radio station      perishable products, the char-
and we were hoping that they tell their story.”
                                                                       said. “People usually donate to        94.9 to play music for the school if   ity helps families with dependent
would do something about it,”
                                          See Protest, Page 4          get the classroom prizes.”             the goal is reached.                   children and others le� in less
A.J. said.
                                                                         Additionally, a minimum day            “[Our contributions] give real       than favorable living situations.
                             News                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 21, 2007

District wants taco truck to drive away                                                                           Sydney Negus                           exist in neighboring towns
                                                                                                                  Content Editor                         such as Santa Clara. As the law
                                                                                                                                                         currently stands, it is legal for
                                                                                                                 In the midst of numerous                a mobile food peddler with a
                                                                                                               district-wide changes to the              permit to sell anywhere in Los
                                                                                                               way food is provided on                   Altos.
                                                                                                               school campus, the catering                  “This      ordinance    supports
                                                                                                               van (known colloquially as the            our efforts to maintain a safe,
                                                                                                               taco truck) usually stationed             clean campus that serves only
                                                                                                               behind the school at lunch is             nutritious food to its students,”
                                                                                                               being pressured by the district           Dr. Groves said.
                                                                                                               to leave.                                    An October City Council
                                                                                                                 The taco truck, operated by             hearing on the issue postponed
                                                                                                               Julie Nguyen, regularly parks             any such ordinance until further
                                                                                                               on Jardin Drive behind the                meetings could be scheduled.
                                                                                                               school’s tennis courts during             The ordinance has yet to be
                                                                                                               lunch as part of a route that             put back on the official agenda.
                                                                                                               also includes local construction          Nguyen does not think that
                                                                                                               sites. The van provides a wide            the ordinance would actually
                                                                                                               variety of food, ranging from             change much.
                                                                                                               quesadillas to teriyaki chicken              “If they don’t let me park here,
                                                                                                               to cheeseburgers. It also serves          I’ll just park further away and the
                                                                                                               soda, packaged snacks and                 kids will come,” she said.
                                                                                                               desserts, food that is no longer             The taco truck serves a large
                                                                                                               available on campus due to state          group of student customers
                                                                                                               nutrition laws.                           on a typical school day. Some
                                                                                                                 The district has voiced concerns        customers are a�racted by the
                                                                                                               about the van since it was first          convenience.
                                                                                                               brought to its a�ention in March.            “It’s way be�er than the
                                                                                                               The primary concerns are that the         cafeteria, and it’s the only place
                                                                                                               van competes with the cafeteria           around here within walking
                                                                                                               and sells food that is no longer          distance,”      freshman     Danny
                                                                                                               considered healthy enough to be           Spiteri said.
                                                                                                               permi�ed on campus, according                Others like the variety of food
                                                                                                               to state law.                             that is served.
                                                                                                                 “We think that areas around the            “[The truck’s] the best,”
                                                                                                               school that are close to the school       sophomore Jorge Lopez said.
                                                                                                               should maintain those same rules          “They serve Mexican food.
                                                                                                               as the school,” Superintendent            They don’t serve that food [on
                                                                                                               Barry Groves said.                        campus].”
                                                                                                                 This is why the district                   Nguyen sees her catering
                                                                                                               suggested a city ordinance that           van as a valid lunch option for
                                                                                                               would place prohibitions on               students.
                                                                                                               mobile food peddlers near Los                “If [the kids] want healthy food,
                                                                                                  ANDREA LO    Altos schools. The ordinance              I have healthy food,” Nguyen
Freshman Matt Rinehart (left) buys a drink from Julie Nguyen (right), the woman who operates                   was later expanded to include             said. “They have a choice. They’re
the truck. The district wants to restrict Nguyen from selling food to students during lunchtime.               parks. Similar codes already              not li�le kids.”

 Event aims to promote tolerance
    Sandra Song                                                              “We kind of deny or ignore
    Staff Writer                                                           [discrimination] and don’t really
                                                                           look at it, but we do have issues
   The “Not in Our School”                                                 centered around race, gender
 event was held from 6-9 p.m.,                                             and things like that,” Pearce
 Thursday, November 15, in                                                 said.
 the Eagle Theatre to present                                                Clubs like ASB and Girls for a
 themes advocating diversity                                               Change were present to receive
 and tolerance within our                                                  and direct a�endees. Students
 community.                                                                who went to Camp Everytown
   The goal of the program is to                                           were also there to greet and                                                                  COURTNEY MOULDS
 work against the stereotyping,                                            people and make them feel           Eugene Wei (right) has been substituting some of math teacher Steve Co-
 discrimination, hate crimes and                                           welcome.                            chran’s classes. Cochran is taking the rest of the semester off due to an injury.
 racism that permeate American                            PBS.ORG/NIOT       “We want more exposure and
 society today.
                                     Culinary Arts Program and the
                                                                           to raise awareness,” Assistant      Teacher injury affects math classes
   The nationwide campaign                                                 Principal Cristy Dawson said.
 is meant to spread awareness        art showcased was created by          “We want to keep the lessons           Douglas Sangster                       They are also concerned about
 about these unacknowledged          student artists from Mountain         learned [at Camp Everytown]            Staff Writer                           how effectively the curriculum
 topics and to encourage students    View High School.                     alive.”                                                                       will be taught over the next few
 to provide solutions to end the       The art featured the themes of        The lesson of tolerance and          Math teacher Steve Cochran             months.
 prejudice that segregates so        the event followed by a showing       acceptance encouraged by the        will be taking a leave of absence            “The subs are trying, but
 many.                               of “Not in Our Town: Northern         event was well received by the      until the end of the semester due         it’s hard for them to adapt to
   According       to      history   California,” a documentary about      a�endees and opened the eyes        to a leg injury that occurred on          our long-term needs,” junior
 teacher DeeDee Pearce, who          communities which were faced          of many students.                   Sunday, October 7. As of press            Natalya Copeland said. “We
 organized the event’s arrival       with hate crimes and a�empted           “It’s really stimulated me to     time, no permanent substitute             have not learned trig in a
 at this school, the “Not in Our     to come together to respond to        think more about equality and       had taken over his classes, three         month.”
 School” campaign is a national      the violence.                         the problems present in our         sections of Alternative Pathways             Cochran dislocated his ankle
 movement that encourages              A discussion, led by Milton         community,” sophomore Ellie         Geometry and two sections of              and broke the tibia and the fibula,
 communities to respond to hate      Reynolds from the Facing History      Fung.                               trigonometry.                             one of them horizontally and the
 crimes.                             and Ourselves Organization, took        “Not in Our School” worked           In the meantime, other math            other vertically.
   This program has been             place a�er the film and provided      toward a more tolerant and          teachers are available to help               According to Cochran, he was
 presented at Palo Alto High         students with the opportunity to      diverse environment for all         students adjust to the change.            immediately taken to a hospital
 School for the past two             voice their views on the prejudice    students and many feel like            “There should be no change in          due to the severity of his injury,
 years. This year, though, the       and inequality o�en observed at       just talking about these issues     the curriculum, just a long-term          which required reconstructive
 campaign will take place in         their schools.                        helped.                             substitute for me,” Cochran said.         surgery of his ankle and lower
 the Los Altos, Mountain View          According to Pearce, the              “Just the opportunity to have     “We have other people in the              leg involving plates and screws
 and Saint Francis High School       discussion tried to raise awareness   a conversation about this topic     Math Department helping out               to hold his leg together. His leg
 communities.                        among many students who aren’t        will allow students to talk and     with curriculum, such as Bob              cannot sustain weight until the
   The     event    included     a   aware that discrimination and         be heard,” Principal Wynne          Randall, Julie Hsieh and Justin           pins are removed in December.
 complimentary burrito bar           hate are still present in their       Sa�erwhite said. “A lot of          Sligh.”                                      His full recovery is expected
 and an art show. The burritos       communities, including this           students don’t recognize these         However, some students are             by September of 2008, but he will
 were prepared by the Los Altos      community.                            problems, but they’re there.”       having a hard time adjusting to           resume teaching at the beginning
                                                                                                               the irregular, indefinite agenda.         of second semester.
NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                                      NEWS                                                                                               3
                                                                                                                                                                  CONTINUED FROM
                                                                                                                                                                    FRONT PAGE
                                                                                                                                                               Most of the speakers were Latino
                                                                                                                                                            and spoke of their backgrounds,
                                                                                                                                                            their own experiences and the
                                                                                                                                                            importance of education.
                                                                                                                                                               Students were then divided
                                                                                                                                                            into small groups for discussions
                                                                                                                                                            in the cafeteria, staff lounge,
                                                                                                                                                            Tutorial Center and library.
                                                                                                                                                            There were a total of 14 groups,
                                                                                                                                                            each with 6 to 8 students and
                                                                                                                                                            2 to 3 facilitators. The groups
                                                                                                                                                            conducted discussions in either
                                                                                                                                                            English or Spanish.
                                                                                                                                                               The facilitators, mostly staff
                                                                                                                                                            volunteers from the participating
                                                                                                                                                            schools, lead the discussions
                                                                                                                                                            using a list of questions wri�en
                                                                                                                                                            by organizers of the forum.
                                                                                                                                                            For example, one question was
                                                                                                                                                            “What can we do to improve your
                                                                                                                                                               Students chimed into the talks
                                                                                                                                                            with suggestions and explanations
                                                                                                                                    COURTNEY MOULDS         of their experiences at home and at
Senior Charlie Morrin (left), freshmen Rachel Grate and Mark Levin use enlargers to process traditional, non-                                               school. Their responses were then
                                                                                                                                                            typed onto laptops.
digital photographs in the darkroom. The darkroom will most likely be converted into a lighting studio next year.                                              “The most important part was
                                                                                                                                                            listening to students, and we’re

Photo classes click with digital photography                                                                                                                going to go back ... and process
                                                                                                                                                            that information and see how
                                                                                                                                                            we can make our schools more
   Courtney Moulds                     students in Photography I and II     buy computers, but in the long           potential change.                      successful for Latino students,”
   Staff Writer                        would still use cameras with film,   run, it should be less expensive           “The whole fun part of photo         Groves said a�er the discussions.
                                       but scanners would be used to        and a lot healthier,” Hern said. “A      is going to the darkroom and              A�er 45 minutes of discussion,
   The photography classes are         upload negatives onto computers,     lot of chemicals that you use in a       actually developing the photos         participants moved back into the
planning to use digital technology     and the use of the darkroom          darkroom aren’t very good to be          and learning the process,” junior      Eagle Theatre to listen to a panel
next year rather than continue use     would be eliminated.                 breathing all day long.”                 Tavia Norheim said. “This year         of five current and former MVLA
of the darkroom. Although this plan      Several     computers     would       Keeping up with technology and        we’re doing not only darkroom          students. The panelists, including
is not definite, the Art Department    have to be purchased, and the        giving students useful skills are also   but we’re also doing a section of      bookkeeper        Nadia     Ruelas,
is currently working with the          darkroom would most likely be        significant reasons for this change.     digital, so we get both.”              ’96, and Latin Student Union
administration on funding issues.      converted into a lighting studio,       “Most things are going digital,”        Others are more optimistic.          President senior Rosita Mancilla,
   The school already offers a         which would allow students to        Hern said. “For most students,             “I think it’s good because it        answered questions about their
digital photography class in which     take pictures indoors.               when they work in a traditional          will save paper and save trees,”       experiences as Latinos.
students use digital cameras and         According to Photography           darkroom, they do it while they’re       said freshman Ben Malenka, a              At 12:15 p.m., students were
computers to process their works of    I and II teacher Lindsay Hern,       at school, but then as soon as they’re   Photography I student. “It would       released to a�end a�ernoon
art. Meanwhile, Photography I and      there are several reasons to         out of school, most people don’t         be easier to adjust [photos]. If you   classes a�er a provided lunch.
II students use manual cameras         change the photography classes       have access to a darkroom so they        screw up with chemicals, then             Following the forum, staff
with film and hand-develop their       to a digitally-based curriculum.     don’t really use the skills anymore.”    your final print will come out         met to review the feedback and
photos with chemicals.                   “Initially, it will be more           Current photography students          really bad, whereas with digital       discuss its incorporation into
   If the digital plan goes through,   [expensive] because we have to       have mixed feelings about the            you can undo.”                         instructional practices.

CAHSEE classes help students pass test
   Paul Winterbotham
   Senior Writer
  Two classes are currently
offered to help students who
have previously failed the
California High School Exit
Exam (CAHSEE) to meet this
graduation requirement.
  The CAHSEE consists of a
language arts section and a math
section. According to CAHSEE data
online, 68 sophomores (now juniors)
had not passed language arts and 40
had not passed math as of May.
Numbers of seniors who haven’t
passed is currently unavailable.
  Theresa Nesmith teaches the
math class, and Héctor Pérez                                                                     SAMANTHA TSE
teaches the language arts class. The   Instructional Assistant Lorraine Wagner and junior Wendy
classes, both taught during seventh    Feneron (right) solve math problems to prepare for the CAHSEE.
period, are not required for those
who have not passed the test, but        “I don’t want them to be           it is not English as a second
instead are considered electives.      embarrassed,” Nesmith said. “I       language; it’s standardized tests
  “It’s basically a one-on-one         just want them to come.”             as a second language.”
tutoring session,” Nesmith said.         Pérez’s class consists of 17         This year, make-ups for the
“We do practice tests also to get      seniors and 2 juniors. Almost all    test were administered to seniors
them ready.”                           the students are or have been in     on October 2-3 and to juniors on
  Nesmith teaches a class of           English Language Development         November 6-7. There will be more
six seniors and four juniors.          (ELD). The class has created a       opportunities for both to pass the
The class focuses on Algebra I         bilingual glossary to help break     test in March and June.
and geometry, the math topics          the language barrier, which can        If the students are able to pass
covered on the test.                   be used during the actual test.      the test first semester, they will be
  Nesmith makes sure to create           “The aim is to have these          released from the class at the end
an environment in which the            students enter the testing           of the semester. Those who pass
students feel comfortable and are      environment ready for the test,”     the test second semester must
willing to learn.                      Pérez said. “[For these students],   stay until the end of the year.
4                                                                                          NEWS                                            NOVEMBER 21, 2007

   Foro para                                                                                                                                                 News Briefs:
    mejorar                                                                                                                                                  AVID recognized
 logros latinos                                                                                                                                              as great example
   Mayra Ochoa                                                                                                                                                  The school has been chosen
   Translator                                                                                                                                                by district coordinators as a
                                                                                                                                                             California Advancement Via
   Lideres escolares, profesores                                                                                                                             Individual        Determination
y más de 100 latinos de la                                                                                                                                   (AVID) Demonstration School,
secundaria y preparatoria de                                                                                                                                 an award given to schools that
siete escuelas locales se reunieron                                                                                                                          set an exceptional example for
en la escuela el miércoles, 14                                                                                                                               AVID programs nationwide.
de noviembre para un foro de                                                                                                                                    “The AVID Program at Los
logros de estudiantes latinos. Los                                                                                                                           Altos High School continues to
participantes esperaban poder                                                                                                                                demonstrate a commitment to
aumentar el éxito académico de                                                                                                                               self-evaluation and continuous
los estudiantes latinos y ayudar a                                                                                                                           program improvement,” AVID
cerrar la disparidad de logro                                                                                                                                Regional Director Andrea
   “Salió de un deseo de mejorar                                                                                                                             Lichter said. “All of the
los logros académicos y para ver                                                                                                                             essentials were implemented
si podemos hacer un mejor trabajo                                                                                                                            at the highest level.”
con nuestros estudiantes,”dijo                                                                                                                                   AVID is comprised of students
el superintendente del distrito                                                                                                                              who wish to go to college but
MVLA Barry             Groves.     “El                                                                                                                       may face academic hardship.
propósito de verdad era escuchar                                                                                                                                According        to     AVID
a los estudiantes para averiguar                                                                                                     COURTNEY MOULDS         Coordinator Roma Hammel,
qué es lo que los está llevando          Students spent the entire day protesting the close of the Eagle’s Nest Café on Friday, October 26.                  the AVID program is successful
al éxito y cuáles obstáculos están       Several board members and school administrators are talking to legislators to try to reopen the café.               at achieving its goal.
impidiendo que sean exitosos.”                                                                                                                                  “Before AVID existed, we

                                         PROTEST: Students advocate for
   Los estudiantes del séptimo al                                                                                                                            only had one Latino student
doceavo grado que participaron                                                                                                                               that made it to a four-year
fueron escogidos por los consejeros                                                                                                                          college,” Hammel said. “Now,
de las siete escuelas. Los estudiantes                                                                                                                       the success rate is much higher.
eran de está escuela, Mountain View
High School, AltaVista High School,
Cri�enden Middle School, Graham
                                         return of culinary’s Eagle’s Nest Café                                                                              AVID truly is the best program
                                                                                                                                                             I’ve been a part of in my entire
                                                                                                                                                             teaching career.”
                                                                                CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE
Middle School, Egan Middle School
y Blach Middle School.                   Food and beverage laws                  auditor’s a�ention, both Groves      meats and seafood.                     Man arrested on
   La mañana empezó en el                  The      state    law    prevents     and Associate Superintendent           “[Stopping sales to students]
Eagle Theatre con una serie de           unhealthy food from being sold          of Business Services Joe White       will cut into the value and level of
                                                                                                                                                             campus for alcohol
seis oradores incluyendo a la            to the students. The federal law        were asked to sign statements        the food,” Ewing said.                    A young man was arrested
presidenta de Foothill College           explicitly     prevents    “student     affirming that they would not          Though the students cannot           around 2:45 p.m. November
Judy Minor y el jefe de la policía       organizations” from selling food        violate the law.                     sell to other students, they still     6 in the east driveway on
de Mountain View Sco� Vermeer.           “prepared on campus” or the                                                  produce food, most of which is         campus a�er teachers spo�ed
   La mayoría de los oradores            same food sold by the school’s          Effects on culinary program          thrown in the trash can.               him and realized he was not a
eran latinos y hablaron sobre sus        “food service program.”                   According to Culinary Arts           According to Ewing, the              student, according to Student
orígenes, sus propias experiencias         “The [state] law doesn’t              teacher Be�y Ewing, the law is       culinary      program      receives    Conduct Liaison Ron Nelson.
y la importancia de la educación.        differentiate between a student         doing a “disservice” to her 90       $7,000 each year from the school       Nelson and Student Conduct
   Después los estudiantes fueron        group selling candy bars or             students by only allowing them       district funds, and no group has       Liason     Genaro      Quintana
divididos para hablar en grupos          doughnuts and the students from         to sell to staff. The program will   yet to subsidize money needed          stopped the man, who was
pequeños en la cafetería, la sala        the culinary arts program who           lose between $10,000 and $15,000     by Culinary Arts. According to         in his car, and held him until
del personal, el centro de tutoría       want to sell fresh, healthy food        this year because its cart can no    Groves, any future subsidies           police arrived.
y la biblioteca. En total había          made from quality ingredients,”         longer sell to students.             would have to come at the                 According to police agent
14 grupos, cada uno con seis a           Rosenberg said.                           All the money students make        discretion of Principal Wynne          Mark Laranjo, the man was
ocho estudiantes y dos o tres              According to Superintendent           goes back into the program, a        Sa�erwhite.                            arrested for possession of
facilitadores. Los grupos llevaron       Barry Groves, culinary’s Eagle’s        majority into buying ingredients       Ewing and students in the            alcohol. Nelson alleged the
las discusiones en inglés o español.     Nest Café had to stop selling to        for each day’s preparation.          culinary arts classes plan to          alcohol charge was “among
   Los facilitadores, en su mayoría      students this year because an             Because Culinary Arts only         approach district officials at a       other things, but I don’t know if
voluntarios del personal de las          auditor found the sales in violation    makes a $100 weekly profit by        future school board meeting to         I can divulge that.”
escuelas participantes, dirigieron       of the state laws in May 2007.          selling to teachers, students have   discuss possible solutions to the
las discusiones usando una                 Once it was brought to the            not been able to prepare many        issue.
lista de preguntas escritas por                                                                                                                              Physics classes test
los organizadores del foro. Las                                                                                                                              student responders
preguntas       incluyeron algunas
como “¿Qué podemos hacer para
                                         District debates commemorating track                                                                                  Science      teacher       Adam
mejores su aprendizaje?”                    Shefali Luthra                                                                                                   Randall’s     physics       classes
   Los estudiantes participaron             Staff Writer                                                                                                     tested out a demonstration
en las pláticas con sugerencias y                                                                                                                            set    of    wireless      student
explicaciones de sus experiencias           The Mountain View-Los Altos                                                                                      responders last month, which
en la casa y en la escuela. Después      Union School District Board of                                                                                      feature a graphical screen
sus respuestas fueron escritas en        Trustees is currently considering                                                                                   and small keyboard. A�er
una computadora portátil.                naming the school’s track a�er                                                                                      synchronization       with      the
   “La parte más importante              former track and field coach Leo                                                                                    teacher’s computer, its so�ware
fue escuchar a los estudiantes,          Long.                                                                                                               can be used to launch a variety
y vamos a regresar...y procesar             The name Leo Long would                                                                                          of interactive activities, such as
la información y para ver cómo           not extend to the school football                                                                                   taking polls.
podemos hacer nuestras escuelas          field, which is named a�er                                                                                            The student responders,
más exitosas para nuestros               former football coach Tom Burt.                                                                                     supplied         by         Troxell
estudiantes latinos,” dijo Groves         A sign to label the track would be                                                                                  Communications, were acquired
después de las discusiones.              sponsored by a group of school                                                                                      by the school’s technological
   Después de 45 minutos de              alumni.                                                                                                             implementation team. The
discusión,       los     participantes      “I didn’t know [Long], but it                                                                                    team, comprised of teachers,
regresaron al Eagle Theatre para         sounds like he did a lot,” Athletic                                                                                 was created during the WASC
escuchar a un panel de cinco             Director Kim Cave said. “It would                                                                                   accreditation process.
actuales y anteriores estudiantes del    be great to name the track a�er                                                                                       “The team looks at ways
distrito MVLA. Entre los panelistas      him.”                                                                                           STEPHANIE BAER
                                                                                                                                                             to improve the classroom
estaban la contadora de la escuela          The request to name the track        The school track has been requested to be named after former                environment               through
Nadia Ruelas, ’96, y la presidenta       was submi�ed by two former              track and field coach Leo Long by former student athletes.                  technology, such as the student
de la unión de estudiantes latinos       school athletes, Bill Frost and                                                                                     responders, plasma TV screens
Rosita Mancilla. Los panelistas          Robert Stoecker, Class of ’62,          said in a testimonial.               11 state champions in their            and computers,” said Randall,
respondieron preguntas sobre sus         both of whom belong to the                Long’s record as coach is          respective events and 8 national       a member of the team.
experiencias como latinos.               alumni group. Long coached              impressive, including 18 Santa       record holders during his time at        Since the current set of 24
   A las 12:45 p.m. se les dio           both of the athletes, along with        Clara Valley Athletic League         the school.                            student responders costs $3,000,
el almuerzo a los estudiantes,           many others who have sent in            Championship wins between              Burt also voiced approval            the team is currently looking for
cuando acabaron con el almuerzo          testimonials in support of the          1958 and 1979, 128 Dual Meet         that the track be named for            cheaper and alternative ways to
regresaron a sus clases.                 proposition.                            wins between 1956 and 1981,          Long, writing that he would            meet their goals.
   Después del foro, el personal            “He was a hero to many of us,        2 CCS championships in 1962          “heartily endorse this request
                                                                                                                                                             COMPILED BY DIETER JOUBERT,
se reunió para repasar los               but he was also an individual           and 1970 and a victory at the        and welcome Leo’s name being
                                                                                                                                                                  JULIA DUPERRAULT
comentarios y averiguar cómo             who influenced how young men            California State Championships       added to the present Tom Burt              AND NATALIE LARSEN
integrarlos a la práctica.               should live,” Neal Andersen, ’70,       in 1970. Long also coached           Field.”
NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                                   Editorial                                                                                    5

Thumbs Student activism a welcome
                                                                                                                                                  The Talon
                                                                                                                                                    201 Almond Avenue

       relief from student complaints
         Thumbs up to the
       school for its efforts
       to promote sanitation
                                                                                                                                                   Los Altos, California
                                                                                                                                                    November 21, 2007
       by providing hand
                                       Editorial                                                                                                   Volume XXIII, Issue 2
sanitizer in all classrooms and        Opinion of The Talon
full soap dispensers in student                                                                                                                   Taylor Freret
bathrooms. In light of the            The shouts and enthusiasm                                                                                 Managing Editors
outbreak of Staph infections        that filled the quad during                                                                                   Jeff Liu
in school locker rooms, the         brunch Friday, October 26,                                                                                    Jamil Poonja
                                                                                                                                                News Editor
administration has spread           were not the generally trivial                                                                                Ting Ting Liu
awareness and prevention by         exclamations that accompany                                                                                 Opinions Editor
addressing this concern on          bruchtime activities. These                                                                                   Calvin Hu
the morning announcements           exclamations were of a                                                                                      Features Editor
and offering more reliable,                                                                                                                       Katherine Robertson
                                    different nature—they were                                                                                  Issues Editor
convenient and accessible
hand-cleansing options.
                                    unified shouts for a cause;                                                                                   Rahul Kishore
                                                                                                                                                Entertainment Editor
  The school should maintain        they were, quite literally,                                                                                   Ma� Rigodanzo
these improvements year-            students clamoring to have                                                                                  Sports Editor
round in order to encourage         their voices heard.                                                                                           Julia Cashen
                                                                                                                                                Information Editor
and emphasize the importance          The cause that warranted an                                                                                 Julia Duperrault
of good hand-washing habits.        all-day protest was the close of                                                                            Content Editors
                                    the Eagle’s Nest Café and the                                                                                 Stephanie Baer
          Thumbs down to the                                                                                                                      Sydney Negus
        miscommunication that       student store. While the cause                                                                              Copy Editors
        delayed the warning of      was certainly important, it was                                                                               Lauren Ilano
        a violent sexual predator   the actions of those involved                                                                                 Kristen Lee
                                                                                                                                                Business Managers
in the greater Los Altos area.      that should be lauded and                                                                                     Dieter Joubert
                                                                                                                             NICOLE DULLER
  When a 17-year-old girl           imitated. Instead of simply                                                                                   Hallie Keenan
was sexually assaulted on           complaining about the flaws        change, it is impossible for the   piecemeal, ultimately that            Adviser
Arastradero Road October 30,                                                                                                                      Michael Moul
                                    or changes that have occurred,     student body to meet its wants     they are making an effort at all
many local schools (including       students need to realize they      and needs. If no voices speak      is what ma�ers.                       Senior Writers
Palo Alto and Gunn High
                                    have the responsibility to         up to protest, change will           Robert F. Kennedy once                Nadya Agrawal, Claire Bedard,
Schools and Egan and Blach                                                                                                                      Natalie Larsen, Jade Shi, Paul
Junior High Schools) notified       take power into their own          never follow. The students         said “Each time a man …               Winterbotham
students the following morning      hands and fight for what they      who made their voices heard        acts to improve the lot of            Staff Writers
and suggested that trick-or-        believe in. Student activism       on October 26, if nothing          others, or strikes out against          Ancy Dow, Ava Foudeh, Kate
                                                                                                                                                Keenan, Sahil Luthra, Shefali
treaters take precautions. This     precipitates change.               else, spread awareness of          injustice, he sends forth a           Luthra, Courtney Moulds, Felix
school was not one of those           Perhaps      the     greatest    their cause. Any changes that      tiny ripple of hope, and …            Ong II, Doug Sangster, Nicole
that warned students before         examples of student activism       follow will likely be a�ributed    those ripples build a current         Schreiber, Sandra Song, Sco�
Halloween.                                                                                                                                      Stephens, Brian Walz, Kelly
                                    are the sit-ins and protests       to their efforts.                  that can sweep down the               Wang, Meaghan Whitehorn, Alex
  According        to   Assistant   that occurred during the             When we come together to         mightiest walls of oppression         Williamson
Principal Morenike O’Neal, the
                                    60s and 70s in response to         speak up about what should         and resistance."                      Photographers
school was not notified by its                                                                                                                    Stephanie Baer, Charlie Falconer,
normal police department liaison    the draft for the Vietnam          be changed, nothing can stop         Students should be reminded         Andrea Lo, Courtney Moulds,
and did not formally learn of the   War.      Ultimately,     these    us. Many clubs on campus are       of Kennedy’s words every              Kelsey Mulcahy, Samantha Tse,
a�ack until two days a�er it had    protests were effective in         a�empting to change what           time they open their mouths           Alex Williamson
                                                                                                                                                Graphic Artists
occurred. By the time a morning     ending the draft. Although         they dislike through their own     to complain, be it about                Nicole Duller, Tina Tseng, Tina
announcement warned of the          many turned violent, it is         efforts of student activism.       the parking restrictions or           Zhang
assault, Halloween night had        the spirit and enthusiasm          Girls for a Change hopes to        cafeteria food. It is not enough      Spanish Translator
come and gone.                                                                                                                                    Mayra Ochoa
                                    that students today should         foster gender equality; the        to want change; students must         Webmasters
         Thumbs       up      to    channel lest the power of          Environmental Club hopes           be willing to effect it.                Claire Bedard
       senior Lisa Kellman’s        youth be forgotten.                to remedy the harm being             It doesn’t have to start with         Rahul Kishore
       thoroughly entertaining        When we students are             done to the environment.           much. In fact, just a few kids           Los   Altos     High    School’s
       video announcements.         complacent about unfavorable       While their efforts are done       carrying signs does the trick.        journalism     class    is   solely
They were cheeky, informative                                                                                                                   responsible for The Talon. It is
and to the point.                                                                                                                               published eight times a year.
                                                                                                                                                Please send subscription and

                                                   Letters to the Editor
  Armed with nothing more
                                                                                                                                                advertisement inquiries to Dieter
than a costume, Lisa owned                                                                                                                      Joubert and Hallie Keenan at
each     20-second     segment,                                                                                                       
providing a simultaneously silly,                                                                                                                  The Editorial Board both sets
serious and informing voice                                                                                                                     the policies of The Talon and
                                                                       poetry into the newspaper to       forward to more articles in
while delivering information
about the Senior Breakfast. Lisa
                                    Eagle’s Nest Cafe                  be published.                      the future that could inform
                                                                                                                                                cra�s its editorials and thumbs.
                                                                                                                                                Its members are Julia Duperrault,
                                                                                                                                                Taylor Freret, Calvin Hu, Jeff Liu
made video announcements            should be opened                     I would really love it, and      me about cool things like             and Ting Ting Liu.
fun without ever losing sight of                                       so would some other people         that.
why we have announcements:          Dear Editor,                       I know.                              I like that The Talon addresses
to inform. Well done, Lisa. Well      I am furious that the                                               a large group of people that
done, indeed.                       Eagle’s Nest Cafe was
                                    closed. The food was tasty
                                                                                        Ebony Hentz
                                                                                                          enjoy a similar thing [for
                                                                                                          example longboarding], talks
         Thumbs down to the
       poor distribution of
                                    and cheap. What more could                                            about it and shows students               Supporters
                                    I want?                            Dear Ebony,                        where the best places are to          Honorary Pulitzers
       the fields.
                                      Now, I have to eat off           Although The Talon does            do it.                                   Ed Baer, Cashen family, Claudia
         The football field is                                                                                                                  Bohm, Chuyen Do and Quyen Nguyen,
constantly in high demand           campus.     The  state    of       not currently accept work            I also like the helpfulness         Angelique and Lars Elmengard, Saeed
by various groups and sports        California made a mistake          from students, the Literary        of the Entertainment section,         Foudeh, Lynn Freret, Shu-Hua Chang
                                    when it turned the cafeteria                                                                                and Ching Hu, Hau and Lyn Lee,
on campus, especially with                                             Magazine Club publishes            which looks at popular bands          Petrita and David Lipkin, Ted and
winter sports just beginning.       into a monopoly.                   a magazine twice a year            and then has its writers grade        Rebecca Liu, Patrick and Jill Lo, Geri
But even when school sports                                            and would love your work.          those bands.                          Macomber, Ken Kilen and Francine
                                                                                                                                                Miltenberger, Ali NeSmith, Shirley
are done, the gates to access                     Name Withheld        You can email President                                                  Ramsdell, Rigodanzo Family, Stephen
the field are o�en locked,                                             Katherine    Robertson   at                         Joey Giacomini       and Marion Robertson, Susan Park
forcing students to look
elsewhere to expend their           Poets deserve space                                         Freshman
                                                                                                                                                and Jim Stephens, Seth and Debra
                                                                                                                                                Strichartz, Cathy and Gary Walz,
                                                                                                                                                Winterbotham family
youthful energy.
  However,       the    school
                                    in school paper                                             Editor                                          Silver Supporters
                                                                                                            The Talon welcomes le�ers
also lends the back field to        Dear Editor,                                                                                                  Jeff Baskins, Bergevin family, Vicki
                                                                                                          to the editor. Email le�ers to
private organizations like
club sports teams, making
                                      There are a lot of people        Boarding article,                  le� or drop them
                                                                                                                                                and Tony DeAlcuaz, Bill and Jacquie
                                                                                                                                                Faulkner, Patricia and Robert Falconer,
                                                                                                                                                Emily Galli, Sue Greathouse, Ron
                                    who express themselves in                                             off in room 409 or the Talon box in
it difficult for students to
                                    different ways.
                                                                       music reviews in                   the a�endance office. If you have
                                                                                                                                                and Jeanne�e Hanne, Lydia & Pierre
                                                                                                                                                Joubert, Lori Keenan, Lynn Keenan,
find a field to play a simple
                                                                                                          any questions, send an email or
game of football, soccer or           I can say that people write      The Talon helpful                  call (650) 960-8877. In the case of
                                                                                                                                                Beth Lytle, Melissa MacEwen, Suzanne
                                                                                                                                                Maguire-Negus, Molly Malone, Maddy
Ultimate Frisbee.                   poetry in this school, and                                                                                  and John McBirney, Susan Miller,
                                                                                                          spelling or grammatical errors,
  The school ought to               some would like to share           Dear Editor,                                                             Moulds family, Tami Mulcahy, Susan
                                                                                                          obscenities, libelous information     Ong, Kevin Pirkle, Randy Pirkle,
remember that the students          it and express how they              I liked the article that         or personal a�acks, a le�er may       Barbara Reid, Nina Rigodanzo, Lynn
at the school want to utilize       feel. So I think The Talon         informed people about the                                                Saunders-Schreiber, Michael Stanley,
                                                                                                          be edited or not run. Le�ers must
all its facilities, and this        should have a section where        location of the best hills on                                            K. H. The, Charles and Eileen Warner,
                                                                                                          be signed, but a name may be          Wemyss family, Dewey Wilmot
applies to the fields too.          students can submit their          which to go boarding. I look       withheld upon request.
                    Opinions                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 21, 2007

Gossip does not fill a brain like current events
   Stephanie Baer

                                                                                                                                                               How do you
   Senior Writer

   Many teens stop at a nearby
coffee shop before going to                                                                                                                                   keep up with
school. Students rush in and out
of the crowded store without                                                                                                                                 current events?
even a glance at the newsstand.
Then they drive to school
listening to their iPods instead
of checking the morning news
   At school, students choose to
gossip about the latest breakups
rather than discussing world
news. While online a�er school,
they engage in “deep” online
chats and write on friends’
“walls,” ignoring the news blogs
all over the web.
   When did society’s teens                                                                                                                                           COMPILED BY JADE SHI
become so self-absorbed? What
happened to caring about the rest                                                                                                                             42%.............Internet
of the world?
   The school’s Expected School                                                                                                                               32% .....................TV
Wide Learning Results (ESLR’s)
wants students to be responsible                                                                                                                              14%..............Friends
and knowledgeable individuals.
   Students’ lack of knowledge of                                                                                                                             7%........Newspaper
current events poorly reflects the
application of the ESLRs. They                                                                                                                                5%..................I don’t
should take it upon themselves
to become knowledgeable about                                                                                                           NICOLE DULLER
what is going on in the world
so they can grow into critical        therefore, adults have more to          on in the world. Also, keeping         event that is relevant and related       Current events can be used
thinkers.                             talk about with them. Adults also       up with current events is time-        to something that we’re studying      to understand history and to
   “I like to read about current      tend to have more respect for           consuming, and the information         in the course, we will take the       understand why the world is
events because it helps in class,”    mature teenagers.                       is at times hard to digest.            opportunity to do so,” Global         the way it is now. It’s important
junior Daniel Moerner said.             “That knowledge [gained from             But the school offers a class for   Connections teacher Gabriel           that students learn about current
   Daniel reads news on the           current events] is something            those who want to learn about          Stewart said. “The key is [to use]    events so that they can make
Internet or in the newspaper daily.   you can use right now, even as a        current events, even if they might     the current event as an aid to        these connections which in many
   Current events cover a wide        student, when you’re interacting        find the information hard to           understand the history, not to use    cases are relevant to their own
range of subjects and can be          with adults,” Daniel said. “It will     digest.                                the current event as the history.”    lives.
connected to many areas of            make you seem intelligent, which           Global Connections, a class           By learning about current              While surfing the net, eating
learning at school. Keeping up        is important when you’re trying         which grants 10 units of English       events, students can be�er            breakfast or watching television,
with the news can build reading,      to get your point across and            and 5 units of civics across two       understand their own lives and        students should take a few
writing and listening skills.         you’re still young.”                    semesters, covers current events       histories, the past and the future.   minutes to read or listen about
   Additionally, if students were       Some students don’t keep up           whenever possible. They are used         “People make decisions upon         what’s going on around them.
be�er informed, adults would take     with current events for various         as an “aid” to learn the history,      things that are made in the past,     If students have enough time to
teens more seriously. Students        reasons. There may be a lack of         but they do not dominate the           and people justify things by          write on Facebook walls, then
who keep up with world news are       interest in news for those students     curriculum.                            what’s been done in the past,”        they should have time to learn
more knowledgeable and mature;        who don’t know what’s going                “If we can integrate a current      Stewart said.                         more about the world.

Excessive use of plastic water bottles overwhelming landfills
   Brian Walz                         world. A lack of recycling and          landfills each year, and nearly 30     on the environment.                   impact is drastic,”Flora said. “The
   Staff Writer                       a huge increase in plastic bo�le        billion water bo�les were sold in        “Students should remember the       water bo�les don’t disappear.”
                                      production have been detrimental        2005, double the number from           3 Rs [Reduce, Reuse and Recycle]        Although plentiful in the
  With a plethora of sources          to the environment.                     2002. Only approximately one in        to help the environment,” Green       quad, recycling bins are scarce
for water, students mistakenly          According      to    an     article   seven of these water bo�les was        Team Vice President sophomore         by the fields and nonexistent
resort to buying an individual        published in the San Jose Mercury       recycled.                              Flora Champenois said.                near the tennis courts. Therefore,
plastic water bo�le daily and not     News (“Finding the right water            There are many ways that one           Simply reducing the amount of       many      plastic    bo�les      are
recycling it, which has negative      bo�le for your lifestyle”), 1 billion   can reduce the pollution and           plastic water bo�les purchased is     thrown into trash bins instead
effects on both the school and the    water bo�les are discarded in           negative effects water bo�les have     the first thing one should do to      of being recycled. The school
                                                                                                                     help the environment.                 should address this problem to
                                                                                                                       The next best option is to          ensure that students have the
                                                                                                                     refill and reuse water bo�les,        opportunity to recycle wherever
                                                                                                                     provided that there is a clean        they are on campus.
                                                                                                                     source of water. Tap water is very      According to conduct liaison
                                                                                                                     drinkable, and one should not shy     Genaro Quintana, who observes
                                                                                                                     away from refilling water directly    the daily recycling habits of
                                                                                                                     from the sink.                        students,    most     people      do
                                                                                                                       A popular alternative is a          whatever is convenient.
                                                                                                                     Nalgene bo�le or other reusable         If they are near a recycling
                                                                                                                     bo�les made of materials such         bin students usually recycle, but
                                                                                                                     as stainless steel, aluminum,         should the nearest recycling bin
                                                                                                                     polycarbonate     and        corn-    be a distance away, bo�les are
                                                                                                                     polymers. These bo�les can be         disposed in the trash or even on
                                                                                                                     reused and brought to school          the ground.
                                                                                                                     daily to save money and benefit         “We have to change people’s
                                                                                                                     the environment.                      a�itudes, and that’s very hard,”
                                                                                                                       Buying water bo�les on              Quintana said. “Some people are
                                                                                                                     occasion is not problematic and       adamant about [recycling plastic
                                                                                                                     is o�en necessary. However, if        bo�les], some people don’t care
                                                                                                                     one must buy a bo�le, that bo�le      and they throw it where they
                                                                                                                     should be recycled properly.          want to throw it.”
                                                                                                                     Throwing away bo�les adds to            One should try to avoid
                                                                                                                     landfills; according to statistics    purchasing plastic water bo�les
                                                                                                                     from Earth 911, plastic takes         whenever possible, but if purchasing
                                                                                                                     over 700 years before it begins to    a bo�le is necessary then it should
                                                                                              CHARLIE FALCONER       decompose.                            undoubtedly be recycled properly.
Senior Lani Yort downs a bottle of water. While staying hydrated and drinking water is                                 “So as consumption increases        One does not need to be reckless to
important, it is equally important not to be wasteful and to always reduce, reuse and recycle.                       and landfill space decreases, the     enjoy water.
NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                                 OPINIONS                                                                                                  7

                                                                                                                                                                           CHARLIE FALCONER
The Tutorial Center is an underutilized resource that helps students by providing tutors. It is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily and located next to the library.

Tutorial center worth its weight in tutors
   Ancy Dow                           increased academic success and                                                and receive very personalized          Abraham, an adult tutor at the
   Staff Writer                       should not be wasted.                        Tutors Wanted                    explanations of a number of            Tutorial Center.
                                        “A lot of my students go to            The Tutorial Center is               confusing concepts.                       All in all, a visit to the Tutorial
  First semester report card:         the Tutorial Center and get extra      looking for peer tutors in all           “When I have questions from          Center potentially benefits all
English - B. Math - C. Science - D.   help,” physics teacher Karen           subjects for all days of the           class, I can just ask a tutor here,    students. It offers a relaxing
Spanish - F.                          Davis said. “I would recommend         week. Pick up an application           and it’s really useful,” sophomore     environment to those who want
  That probably isn’t the best        going there.”                          in the Tutorial Center today!          Hanako Hino said.                      to finish up their homework and
way to be learning the alphabet.        Many of the tutors who work                                                   Sophomore Kelsey Emrick              provides valuable help to those
Fortunately, chemical formulas        at the Tutorial Center are truly         Contact: Quyen Nguyen                agrees that the Tutorial Center        who need it, completely free of
and sinusoidal functions no longer    commi�ed to helping students             Phone: (650) 960-8474                provides an atmosphere that            cost.
need to be mortal enemies.            improve.                                 Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.           encourages a lot of academic              “I would certainly encourage
  The school’s Tutorial Center          According to Tutorial Center                                                productivity.                          all students to come here for help
offers a helping hand to all          Coordinator Quyen Nguyen,             and they don’t get paid, so they’re        “I like to come here and study      or if they have any questions on
students in need and is a resource    one tutor took home an entire         really working for a noble cause.”      by myself,” Kelsey said. “It’s a       a subject,” Abraham said. “It’s
that students should use.             math textbook and painstakingly         A number of students who              really nice place to go to during      important to me. I like to feel like
  Some students may have a            completed every problem in order      regularly go to the Tutorial            school, and I can get homework         I can help the students that come
mistaken view of the Tutorial         to be prepared to tutor students in   Center agree that it is beneficial to   done at the Tutorial Center, so I      here.”
Center, thinking it is only a last    that subject effectively.             their studies.                          don’t have as much homework to            Students at the school should
resort for those peers who are          According to Nguyen, the adult        “[The Tutorial Center]’s very         do when I get home.”                   all utilize the Tutorial Center to
failing or academically inept.        tutors who work at the Tutorial       helpful,”      freshman       Sergio      For those students that don’t        their advantage, as tutors there
  However, these students are         Center not only have willingly        Melendez said. “I get to catch up on    want tutoring help, the Tutorial       can patiently and effectively help
le�ing a precious reserve of          sacrificed their time and effort      my homework, and people explain         Center is still an interesting place   all students achieve academic
knowledge go to waste. In fact, the   to help students succeed but are      stuff to me when I don’t get it.”       to hang out. It offers the benefit     comprehension and success.
Tutorial Center was specifically      also skilled and experienced at         Sometimes        students       are   of textbooks and the Internet and         Though it’s good to learn the “A,
created to help students. It offers   their jobs.                           intimidated by the classroom            is not the dead silent land of the     B, C”s, the “A, A, A”s make for a
a rare opportunity for students         “Some of our tutors were            environment       and     unwilling     nerds or failures as some might        sweeter song. Students can make
to overcome academic struggles        professors     at    Ivy    League    to ask questions in class. This         think.                                 that happen with a few trips to
and gain a more thorough              Universities or part of really        makes one-on-one tutoring very            “Actually, [the Tutorial Center]     the Tutorial Center, and should
understanding of tricky subjects.     successful businesses,” Nguyen        effective. Students can ask as          is quite a lively place. A lot of      make the most of this worthwhile
  This opportunity leads to           said. “They’re really experienced,    many questions as they want             students come here,” said Sabre        resource.

                                                                            Thanksgiving should be top holiday
                                                                            among family-starved teenagers
                                                                               Felix Ong II                         count on seeing their family.          give gi�s to loved ones, but
                                                                               Staff Writer                           “We have cousins that come           Thanksgiving is a holiday that
                                                                                                                    over,” Angela said. “It’s probably     does not require any gi� at all.
                                                                              With Thanksgiving approaching,        one of the only holidays where we      This forces families to focus on
                                                                            big roasted turkeys, large mounds       actually get together.”                each other and not gi�s.
                                                                            of mashed potatoes and delicious          Thanksgiving honors that time           Although the family bonding
                                                                            apple pie are competing with            of year where everyone feels           is still a part of Thanksgiving,
                                                                            family bonding time as the sole         together.                              the food aspect of it is no doubt
                                                                            purpose of the holiday.                   “[Thanksgiving] is like the          not out of the picture. Food
                                                                              Unlike other holidays that have       bringing together of the whole,”       for some people is what keeps
                                                                            lost their real meaning among           sophomore Bryan Cassella said.         Thanksgiving alive. They look
                                                                            teenagers (such as Labor Day),          “Most of my family is separated.”      forward to the food part of
                                                                            Thanksgiving is the one day               When things are not going well,      Thanksgiving and that is it.
                                                                            teenagers should count on to            the family is the one unit that           “You can always get to-go food
                                                                            always have the same values.            many teenagers know they can           at a restaurant instead of having to
                                                                              The     primary      values   of      go to for help. Thanksgiving helps     make the food yourself,” Angela
                                                                            Thanksgiving are spending time          reassure adolescents that family is    said. “It’s nice to enjoy eating
                                                                            with family and being thankful          still there for them.                  what your family cooks and picks
                                                                            for one another’s company. It is a        Generally it is more appealing       out for everyone to eat.”
                                                                            holiday that teens should always        to take vacations on other                The food on Thanksgiving
                                                                            look forward to every year              holidays; Thanksgiving is one          plays a huge role in the interest
                                                                            because of this.                        holiday where everyone should          of Thanksgiving for teens but it
                                                                              “It’s a day where we get              be obliged to come together and        doesn’t beat the feeling of being
                                                                            together with our families, like        to save the vacations for later.       with your family. A huge feast
                                                                            a family reunion,” senior Angela          “It’s a time of the year when        is nice and le�overs be�er, but if
                                                                            Tran said.                              family gather together instead of      teens do not share it with their
                                                                              Most families don’t get the           being busy with other things,”         family, it’s just another meal.
                                                                            opportunity to see their relatives      junior Priscilla Lai said.                Teenagers should continue
                                                                            during the year. They may see             One of the nicest things about       to think of Thanksgiving as a
                                                                            each other for birthdays, but           Thanksgiving is that no one            family-oriented tradition. Food
                                                                            generally li�le else. Thanksgiving      expects anything from anyone.          is just a major side dish to family
                                                             TINA TSENG                                             Christmas is a time when people        bonding.
                                                                            is a day where teenagers can
8                                                                                   OPINIONS                                           NOVEMBER 21, 2007

                                       School needs to do the D.A.N.C.E.
                                          Hallie Keenan
                                          Business Manager

                                          Why do our dances have such
                                       huge gaps of time between them?
                                       It seems like there are a handful of
                                       activities trying to distract many
Taylorvision                           students from what they want
                                       to do. Homecoming is a blast
         By Taylor Freret
                                       because everyone who a�ends is
    A Class That Pays                  in the mood to dance.
                                          However, students are not
   In fi�h grade, my math              able to shake their groove thang
teacher gave the class a quiz          again until the middle of January.
about writing checks. She              This just does not seem fair. The
issued each student an unused          school should have more dances
check, and then we had to fill in      during the school year to keep
all the blanks. Unfortunately,         this high energy and school spirit
I didn’t pass that quiz; I was         flowing.
the one fi�h grader who didn’t            The school has four dances:
suddenly become a millionaire.         the       Back-to-School     Dance,
   The big red “F” on my paper         Homecoming, Winter Dance and
was enough to send me into             Sadies (plus Prom for seniors).
tears and instill a fear of checks     According to Principal Wynne
in me. Looking back, I remember        Sa�erwhite, the school tries to                                                                                                       RAHUL KISHORE
being devastated that I would          have one every quarter, even              “It’s hard because you need a       body, pu�ing up decorations,         provide money for the sponsors,
never be able to buy a life-size       though currently there aren’t any      balance,” ASB President senior         making sure teachers can help        it all comes down to the most
Barbie princess castle. But            dances during second quarter.          Jenny Uphoff said. “You don’t          out and hiring a DJ, it seems that   important fact of why there
looking to the future, I still feel       Unfortunately, when most            want to add another dance and          there is no way a club sponsoring    should be more dances: to spend
disillusioned. My knowledge of         students think of school, they         then have a shortage of people.        would make any money.                more time with friends.
money management remains               think of the boring things like        If people have too many dances,          However, this is not true.            “It’s fun to have fun with your
sorely inadequate.                     homework, tests, quizzes and           [then] they’re not going to want       The Choral Music Department,         friends and be out there with
   I would like to think that now      lectures. For some, having dances      to go.”                                sponsor of the Homecoming            people you like,” freshman Jennie
I would be competent at writing        is the light at the end of the dark       The addition of another dance       dance, was still able to make        Leonard said.
a check if I had a checkbook.          tunnel.                                also brings up the question of         a profit of over $12,000 a�er           Although students are around
But who even knows how to                 “I think they’re just really        how the neighbors will take it.        spending $2,000 on decorations       their friends every day during
get a checking account? Some           fun,” junior Skylar Bence said. “I     While many students feel that          and $700 for the DJ.                 classes, there’s just something
students can be�er execute an          personally don’t get a chance to       there’s an issue with disturbing         While Homecoming was a huge        different about being with them
online shopping spree than a           go very o�en.”                         the neighbors, Sa�erwhite clears       hit this year as well as previous    at dances. It could be because of
cash deposit.                             Other students got to dances to     up the misunderstanding.               years, the school should add a       the fact that everyone gets ready
   Though the idea of balancing        relieve stress.                           “Dances have never been an          stag dance. Stag dances are fun      together or that students can
a checkbook still makes me                “It’s fun to relax and unwind,”     issue,” Sa�erwhite said. “They         and casual.                          just let loose and dance to their
nauseous, money management             sophomore Sco� Greathouse said.        have more of an issue when               “It’s good to not have to          favorite songs.
goes far beyond simply                 “[It’s nice] to have a break in the    students drive poorly.”                procrastinate and worry about           Being able to just hang out with
writing checks. At some point,         routine.”                                 Because dances include the          asking someone,” Sco� said.          the people you like in a place you
I, just like every other student          There have been discussions         idea of organizing things such as        Even though dances, whether        want to be in just makes those
on this campus, will have to           about adding more dances during        having a large enough space to         formal or stag, act as a way to      stressful, three-tests-in-a-single-
start paying my own income             the school year.                       hold a major chunk of the student      prevent stress for students and to   day periods of time worth it.
tax, and I don’t know what
that entails. I don’t even know
what income tax looks like.
Tall? Dark? Handsome?
                                       New operating systems revive a high-tech debate
   The whole process just seems           Ava Foudeh
confusing. According to my                Staff Writer
mother, she currently takes care
of paying for my income tax, but         With the release of Apple’s
without a job how can I have an        Leopard        operating      system
income? Does homework now              following quickly on the heels
pay minimum wage?                      of Microso� Windows’ Vista,
   My point is, I, like many other     tensions between the two
teenagers, rely on my parents          companies have never been
for money. I held a job once, but      higher. But on which side of the
not for long. And even when I          age-old debate should students
was working, I still spent my          be on?
parents’ money. Whether we               Although Windows is the most
go off to college or straight to       widely used operating system in
work, at some point we all must        the world, Macs have much more
learn about money and how to           to offer than PCs.
manage it, a need I wish the             Windows is the more basic of
school would fill. I don’t want        the two operating systems with
to celebrate my 21st birthday by       a straightforward layout and
filing for Chapter 11.                 structure of the system. PCs have
   On this campus, I have              a more professional feel to them;
learned how to solve complex           the wide range of applications
calculus problems, write a five        makes it easy to accomplish a
paragraph essay and avoid              variety of tasks efficiently.
being trampled in the halls              Macs on the other hand, induce
between classes. Those are all         more creativity and are more
great things, but has the ability      oriented towards artistic media.
to elbow students out of my            Programs such as Photo Booth                                                                                                      CHARLIE FALCONER
way ever taken out a loan?             and iMovie allow users to create
   I’ve heard that money makes         and edit movies, photos, music
                                                                              Apple Inc. recently released its new operating system, Leopard. Microsoft released its new
the world go round. But how            and much more.                         operating system, Windows’ Vista, earlier this year. Now that both operating systems are on the
much? And can I pay with                 But this power doesn’t come          shelves and being bought by consumers, the age-old question has been revived: Mac or PC?
a credit card? These are all           without a price. The most basic
questions that the school could        of Apple’s laptops costs $1,099,         Macs may be more expensive           amazing support systems for all      never been easier and according
answer for me, in a semester           while there are many different         than PCs, but where that extra         their products, online and at any    to junior Ka Lau, “Its not a
course, an optional assembly,          brands of Windows-based laptops        money goes can clearly be              Apple store.                         problem anymore.”
or even pamphlets in the               for as li�le as $500.                  seen.                                    Although                various      So which operating system
College Career Center.                   One of the distinct qualities          “Macs are a lot faster and never     compatibility issues between         is more fit for the everyday
   High school is supposed to          of Macs is the user friendliness.      crash or get viruses ... [They         Macs and PCs made it near            student? Macs have the best of
prepare us for the rest of our         Although there may be a need to        also] have really cool features,”      impossible to transfer files         both operating systems with the
lives. And this school does a          adapt to the new features of the       sophomore Vienna Rye said.             between the two in previous          business-oriented features of the
great job preparing us for most        Mac, there is an extremely fast          Most of the programs that            years, the newest versions           PC and creative applications that
of that life. But it would be a real   learning curve.                        come pre-installed on all Apple        of various programs have             come standard.
shame if the giant, gaping hole          “Macs were really confusing when     computers must be purchased            addressed this issue. Because          Although the rivalry still
in this school’s curriculum—           I started using them,” freshman        for a PC. Also, for those rare cases   of the standardization of            continues, Macs are slowly rising
money management—became a              Marika Lee said. “Now I know how       when something does go wrong           formats and programs, sharing        to power in a once PC-dominated
giant, gaping hole in my wallet.       to use them, and it’s easy.”           with the computer, Apple has           documents between the two has        world.
NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                                                   Features                                                                       9
Classroom decorations reveal teachers’ personalities                                                                                                    the song Babb was referring to,
   Alex Williamson
   Staff Writer                                                                                                                                         and a�er hearing the title, it is
                                                                                                                                                        clear why he named his red tail
   Everything     has    a    story,                                                                                                                    boa constrictor a�er this song.
whether it be that fuzzy stuffed                                                                                                                        Covered in reddish-brown spots,
panda on the bed or the lime                                                                                                                            Lydia truly is a ta�ooed lady.
green knickknack si�ing beside                                                                                                                            Having Lydia around does not
the computer, and every story                                                                                                                           seem to bother students.
deserves to be heard—even                                                                                                                                 “The snake is really cool,”
teachers’. Yes, behind droning                                                                                                                          sophomore Sydney Manning
lectures, your teachers can be cool.                                                                                                                    said. “I love snakes.”
It seems unheard of, a teacher                                                                                                                            According to Jenny, the snake
with a personality and another                                                                                                                          actually seems to have a positive
life outside the perimeters of the                                                                                                                      effect on the atmosphere within
campus. However, many teachers                                                                                                                          the classroom.
have other interests outside                                                                                                                              “It really lightens the mood and
of school and go on all sorts                                                                                                                           makes class more interesting,”
of adventures. Just by looking                                                                                                                          Jenny said.
around the classroom and
studying their possessions, you                                                                                                                         Chris Phipps
too can discover the other side of                                                                                                                        A life-sized cut-out of music
your teachers.                                                                                                                                          legend Elvis Presley is clearly
                                                                                                                                                        visible from special education
Arantxa Arriada                                                                                                                                         teacher Chris Phipps’ classroom
  Among the many drawings                                                                                                                               door window.
and le�ers from previous beloved                                                                                                                          “I’m a huge Elvis fan,” Phipps
students on English and ELD                                                                                                                             said. “That was actually a prop
teacher Arantxa Arriada’s colorful                                                                                                                      from my 40th birthday party that
wall, one can find the 8 1⁄2 x 11-                                                                                                                      never happened.”
inch signed photo of America’s                                                                                                                            Birthday party that never
wealthiest      woman,       Oprah                                                                                                                      happened?
Winfrey.                                                                                                                                                  “My friends planned this huge
  “I just love her!” Arriada said.                                                                                                                      birthday party with an Elvis
  Arriada’s boyfriend Eli Brown,                                                                                                                        theme,” Phipps said. “Then a
who returned October 5 a�er                                                                                                                             week before the party, my dad
serving 13 months in Iraq, brought                                                                                                                      passed away, so it got cancelled.
the photograph home to her a�er                                                                                                                         The cut-out was a le�over prop,
working on the set of Oprah’s                                                                                                                           and so I took it home. It wasn’t
show.                                                                                                                                                   until this year that I realized it
                                                                                                                                    KELSEY MULCAHY      would be a good thing to put in
  “Oprah was doing a special
show at Fort Campbell about
                                       Science teacher Carl Babb “hangs out” with a few of his favorite companions during lunch.                        my classroom, a real conversation
pregnant army wives,” Arriada          Lydia the boa constrictor and a stuffed parrot greet his chemistry students every day in class.                  piece.”
said. “Eli was a body guard for                                                                                                                           There is no doubt that this
her while she was there.”              has spent her spare time traveling      a�ernoon light are three hanging     said. “It repeats what I say, so    cardboard replica of the 50s’
  According to Arriada, while          to the corners of the earth in search   quilts. The largest one, four feet   if a student asks me to repeat      dream boy is bound to stir up
Oprah and Eli were driving to          of culture and a li�le fun. A few       long and three feet wide, depicts    something, I just push this         some conversation. Standing at
their next filming location, Oprah     of her travel destinations have         a tranquil scene of villagers in a   bu�on and it repeats everything     about five feet-eight inches and
asked Eli if he was married.           included Peru, Bali and Africa.         small town. In the background,       I said.”                            wearing an orange sweater and
He said no, but mentioned his          Her classroom is a showcase for         white-tipped mountains can be           According to students, Babb      classic black pants, the poster
longtime girlfriend Arriada and        her many collections. In the right-     seen behind the village roo�ops.     enjoys the parrot.                  holds a startling resemblance to
her admiration for Oprah. Right        hand corner of the classroom              “Those I got in Peru,” Hammel         “He uses the parrot a lot,”      the real King of Rock n’ Roll.
then and there, Oprah pulled out       is a 12 foot long lilac kite that       said.                                sophomore Jenny Bakos said.
a photo of herself and a pen and       resembles the face and wings of         Carl Babb                            “He o�en sets it off right before   In Conclusion...
signed the photo for Arriada.          a dragon.                                 Carl Babb is no ordinary science   a test, while we’re taking notes,     It is clear that with most
  It reads “Best Wishes, Arantxa         “I got it in Bali,” Hammel said.      teacher. A bright, stuffed and       or just to quiet the class down.”   teachers, there is much more
Arriada.”                              “When I went, they were having          fuzzy parrot perching in an open        It is clear that Babb has a      than meets the eye. Many have a
                                       a kite festival. They even had          cage sits motionless underneath      personal connection to both the     much different side to them that
Roma Hammel                            kite fights. The opponents would        the television, and a snake          bird and the snake.                 is represented through personal
  Roma Hammel, English and             a�ach glass to the ends of their        remains tightly coiled in a glass       The snake in the aquarium is     objects hanging or posted
AVID teacher for the past 22           kites and try to knock the others       aquarium against the opposite        aptly named Lydia.                  around their classrooms. So in
years, can be described in one         out of the sky.”                        wall.                                   “I named her a�er the Groucho    the future, look around and you
word: excursionist.                      Pinned high on the opposite             “[The parrot] was a Valentine’s    Marx song,” Babb said.              may just find out something new
  Over the past 10 years, Hammel       wall and illuminated by the             Day gi� from my wife,” Babb             “Lydia the Ta�ooed Lady” is      about your teacher.

Ambassadors offer new peer mentor program for freshmen
   Nicole Schreiber                    in order to give support to the                                                                                  teacher,” Sharon said.
   Staff Writer                        freshmen. Beginning in January                                                                                     The Ambassadors decided to
                                       of 2008, a freshman teacher and                                                                                  get involved with the mentoring
  The school’s Ambassadors             a non-ninth-grade Ambassador,                                                                                    program because they believed
are developing a new peer              ideally of the same gender,                                                                                      students     would      be    more
mentoring program to help ninth        will be assigned a particular                                                                                    comfortable working with a peer.
graders feel more comfortable          student who the administration                                                                                      “The goal is that all students
during their transition into high      believes is “falling through                                                                                     will feel they have an adult and
school.                                the cracks.” The teacher and                                                                                     student on campus that they are
  “This program is designed            the Ambassador will work in                                                                                      comfortable with, so they feel
for incoming freshmen who              accordance to help the student                                                                                   more connected,” Robertson said.
the administration thinks may          feel more comfortable on the                                                                                       The Peer Mentors are looking
be struggling to bridge the            campus.                                                                                                          forward to working with their
gap between middle school                 “We will work with them                                                                                       students.
and high school,” said senior          more closely and help them stay                                                                                    “It will be really beneficial to
Sharon Hou, president of the           connected to the school, as well as                                                                              the struggling students,” junior
Ambassadors.                           help them be more academically                                                                                   Aleksa Bril said.
  Head of the Ninth Grade              successful,” Robertson said. “We                                                                                   As of now, only Ambassadors
Core Mentoring Program Keren           want them to be successful as a                                                                                  are given the chance to be student
Robertson and Ambassadors              whole person.”                                                                                                   mentors because they are certified
adviser Suzanne Williams are              The student and their assigned                                                           ALEX WILLIAMSON      as Peer Mediators. However,
currently in charge of running         Ambassador will be required             Sophomores Jessica Rodriguex (left) and Jamie Eng met with               anyone who is interested in
the program.                           to a�end the classroom of the           other Ambassadors on November 6 to discuss the new program.              participating in the new program
  Inspired by former Assistant         student’s mentor teacher during                                                                                  can contact Williams. All students
Principal Kathleen Meagher             tutorial, where the student             campus. The Ambassador will          skills, study skills and overall    are capable of lending a hand.
in 2006, the Peer Mentoring            and teacher mentors will work           also guide the student in ge�ing     navigation through the school.        “Our goal is to teach the
Program was created this year          together to help the student feel       involved with school activities        “Ambassadors will act as ‘big     students that helping others is
in accordance with the Ninth           like he or she belongs to the           such as clubs and sports, as well    buddies’ to the students and work   the greatest gi� in life,” Williams
Grade Core Mentoring Program           community and has a friend on           as help them with organizational     in conjunction with the mentor      said.
12                                                                                FEATURES                                             NOVEMBER 21, 2007

                                     Autoshop offers free car checkups
                                        Felix Ong II
                                        Staff Writer
                                        Cars are some of the most
                                     cherished things in our society.
                                     However, like all material things,
                                     cars deteriorate if not properly
                                     taken care of.
                                        The autoshop classes are trying
Pardon My French!                    to remedy this by offering free
                                     car checkups to the student body.
       By Natalie Larsen
                                     Students and staff must talk to
                                     autoshop teacher Greg Ely to set
 My Turkey “Faux Pas”                up an appointment to bring their
                                     car in. When a time has been set
   Some things are as boring as
                                     and the necessary paperwork has
the dust that clings to your TV
                                     been completed, the car is taken
                                     to the autoshop room and the
   In my experience, lunch in
                                     keys are given to Ely.
any school cafeteria is about as
                                        The checkup program was
exciting as a Tater Tot-flavored
                                     originally designed for the staff,
coma, with a similar medical
                                     but has now been extended to
a�ertaste. When you’re a kid,
                                     students. The main purpose for
lunch is a repressed memory
                                     offering free checkups was to
and dinner is a distraction
                                     make sure that the cars are safe
from valuable Frisbee time.
                                     to drive to school. A preventative
   Food is about as exciting as
                                     maintenance inspection can now
television dust. In fact, I do not
                                     be done to make sure the car is
believe that I ate anything at
                                     safe when rain and cold weather
all until I got older and finally
                                     strikes. This opportunity lasts up
discovered In ‘N Out. But even                                                                                                                                              KELSEY MULCAHY
                                     through December.
in cases like these, bits of dust                                           Seniors Magdalena Brown (left) and Audrey McLaughlin work dilligently on a car together
                                        “You can look for things that
are wiped clean. But where                                                  during their afternoon Autoshop class. The autoshop classes are now offering free car checkups.
                                     might be a potential problem in
were the clean spots in my
                                     the future,” Ely said. “Winter is
dull food experience? What
                                     coming up, and many problems           their inspection is that extra         away customers is the fact that the   the experience of working with
protected me from the forces
                                     come up at the wrong time,             labor is free. If serious problems     cars are fixed by young students      different cars.
of culinary evil, cooked carrots
                                     especially when many people go         are found, the owner will be           who are still learning; however,        “The service we offer is nice
and mystery meat?
                                     on long drives for vacations.”         contacted and can choose to buy        this should not get in the way of     because it gives me something
   I thank my colonial heroes,
                                        The depth of the free car           parts that the autoshop classes        ge�ing the checkup.                   interesting to do every day,”
those valiant men in high heels
                                     checkup is very extensive and not      will then install or replace for         “I understand that they are         senior Austin Kuo said. “It’s
for clearing my dust. Every
                                     only limited to the basics.            free.                                  students,” social studies teacher     interesting and fun to work with
November, I thank the Pilgrims
                                        “We do lots of things,” Ely said.     Inspections will be done during      April Fritz said. “I feel safe        different cars all the time.”
for pillaging through the dirt
                                     “We look at things from lights,        the school day and returned to         because there’s a teacher guiding       The preventative maintenance
and discovering a meal worth
                                     tires, fluids and safety belts.”       the owner by the end of school, a      them. The only way to get be�er is    program provides a variety of car
si�ing through, the epitome of
                                        According to Ely, the American      convenient and stress-free system      application.”                         applications for the students to
all meals: Thanksgiving.
                                     Automobile Association (AAA)           for all. This way, the owner will        According to Monica Placheta,       work with.
   In my family, November is
                                     offers a checkup similar to the one    not have to be inconvenienced by       an autoshop student who takes            “What I like about the service is
a holiday in itself, from the
                                     the autoshop classes provide. The      not having a car for a few days,       appointments and works on cars,       that all the cars and the problems
obsessive collection of canned
                                     classes try to give the best quality   a nuisance common to many              the effort that the students put      that we encounter are different,”
food that spans for months to
                                     service they can supply for free.      dealerships and professional car       into the checkups affects their       Monica said. “We don’t work on just
the great basting of the turkey
                                        One helpful service that the        service departments.                   performance in the class.             one type of car. It just makes it more
that extends the entire week.
                                     autoshop classes provide in              A drawback that might scare            Autoshop students really enjoy      interesting to be in that class.”
   But this year, Thanksgiving
draws near with a note of pure
grief in its merry tune. To my
dismal horror, there has been
no preparation. Sinfully, no
                                                                   Eye on the Pupil: sophomore Tricia Cook
turkey has been slaughtered                                     FORMER TV AND MOVIE ACTRESS DISCUSSES HER CAREER
in my family’s honor! Instead,
si�ing soggy on the stovetop,           Kate Keenan                                                                                                      to catch the next audition.
smirking at me through its              Staff Writer                                                                                                        “If you were acting during the
disgusting carved feathers,                                                                                                                              day, you couldn’t do anything
awaits the loaf of Tofurkey.           Instead of spending your                                                                                          else,” Tricia said. “It took up your
   What inhuman impulse              time at school, listening to                                                                                        whole day.”
drove man to sit in his kitchen      ringing bells and the shuffling                                                                                        Her family has always been a
and, lost in heavenly visions        of students passing in the halls,                                                                                   huge part of her life, and they
of stuffing and pie, decide to       imagine being on a movie or                                                                                         always helped her get to her
carve a turkey shape out of          TV set all day with directors as                                                                                    auditions. Since acting took up a
nasty, ancient tofu? I would         teachers and script memorization                                                                                    lot of her time, her mom, dad and
rather eat those Tater Tots and      as homework. For sophomore                                                                                          aunt worked out a schedule that
coleslaw than suffer through         Tricia Cook, this used to be all in                                                                                 allowed them to switch off taking
the Tofurkey disaster my             a day’s work.                                                                                                       her to New York while keeping
“health-conscious” aunt has            Tricia, who recently moved                                                                                        the rest of her family happy.
planned for me.                      here from Ashburn, Virginia,                                                                                           “At first, it was hard to adjust
   Quite frankly, I have had         to be closer to family, has been                                                                                    to it, but as a family we figured
mediocre Tofurkey, and I have        acting for television and movies                                                                                    out how to work it all out,” Tricia
had old bike-tire Tofurkey,          since she was a li�le girl. She                                                                                     said. “They have all always been
and no ma�er how much the            had “always wanted to be an                                                                                         willing to make adjustments and
mess resembles a friendly            actress,” and her first audition                                                                                    compromises to make the acting
hand puppet, I will never be         was for an Oscar Meyer Wiener                                                                                       thing work.”
a fan. In fact, I’m sure that at     commercial almost a decade ago.                                                                                        Though she was enrolled in
least half of the ingredients        Scouts recognized her talent and                                                                                    a public school, she rarely had
include squirrel and concrete,       from there her career took off.                                                                                     time to get all her work done, so
so if you’re really trying to be       Some shows on her resumé                                                                                          she is now excited to be back in a
healthy, carve a turkey out of       include “Meet the Parents,”                                                            MOVIESCREENSHOTS.COM         regular high school environment.
a carrot instead of an old bath      in which she played a young            A young Tricia Cook (front) plays the role of “little girl” on               Because she was traveling to
sponge.                              kindergarten student; “Law and         the set of “Meet the Parents,” starring Ben Stiller, in 2000.                New York almost every day, she
   So given my situation, what       Order: SVU,” on which she had a                                                                                     had to give up outside sports
is there le� to be thankful for?     recurring role as one of the main      gets recognized by fellow actors.      successful family member.             and spending time with friends
Instead of happily sleeping          detective’s twin daughters, and        However, when her friends find           “I like that Tricia does acting,”   and family. Tricia now enjoys
through a traumatic family           “Cut and Dry,” in which she co-        out about her past, she says that      Amanda said. “It is a very            running on the cross country
reunion, my prescription for         starred, although it never made it     they get excited.                      interesting thing to do. ”            team, playing club lacrosse and
a turkey sleep aid has been          to theaters.                              “People I just meet tend to           When she was acting, Tricia’s       hanging out with her friends.
cancelled. I have been forced          “I love [acting] so much             freak out a li�le bit,” Tricia said.   typical day involved leaving          Although Tricia has put acting
into a horrifying conundrum of       because you get to be someone          “But once I explain everything,        early in the morning with her         on the back burner for now, it
misery, conscious, unsatisfied       else completely,” Tricia said. “It’s   people calm down and realize           mom, driving to New York City         will always have been part of
and forced to interact with          almost surreal.”                       it’s not that big of a deal.”          and either filming or going to        her life.
the entire Larsen clan. My             Although     she    has    acted        Tricia’s cousin and sophomore       30 auditions in one day. Tricia          “I sacrificed my entire life,” she
dust has been spla�ered with         in productions from “Meet              Amanda NeSmith thinks that             would go from one audition to         said. “[But] it was worth it. And
Tofurkey muck.                       the Parents” to a Hallmark             Tricia’s love for acting is great      the next, spending five minutes       even though I don’t act anymore,
                                     commercial, Tricia only really         and is proud to have such a            acting and then quickly leaving       it was a great experience.”
 NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                                   FEATURES                                                                                         13
                             Club Corner: Future Doctors of America
                                                                                                                                                           floor is opened up to the members,
                                                                                                                                                           who can ask questions or make
   Meaghan Whitehorn                                                                                                                                       comments on things the club has
   Staff Writer                                                                                                                                            accomplished. Students also have
                                                                                                                                                           the chance to ask about job and
   To most people, the FDA is                                                                                                                              volunteering opportunities within
known as the Food and Drug                                                                                                                                 our community.
Administration, but at school,                                                                                                                                Because this is a nationally
it’s the Future Doctors of America                                                                                                                         established club, with groups
Club, which was started this year.                                                                                                                         at many other high schools in
   The     club,    founded     by                                                                                                                         the area, it will have a foothold
sophomore co-presidents Tina                                                                                                                               they can build off of. Gunn High
Chen and Reena Shah, aims                                                                                                                                  School’s division of the FDA club
to prepare students who are                                                                                                                                meets every week and is almost
looking to enter the medical                                                                                                                               six times as large as the Los Altos
profession. Students have the                                                                                                                              chapter.
chance to learn more about                                                                                                                                    The school’s FDA chapter,
particular fields, work with local                                                                                                                         though starting off small this
doctors at El Camino, Stanford                                                                                                                             year, has big ambitions for
and Kaiser Hospitals and find                                                                                                                              the future. And although they
out what working in the medical                                                                                                                            would like to grow and expand,
profession really entails.                                                                                                                                 their first priority is to assist
   Both presidents and some of the                                                                                                  ALEX WILLIAMSON        others interested in the medical
club’s board members currently          Future Doctors of America (FDA) club co-presidents and sophomores Reena Shah                                       profession.
volunteer and work in all three         (left) and Tina Chen sit together and discuss the agenda for their upcoming club meeting.                             “Lots of people want to be
of these locations, including the                                                                                                                          doctors, and many people want
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit            “as the years go by, [the] club will   focused, in hopes that the club      or fundraiser in order to donate       to go to med school,” Reena said.
(NICU) and with the elderly.            expand.”                               members can learn valuable           to various organizations at the        “All we want to do is provide
   Many freshmen and sophomores           The club and its board members       medical information from the         end of the year. Currently, the        helpful information for them.”
have become active members of           (nominated at the beginning of         group.                               club is considering the Breast            Any student hoping to learn
this club and currently make up         the year by the co-presidents            The co-presidents said they aim    Cancer Awareness fund or               more about the club and how to
the vast majority of its members;       and approved by the other              to “inform the students of ways to   generally assisting those affected     become an active member can
there are few upperclassmen.            members) have set a list of five       get involved or learn more about     by the recent Southern California      come to room 702 during lunch
According to the club’s co-             goals that they are trying to run      the medical profession.”             wildfires.                             every other Friday or contact
presidents, this isn’t a bad thing.     their meetings and club by. Four         The club’s fi�h and final goal       At the end of the official,          Reena, Tina or club adviser and
Co-president Reena hopes that           of these goals are educationally       is to create some sort of project    business part of most meetings, the    science teacher Danielle Paige.

Disabled student overcomes obstacles Los Ambassadors ayudan
   Kelly Wang
   Staff Writer                      a los estudiantes nuevos
   Most people may find dancing,                                                                                         Mayra Ochoa                       un amigo en la preparatoria. El
participating during P.E. or even                                                                                        Translator                        Ambassador también guiara al
climbing stairs easy tasks, but                                                                                                                            estudiante a que se involucre
that is not the case for one of                                                                                         Los     Ambassadors        están   en las actividades de la escuela
the school’s students. For junior                                                                                    desarrollando un nuevo Peer           como en los clubes y deportes,
Ya-Ching (Ginger) Hsu, even                                                                                          Mentoring Program para ayudar a       y lo ayudaran a mejorar sus
walking is a challenge.                                                                                              que los estudiantes del noveno año    habilidades de organización,
   Ginger does not stroll around                                                                                     se sientan más cómodos durante la

the campus as most students do,                                                                                      transición a la preparatoria.
but instead must use a ba�ery-                                                                                           “El programa está diseñado           ... Ayudar a otros es uno de
powered wheelchair as means of                                                                                       para los estudiantes del noveno          los regalos más grandes que
traveling from class to class.                                                                                       año a los cuales la administración
                                                                                                                                                              hay en la vida.
   Since birth, the bones in                                                                                         piensa que están teniendo
Ginger’s legs have been bent so                                                                                      problemas con la transición de              Suzanne Williams
that she cannot walk stably. She                                                                                     la secundaria a la preparatoria,”
has a case of spina bifida, a birth                                                                                  dijo      senior    Sharon     Hou,           Maestra de ciencia

defect     involving     incomplete                                                                                  presidenta de los Ambassadors.
development in the spinal cord                                                                                          La profesora de ingles y
and its protective coverings.                                                                                        encargada del Ninth Grade             estudio, y como conducirse en
The condition is caused by the                                                                                       Core Mentoring Program Karen          la escuela.
failure of the fetus’s spine to close                                                                                Robertson y la consejera de los         “Los Ambassadors serán como
properly during the first month of                                                                                   Ambassadors Suzane Williams           un amigo para el estudiante y
pregnancy and occurs in one or                                                                                       se encargaran de este nuevo           trabajaran en conjunto con el
two out of every 1,000 births.                                                                                       programa.                             maestro asignado,” Sharon dijo.
   Until this year, Ginger has had                                                                                      Inspirado por la ex asistente de     Los Ambassadors decidieron
to journey to her classes by foot,                                                                                   la directora Kathleen Meager en el    involucrarse con el Ninth
a slow and o�en tiring process.                                                                                      2006, el Peer Mentoring Program       Grade Core Mentoring Program
Her legs were encased in braces,                                                                                     fue creado en concordancia con        porque ellos creen que los
which she took off only to shower                                                                                    el Ninth Grade Core Mentoring         estudiantes necesitan sentirse
and sleep.                                                                                                           Program para apoyar a los             cómodos al trabajar con un
   Over the summer, the bones                                                                                        estudiantes del noveno año.           compañero.
in Ginger’s legs surgically                                                                                             Empezando en el 2008, un             “La meta es que todos los
adjusted so that her feet could                                                                KELSEY MULCAHY        maestro del noveno año y un           estudiantes sientan que tienen
face forward, and she has now           Junior Ginger Hsu exits P11 at the end of the period and goes                Ambassador que no esté en             un adulto y un compañero de la
grown accustomed to riding in a         on to her next class with a little bit of help from her walker.              el noveno año, preferible que         preparatoria con quien se sientan
wheelchair.                                                                                                          sea del mismo sexo, se le serán       cómodos,” Robertson dijo.
   Her condition comes with             and early dismissal from class            Until then, Ginger says her        asignados a un estudiante quien         “Va a ser realmente beneficioso
consequences. Ginger cannot             to avoid the massive crowds of         condition is "okay," and most         la administración sienta que          para los estudiantes que tienen
do any physically exhausting            students in the hallways.              people Ginger has encountered         se está desviando del camino.         problemas,” dijo junior Aleksa
activities. Rather than playing           However,       the     classroom     treat her respectfully.               El maestro y el Ambassador            Bril, quien va a ser una tutora
sports, she spends her spare time       se�ing itself isn’t a problem. Her        “They will be careful with me,”    trabajarán juntos para asegurarse     en enero.
reading and watching dramas on          condition does not affect her          Ginger said. "Some people ask me      que el estudiante se sienta             En este momento solamente
Youtube.                                schoolwork, and teachers try to        what happened. Their response is      cómodo en la preparatoria.            los     Ambassadors        pueden
   The school gives Ginger the          make her academic experience a         'live strong!'”                          “Vamos a trabajar muy de           ser tutores porque ya están
support she needs through its 504       comfortable one.                          Ginger's friend junior Jeffrey     cerca con ellos y los ayudaremos      certificados como mediadores
program. According to Counselor           “When there’s group work,            Huang describes her as "a good        a que se mantengan conectados         de estudiantes. Sin embargo,
Judy Prothro, the 504 program is        usually the group will meet            friend, open-minded and helpful."     con la escuela y que sean exitosos    cualquiera que este interesado
practiced nationwide, prohibiting       where she is so she doesn’t have          According to Ginger, the           académicamente,” dijo Robertson.       en ayudar con el nuevo
discrimination against students         to get up and move around,”            school has done a lot in helping         El estudiante y el Ambassador      programa puede contactar a
with disabilities.                      Ginger’s English teacher Ryan          her and insists that her life is      asignado         tendrán       que    la profesora Williams, porque
   "The program is in place so          Ikeda said.                            almost the same as the lives of       atender la clase del profesor         cualquiera es capaz de brindar
the people who have disabilities          Though she cannot walk               her fellow students, except with      correspondido, ahí el maestro         una mano para ayudar.
have accommodations, so the             without a walker yet, she is           a wheelchair.                         y el Ambassador trabajaran              “Nuestro objetivo es enseñarle a
education is fair," Prothro said.       currently going to physical               “Don't look at me differently,     juntos para ayudar a que el           los estudiantes que ayudar a otros
   These accommodations include         therapy to build up the muscles        but [it’s okay to] ask me some        estudiante sienta que pertenece       es uno de los regalos mas grandes
arranging classes so that they are      she needs to be able to walk           questions,” Ginger said. “Treat       en la comunidad y que tiene           que hay en la vida,” Williams dijo.
close together, excused tardies         again.                                 me like you treat normal people.”
10                                                                          ISSUES                                               November 21, 2007

Daily Scales|                                              Music Helps students
                                                           relax, concentrate
     Brian Walz                        People often associate themselves     tends to help one focus or relax,
     Staff Writer                      with groups of friends who listen     whereas upbeat genres like rap
                                       to similar music.                     and rock serve their own purposes.
   Rap, 70’s classic rock, jazz,         “Once you gain an image, you          “Music tends to have a more
country—different genres of            just want to stick to it,” Sherwin    intense effect on teenagers because
music have become favorites            said.                                 of the influence of pubertal
among various groups of                  Music can often define one’s        hormones,” said Professor Daniel
students, and the music plays an       sense of identity, and many           Levitin of Psychology Department
integral role in their lives.          individuals tend to judge others      at McGill University.
     “[Music] helps me relax,”         based on their genre preferences.       Levitin is the author of the
senior Eric James said. “It’s just     Although some students maintain       bestseller “This Is Your Brain on
something that helps me think          a certain style and listen to the     Music.”
                                                                               “It can cause feelings of

better, and most of the songs I
listen to I can connect with.”                                               happiness and also fear, actually
   Many students listen to music          [Music] can cause feelings of      changing       brain     chemistry,”
while doing their homework,                                                  Levitin said.
                                        happiness and also fear, actually
talking with friends and trying to                                             Freshman Teresa Fabbricino
                                        changing brain chemistry.            agrees that music can have a large
fall asleep. Many also use music
as a motivator before sporting                                               effect on one’s mood.
events to get ready to play.           Professor Daniel Levitin                “It depends on what kind of
                                                                             music you listen to,” Teresa said.
   “I try to listen to music before          McGill University

basketball games to get me into                                              “If you listen to slow music, it’s
a competitive mindset,” junior                                               calming and helps you fall asleep.”
Udaya Tenneti said. “Rap usually                                               For some students, music plays
does the trick.”                       music associated with it, others      a casual role in their lives, but for
   Sophomore Sherwin Tavana            are open to many different            others, it is much more. Senior
agrees that music is beneficial        varieties.                            Miles Beckstead plays in the band
before athletic games.                   “Listening to different kinds of    “Heavy Weather” and would like
   “It gets me going,” Sherwin         music and staying open-minded         to pursue a career in music.
said. “Before any type of game         allows you to get different types       “Music has always been a part
you’re just like ‘Oh dude, I’m so      of emotions from music,” junior       of my life, and it would be great
nervous,’ and then you play a little   Kelsey MacDonald said.                to get paid to do something that I
rock and you’re just like ‘Man,          Kelsey listens to upbeat rap        love,” Miles said.
I’m gonna win this game.’”             and dance music when hanging            Music is an expression of style,
   Along with being incorporated       out with friends and quieter          character and personality. It is
into pre-game rituals, music plays     alternative music when she tries      not simply an art form or activity,
a role in society and the types        to concentrate on homework.           but can be a major piece of who
of images individuals portray.           Psychologically, lighter music      we are as well.

          Citizens of hip-hop break new ground
                Paul Winterbotham                urban areas to the suburbs and        innovation is the key.
                Senior Writer                    even the heartland of America,           Hip-Hop organization, a student
                                                 moving away from its gangster         group at the school, operates on
             “Hip-hop, hip-hop is dead.          roots. The flavor of today’s          the bleeding edge, both teaching
          Hip, hip-hop, hip-hop is dead.”        movement is less about the            the latest moves and inventing
             Despite what rapper Nas says,       struggle that life brings, instead    tomorrow’s.
          hip-hop is far from dead; instead,     focusing on themes that are              Hip-hop is more than just music
          it has never been bigger. It is        constant throughout life. Many        or dance; it is a style. It’s a walk, a
          everywhere: on television, on the      people are drawn to hip-hop by        talk, a way life.
          radio and on our campus.               its universality. A lighter tone         “It’s not what you wear, but
             Hip-hop is a movement with a        has helped draw in new fans           how you wear it,” senior A.J.
          huge following of people from all      who relate to descriptions of the     Parillo said.
          walks of life. The underground         human struggle.                          That is what hip-hop has
          movement is alive at our school,          Hip-hop has spread to all          evolved into; it’s not what
          with many students wearing hip-        cultures and all corners of           is done, but how
          hop styles and listening to rap        the globe, revolutionizing the        it is done.         The
          music.                                 movement.                             movement is no
             It began as a way for urbanites        The music aspect of hip-hop is     longer just music—
          to get out the frustrations of         the most recognized, but other        it’s a culture. Every
          living below the poverty line. But     elements add to the dominance         citizen of hip-hop
          today, it is an opportunity for free   that hip-hop has in society.          is an innovator;
          expression and for musicians to        Dances, clothing styles and dialect   every citizen helps
          talk about their situation.            combine with the music to form        decide what hip-hop
             “What people fail to realize is     the hip-hop culture.                  becomes. Hip-hop
          that hip-hop was a culture before         The dancing element ever           explores the human
          it was a movement,” English            apparent at our school dances         condition. And no
          teacher Michael Smith said. “You       include the “Soulja Boy.” Hip-        matter what Nas
          can’t stop a culture.”                 hop dancing is an expression of       may say, hip-hop is
             Hip-hop has branched out from       personal style, a genre where         here to stay.
    November 21, 2007                                     ISSUES                                                                                         11

m                         Melody
                                   Students jam with Mozart
                                        Shefali Luthra
                                        Staff Writer

                                      When people hear about
                                   student bands, their minds often
                                   jump to visions of teenagers
                                   banging drums and practicing
                                   guitars in their garages. Rarely
                                   do they imagine elegant quartets
                                   and jazz ensembles practicing on
                                   saxophones, flutes and violins.
                                   For many students, however, this
                                   second image represents a much
                                   more common reality than the
                                   stereotypical teenage garage band.
                                   In addition to being involved in
                                   the school’s orchestra, symphonic
                                   band or wind ensemble, many
                                   students continue to pursue their                                                    courtesy Bryan cassella
                                   musical passions outside of school    Sophomore orchestral quartet Anne Kim, Angela Liu, Diana Chao,
                                   by forming their own groups.          and Bryan Cassella plan to play at a senior home in december.
                                      Students among this number
                                   include senior Sam Vesuna, who        of the quintet has helped him           Angela and Diana play violin.
                                   plays trombone with an on-campus      “learn how to tune in a bunch of        Instead of only playing at school
                                   chamber brass ensemble that           different skills.”                      concerts, they hope to volunteer
                                   includes senior Charles Olaires on       “We can really learn from each       their musical services elsewhere
                                   trumpet, juniors Max Butensky         other,” Max said.                       and have scheduled appointments
                                   and Mo McBirney, playing tuba            Another on-campus ensemble           to play at two local senior homes.
                                   and french horn, respectively, and    is the orchestral chamber quartet          According to school music
                                   sophomore Johan Mickos, who           formed by sophomores Bryan              director Ted Ferrucci the school
                                   plays trumpet.                        Cassella, Angela Liu, Anne Kim          has had a history of small musical
                                      The brass ensemble began           and Diana Chou. The group               groups, although the number
                                   playing last year. Although they      started playing together two            depends on the year.
                                   only met a couple of times, Sam       years ago.                                 “It fosters student leadership
                                   hopes that the ensemble will be          “It’s like another whole feeling,”   and creativity,” Ferrucci said. “I
                                   much more active this year.           Anne said. “You get to play pieces      like to let them take the artistic,
                                      “You’d think most people like      you want to play. It feels like I can   creative path and steer them in
                                   CDs, but there’s something about      It feels like I can try to do stuff     the direction of jobs, if that’s what
                                   live bands that a lot of people in    with more than just the music.”         they’re interested in.”
                                   the community like,” Sam said.           The quartet meets weekly to             Music can be more than just
                                      Max, who joined the quintet        practice its pieces. Bryan plays        lyrics, just notes, it can be an
                                   this year, agreed that being a part   cello, while Anne plays flute and       undying passion.

                                                                                                                 Now Playing

                                                                                                                       Good Riddance
                                                                                                                          Green Day
                                                                                                                      “I’m happy and excited
                                                                                                                       [when I listen to it.] I

               What’s on your iPod?
                                                                                                                      don’t know, I just love it
                                                                                                                       because it’s different.”
                                                                                                                  tiFFany Benavidez ‘09

          Now Playing                        Now Playing                                                          Now Playing

            Kiss Kiss ft. T-Pain                            Drunk Again                                               Every Little Thing She
                  Chris Brown                               Reel Big Fish                                                     Does Is Magic
                                                     “Just in general, it’s a                                                      The Police
              “It’s catchy and                     good song. It plays on the                                               “It makes me feel
             cool to dance to.”                     strings of my heart and                                                 happy because it’s
                                                   my emotions. It’s a great                                                 really upbeat.”
             JenniFer ocHoa ‘10                              song.”
                                                     Max napier ‘09                                                       laura raley ‘10

                                                                                                                          coMpiled By claire Bedard
                         Entertainment                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 21, 2007

       GANGSTER                                                                                                                                         A Review

Ridley Scott takes a shot at a gangster epic in his latest outing
   Jeff Liu                                                                                                               in a raspy baritone growl, able        audience thinking throughout.
                                                                                                                          to convey rage and a murderous            Though “American Gangster”
   Managing Editor
                                           Which ‘Gangster’ character are you?                                            intent without raising his voice.      seems to have all the pieces to
  With the directorial talents                                                                                            Washington has also mastered the       achieve crime drama greatness, it
of Ridley Sco� and superb                 Q: If you found 1 million dollars in the                                        art of the brooding stare, cu�ing      lacks the lasting impact of “The
performances         from      Denzel     trunk of a car what would you do?                                               a fearsome figure with his dark        Godfather” or “Pulp Fiction.”
Washington and Russell Crowe,                                                                                             eyes and expressionless features,      Although the film enjoys a nice
“American Gangster,” based on the            A. Use it to buy pure heroin straight                                        leaving viewers quaking in fear.       buildup and maintains a taut
real-life rise and fall of one of New          from the source in Burma.                                                     As the foil to Lucas, Crowe         atmosphere through most of the
York’s most infamous drug lords of                                                                                        plays a man on a mission to            story, “American Gangster” lacks
the 1970s, Frank Lucas, comes close            B. Turn it into the cops, only to have dirty                               take down his nemesis. Crowe           the frenzied climax or signature
to achieving the same greatness as             cops steal it and use it for personal gain.                                provides emotional depth to his        moment that sums up the entire
“Goodfellas” or “The Godfather.”                                                                                          role, portraying the rough-edged,      movie. There is no particular
Though lacking the small details               C. Buy a life’s supply of ‘Blue Magic.’                                    down-on-his-luck guy poised to         section of the movie that will blow
and signature moments that could                                                                                          finally get a break, reminiscent of    one’s mind, no memorable quotes
have elevated it to a legendary
                                                                                    C. YOU ARE AN ADDICT
                                                                                    B: YOU ARE RICHIE ROBERTS             his previous work in “Gladiator”       nor action scenes. And thus the
status, “American Gangster” is an                                                   A: YOU ARE FRANK LUCAS                and “Cinderella Man.”                  movie ends with viewers wanting
engaging film.                                                                                                               For an R-rated crime thriller       to find the scene that will keep
  The movie shi�s between the                                                                                             lasting over the two-and-a-half-       them talking for days.
intertwining stories of Lucas           corrupt law enforcement officials .       With two Academy Awards                 hour mark, “American Gangster”            “American Gangster” is a solid
and his nemesis, detective Richie         Meanwhile, Crowe plays Roberts,       between them, Washington and              has a surprisingly low body count.     movie, a no-nonsense, entertaining
Roberts. Washington stars as            a strait-laced New Jersey cop, an       Crowe give electric performances          Aside from a man being burned          flick running on strong acting
Lucas, who amasses a powerful           outcast in his own department for       that make “American Gangster”             alive in the opening sequence, the     performances. Though not lasting
heroin empire through an efficient      his oddly judicious ways. He is         worth seeing. Although the two            film showcases perhaps a handful       enough to reach the top shelf of
business model. Traveling to            tapped by the government to head        don’t appear onscreen together            of scenes of violence, none overly     gangster movies, it is a satisfying
Vietnam in 1968 to buy pure heroin      his own drug enforcement team in        until halfway through the movie           graphic in nature.                     effort good enough to be top dog
straight from the source, Lucas pays    an a�empt to quell a surge in drug      and do not interact until the                Instead of the o�en heavy-          on the movie block for awhile.
off U.S. army officers to smuggle       trafficking. A�er months of fruitless   end, both carry their respective          handed, jerky storylines used in
the drugs into America and then         searching, Roberts finally pinpoints    sequences. Washington in particular       modern crime thrillers, “American
undercuts fellow drug dealers by        Lucas as the main perpetrator,          gives one of the most dynamic             Gangster” is filmed smoothly
selling his product at a fraction of    beginning a cat-and-mouse game.         performances of his career. His           and intercut with scenic shots of           Overall Grade:
the cost. By staying low and out        Roberts works to convince his           portrayal of Lucas may go down as

                                                                                                                          the grimy streets of Harlem and
of sight, Lucas quickly scales the      skeptical superiors that a li�le-       one of the most intimidating crime        New Jersey. Sco� is thoughtful
organized crime hierarchy, soon         known black gangster is running         bosses since Marlon Brando in “The        in his timing, moving the film
controlling a significant portion of    the streets while Lucas struggles to    Godfather.” Washington certainly          along quickly enough to never get
the New York heroin trade while         maintain order and control over his     channels the quiet intensity of           weighed down by a subplot, yet
operating beneath the radar of          expanding network.                      Vito Corleone, delivering his lines       adding enough story to keep the

Jay-Z’s new album jazzes with inspired style but has little new substance
                                                                                   Meaghan Whitehorn                      memories that he “hasn’t touched       movie led him toward. The songs
                                                                                   Staff Writer                           on in a while,” particularly some      contained in the album have
                                                                                                                          from his younger life in Brooklyn’s    seemed to draw Jay-Z’s a�ention
                                                                                   Less than a year a�er the release      Marcy Projects.                        as he is planning a limited tour in
                                                                                of his first “post-retirement”               In an MTV interview, reflecting     the near future to support them.
                                                                                album, “Kingdom Come,” Jay-Z              on his album, Jay-Z said, “It was        For Jay-Z, “American Gangster”
                                                                                is back on the shelves with a new         like I was watching the film and       was a way for him to try something
                                                                                compilation of songs inspired by          pu�ing it on pause and giving a        new in a direction he really liked.
                                                                                Denzel Washington’s new film,             back story to the story.” The album    When asked how it was to come
                                                                                American Gangster. The album              tracks the rise and inevitable fall    up with an album that you like
                                                                                was released on November 6.               of an impressionable drug dealer       to produce, instead of thinking
                                                                                   Jay-Z has stated that almost           from Brooklyn, not quite as a          about that blockbuster single, Jay
                                                                                every song on his album is based          parallel to the movie, but as a spin   merely replied, “It’s fun.”
                                                                                on a specific scene from the Ridley       off of ideas recalled from it.
                                                                                Sco� film. Although his album is             Initially, Jay-Z wasn’t looking
                                                                                not the official soundtrack, Def          to record again immediately a�er            Overall Grade:
                                                                                Jam Records (Jay-Z’s own label)           his last album, wanting instead to

                                                                                will be releasing that soundtrack,        focus on his job as president of Def
                                                                                featuring other artists like Bobby        Jam. But, a�er seeing an initial cut
                                                                                Womack and the Staple Singers.            of the movie, being a big cinema
                                                                                   Jay-Z also stated that the direction   and Denzel Washington fan, he
Jay-Z celebrates his new album “American Gangster” with a cigar.                for the album is mainly personal          couldn’t help but write songs the
 NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                                ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                         15

                                                                                                                                                                         By Paul

                                                                                                                                                               It Doesn’t Matter
                                                                                                                                                                  Like so many seniors right
                                                                                                                                                               now, I am in the middle of
                                                                                                                                                               the great bundle of joy that
                                                                                                                                                               is college applications. It is
                                                                                                                                                               the one chance for everyone
                                                                                                                                                               to win the college over and
                                                                                                                                                               get into the school of their
                                                                                                                                                               dreams, but I have a question
                                                                                                                                                               for all the colleges across
                                                                                                                                                               America: Could you make
                                                                                                                                                               your       applications     any
                                                                                                                                                                  I am unable to describe
                                                                                                                                                               myself in three words
                                                                                                                                                               or share a life-changing
                                                                                                                                                               experience that I will forever
                     Activision’s previous installments in the Guitar Hero series,                                                                             remember. I do not have a
                                                                                                                                                               hero from a fictional novel–I
                     Guitar Hero 1, 2 and Rock the 80s, have sold millions of copies.                                                                          don’t even have a real hero
                                                                                                                                                               for that ma�er–and I have
                     The mass appeal of the series is its ability to alure both hardcore                                                                       no idea what these quotes
                                                                                                                                                               from poets even mean. Many
                     and casual gamers, due to its rising difficulty levels. We took                                                                           of the applications asked
                     two writers, one with extensive experience with the series,                                                                               me to define myself in one
                                                                                                                                                               word, and if I can’t do it in
                     and another with absolutely none, and had them record their                                                                               three, think how hard this is
                                                                                                                                                               for me. I first wanted to put
                     seperate journey’s with the newly released Guitar Hero III.                                                                               “sexy,” thinking that some
                                                                                                                                                               old woman on the East Coast
                                                                                                                                                               would love to get a nice,

            My name is Scott.                                                                 My name is Ava.                                                  water polo body to look at on
                                                                                                                                                               campus, but I decided against

                                                                                            What is a plastic guitar?
                                                                                                                                                               it. I then wanted to put “legit”
         I am a Guitar Hero addict                                                                                                                             or “Zelda*”, but I’m pre�y
                                                                                                                                                               sure those aren’t Ivy League-
    Scott Stephens                        there were ba�le gems that gave            Ava Foudeh                           the colored bu�ons.                  material words. So what have
    Staff Writer                          me power-ups such as le�y-flip             Staff Writer                            Soon enough, my friends, who      I put? Nothing, as I have no
                                          (impossible), double notes (all notes                                           also had never played Guitar         clue how to define 17 years
   I trembled with anticipation as        are double, also impossible) and           Maybe it was that I had              Hero before, and I could complete    into one simple word.
I sat out in front of the Mountain        amp overload (flashing notes, nearly    absolutely no musical ability.          a song and not fail. Playing songs      Another of my favorite
View Best Buy. My chair was               impossible). As I dealt him his death   Maybe it was that my real guitar        with familiar tunes made it that     prompts is where do you see
planted directly next to the door,        blow, I threw down my guitar and        was si�ing on the bo�om of my           much easier to find the rhythm       yourself in ten years? I see
and I made sure that nobody was           performed a Rocky Balboa victory        closet gathering dust. But when         and beat of and consequently the     myself celebrating the ten
going to get there in front of me.        circle around my family room.           I threw the strap of the small          right “notes.”                       year anniversary of being
As I sat with my coffee in front             By the time I had finished           electronic guitar of Guitar Hero           Sadly, the game began to          asked this question (credit to
of the tremendous blue building,          each song and moved past each           III around my neck for the first        lose its entertainment value         Mitch Hedberg, R.I.P.)
people began to line up behind            boss including Slash of the             time, I felt extremely awkward.         once we heard the same songs            There is some information
me. With shi�ing looks and a              Velvet Revolvers and Lou (the              I couldn’t resist but to try a few   that everyone liked over and         about myself I don’t even
slight twitch in my eye, I kept           devil), my hand was stuck in the        air-guitar moves while the game         over again, so we started to         want to know. What has
a wrench in my pocket in case             position of pressing down the           was loading, which did not work         experiment with different songs      my social security number
someone tried to rob me.                  bu�ons. Although I struggled to         out so well. I began scrolling          and different types of game play.    ever come in handy? Um,
   For two hours I sat in front of Best   straighten it out, my pinky was         through a few easy songs. Unable        That’s when we found the Ba�le       never, although I have now
Buy to get my copy of Guitar Hero         stuck in a bent position, and my        to choose one, I closed my eyes         Mode where two players could         memorized it by heart, and
III for Wii, and as the sun beat down     eyes were so glazed over that           and picked one at random. When          face off against one another         it is…Do you really think I
on me, the employees of the store         when I blinked, I kept seeing           I opened them again, my scantily        while throwing a�acks (such          am dumb enough to give my
milled about se�ing up displays           the different notes of “One” by         clad       bubblegum-pink-haired        as broken strings) at the other      social security number away?
and stations for the awaiting             Metallica and “Welcome to the           character was in front of a large       player. From then on out, it was     Come on, I expected be�er
gamers. They unlocked the doors,          Jungle” by Guns and Roses.              audience, and a series of multi-        no longer friends playing a video    from my readers.
and I eagerly rushed through the             I had been in front of my            colored dots were flying down           game together. It was an all out        But continuing on that
sliding doors, grabbed a long box         television for 13 hours straight; I     the screen.                             war to see who literally rocked      point, I have no idea what my
and checked out of the store.             was a rock legend, and I felt like         A few seconds a�er staring           and who did not. Friendships         older brother’s middle name
   I got home and ripped open the         smashing my small, plastic guitar       at the screen blankly, I came to        were lost that day and enemies       is, what his profession is or
box, popped the game disc into            on the ground and lighting it on        the realization that this was a         gained.                              what brand of cologne he
my television and warmed the              fire like a real rock star.             less active, guitar-shaped DDR             By the time everyone had          wears. Hell, all these dumb
frets with my fingers as I waited            I slept with songs of “The Who”      game. I began to push the colored       le� (some in tears), I had seen      personal questions do is
to start the game. I spent hours          and “Santana” running through           bu�ons to match the notes on the        something that I hadn’t since        waste my valuable time that
picking a character, and finally          my head, and when I got home            screen.                                 my Pac-Man playing days. A           could be used to do…stuff,
decided on the new li�le Japanese         from school, I had to sneak 20             A�er a while I noticed that          simple, fun game that wasn’t         like breaking my record of
girl that had the appearance of a         minutes of hard rocking out to          instead of the sweet, sweet music       only for those people that spend     2 minutes 11 seconds on
purple and green Pokémon.                 get my fix. I have now come to the      of rock and roll, all I was hearing     all day behind a controller, but     expert livel minesweeper
   I began my journey to become           conclusion that Guitar Hero III:        were out-of-tune guitar notes.          also people who just wanted to       and trimming my great facial
a rock legend. I watched the li�le        Legends of Rock is a sort of drug       Next thing I knew, I was virtually      have a li�le fun with a guitar (or   hair. I do not need to answer
animated shorts illustrating my           that may result in hand cramps,         booed off the stage (a traumatic        picking up what is le� of their      the same pointless questions
growth with anticipation as I             waking up sweating singing              experience which no one should          musical dreams). Guitar Hero         over, and over, and over.
reached venues. Moving from a             Tenacious D, urges to engage “Star      ever have to go through) and had        III is a game worth buying for          I just cannot stand the wait
backyard house party to a bar to          Power” when you are failing a test      no idea why.                            anyone looking for a good time       for the day I finish my very
a full blown concert in Japan, I          and long periods spent in front of         Instead of dumping this guitar       to have by themselves or with        last essay, lick my very last
played the songs unceasingly. My          the television having a great time.     in the closet with the other one,       others.                              envelope, and click that li�le
hands cramped as the li�le circles                                                I decided not to give up on the                                              submit bu�on that controls
(the “notes”) came flying down                                                    game completely and invited a                                                my future. At least I have
the screen at increasing speeds. All                                              couple of friends over to see if
that went through my head was a                 Sco�’s Grade:                     they could figure it out for me.              Ava’s Grade:                   only two more months of this
                                                                                                                                                               miserable activity, so have
series of colors (specifically, green,       (Sco� is a longtime player)          As soon as they started playing               (Ava is a new player)          fun the rest of the school–the

                                                       A                                                                            B+
red, yellow, blue and orange).                                                    I saw a li�le black “strum” bar                                              worst has yet to come.
   Finally I came to my first ba�le                                               on the guitar that simulates                                                    *Zelda is derived from the
against Tom Morello of Rage                                                       strumming the guitar (onscreen                                               video game series Legend of
Against the Machine. We split                                                     directions popped up that I had                                              Zelda. It means legendary or
the screen and took turns playing                                                 missed the last time) the bar had                                            superior, and it was made by
solos. Instead of star power notes,                                               to be hit simultaneously with                                                Camille Fritsch.
16                                                                            ENTERTAINMENT                                              NOVEMBER 21, 2007

              A Site                   ‘Aladdin’ takes us on a magic carpet ride
              Worth                    BROKEN BOX’S NEWEST PLAY RUNS NOVEMBER 29 THROUGH DECEMBER 1
             Seeing                       Kristen Lee                         humor. But Broken Box had some
                                          Copy Editor                         more serious issues as well—the                                                              character of a Chinese inspector
                                         In the coming weeks, Broken          incited much debate.
                                       Box can be found in a rather              “[His     lines]    were       very
   Natalie Larsen
                                       unusual           situation—guys       stereotypical … of Asians,” Moran
   Senior Writer                       dressing up as women, a girl           said. “And we have to be aware of
   I have an iPod. And just like       playing the lead male and              how we present ourselves to the
the rest of my iGeneration, I          occasionally, some breaking            community.”
use it to listen to my iTunes          into song. The reason? Broken             A�er several class discussions,
in my iHome with my iDog               Box is rehearsing “Aladdin,” the       the class decided to alter the
while I eat my iSandwich and           selection for this year’s annual       character. However, rehearsals
watch my iDVDs. And now I              fall production.                       have been running smoothly.
can even buy an iDose from               But don’t expect the Disney             Another unique aspect of this
an iDealer, so that I can get          version. Created by Stuart             production is the addition of
iStoned and iUnconscious.              Arden, this “Aladdin” is a British     songs.
   As ridiculous as it may             pantomime, which is a form of             “They’re taken off really well-
sound, college computer geeks          theater that incorporates a lot of     known songs,” junior Katie
have developed a new online            audience participation.                Chansler said. “They’re songs that
drug that may prove to be                “What’s nice about it is that it’s   people today would recognize. …
more addictive than Facebook.          enjoyable for li�le kids, because      We’re not really used to it so at is an online            they enjoy the physical humor,         first, it was kind of difficult.”
service that promises effects like     but a lot of the lines, a lot of          Nevertheless, they have so far
those of actual drugs, claiming        the jokes are aimed at adults,”        come across only small problems
to alter your brainwaves and           drama teacher Nancy Moran              with things like entrance and
give you a mental drug dosage.         said. “You can really a�ract both      exit cues, appropriate gestures
   The product itself is easy to use   ends of the spectrum for your          of shock and horror and cape-
and straightforward for anyone         audience.”                             swishing techniques.
with basic computer skills to            Cast members have been                  “They’ve really started to make
“pick-up-and-play,” with a             enjoying the different experience.     it their own,” Moran said.
friendly interface and step-by-          “I was really excited,” senior          This is the first Broken Box
step instructions. In addition,        Marissa Palmor said. “We usually       production for sophomore Emma
first-time users are given some        stick to things like Shakespeare       Carr, who plays Princess Martini,
free doses upon initial download,      … I think it’s good for us to          somewhat the equivalent of
so if you are skeptical or uneasy      be thrown into something               Disney’s Princess Jasmine.
about listening, a “hassle-free        challenging.”                             “It’s exciting to finally be in
high” is just a click away.              Marissa will be playing the lead     Broken Box,” Emma said. “And
   The site provides a list of about   male role of Aladdin; the gender-      I think [“Aladdin”] is a good
50 available downloads, with           switch is a tradition for British      play to start with, because it’s a
prices starting at $3. The variety     pantomime. Senior Grayson Carr         comedy. It’s easier for actors to
of simulations is extensive, with      plays Widow Twanky, Aladdin’s          get into.”
choices including Nicotine,            mother, also following the                For both returning and new
Peyote, Marijuana, Serenity,            tradition of a male playing the        Broken Box members, “Aladdin”
Victory, and Orgasm.                   lead female.                           seems like it will be a success.
   The site boasts I-Doser’s             “It was hard in the beginning to        “It’s really fun … and really
mp3s to “scientifically synch          find a character that wouldn’t be      outrageous,” Marissa said.
your brainwaves to achieve a           too annoying,” Grayson said. “It’s        Broken Box will be performing
specific mood or experience, as        such a physical, big role—it can       “Aladdin” November 29 and 30 at
outlined by the dose you are           be really hard.”                       7 p.m. and December 1 at 2 p.m.                                                                 SAMANTHA TSE
                                         British pantomime is largely         and 7 p.m. Tickets cost $5 ahead         Broken Box members Enrique Calderon (middle) and Sherwin
taking.” The downloads have
been advertised to put listeners       based on puns and slapstick            of time and $8 at the door.              Tavana dance during a rehearsal of the upcoming play “Aladdin.”
in a trance-like state by using
sounds which are, according
to numerous I-Doser frequents,         ‘Dan in Real Life’ ousts the conventional romance flick
what you might hear if you were
                                          Jade Shi
actually under the influence.
   “I was very skeptical at first,”       Senior Writer
an I-Dose marijuana user with
screenname Gale said. “I got             A man sets out on a family trip
bu�erflies in my stomach... the        only to find himself falling in
feeling lasted for about four          love with his brother’s girlfriend.
minutes a�er I took them off. It       No, this is not another “Romeo
was really intense.”                   and Juliet.” Directed by Peter
   Others, however, are more           Hedges, “Dan In Real Life” is
skeptical of the effects. Senior       a comedic depiction of a man’s
Rachael Wolber downloaded              struggles between love and
the so�ware, and listened to           familial integrity while trying                                                                                                ROTTENTOMATOES.COM
her free sample: Victory.              to balance his responsibilities as     Brothers Dan (Steve Carell, left) and Mitch (Dane Cook) battle for Marie’s (Juliette
    “Nothing really happened to        a father to his very independent
                                                                              Binoche) love in Peter Hedges’ unconventional romantic comedy ‘Dan in Real Life.’
me physically… but my head             daughters.
hurt a li�le from the sound.”            Dan Burns (Steve Carell, “The        find this movie to be another            mother is humming and cu�ing         even a simple “I’m sorry.”
Rachael said. “I’d rather go out       Office”) is a columnist, widower       rendition of a dull romance.             vegetables in the kitchen.             “Dan In Real Life” is a nice
and do something that makes            and father of three daughters.           As a film that tries to blend             Fast-paced      and      abrupt   departure from the popular
me feel victorious than spend          He meets a woman named                 humor with drama, there are              repetition is also used frequently   “Transformers” or “Saw IV,”
$3 on some high pitch noise            Marie (Julie�e Binoche) one day        few instances in the film for            to contribute to the humor of        as it contains li�le action or
that’s supposed to make me             in a bookstore and immediately         where the actors can truly               the film. A�er a busy day at         suspense. It is entertaining at
feel the same way.”                    falls in love with her. Later,         shine. Binoche plays the role            his parents’ house, Dan finds        times but holistically has li�le
   According to an anonymous           when he takes his daughters on         of a quiet, and emotionless,             himself abruptly back in his         substance. Hedges a�empts to
source, his past experience            a vacation to his parents’ house,      character that two men fight             “room” with the lights turned        mix comedy with romance, and
with drugs has assisted the            he meets up with Marie, only to        over, and Cook disappoints               off and the washing machines         destroys the core aspects of
effects of the experience.             find out that she had already          by playing the role of a rather          roaring in the background. Dan       the la�er. However, this movie
   “This really isn’t doing            been dating his brother Mitch          pathetic and indecisive brother          is pulled over twice by the same     deserves some credit for its
anything exciting for me,”             (Dane Cook).                           who completely pacifies the              police officer, and near the end     improvisations on the average
he said. “I think that if I was          A series of blunders by Dan          rivalry between Mitch and Dan,           of the film crashes into a police    romance film, delivering a
actually on weed, I would              in an a�empt to get Marie’s            and puts li�le emotion into his          car out of anger, a�er which his     somewhat entertaining and
enjoy this a lot more. I think         a�ention eventually turns him          punch to Dan’s face near the end         license is destroyed.                definitely unexpected 1 hour
it’s more of a supplement than         into an outcast from his brother,      of the film.                                For those who are used to         and 30 minutes.
an actual pure dose.”                  his daughters and much of his            Carell is perhaps the only one         crying at the end of romance
   So whether you are searching        remaining family. Dan, while           who contributes any substance            films, “Dan In Real Life” will
for a cheap thrill, or are merely      seeking reconciliation with his        to the film and makes it at least        sorely disappoint. The ending
curious, the site is definitely
one to visit, as the effectiveness
                                       family, learns a valuable lesson
                                       of the importance of staying
                                                                              somewhat worth watching. As
                                                                              an “Office” veteran, he is able
                                                                                                                       for this movie is nothing than a
                                                                                                                       pitiful a�empt at mixing comedy
                                                                                                                                                                Overall Grade:

of the doses is such a grab bag.       true to himself and valuing the        to give audiences occasional             with romance. Dan’s “apology”
You could get lucky.                   opinions of others.                    laughs to compensate for                 to his daughters, whom he had It’s cheaper             Overall the film is rather           the otherwise dull plot. He              neglected for the past few days,
than drugs, but might be               predictable and slow-moving,           is seen being drenched by a              instead turns into confession of
unsatisfactorily less damaging.        and if not for the subtle inserts of   showerhead while fully dressed           how much he loves Marie and
                                       comedy, audiences may quickly          and falling off a roof while his         the entire sequence ends without
    NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                               ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                           17
Studio Art AP: students channeling inner artists                                                                                                                The Baer
   Nicole Schreiber                                                                                                                                             Necessities
   Staff Writer
   Ever wonder who could be the                                                                                                                                  Stephanie Baer
next Picasso or Van Gogh? They
may be right here at school.                                                                                                                                    Wiggle Your Toes
   Studio Art AP, taught by Christine
An, is designed to foster growth                                                                                                                                   I have two words for you. Two
in future artists. The 26 students                                                                                                                              words that we all experience
enrolled in the class experiment with                                                                                                                           some time during our high
all aspects of art as they discover                                                                                                                             school career. Two words that
their capabilities and explore the                                                                                                                              make some cry themselves to
wide spectrum of the art world.                                                                                                                                 sleep. Two words that cause
   This is the first article of a series,                                                                                                                       hyperventilating or nervous
which will feature Studio Art AP                                                                                                                                shaking. Yes, I’m talking about
students proving their artistic                                                                                                                                 test anxiety.
talent.                                                                                                                                                            It was when I was an innocent
                                                                                                                                                                li�le sophomore that I first
Chris Fung, senior                                                                                                                                              experienced this life-threatening
  Chris decided to take this                                                                                                                                    malady. Only a few weeks into
class because it was the highest                                                                                                                                the year, I was having trouble
available art class on campus.                                                                                                                                  in my math class. We were
He has been taking art classes for                                                                                                                              moving at a rapid pace, and
nine years.                                                                                                                                                     I was surprised when I had
  “What I like about art is how                                                                                                                                 trouble with my homework.
open it is,” Chris said. “Anything                                                                                                                                 On my way to math class
is art; there are no limitations to                                                                                                                             on the morning of the chapter
what you can do.”                                                                                                                                               one test, I staggered up the
  Chris also takes life drawing                                                                                                                                 cheese grater stairs, shaking
classes at a studio called Rainbow                                                                                                                              and losing my balance. I
Art, located in Cupertino. During                                                                                                                               opened the door and hurried
this class, live models come in                                                                                                                                 into the cold, tense room
and pose for the amateur artists                                                                                                                                where all of my classmates
as the students sketch them.                                                                                                                                    were with their faces buried
  “Chris has a very creative mind                                                                                                                               in their textbooks.
and does things on his own,” An                                                                                                                                    “You have thirty minutes,
said. “He has already established                                                                                                                               class. Now, go!”
his likes and style.”                                                                                                                                              Thirty minutes!? What!?
  Chris plans to a�end an art                                                                                                                                   Thirty minutes was not long
college and pursue an art-related                                                                                                                               enough to take a test! Was she
career a�er college.                                                                                                                                            joking? My heart started beating
                                                                                                                                                                like the Energizer bunny, and
Nicole Dudley, senior                                                                                                                                           my breathing sped up to a
  Nicole has been taking art classes                                                                                                                            speed I had never reached even
since early childhood, and it is a                                                                                                                              while sprinting. Calm down,
pastime that turned into a passion.                                                                                                                             Stephanie, calm down.
  “Art is a part of my life,” Nicole                                                                                                                               What are the 11 field axioms? I
said. “I have loved it ever since                                                                                                 COURTESY NICOLE DUDLEY        know this, I know I know this.
my grandma painted with me                  taking art classes, and her talent                                                                                     I couldn’t think of anything
when I was young. It brings back            and love for the hobby has been                                                                                     because there was a big, gray
a lot of good memories.”                    the reason for her incredible                                                                                       cloud in my head hiding the
  According to Nicole, Studio Art           improvement.                                                                                                        answers.
AP is a lot of work, but she still            “I love art because it gives me                                                                                      “Pencils down!”
loves the class.                            a chance for creative freedom,”                                                                                        What?! I wasn’t even close to
  “Ms. An is a great teacher,”              Neggin said. “It is also very                                                                                       being done. I reluctantly passed
Nicole said. “I have had her since          relaxing and calms me down a�er                                                                                     my test forward as I looked
my freshman year, and I love all            a stressful event.”                                                                                                 around at my classmates,
the people in my class.”                      The accomplishment she is most                                                                                    whose faces were as red as ripe
  According to An, Nicole is very           proud of is a perspective drawing               COURTESY NEGGIN TAVANA                                              tomatoes. They looked like they
disciplined and thoughtful.                 she completed last year. She spent                                                                                  were on the verge of crying.
  “She puts a lot of insight into           about 22 hours working on it, and          “I love it,” Neggin said. “Ms.                                           Thank God I wasn’t alone.
her pieces, and her technical skills        her time and effort paid off.           An is great and is there to help                                               That was the first math test I
are far superior,” An said.                   “The piece won me $100 at a           her students and give them some                                             ever scored a C- on. In telling
  Nicole plans to major in art in           contest, and it was the first piece     guidance.”                                                                  my dad this, he gave me a
college, and continue doing what            in which I actually recognized             An also enjoys having Neggin
                                                                                                                                      COURTESY CHRIS FUNG       big Baer hug and revealed
she feels passionate about.                 that I had talent,” Neggin said.        as one of her students.               with a variety of media.”             a surprising secret to me.
                                              Neggin has truly enjoyed the             “Neggin is very creative and has     Neggin plans to minor in art in     He told me to wear socks
Neggin Tavana, senior                       art classes at the school and loves     lots of great ideas,” An said. “She   college, and then continue on to      whenever I had a test because
  This is Neggin’s second year              her Studio Art AP class this year.      is also not afraid of experimenting   an art school.                        he thought that having his
                                                                                                                                                                feet warm made his brain

‘Spice’ up your life with the return of the ‘Girls’                                                                                                             work be�er. This seemed silly
                                                                                                                                                                to me, but it still made me feel
   Kate Keenan                              Their new CD will consist of their                                                                                     The next math test went much
   Staff Writer                             greatest hits and some new songs.                                                                                   be�er. My warm feet made me
                                            The tour, The Return of the Spice                                                                                   feel comfortable in the room
  “If you wanna be my lover/got             Girls, will be coming to some of                                                                                    that used to be deathly cold. I
to get with my friends.” These              America’s most popular cities                                                                                       finished that test and received a
simple words could be heard                 including New York, Chicago,                                                                                        be�er score. It may sound silly,
singing at the top of every girl’s          Boston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles                                                                                      but I really believe the socks had
lungs when the Spice Girls were             and even San Jose in 2008.                                                                                          something to do with it.
in their prime, and now with their            “I’m really excited for their                                                                                        Since then, I’ve tried to
comeback on its way, the question           upcoming tour,” junior Genelle                                                                                      wear socks to all of my tests
on everyone’s mind is what will             Barr said. “They’re definitely                                                                                      as a comforting tool. For those
the Spice Girls’ fanatics be singing        one of my favorite childhood                                                                                        who normally wear socks, this
now?                                        memories.”                                                                                                          technique may have li�le effect
  Many teenagers will not admit               The group first signed together                                                                                   on you. But for people like me
to the fact that every day they             in 1995, and from then on,                                                                                          who wear sandals every single
secretly still listen to the Spice          their career took off. Hits such                                                                                    day, socks create a comfort
Girls, but now with the upcoming            as “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll Be                                                                                        zone. I always keep a pair of
                                                                                                                                             NICOLE DULLER
tour, which sold 1 million tickets          There,” “Spice Up Your Life,” and                                                                                   socks with me in my backpack
in the first 24 hours, they can             “Viva Forever” became instant           deal, and almost everyone knows       performed up to her potential.        or car so that I can always be
finally come out of their shell.            classics. Their last three records      the words to ‘Wannabe.’”                 Soon, the Spice Girls will         comfortable.
  And yes, the rumors are true:             sold a total of 53 million copies,        Not only are the girls coming       release their new single in Britain      Even though I still experience
Posh, Scary, Ginger, Baby and               and expectations are high with          back with a tour, but also the        and the United States, and they       test anxiety, my socks allow
Sporty Spice are back. The Spice            their new CD.                           documentary “Spice Girls: Give        have been working non-stop on         me to suppress the malady for
Girls are planning to release a               “I think it’s awesome they are        You Everything,” which will           their upcoming tour.                  periods of time. They give me
new CD, coming out soon, and                such a legend that people still are     premiere on BBC. Melanie B               Whether people have admi�ed        room to wiggle my toes so that I
a worldwide tour, which kicks               in love,” junior Maddie Freeman         (Scary Spice) is on the new season    it or not, the Spice Girls are back   can still do my best on whatever
off in Vancouver on December 2.             said. “It’s like a once-in-a-lifetime   of Dancing with the Stars and has     and ready to make an impact.          test may trouble me.
                                  Sports                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 21, 2007

                             for success
                                                                                                                                                                           CHARLIE FALCONER

                                                                                                                                                                   Junior Allegra Tringali
                                                                                                                                                                   (above) gains control of
                                                                                                                                                                   the ball during the CCS
                                                                                                                                                                   quarter-finals against
BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS WATER POLO CONCLUDE LEAGUE                                                                                                                     Mountain View. The
SEASONS WITH VICTORIES AND GO ON TO PLAY IN CCS                                                                                                                    girls team won 13-1.
                                                                                                                                                                   Senior Elliot Samuels
   Claire Bedard                      championship match.                      are some players [who] are big
   Senior Writer                        “We thought it was going to be         shooters, some players [who] are                                                    (left) gets ready to
                                      a really dirty game, and none of         fast and some players who can                                                       shoot during the first
  At the end of an exceptional        us really wanted to deal with the        steal the ball really well.”                                                        round of CCS against
season, the girls water polo          violence and all that stuff,” Carey        Although the team was strong                                                      San Bennito. The boys
team is looking back with pride.      said. “But it turned out it was          this season and was favored to
With a flawless league record         pre�y clean and fair and it felt         win CCS, they were defeated
                                                                                                                                                                   took the win, 14-3.
and only three games lost             really good to finally win, since        in an upset by Leland High
before league games, the team         this is the first time in the school’s   School in the semi-final match.      Alto, sweet revenge against a            In the NorCal Tournament
was doing very well and was           history.”                                The team played against Leland       team that tormented them during        at the beginning of the season,
looking forward to the league           Winning the League title               earlier this season, cruising to a   the regular season.                    Palo Alto got to the finals
championships.                        definitely boosted the team’s            12-8 victory.                          “That was really nice,” junior       against Sacred Heart, making
  “It was kind of interesting         confidence. The team was                   Even though the boys water         Derek Koehler said. “They’ve           them the second-ranked team
because we ended up playing           optimistic about CCS because             polo team has done well this         been beating us in overtime the        in the area.
[Los Gatos High School], and we       they had done well so far, giving        season, they fell to Menlo-          whole season, so we finally beat         “They took second, and so
were definitely expecting to play     them the first seed.                     Atherton High School in their        them in overtime and we won            beating them is a really big deal,”
[Palo Alto High School],” senior        The girls had a bye for the            CCS quarter-final match. Menlo       league championships.”                 Samuels said.
Carey Wong said. “[They have]         first round of CCS and played            Atherton won by one point              Coach Ed Samuels was also              This upset was a great
always been league [champions]        Mountain View High School                in the last seven seconds of         happy.                                 accomplishment for the team.
and they’re usually one of the best   for the second round, winning            overtime.                              “The team we beat have been            “I wasn’t surprised because
teams.”                               13-1.                                      One week earlier, the team         the perennial league champions         we had all the talent—it was
  However, there was an                 “I seriously believe that all of       captured the SCVAL De Anza           and there is an expectation that       just about pu�ing in the effort,”
upset and Los Gatos beat Palo         our players are amazing,” said           League Playoffs with a 9-8           they’re going to win every year,”      Derek said. “We played really
Alto right before the league          goalie junior Anna Dilley. “There        overtime win over archrivals Palo    Samuels said.                          great.”

Their bones may break, but these athletes don’t
   Sahil Luthra                       senior Margueri�e Aozasa                                                           Alex Cala                         injuries you can get. Even though
   Staff Writer                       has been injured playing                                                               A�er going through the        I got hurt, it’s worth it in the
                                      soccer three times. She has                                                          summer without much             experience.”
  Barely three-quarters through       broken her foot and has                                                               exercise, freshman Alex
the first semester, the number        had several three-hour                                                                  Cala joined the JV field     Tim Vanneman
of student injuries is already        surgeries.                                                                              hockey team and pushed          Sophomore Tim Vanneman,
staggering.      Phrases       like     She’s had surgery once                                                               herself     hard,   saying    quarterback for the JV football
“broken bone,” “torn muscle,”         on her lateral meniscus,                                                              that if she felt any pain,     team, sustained an injury during
“concussion,” “physical therapy”      twice on her ACL and twice                                                            she would just “suck it        the Homecoming game this year.
and “surgery” are casually tossed     on her medial meniscus. In                                                            up.” But the change was        According to Tim, his tibula and
around like footballs.                addition, the cartilage behind                                                        perhaps too drastic, and       fibula broke clean, Tim’s first “big
  According to Sherry Auerbach,       her kneecap was partially torn,                                                      Alex dislocated her hips        injury.”
a physical therapist by profession    and the doctors had to use her                                                  while running.                          A�er the ambulance got
and mother of sophomore athlete       stem cells so that a protective                                                  Though her hips were popped         onto the field, Tim was taken
Daniel Auerbach, there is risk in     covering would form where the                                                 back in that same day, Alex was        to the hospital for X-rays and
every sport, whether competitive      cartilage once was. Margueri�e                                                out of the game for two weeks.         subsequent surgery. The doctors
or recreational.                      had her second surgery in July,                                               She “could barely even walk” and       inserted a titanium rod into Tim’s
  “[Continuing to play] is up to      which she said cost more than                                                 had to rest "a lot,” but was able to   knee and put him in a hard cast.
the individual,” Auerbach said.       $10,000.                                                                      play a bit toward the end of the       He also had to use a wheelchair
“Some are be�er conditioned—            She can now put weight on her                                               field hockey season.                   for a couple of weeks.
maybe it’s your physiology, your      leg and hopes to be playing                                                      Despite this, Alex said that she       Although the injury ended his
genetics, your whatever—but           soccer again in March and                                                     will definitely keep playing field     football season and will probably
everybody has to weigh it for         next year in college, where                                                   hockey. It’s her first time playing    restrict   him    from      playing
themselves.”                          she will be a�ending Santa                                                    a sport that she really enjoys,        basketball, Tim said that the
  For several athletes, the game is   Clara University on a soccer                                                  and she said that she was glad         decision to keep playing despite
                                                                                                     TINA ZHANG
really worth the pain.                scholarship. Despite several                                                  to experience both the pain and        injuries “depends on how much
                                      weeks of crutches and braces,            “walking oddly” and several          the game.                              you like the sport” and that he
Margueri�e Aozasa                     a lot of physical therapy to             scars, Margueri�e said that all of      “The sport’s really cool,”          “will probably keep playing”
  Since   her   sophomore     year,   strengthen her muscles, some             her injuries were “good times.”      said Alex. “There’s way worse          a�erward.
 NOVEMBER 21, 2007                                                                     SPORTS                                                                                             19
Ballerina dances her way to the top                                                                                                                            Soaring
   Hallie Keenan
   Business Manager

  Tennis shoes. Soccer cleats.
Golf studs. Every sport has its
own type of footwear. Unlike
many other athletes, senior
Kristen Pawloski gets suited
up by lacing silk ribbons and
squishing her toes against hard
wood. But being a ballerina
doesn’t just include having
the right slippers. It also takes
poise, grace, determination and
strength. Kristen has a�ained
these traits a�er years of
  Starting at the age of three,
Kristen has taken numerous
ballet classes. However, just like
learning any new activity, the first
couple of years as a young child
                                                                                                                                                                RACHAEL WOLBER
are just fun and games.                                                                                                                                               Field Hockey
  “When you’re li�le, you just
jump around … and smile at                                                                                                                                        Senior     Rachael      Wolber
yourself in the mirror,” Kristen                                                                                                                               joined the varsity field hockey
said.                                                                                                                                                          team this year a�er playing on
  A�er learning the basics, she                                                                                                                                junior varsity previously. She
set a short-term goal for herself,                                                                                                                             has been working to become
which ended up shaping her teen                                                                                                                                a more aggressive player and a
and high school years. Kristen                                                                                                                                 strong leader for her team.
was determined to get pointe                                                                                                                                      “I’m the [oldest] goalie on
shoes, slippers with wooden                                                                                                                                    field hockey, so I really had to
planks sewn in to allow her to                                                                                             COURTESY KRISTEN PAWLOSKI           step it up and become a leader
dance on her toes. But instead of      Senior Kristen Pawloski practices at the barre for the “Nutcracker” performance in which                                for all the goalies,” Rachael said.
stopping once she achieved this        she will play several major roles, including the Sugarplum Fairy and the Snow Queen.                                       According to Coach Gerri
goal, Kristen continued to dance.                                                                                                                              Baldwin, Rachael saved at least
  Now, Kristen is part of the          perform the “Nutcracker” at the        “Swan Lake” and “Giselle.”             another type of dance,” Kristen           15 goals in their game against
Pacific Ballet Academy in              end of the year, Kristen is proud        In addition to performing            said. “The moves you learn in             Saratoga. Her teammates also
Mountain View. Being a top             to have been able to get the top       for the Pacific Ballet Academy,        one dance can help you in another         voted her Player of the Week.
ballerina includes having one          role of the Sugarplum Fairy. In        Kristen also has tried out for         dance.”                                      ““She’s     one     of    those
to two-hour practices six times        addition to this role, she’s also      the American Ballet Theater               Even though she has been a             people who cares about her
a week. Because the academy’s          the Snow Queen, Dewdrop fairy,         (ABT). A�er the audition in            ballerina for most of her life,           teammates.” Baldwin said.
annual      winter   performance       Spanish lead, Arabian lead, a          San Francisco, Kristen had the         Kristen is still deciding what she           Overall, Rachael has had a
of the “Nutcracker” is being           snowflake and a flower.                chance to travel to Detroit for a      wants to do during her college            very successful season this year.
performed at the end of                   While she’s excited about her       summer intensive course. At this       experience. She would like to                “I’ve had a lot of really good
November, Kristen has equally          final “Nutcracker” performance,        intensive, she was able to work        minor in ballet her freshman year.        games with some close saves,
long rehearsals before or a�er         it’s also hard for Kristen to carry    and learn from previous soloists          Being a ballerina has had a            and I think I’ve really been a
her daily practices.                   the dance workload.                    who had also been part of the          larger impact on her life than just       part of the team this season,”
  Even though she spends hours            “It’s been stressful because it’s   ABT.                                   learning dance moves and being            Rachael said.
practicing, Kristen is able to         my last year, and I have a lot of        Kristen also enjoys taking           with her friends. She has become
balance her school life and her        roles,” Kristen said.                  Advanced Jazz classes at school        a stronger person.
dance life.                               When she’s not practicing           when she’s not performing in              “When your toes hurt and bleed
  “It’s actually not that hard,”       or performing the Nutcracker,          Mountain View or for the ABT.          and turn numb, you have to push
Kristen said. “It all works itself     Kristen gets ready for the four        While jazz isn’t exactly ballet, she   through the pain and get through
out somehow.”                          performances of the summer             still feels it benefits her.           it because it makes you stronger,”
  With this being her last year to     showcases,       which     include       “It’s fun because you get to do      Kristen said.

New trainer brings aid to student athletes
                                                                                 Ancy Dow                            here for several months, Gi�ens’
                                                                                 Staff Writer                        dedication       to    the    Athletic
                                                                                                                     Department is already clear.
                                                                                The school hired a new athletic         “We’ve had a few serious
                                                                              trainer, Jasmine Gi�ens, who is        incidents [in sports] this year,             SCOTT ABRAMO
                                                                              currently involved in the majority     and Jasmine has been there
                                                                              of a�er-school sports at the school.   every time, doing everything she                     Football
                                                                              From 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. every day,      could,” Cave said. “She’s a great            Sophomore Sco� Abramo is
                                                                              Gi�ens can be seen prowling            trainer, and I’d definitely rank her      a receiver and defensive back
                                                                              the fields, in the weight-training     very high.”                               for the school’s varsity football
                                                                              room or the gym. Gi�ens takes             The students she has worked            team. As a starting sophomore
                                                                              care of injured athletes and helps     with have also recognized and             on varsity, Sco� has worked
                                                                              them to increase their strength        commended her ability.                    extremely hard throughout the
                                                                              and physical well-being through           “I think she’s the best trainer        season to strengthen his game.
                                                                              exercise and instruction.              Los Altos has ever had,” junior              “I just give it 100 percent
                                                                                The        school’s      Athletic    Veronica Milliken said.                   out there,” Sco� said. “And I
                                                                              Department has a contract                  Sophomore David Ilishah, who          listen to what people have to
                                                                              with San Jose State University.        plays basketball at the school, also      say to me to make me a be�er
                                                                              Students at SJSU who major in          agrees that she is fit for the job.       athlete.”
                                                                              athletics are hired and receive           “She cares a lot, and she has             According to his coach, he
                                                                              credit to work with high school        magical healing powers,” David            is always striving to gain a
                                                                              athletes in two-year intervals.        said.                                     be�er understanding of his
                                                                                Gi�ens, who moved from                  Gi�ens’ background in sports           teammates.
                                                                              Pennsylvania to the Bay Area, is       also contributes to her dedication           “He takes the game very
                                                                              currently studying for a Masters       and enthusiasm. She has been              seriously,” varsity head coach
                                                                              degree in athletics at SJSU. She       a longtime sports lover and a             Jeff Kalb said. “He’s probably
                                                                              will work at the school as a GA        student-athlete                           harder on himself than even
                                                                              (Graduate Assistant) for the next         Gi�ens played basketball “for          the coaches … He’s coachable
                                                                              two years through the contract         almost all of [her] life” and was a       … he’s durable … the toughest
                                                                              between the school and SJSU.           prized player at East Stroudsburg         kid on the team.”
                                                                                Her transition from university       University of Pennsylvania, from             A�er playing for varsity
                                                                              student to athletics trainer has       which she graduated.                      this year, Sco� feels he has
                                                                              been smooth.                              As a result, she enjoys working        improved as a player through
                                                                                “I came into a great opportunity,”   with the athletes at the school.          competing      against     older
                                                                              Gi�ens said. “Transitioning to            “So far it’s been great here; I love   athletes.
                                                                              this school has been easy, and         it,” Gi�ens said. “All of the kids
                                                        ALEX WILLIAMSON       Kim Cave has helped me a lot in        are very, very nice. They’ve been         COMPILED BY COURTNEY MOULDS
Jasmine Gittens, the new trainer, assists a football player                   adjusting here.”                       accepting, and we’ve formed good           PHOTOS BY ALEX WILLIAMSON
before practice. Athletes appreciate her help and kindness.                     Though she has only been             friendships already.”
                                Sports                                                                                              NOVEMBER 21, 2007

                                                                          Boys cross country makes
                                                                          long strides despite odds               The varsity team saw not only a     competing against teams like
                                                                             Alex Williamson
                                                                             Staff Writer                      change in line-up this season, but     Carlmont, who ranks nationally.”
                                                                                                               also a change in coaching staff.          Eric came in 60th out of 140
                                                                             Though it felt the grind from     Assistant coach Lauren Swigart         runners with a time of 17:07, Ben
                                                                          lack of runners, the boys varsity    was a new addition to the team         placed 67th with 17:18, and senior
                                                                          cross country team was still able    this fall.                             Charlie Kokernak placed 70th
                                                                          to overcome the obstacles it            “She is a huge inspiration to       with 17:22.
                                                                          faced.                               all of us,” said Ben Schneider,           Senior Jon Tran rolled his ankle on
                                                                             “[The season] has gone            freshman varsity runner. “She          a steep hill during the second mile of
                                                                          somewhat surprisingly well,          ran in the Iron Man a few months       the race, forcing him into last place.
                                                                          considering the number of varsity    back and we all greatly respect           Though for most, running may
                                                                          runners that graduated last year,”   her. She definitely had an impact      seem like a side ache waiting to
                                                                          sophomore Eric Safai said, varsity   on our performance.”                   happen, Ben and Eric believe that
                                                                          boys cross country runner. “Many        Despite these changes, the team     cross country can change one’s
                                                                          people have stepped up to fill the   placed highly in their meets and       entire view on running.
                                                                          empty slots.”                        qualified for CCS at the SCVAL            “You come in thinking a mile is
                                                                             One such player was freshman      League Finals on October 30.           insanely far and when the season
                                                                          Ben Schneider.                          “Almost everyone including me       ends, five or six miles seem far.”
                                                                             “I was really surprised to make   had a cold,” Ben said. “Also it was    Eric said. “ It doesn’t ma�er how
                                                                          the varsity team,” Ben said.         at least fi�een degrees ho�er [at      fast you are because it’s more
                                                                          “Now that I’m there, I’m giving      finals].”                              of an individual sport. You can
                                                                          it all I got.”                          However, at CCS, the team           improve your times and how you
                                                                             Not only did the team lose        overcame the obstacles presented       feel [as a person].”
    Paul Winterbotham                                                     key players to graduation, but       to them and continued, despite            Similarly, Ben feels that running
    Staff Writer                                                          injuries prevented some runners      the odds, to place in the low 60’s     is not always what meets the eye.
                                                                          in participating.                    and 70’s, an admirable placement          “Though our sport seems
                                                                             “We lost Jon Tran to shin         given the overall field of 140         boring, it is the toughest one the
                                                                          splints,” Eric said. “Brad Stabell   participating runners.                 school offers,” said Ben. “The fact
                                         PHOTOS BY CHARLIE FALCONER       fell during a race and scratched        “We did all right,” Ben said. “As   that our entire sport is what most
Sophomore Eric Safai (above) and freshman Peter Ambiel                    himself pre�y badly, and me with     a team, we placed in the middle….      other teams do for punishment
(above right) take off during a center meet at Crystal Springs.           my broken wrist.”                    which is pre�y good as we were         really says a lot about us.”

                 Sports Briefs:
                                                                         co-coordinator, Karen Plank,
                                                                         the closing of the Grant
                                                                                                               Keep your eyes peeled for
 New coaches named                   girls varsity basketball, taking
                                                                         Road pumpkin patch led to
                                                                         increased sales this year.            upcoming home games
 for winter season
                                     over for Sco� Green. Jackson
                                     previously coached the girls team
                                                                         Varsity baseball team
                                                                         joins autumn league                                                           Wrestling:
                                     at Saint Francis.
    JV girls soccer team recently                                                                                                       Dec 13 vs. Gunn @ 6:30 (JV @ 5:30)
 lost its longtime coach Jon         Pumpkin sales help                    Members of the varsity
 Hayman a�er he unexpectedly                                             baseball team are participating
 quit his position. Hayman, a        fund athletic boosters              in a fall league hosted by Santa
 history teacher at Egan Middle                                          Clara University. While it is not                        Boys soccer:
 School, could not put in the time     The       Athletic  Boosters’     mandatory, about 15 of the usual
 to coach this season. According     main fundraiser has been the        17 to 18 players are participating
                                                                                                                           Nov 26 vs. Menlo @ 3:30
 to Athletic Director Kim Cave,      pumpkin patch located in the        in preparation for the spring                   Nov 30 vs. Fremont @ 3:15
 the school is in the process of     student parking lot for more        season.
 looking for a new coach. Math       than 20 years. The pumpkin            Many local teams including                             Girls soccer:
 teacher Theresa Nesmith will be     patch is run by parents and         Archbishop Mi�y High School
 a co-coach along with the coach     other volunteers.                   and Saint Francis High School
                                                                                                                    Nov 21 vs. Woodside Priory @ 3:15
 that they will hire.                  The pumpkin patch began           also participate in the league.                Dec 7 vs. Santa Clara @ 3:15
    Girls soccer was not the only    selling pumpkins on Friday,         Since it is run by Santa Clara
 team to lose a coach for the        October 12, until Halloween.        University, it allows players
 upcoming season. Wrestling lost     Pumpkins ranging from $5 to $15     to a�end clinics run by the
 its head coach, Marty Ma�hews.      were purchased to help support      university that help players                                             Boys basketball:
 While he still helps frequently     the Athletic Boosters’ general      improve on their technique.                                  Nov 20 vs. Saratoga @7:00 (JV@5:30)
 and a�ends almost every practice,   fund. The general fund helps          Games      are   every     week
 he decided he could not make the    pay for uniforms and equipment      on Tuesday, Wednesday or                                    Nov 27 vs. Del Mar @ 7:00 (JV @ 5:30)
 full commitment to coaching the     for all sports teams.               Thursday at Scho� Stadium
 team. Wrestling will be coached       Over 2,000 pumpkins were          at Santa Clara University. The                                           Girls basketball:
 by Randolph Jimenez, who has        brought      to   the pumpkin       Eagles’ record is currently 1                             Nov 21 vs. Capuchino @ 7:00 (JV @ 5:30)
 been involved with the wrestling    patch this year and each one        and 4.
 program.                            was sold prior to Halloween.                                                                 Dec 4 vs. Mountain View @ 7:00 (JV @5:30)
    Jacob Jackson will be coaching   According to pumpkin patch             COMPILED BY LAUREN ILANO

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